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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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in an exclusive interview with r.t. russia's prosecutor general's office slams allegations it was somehow involved in the meeting between donald trump jr and a russian lawyer. it's insane to see that the prosecutor general's office would use a private lawyer to transfer information. from smocks a year since the deadly terror attack in nice but a french magazine comes under fire for printing graphic images of the atrocity. and a new videos emerged reportedly showing u.s. helicopters over the city of raka i still stay facti capital in syria washington has confirmed its forces do operate inside the city but only under the pretext of advise assist and accompany.
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the watching r.t. international live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. in an exclusive interview with r.t. russia's prosecutor general's office has spoken out about claims it was involved in the meeting between a russian lawyer and donald trump jr the encounter has much of the western media proclaiming that it's proof of moscow's collusion with team trump during the presidential election but the prosecutor general's representative denied any links to the story is saying any contact with an american citizen would have had to have gone through official channels well let's recap on some of the details of the scandal. john jr was initially contacted by an intermediary who talked about handing over very high level and sensitive information by
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a russian lawyer the him for supposedly incriminated hillary clinton and was viewed as part of moscow's effort to aid his father's campaign well it's apparently originated from a crown prosecutor of russia however as there's no such position in the country it's thought it was supposed to mean the general prosecutor we hear is more with our interview with denise crudeness the head of the international communications office with the general prosecutor. some foreign media wrote about the meeting between donald trump jr and russian lawyer and italian vessel needs sky which reportedly took place last june and possible involvement of the russian prosecutor general's office in brokering the meeting how would you comment on this information i would not want to comment on something that is totally untrue. you have to understand the office of the prosecutor general does not share information of these individuals in the us such contacts can only happen through official
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channels as stipulated by international agreements and after a formal request. submitted by a prosecution agency. this is exactly as it should be told to your foreign colleagues and had about a dozen major of western media outlets asking us to comment. interestingly enough they did not publish any of our comments so why are you saying that the prosecutor general's office could not have sent vessel needs it's insane to think that the prosecutor general's office would use a private lawyer to transfer information let me explain this communication between our edge and sea and the us usually happens in one thousand nine hundred nine u.s. and russia and to into the treaty or mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and it's still valid. this treaty of state is that any exchanges of information
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about criminal cases ease down through the country's official agencies with their russian prosecutor general's office and the u.s. department of justice. so if we need to share information to resolve our american colleagues we send it to the justice department after. processing it in full compliance visa treaty. this is a direct channel of communication between our agence is for instance since. two selves and fifteen. we sent more than one hundred requests to the u.s. asking for legal assistance in criminal matters and received about. forty. forty such requests from our american colleagues so the prosecutor general's office
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can share information with the justice department how does that work give you some examples even though we have no extradition treaty ensuring the inevitability of punishment for those who commit crimes. sharing information and evidence that de old j. needs for instance upon request from the u.s. department of justice a russian citizen named accorsi. was charged with a murder of two people in new york in two selves until eleven. the court sense sentenced him to nineteen years in prison. last march. california central district court sentenced a us citizen abram off to life in prison for pedophilia.
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justice was served because it evidence of you the u.s. law enforcement you said that there is no extradition treaty is that the only problem hindering the cooperation between the prosecution agencies of the two countries we appreciate our colleagues the level of professionalism and respect them but at the same time we have to admit that in some areas. not as eager to burke. as we hope we would hope. as an example i can mention investigation of economic crimes in russia. the final stages of the investigation into the illegal because of two hundred million guest from shares tax evasion and deliberate bankruptcy of a number of companies i would request. regarding potentially illegal actions
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cross border criminal group that includes the brothers william browder and james and firestone remains and then is accused it. we have not received the evidence we need for our investigation our american counterparts have conducted no inquiry or investigation based on the information we sent and you'll surely be able to watch that interview in full at r.t. dot com. now france is marking the first anniversary of the terror attack in nice the city has organized a large scale tributes to the victims some of their families are attending and president not color set to meet them privately later he also appeared as a highly protected central square and shook hands with people in the crowd event is set to continues throughout the evening. one year
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ago it radicalized choosey and man rammed a trunk into a crowd celebrating the national holiday of bastille day killing eighty six people the terrorist was shot dead by police islamic state later claimed responsibility for the atrocity. i. was. living in france do you talk or was known.
