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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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it is certainly. getting worse.
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iraqi officials say they are investigating reports of. executions. by iraqi troops. some of the following images. and the video we can show you. and human rights watch told us they were able to. what we were able to
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listen to verify the images taken in the videos with satellite imagery to show that they are fact around the areas of mosul that they appear to be in. we don't really have much information about the videos in particular but they do match pieces that we've been documenting for many months now of actually visual executions by iraqi security forces both federal police forces as well as a popular mobilization forces there are really many many cases iraqi soldiers executing suspected isis militants torturing abusing family members of suspected isis militants so sadly i have to say that these are not new or surprising. well these latest allegations come just days after another rights group amnesty international blamed the u.s. led coalition for thousands of civilian deaths during the battle for mosul a u.s.
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state department spokesperson was grilled on the issue by reporters on thursday. it seems to be and this is not just something that unique to this administration but for many over the course of the last four or five thought of instructions when amnesty or another human rights group group comes out with a report on a country that you don't like they like north korea or syria you're and they don't consult those governments when they do this or of course you guys accepted you know and you even talk about it and praise the reports from from from the podium and say this is you know we can't relate to chemical weapons in syria but when they come up with a report that is i think on a country that is a madman i have to say we want is that on that report like hartmann of defense puts together a very thorough humanitarian excuse me a very thorough civilian casualty list this is not a case does not a situation where you accept reports that if you like the results but do not accept them as i'm not going to characterize it that way at all ok i think we've been over
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that now we have repeatedly raised our concerns with the u.s. government in the joint compound operations and will aren't something else really for example about the very many abuses that we are continuing to document by iraqi government sources i should say that the interior ministry in iraq has promised the investigate these particular videos just that they promised to investigate prior videos showing severe abuses by iraqi government forces plan to date we have never seen a rock a government actually hold any soldiers accountable for these abuses that are being documented what would really be best is for an iraqi government and the syrian government to ratify the wrong statute and during the i.c.c. so that we can bring music pouncers to an international tribunal that mistreatment of anybody never justified even if they are isis fighters they should not be mistreated that's why we have international laws that are going to separate us from
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isis that's why we can say the international community better than isis because we don't mistreat any. a new poll has revealed that the majority of americans now north korea as the greatest threat to u.s. national security with islamic terrorists ranking second and. recently tested a purported intercontinental ballistic missile. from the streets of new york. when asked about what was the greatest foreign threat to the united states forty percent of americans was to north korea now that's not really surprising given all the talk there's been in the media about the danger posed by kim and his friends. with the united states north korean dictator kim jong un threatens the united states with nuclear weapons and tensions are really inching to the point of war so how much are americans really in danger from north korea their closest neighbor south korea says that intelligence shows that north korea really doesn't have the
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capability to carry out an intercontinental ballistic missile strike considering how north korea does not have any testing facilities for reentry technology the agency believes north korea has not yet secured that technology yet north korea is still listed as the greatest threat greater than i still and that's despite the growing threat of radicalization and homegrown terror recently described by homeland security the number of post nine eleven homegrown terror plots in the united states has served so many aspects of this terrorist thing obviously because the homegrown terrorist i don't know how to stop that i don't know how to detect that so why are people so afraid of north korea we decided to find out greatest foreign threat to the united states. everything. even the. north korea tyranny was career russia chinese i says russia iran or saudi arabia and about the relationship between hope and china russia korea
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i do you think korea is a threat. well it's pretty obvious they want to destroy they have a very. hostile dictator it's very offensive towards united states that is to the whole thing without a warm beer stay have the missile and test it and. it's scary you know i don't know i mean are they really a threat are they will what are they really are they really going to shoot all the missiles i mean if we're going to have a nuclear holocaust i think that's a little bit much you know. but i don't know with north korea's. as big of a threat as we're being as being perceived i don't feel that that they are eminent threat i think that they can start something however that can spy caught globally what makes north korea a greater threat than i so. i don't know that's a good it's a great question i would think they're under dictabelt what they're both unpredictable i think they have the ability of the atomic weapon i think right now isis is more of a threat the north korea but you know maybe ten fifteen years down the road north
