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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 15, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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newly appointed president of the and u.s. representing seven million students across the u.k. why two thirds of those students will never pay off their debts and to raise them a goes a wall at this week's problem this is a question all this of more coming up in today's going underground but first the british army is offering visas to africans in an attempt to recruit twelve thousand soldiers if you're watching this in a sub-saharan commonwealth countries say food prices in nations like malawi mozambique or sierra leone and want to fight for tourism a you can telephone plus for four three four five six hundred eight zero eight zero but elsewhere in the u.k. military world defense secretary said michael fallon who characterizes jeremy corbyn as a u.k. security threat appears at today's royal international air tattoo at aria fairford in the southwest of england fallon's visit comes in a week with a briefing document obtained by the n.g.o.s child soldiers international raises questions over british military recruitment specifically it concerns the so-called
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this is belonging campaign. you can come undone he comes. reportedly a briefing document on that u.k. taxpayer funded campaign spells out that the key audience is sixteen to twenty four year old c. to d. e s that's a marketing jargon for the poorest and youngest eligible to kill or be killed in british society and not only that but it targets northern cities especially hit hard by your resume and the fall out of the twenty zero eight western economic crisis the allegations have been denied by the ministry of defense is private and controversial contract apartment capita but what happens if disproportionately poor british recruits go into the services and die in the service as well according to new research in the usa they may vote for perceived antiwar candidates like donald trump you remember when trump was antiwar right in my of pay. and we've spent four
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trillion dollars trying to topple various people that frankly if they were there and if we could have spent that four trillion dollars in the united states to fix our roads our bridges and all of the other problems our airports and all of the other problems we have we would have been a lot better off i can tell you that right now we have done a tremendous disservice not only to the middle east we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity that people that have been killed that people have been wiped away and for what as well as hundreds of thousands overseas there was a president obama killed or wounded tens of thousands of americans and the new boston minnesota university report has just correlated us areas that were high concentrations and casualties over the past fifteen years of warfare with swings in support for donald trump and those areas are of course working class areas you know the mainstream media is as interested as they are in that they may have putin's ability to rig the race for the white house joining me now is don't trump supported
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picked for the next u.s. ambassador to the european union ted baloch dead welcome back to going underground so it wasn't the working classes of the rustbelt that helped elect don't trump in the united states it was perhaps something to do with donald trump's son and son in law meeting a russian lawyer what is this story that is making waves and united states this is a conspiracy theory gone wild so in effect the democrat party the resistance movement and everyone who loathes trump which includes i would say the main stream media has fallen prey to a conspiracy that they can will not let it die i will predict for the entire presidency of donald trump and that is that he's an illegitimate president he should not be president and that he was put in the presidency by russia and specifically this this allegation the trump some and some enrollment a russian lawyer who i think it was a was in adoption and there's a note on. as for the russian government whatsoever there's nothing in the
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administration's pouts to. make the news but the other side up at least well the interesting thing about the news is of course over the last number of years and certainly during this first few months of the trumpet ministration is that main stream main line news has tended to decline rather precipitous lee so its viewership is off that's maybe why they're manufacturing some of these stories i think it's particularly true of the fake news network c.n.n. but there are alternatives now stations of news alternative places to find news and many of them i think are actually being used by the american and other public so that's a trend line to watch these other outlets have less and less credibility by the hour in fairness to the local fake news outlets and the close questioning congressmen and women do say these are questions that are raised rather than there being any evidence of collusion but there's really is no evidence to date of collusion although i think there are in those numbers of investigations let alone
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investigative journalists think for committees on congress a special prosecutor so i want to found out recently that the special prosecutor has a budget of one hundred million dollars for his activities that made my hair stand on end as well ok but they did get the constant media attacks arguably did stop donald trump and vladimir putin cooperating in any cyber security strategy as a counter terror strategy will have to see what happens there i mean as a result of the pictures behind us of the meeting at hamburg in the g twenty to seem to be well there was supposed to be just a sigh saying up of each other as if they were buying new suits b. spoke to fit their own persons and it turned out to be full by that rule meeting for two hours and fifteen minutes they had a lot to talk about does that surprise you they hadn't been talking except by telephone they have a lot to talk about there are a lot of issues where russia and the united states need to have a conversation these two men can destroy the earth many times. over they have these
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military hospitals nuclear military hospitals why do you think liberal elites don't want proportional between these two individuals well there are certain forces i think in the u.s. government both in the republican party particularly in the democratic party who are actually so anti russian that they would like to see further down spiral if you will in relations between the two countries there's no good to come from that henry kissinger himself said that he's quite worried about the state of the world in the relationship between the united states and russia and that for the sake of humanity and for the sake of our common good we should at least open the doors to conversation with kids and just to worry i think. that's going to take a break and one could put the question to you who has been that is as an american ambassador brussels as saying we're reaching an endgame where the democratic will of this country over the next it is being overturned like it has been in other european countries it's over there will be the u.k.