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the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a special marine warning for upper delaware be until four pm at three o six pm strong thunderstorms were located along a line extending from thirteen not pull miles north of p.p.h. island to ten nautical miles northeast of north east river to near having delaware grace moving southeast at twenty five knots hazard wind gusts thirty four that's or greater source radar indicated impact small craft could be damaged in briefly higher winds and suddenly higher waves locations impacted include woodland beach stony point sea breeze ship joins your like the patch island and really point move to safe harbor as gusty winds and high waves are expected frequent lightning is
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occurring with the storms he is caught on the open water below deck if possible keep away from ungrounded metal objects. however some of the lawyers for the victims have accused very much of the moment sensationalism there are limits we don't need this shock pictures to understand the horror of terrorism. well a french court has banned barely match from republic in the controversial images however the ruling did not call for the magazine's latest issue that includes the photos to be pulled from the shelves editor in chief of the magazine nuclear they believe a match had every right to show the public what happened during the tragedy i don't think there is reason for a moral outrage obviously people need to know that the french public is allowed to know also body much is certain space basis its readership on the shock of photos of
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course they have said we believe them that they would never show a fortress right to recognize people they will keep the dignity of victims of course intact i think it's very good because the public even the press doesn't know now. how this guy came on to call me that this all play with a struck why shouldn't by much publish these photos they do will respect the dignity of the victims for sure. staying in france u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his two day visit to paris on thursday he held talks with his french counterpart emmanuel markhor and today he was a special guest in the best you know day parade in the capital and it seems the two leaders found it hard to say goodbye to.
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the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has its place for the morning for cecil county in northeastern maryland until five fifteen pm at three pm doppler radar indicated under storms producing heavy rain across the northern portion of cecil county close to the pennsylvania border. a personal heavy rain entering the western portions of people county before again over the northern portions of the county flash flooding can be expected turn around don't drown when encountering flooded roads most of flood dense occur in vehicles. me nothing. the presence today by. my side mr donald trump and his wife is a sign of our friendships on which has enjoyed time he is going to be just fine because you have a great president you have somebody that's going to run this country right and i
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would be willing to bet because i think this one of the great cities one of the most beautiful cities in the world. however it seems the french public don't particularly care about what relations between the two countries antiwar activists marched through central paris to protest against the bastille day military parade as well as the attendance of u.s. president donald trump protesters chanted slogans and carried signs reading no hate and save the planet resist trump. tried as best you know the celebrations will culminate in a concert in the capital by the paris national orchestra conducted by russia's valarie gaggia however french media have been somewhat skeptical about his involvement china do as he spoke with a world renowned musical my stray. well i've been speaking to the acclaimed in famous russian conduct of let me get a care for merrin here is it is sort of all over the world say to lead musicians to lead calls it's like this and it was. and he said he was
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on that until later to be chosen to be part of this very special occasion but it's also come twins to a little bit of sadness as there has been criticism of the fact that a russian is conducting the orchestra this evening and nor a french my story now some people in the price of criticize to let it get to give as being a propaganda tool of the kremlin and all of the kremlin propaganda being the russian and that was one of the questions i asked him is how difficult it is to be accused of being a propaganda tool when what he says he wants to do is to be a musician and to make people enjoy and people come together in home any time soon you're. quite often especially six seven eight years. old was russians music i'm going to be. there but i was
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the first i saw five. whole song. before. forty times sixty this week before he's also said that some of the highlights of his career included the sochi games in russia but another highlight was his opportunity to lead her own history in the syrian ancient city of palmero when it was first liberated from the police still it was a risky. very very brave group. exists. so as far as i know not everyone likes the idea to risk. their own lives but some of the ones. we want to do business first of all our because it was the only medical person was a guard this. was the most for which we are. going to. go. it's
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a message that he wants to give to children all over the world is that it's important wherever you are in the world to understand different cultural differences and to always work together. iraqi officials say they're investigating reports that troops have been executing suspected islamic state fight as the allegations were brought up by human rights want shafter a series of disturbing videos emotional social media in one of the unverified clips many in uniform are scenes trying an unidentified person off a cliff and then gunning him down human rights watch says the footage was filmed in the city of mosul which was liberated by u.s. led forces earlier this week the head of the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch says iraqi troops seem to be operating with impunity. they do maps to a sense that we could document for many months now actually visual executions by iraq the security forces both federal police forces as well as the popular