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korea could be more of a threat i think it's a genuine threat if you like the media's hyping threats about north korea is a big big sigh i mean no i mean i just i think that it's so it's it's fear mongering you sit down and you watch fox news emissaries you don't they're all entertainment now what's more they just want to keep you glued to the t.v. screen to see what's going to happen next is up to media is hyping anything they can hype in order to get people to watch at this point u.s. president franklin delano roosevelt said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and perhaps the most dangerous fears are those that are manufactured and not based on credible threats. r.t. new york. they are so let's now have a quick look and see whether a north korea's nuclear program really is as dangerous as the media says it is for example the north korea claims it has a number of nuclear warheads estimated to be about ten but young doesn't have any missiles capable of sending a warhead over a large distance in fact the further they've sent it now the further this is about
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nine hundred thirty kilometers not nearly close enough to reach america this all means that in effect north korea has no strategic nuclear forces and tim shorrock and investigative journalist says the media is scare mongering the united states. public has been has been subject to a massive propaganda campaign war is you know coming tomorrow to korea the idea that somehow north korea is more of a danger though you know comes from this propaganda that north korea's aiming is building weapons in an offensive way and this is trying wants to attack the united states and then north korea's development of weapons or aimed right at the rate at all our cities and they are ready at any moment to attack us there is no background at all explaining to people you know how we got here what the role the united states has been in this crisis what could be done to get out of it it's all
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just scare. right now ten minutes past the hour here in moscow a pork ban on kindergarten menus a stirring controversy in the austrian city of salzburg and the rule has been a force for five years but only came to light last week off the parents filed a request with the mayor's office and they were told the decision was made on health grounds but also to meet the needs of muslim children. parents in austria have got beef with the authorities pork was given the chop from kids ago. has been missing from menus for five years but now it's been spotted all strains are in. your thirty's claim children simply prefer chicken and carrots the dish was drowned due to health reasons i'm on other things the news of muslim children that's one line this left the norm sweet all sour taste in parents mouths and those polled say they now strongly oppose the decision despite the mayor's claim there's been no
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official decree is still new some of finding difficult to digest we had some contrasting opinions from christian of the chamber of commerce in vienna and mohamed shafique of the ramadan foundation. i cannot really see a reason why the mayor of of salts work is denying austrian children access to normal austrian pork dishes pork dishes are part of our culture if somebody wants to live here actually they should respect our culture it's a treat from the far right who perpetuated this thing about muslims being outside is you know getting preferential treatment i don't support i second you know i'm not criticizing them for having a good thought you know i'm trying to be inclusive but i think you can't be inclusive if you exclude a particular community there's the one side who thinks we should proceed to a kind of for peace and strategy to accommodate muslims in europe and to make sure
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that the few like at home and others who think wait wait a minute this is europe this is our country these are our countries we're not muslims we want to keep our identity so this is part of a major political conflict muslims are not alien to societies that are early to germany or france or the united kingdom or russia and anybody who tries to divide communities anybody tries to perpetuate this a hatred inherent hatred that we see i think should be called off or is it's racism and xenophobia against community there isn't the strategy of the muslims is took out call any criticism on them islamophobia and now especially left wing politicians of almost very much afraid of of being called islamophobia a course you're a austria switzerland you know we are seen an inherently anti muslim agenda and in those spaces the rights of muslims are being taken away the freedoms of muslims
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are being taken away and yet still we have people out there suggesting a similar muslims again preferential treatment it's an absolute lie and it should be called off for what it is. china is deploying troops to his first overseas military base in djibouti a small east african country already several foreign powers. explaining why it's. important. djibouti a small country in the horn of africa that often slips through the mainstream international media's radar but this week it made it to the global spotlight and here's why two chinese navy warships left port john john on tuesday to launch beijing's first ever overseas military base in djibouti of all places in the world watchability well for starters the tiny african country provides access through the red sea to the suez canal one of the busiest shipping routes in the world another