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is trying i think rather seriously to find potential by law to rule trade partners everywhere around the world liam fox and others are in fact all to do that under the empowerment he may be but there are a voluntary and so all of the leaking to the present every day there are people who are just as there are liberal democrats who want to have another referendum vote there are people who are you know sour grapes but in my view it is moving ahead when the president himself said that the president of the united states in meeting with the prime minister there will be a very very comprehensive bilateral free trade agreement between the u.s. and the u.k. instantly after leaving the european union and just briefly on the paris climate deal which is the big story arguably and g. twenty there's no possibility trump. pulled out of it because he thought it didn't go far enough. no i don't think so if you follow the american does he believe in climate change. he's suspicious at best if he believes that there is
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a scientific basis that climate is changing he doesn't believe that it's manmade and obviously his secretary of the environmental protection agency is the lead person on that mr perot has gone his way and. i think that decision is not going to be changed thank you. ted to melike that long tip to be president trumps ambassador of the european union on the future of post-breakfast u.s. and u.k. bilateral trade deal joining me now is me there benjamin founder of peace group code pink and author of kingdom of the unjust behind the u.s. saudi connection with their thanks so much for coming back gone i've got to ask your history this week's court decision of the high court in london saying that rejecting the case from campaign against straight and honest international and others to stop. saudi arabia to kill people in yemen my reaction is that the court is completely wrong that it's totally obvious that the weapons that the u.k.
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the u.s. and the other western democracies are selling to the saudis are going to kill thousands of innocent people create the terrible outbreak of cholera that's now affecting three hundred thousand people causing a level of hunger unseen before i mean this is just a catastrophic result of the sale of weapons well saudi arabia denies it is juggling civilians and britain's highest judges said so michael fallon the british defense secretary was rationally entitled to include the saudi that coalition was nor to deliberately targeting civilians i think that's crazy all the evidence shows that they are targeting schools hospitals clinics marketplaces residential neighborhoods weddings and funerals and it was in fact the targeting of a funeral in october and that led to the u.s. and the u.k. governments to start questioning well maybe we should read. consider this issue of selling weapons to the saudis are getting as it was a mistake. city how many mistakes can the saudis make this is happening constantly
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and studies have shown that a third of the targets are civilian targets while the american glorious mainstream media was talking about jeff sessions drumstick for attorney general you brought about a kind of parallel action against the senate bill about u.s. sales to saudi arabia and what we've been fighting very hard to stop us sales to saudi arabia because we think it goes against u.s. law as well to have one senator who says yes we should keep selling weapons to the saudis is atrocious and it's not only for what they're doing in yemen i think we should put into question not just the sale of weapons but the whole alliance that the u.s. the u.k. and the western again democracies i put in quotation marks because how can you consider yourself a democracy if you are arming the very country that is responsible for spreading the extremism that we supposedly are fighting against why do you think this mismatch between what's happening in saudi arabia well there's two words that come to mind they both have three letters and one is the oil and the other is war and
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they both have to do with profits and the fact that the saudis are now the what number one purchaser of u.s. weapons of u.k. weapons this is an indication that this is big business and unfortunately it is the military industrial complex that loves the saudis that has been lobbying very hard for instance succeeded in persuading you know congressman that the united states should stop selling off britain would just follow she i don't know because it is such big business and because those big businesses have such sway but i think it's great that the labor party and certainly jeremy corbyn has been very strong about speaking out against the sale of weapons we don't have the same situation in terms of the democrats in the united states they have not come out strongly said that we're getting some momentum but as a party itself their leadership has not come out and said we should stop. arming the saudi ok but why donald trump who is particularly critical and vocal unlike most politicians big name politicians the united states although he said he was no
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politician against saudi arabia why when he became president it was deal to magically become so close as well it was quite remarkable the switch you know the things that we heard during the campaign some of us where they were cheering when they said you know he said hillary clinton do you remember this part when he said why are you taking money from the saudis these are people who are throwing gays off of buildings and these are people who are. spreading this wahabi is and why the switch the deep state i think part of it is that he has surrounded himself with more generals than any administration since world war two i think that is it is part of his business you know he says he's going to keep jobs going what is a big manufacturing sector in the united states he certainly has embraced the saudis in a way that we find quite extraordinary not that the political environment the united states is talking about to this is a visit to cause or say trump at the g. twenty saying he didn't want to ratify the climate deal it's all about putin and