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vocalisation forces there are really many many cases iraqi soldiers executing suspected isis militants torturing going to be using family members of suspected isis what so sadly i have to say that these are not new or surprising but we have repeatedly graves are concerned with the u.s. government in the plight compound operations in little parts and also really for example about very many instances that we are continuing to document iraqi government forces for plan to date we have never see the rocky government actually hold any soldiers accountable for these abuses that are being documented. these latest allegations come just days after another and amnesty international blamed the u.s. led coalition for thousands of civilian deaths during the battle for mosul the u.s. state department spokeswoman was grilled on the issue by reporters on thursday it
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seems to be and this is not just something that unique to this administration but for many over the course of the last four or five thought of instructions when amnesty or another human rights group comes out with a report on a country that you don't like if they like north korea or syria you are and they don't consult those governments when they do that your words you guys accept it you know and you even talk about it and. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from sandy point to north beach maryland eastern bay until four forty five pm three sixteen pm a strong thunderstorm was located over thomas point light moving east at ten knots
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hazard wind gusts thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact the craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations impacted food parcels island miles river room coke bloody point thomas point light and eastern. moved to safe harbor immediately as gusty winds and high waves are expected. said forces in iraq are all more exposed to enemy concepts than those joining the battle for mosul in iraq he claims the troops are in syria on the assisting and accompanying mission and says american troops. there takes a close look at the history of train and assist operations by its this train those are all the tags you always get when the pentagon tries to explain what american soldiers are doing in iraq in fear for use in assist training aspect advise and assist in training mission. training equipping. the company
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and assist train equip bonds and assist in the company and our partners on the ground so let's break down those terms that often fall like a bunch of cliches actually mean very specific things train and equip is how it usually begins but sort of like a boot camp when u.s. instructors provide local forces with arms and train them that approach was taken in theory a while back but didn't prove to be very effective can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains we're talking four or five next we have. which is what troops were doing in mosul and that means more engagement is true that we're operating closer deeper into the iraqi formations are partners are fighting the enemy and we're supporting them with our advice and assistance we are very close to it if not already. in that fight and if you add a company to the end of advise and assist your friend to an even higher level of
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involvement by u.s. troops and this is the cost of creation for the u.s. soldiers involved in the. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for newcastle county in northern delaware cecil county in northeastern maryland salem county in southern new jersey northwestern gloucester county in southern jersey south central to the county in eastern pennsylvania southwestern delaware county in southeastern pennsylvania until three
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thirty pm at three fifteen pm thunderstorms were located along a line extending from them to near new york to woodlawn moving southeast at thirty miles per hour hazard sixty mile per hour wind gusts and quarter size hail source radar indicated impact minor damage to vehicles is possible expects damage to trees and power lines. severe thunderstorms will be near wilmington martin bear glasgow chelsea them to leave a core bill stanton and green to live around three twenty pm report around three twenty five pm chester newcastle pens grown so what does borough delaware city beckett st george's chester township wilmington manor and cherry hill around thirty pm other locations and the severe thunderstorms include perivale chesapeake city engineer marcus hook both when trainer chester heights village green green ridge
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bellefonte and of them remain alert for a possible tornado tornadoes can develop quickly from severe thunderstorms if you spawn a tornado go at once into the basement or small central room in a sturdy structure. to move to an interior room on the first floor of a building in addition to love and damaging winds frequent plan to ground lightning is occurring with this storm move in mediately remember if you hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until three thirty pm for the following county newcastle delaware and maryland and following counties in. married early i had my first baby at fifteen and the second one a year later then my husband joined a salafi group the members of the group introduced him to their ideas of jihad and explained to him that he needs to go to i so he persuaded me that there is nothing
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bad there and i trusted him as he's wife so it ranged all the documents and join him in syria. my mom told me i have to go back to tunisia as my husband was killed but women here told me why don't you get married a second time her deja there's one disabled man and he's looking for a wife don't you want to get married and i've read. that many men love d a z to girls more than their wives just imagine for example a man gets himself a girl and as time passes he begins to love her more than his own wife and treats her better and if this is it it converts to islam he will be able to marry her marry did get this it means she will become free go wherever she wants she won't be a slave anymore in this case is this clear.