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key aspect of djibouti location is its proximity to potential crisis areas namely yemen where saudi arabia is fighting who the rebels in an ongoing civil war and somalia a stronghold for the al qaeda linked militant group al-shabaab so what's in it for china officially it's to boost the thousands of troops and millions of dollars beijing has poured in to assist a u.n. peacekeeping efforts in africa will be joining a two bit of fulfill its international obligation in somalia such as carrying out missions providing humanitarian aid. in suzhou and economic development and enable china to make further contribution in safeguarding peace and stability in africa and the world the base also helps secure china's fast economic interests in africa with beijing investing in so many key infrastructure projects wrote the continent that is why china is joining the crowd of global powers of ready operating in djibouti washington spilt its biggest four thousand strong base on the
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continent as you can see marked in blue here on the map france has nine thousand eight hundred troops there six hundred japanese marines are stationed nearby and saudi arabia is also building a base in the tiny east african state. with all these different countries flexing their military muscles almost literally side by side is djibouti becoming the next playground for the world's leading powers the chinese these one day of the would be . between them and united is it one day the one thing i do fit in between them and united to do. that i do sin and positioning them so that they came to deal with the united states all clues pushing. for the ottoman self and so or not of money that depends but with the pollution doesn't. also get us full of that in a minute but i was told to go to the gym but thinking for them did not have
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a little bit of the power of the pull to do that instead of. there's also international still plenty of stories coming your way on the program today including we hear what life inside eisold is like from women who became the wives of terrorists we're back just. in case you're new to the game this is how it works and the economy is built around quote. from washington to washington to meet. the media. voters elected to run this country business because. it's not business as you know it's business like it's never been done. when you have an economy around the world that rewards imagination and monetizes
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free thought free free movement of capital and all the intermediary forces go out of business a lot of bankers lose their jobs a lot of politicians lose their job the nation state collapses as we know it people are as free as their money because right now money is a lot freer than people. with us today for the program here and with islamic state losing ground both in iraq and syria the group is becoming less attractive to would be members and it's not only foreign fighters but the women who became the terrorists wives have also been fleeing before most strongholds here's the second part of the testimonies about
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what life is like inside you can find the spot on our website. and there were a lot of horrors in places where women live kids had rashes lice and when they got sick they didn't get treatment those places in iraq are like real presents and it was absolutely disgusting to be there but one woman had contractions so she went to the chief and cinammon the woman was a lady knocking at her door and crying for help but most of them i kicked her out saying that she wants to sleep and shouted i wish she were all dead but the woman went into the garden bleeding and stayed there until morning no one paid any attention to her in the morning her husband came home lying in the garden and walked by as if nothing happened as if she was just a donkey if wives were treated this way others weren't even seen as human beings.
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at least that i still fight so separated girls from married women and from slight lots of attention was paid to the girls men brought the make up just to sell them for fifteen thousand dollars virgins were sold for thirty thousand some girls managed to escape to rock those who helped them were killed. my husband told me there is no release of the year no lore and that we must return home so we started planning how to escape. a little bit of thick if in fact i knew what i saw was like i would never have gone and joined my husband there. for him and not my husband and i made a huge mistake when we came here and thank god we escaped. the russian prosecutor general's office has denied claims or been involved in a meeting between
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a russian lawyer and donald trump jr last year the us democrat politicians and much of the media have pointed that encounter as evidence of the trial team's collusion with moscow during the election campaign. from one connected lawyer who met with donald trump jr last year to this woman as the russian government lawyer and he did know it was information gleaned by the russian government he took a meeting with a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin after being told she might have information helpful to the campaign trail jr was initially contacted by an intermediary who talked about handing over sensitive information on hillary clinton apparently originated from the crown prosecutor of russia that the opposition does not exist so it's believed he was referring to the general prosecutor and we spoke exclusively with the international communications chief at the prosecutor's office . some foreign media wrote about the meeting between donald trump jr and russian lawyer and italian vessel needs sky which reportedly took place last june and
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possible involvement of the russian prosecutor general's office in brokering the meeting how would you comment on this information i would not want to comment on something that is totally untrue. you have to understand the office of the prosecutor general does not share information of these individuals in the us such contacts can only happen through official channels as stipulated by international agreements and after a formal request. submitted by a prosecution agency so are you saying that the prosecutor general's office could not have sent vessel needs it's insane to think that the prosecutor general's office would use a private lawyer to transfer information any exchanges of information about criminal cases ease down through the country's official agencies with their russian prosecutor general's office and the u.s.