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them being a majority and candidate it's extraordinary how little news we are getting because it's all about trump and russia i do think that it's very scary when this is diverting our attention from all of the really critical things that are going on in the world and when even more liberal and progressive people in the us are more concerned about trying to expose this this putin for machiavelli scheme than they are about wanting putin and trying to actually work together to try to solve so many of the conflicts in the world with their budget thank you thanks for having him after the break is bailing out the city of london more important than investing in the future of britain we are the new appointed president of b.n. u.s. representing seven million students across the u.k. if you can clear. the one hundred billion pounds worth of u.k. student debt and at least spaniards faced an inquisition drazen they would rather
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spend the day with the kings and at least some questions from british m.p.'s. do i'm going on the road. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about rejected and this
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is just full on ourselves the only show i go out of my way to. really packed them. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than. you see people you never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank hate. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back the helicopters were here but crime is questions in the british parliament this week was bizarrely without a prime minister that meant jeremy corbyn couldn't be there either so given they were replaced by stand ins so am i going to be. but you stand up and say watch me. politicians are said to be here today and gone tomorrow but whatever tomorrow may bring the prime minister isn't even here today to mark the end of her first year in power i'm a note for the first time since she's become prime minister. of the so you might
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like to hear this for the first time since she's become prime minister her image has now been removed from the front page of the conservative party website so. come the first secretary her first secretary to. war she has gone from being the next. to the lady vanishes the only problem with labor backbenchers like him who actually represent the same constituency is jeremy mentor the late tony benn there appeared to be grave questions over their loyalty to socialism standing in factories and i was damian green once arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office something he denied before being dismissed by the crown prosecution service the honorable gentleman is ingenious in you know asking very personal questions i commend him for it unfortunately he has got his own record on this subject as we should please june last year gentleman said that the leaders. the labor party is not destined to become prime minister and he called on him to resign
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i suggest he might want to make peace with his own fun thanks me for being rude about it like to resume the day facto prime minister damian green could but downplay what labor backbenchers will be that alone the arcane sounding bricks a question from the westminster leader on the scottish national party does the united good government intend some men should do five of the scotland back to change any aspect of the devolved company that approves of the scottish referendum in one nine hundred ninety seven arguably not a question about democratic accountability that is easily understood the reason may see an end gave it a go though and de facto highlighted the s.n.p. continued support for you neo liberalism i'm sure you surprised at the scottish nationalists approach in that my understanding of their position is that they want the power was taken from london to edge and so they can give them back to go i. i think as i understand it that's their position but perhaps their inability to
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explain the logic of that position might explain the recent general election result they have in fact the s.n.p. won scotland meanwhile because the three is a maze this appearance parliamentary convention means that u.k. labor shadow foreign secretary emily thornberry sit in for later jeremy carbon now favor to britain's next prime minister farmer user questions to slam the government's attitude to break this the foreign secretary told me there is indeed no no there was no plan for no deal to us later number ten for back and they said there was a plan the brits sick she might be bluffing but i'm turning to you next the director said she was so busy fighting with himself that on march twelfth he said that there was a plan on march the seventeenth he said that it wasn't i'm not i'm a good nineteenth he said he spent all of his time thinking about it and yesterday he said that he wasn't prepared to comment. so can the first secretary clear up the confusion today is there
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a contingency plan for no deal isn't there and if there is we undertake to publish it. breaks it bust or a strategy for brics that blackjack the government said they would show a few cards the next day meanwhile the resume was perhaps marking dance cards with the king of spain and the queen of england at buckingham palace too busy to turn up in parliament all the while four million children in britain live in poverty. for the first time since u.k. tuition fees were tripled by the tory liberal democrat coalition government in twenty twelve applications to british universities of nosedive by twenty five thousand people since last year thanks to successive governments imposing austerity on u.k. education to pay off losses in the city of london students are being expected to leave college tens of thousands of pounds and secure a margin the new president of the national union of students representing seven million students in the u.k. joins me now sure thanks so much for coming on graduations on being appointed
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surprised about this massive drop so no i'm not surprised because finances is a huge bag for many students and young people access and education so i'm quite surprised that you just be the. know well fees are a massive part of it and that links one to housing mental health. the mates so no i'm not surprised i'm quite agitated actually at the fact that he has to be in of a pool when we could have told you this you're taking over an organization that arguably it's part of the blame is the national union of students the idea that the institute fiscal studies are saying that students from the university would have fifty seven thousand how did it get to this age i think it got to that stage because politicians aren't listening to the voice of the street and but what i'm really excited to say is that our students and young people will no longer take service and the major parties and politicians need to. take us seriously the recent general election result and the shift in which young people contribute to shows