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a russian family has been detained by turkish security forces at the country's border with syria thought they were trying to join i saw in the conflict torn country. reports a family we're talking about here is there's a father and mother jenny chary and. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for newcastle county in northern delaware county in northeastern maryland salem county in southern new jersey northwestern gloucester county in southern new jersey sound central chester county in southeastern
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pennsylvania southwestern delaware county in southeastern pennsylvania until four thirty pm three twenty two pm severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from arden to bear to moving southeast at thirty miles per hour hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts and water size hail source radar kid impact minor damage to vehicles is possible expects damage to trees and power lines locations impacted include newark county or chester glassboro pennsville fitment carney's point ellesmere paulsboro newcastle penn's grove salem north east would stand on our way rising sunshine town and. remain alert for a possible tornado tornadoes can quickly from severe thunderstorms if you spawn a tornado go at once into the basement or small central room in a sturdy structure for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor
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of a building repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until four thirty pm for the following county new castle delaware and cecil maryland and the following counties in new jersey gloucester and salem in the following counties in pennsylvania chester and delaware. a change in his behavior do have signs of extremism but we don't know for sure if that's what led to their trip to syria but what we do know is a for a lot of those who tried to join us live and try to enter syria they do use a similar route and in fact there's a recent case in russia twenty one year on moscow's student she tried to do the same using a similar enjoin as i'm saying that's been confirmed and that is wise for a story is potentially alarming but like we've said earlier there's no official confirmation on this yet we don't know exactly why as far as family travel to syria . and attack are armed with
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a knife as killed two foreign tourists and wounded four others in the egyptian city of her guards are the two dead are german nationals according to a local security official the russian consulate in the city says a russian woman is among the wounded the attacker has been arrested and is being questioned by police egypt's foreign ministry says a preliminary investigations suggest the man swam from a public beach to access the hotel where the assault took place for the motives behind the attack and not yet clear however local media side eyewitnesses saying the assailant was targeting only foreigners and chatting to egyptian is to stay away well that information has not yet been independently verified by her the other is a popular beach holiday resort the incident comes to spite tightened security in the country after a series of attacks this year while in january twenty sixth seen two suspected i saw militants also stormed a hotel in the stabbing three foreign tourists. moscow
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says it may retaliate against washington's continued refusal to return seize russian property in the u.s. or allow more russian diplomats into the country artie's daniel hawkins has more. diplomatic scandals are as old as time itself and tit for tat expulsions of diplomatic workers are usually part and parcel of these events though this story dates back to december last year on the presidential election the outgoing obama administration allegedly to punish russia for those allegations of meddling in the u.s. election decided to expel thirty five russian diplomatic workers and learn only that also to seize their diplomatic compound that's quite a big move in the world of diplomacy now at the time quite unusually president putin decided not to retaliate at all he said he'd rather wait and see how things would develop with the new incoming administration in fact he famously handed an olive branch to washington invite.


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