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department of justice. so if we need to share information to resolve our american colleagues we send it to the justice department you can watch that entire interview at your own leisure on our website r.t. dot com. president donald trump is popularity has taken a bit of a beating lately and yet many of his key policies are not only quite popular but also very similar to those of his predecessor barack obama who was an issue all the approval ratings were sky high artie's jacqueline virgo now looks at why the two whopper see so differently. according to a recent poll president trump's approval ratings are low really low but it seems that people don't so much just like him as a president as much as they just don't like him as a person sixty five percent of those who disapprove of trump said it was because of his personality while only sixteen percent objected to his policies ok trump is undeniably a one of a kind president who has said and done some awkward things i think by single
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greatest asset any assets i have by temperament oh just i just. i'm really rich history i'm like a smart person i think i'm much more humble than you would understand. if you compare term to his predecessor barack obama the figures were almost the exact opposite at the beginning of obama's first term sixty five percent disliked his policies while fourteen percent didn't care for his character a large portion of america really fell in love with who he was. in my first term we ended the war in iraq. in my second term i will win the war on christmas. you pretty tough guy are you a tough guy you look like you're pretty tough and and so you just got to keep on going. but for often being
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perceived as polar opposites the two actually have a number of political moves in common our own members trump's controversial travel ban that affected people from seven muslim majority countries while the obama administration deemed the same states as areas of concern and put travel restrictions on their citizens and some of the rhetoric we've seen from both presence is shockingly similar take their stances on america's place in the global arena. that though i'm out of american lives to resolve the political just remember that lies at the heart of someone else's civil war we cannot be the policeman of the world and of course those promises to help out the average joe. we're going to bring back made in the usa and we're going have a lot of jobs come back we're going to have a lot of jobs made in america hopeful trend they're bringing jobs back from overseas as for trump the analysis of that gallup poll french is off with a rather somber prognosis for him there izing that unless the president changes his unique style his numbers will continue to plummet it seems in this case everyone is
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judging this book by its cover r.t. washington d.c. and coming up next here on our international boom bust assessing the new economic partnership between china and portugal but back in half an hour. the war in yemen has its distinct face is the face of a child emaciated by the sounds of yemeni children fighting often do they stand a chance.
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is still exist. ricos treated as one that's i don't know if. you know something. on the puerto rico as you know and i knew a lot of seats and then. the island is controlled by the u.s. government and some puerto ricans crave independence. you know getting up on a bike doesn't work either way but i mean to sort of i mean overtaking. still may. do wish to join the you will. want to run with the country at a crossroads the island is on the rise. hey
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there i'm lindsey france this is broadcast around the world and right here in washington d.c. tonight it could be the largest case of health care fraud in american history and it's cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars we take a deeper look at how criminals work this also the future of cash around the world many small businesses have a hard time covering the fees required to accept credit card transactions but now they're offered incentives and it could lead to a growing cashless society and i've got two guests here in the studio to go head to head on the student loan crisis plaguing our nation how we got here and how we're going to solve it stand by if you must start right now.
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wells fargo j.p. morgan citigroup have all disclosed their second quarter results and all three beat wall street's expectations they collected more money on interest but it wasn't all good news for j.p. morgan the nation's largest bank by assets said it expected weaker net interest income falling bond yields also way down the sector its net income rose thirteen percent to seven point zero three billion dollars do you tales now in wells fargo the largest. mortgage lender in the united states said its profit edged higher in the second quarter as the bank got a boost from rising interest rates and the planned sale of its insurance service businesses its profit grew five percent to five point eight billion dollars or one dollar seven cents a share that was more than a dollar over analysts expectations and now the citi group the profit fell three percent as the banks set aside more money to cover souring loans especially its
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credit cards the new york based bank earned three point eight seven billion dollars or one dollar twenty eight cents per share the result still beat analyst forecasts of one dollar twenty one cents a share now city had a net interest revenue of eleven point one seven billion up six percent from a year earlier and at the closing bell on this news this is where the markets ended today the dow up eighty five points at twenty one thousand six hundred thirty seven seventy four the nasdaq up thirty eight to six thousand three hundred twelve forty seven and the s. and p. five hundred up nearly twelve points to two thousand four hundred fifty nine twenty nine. and the poor in italy are suffering more than ever and their numbers are unfortunately growing in two thousand and sixteen people living in absolute poverty in the country hit its highest level in more than a decade and this is despite a modest.


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