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that we are ready a way in to have an education system that we want and that we think is accessible for all to believe in germany corbin wants to wipe out the debt do you think students will ever pay off these debts without germy goban i think students who never pay off the day in the current climate that we're in at the moment i think it's totally possible to get rid of tuition fees and have free education and i don't think it is right when i when i hear politicians saying that there isn't enough money because it's evident when the government want to stay in power they manage to find one point five billion to give to the d p and to have negotiations when we are one of the richest countries in the world and pay one of the lowest corporation tax this isn't right basically and we're no longer going to take care of the murder students co-operated the. breeders as well your work here actually worked with the tories the center of the educational research bill with the nursery
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new students we in with the tories in the do be. paid off as one of the deal let me tell you now it's a different type of leadership that is going to be moving forward however we have to recognise our name is the national union of students therefore we vest the represent the national voice of students and through me personally it's about winning for a student in the arguments out there so i will do whatever necessary to be able to get the argument and get education to be of the option for everyone but isn't the problem the students as a repeatedly colluded with governments that have broad intuition freeze and when you say you represent the all the national union students isn't there an ignored promises to students remember the turnout leaves recent figures maybe the last week is available to over and year's elections the turnout was seventeen point eight three percent i mean you can see getting more of the. i mean we're. corkin eyes ation and we're led by a members we have policy for free education and that is something that we adhere to
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however we need to win for our students and and do whatever possible for us to be able to get that win like i said before the recent general election result and the number of young people turning out to vote shows that we are actually put in office down we will no longer take lip service and the politicians and the major parties need to take us seriously the voyage because when identity politics your previous answer was against the print prevent counter-terror measures that some believe target people of color what do you think yep so the prevent agenda is discriminative to my eyes an agenda that victimizes in targets black and brown people those of faith. and we don't think that this is the best way in which to tackle this by isolating students on campus is historically one of the greatest successes arguably our foreign policy was a nurturing new union of students because your south africa. movement was central
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to it some believe that the central to foreign policy regarding the biggest wars in the world today is the israel palestine conflict you come under particular attack what do you think about the israel. as regards the student movement and so i think that it's not a black and white issue this issue this this this conflict has been going on for many many years before i was born my role as president is to ensure that everybody feel safe on campus to create spaces for us to have dialogues and i'm very excited to work with my team this year he will be privatizing interfaith work start in dialogue amongst as not is not black or work with you understood. me from the israeli embassy in london for a trip to israel no i didn't take money from the israeli embassy i went. it was for the money came from you showed me the facts that was that and i don't i have not seen any. what to say the money has come from. israeli embassy when i
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went on a educational chip and the reason why i went on there is because i wasn't political i've never heard of the conflict prior to coming into this environment and it was important for me as a national representative that when i'm voting and talking on policy i have a good understand in to make the best choice for students but my main juhi hair is to make sure that campuses are safe when jewish students are saying that this this this conversation is making them feel unsafe on campus nor do i have a. dividing line of this conflict for me it's about creating those spaces to have healthy dialogue and working across all faiths to be able to address this issue my main concern is the national union the students in england and making sure that students for safe and company lives move from. the most disadvantaged group from u.k.
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societies regards university admission or working class white board is proof that is far more important than identity politics when i go to the leading national you i think they're both linked so many working class people do fit into the liberation such as black women l g b t disabled i don't think it's about play in class and identity politics against each other it's about recognising the difference is that class has in years and preventing people from accessing education due to the financial barriers that affect marginalized groups and those in those little racial groups as i mentioned the most well arguably has never been more to the forefront since the tragic groan fill disaster what are you going to do about. protection on student campuses and the educational establishment from. all levels of other education right through to university so at the moment the higher the higher
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education. i have been all going around speaking to institutions to check their built ins sometimes the universities and their buildings sometimes it's not owned by them for me it's about making sure that we have a duty of care for these people that are living in accommodation and so at the moment we're going about making sure that these buildings all safe and where they aren't we have an action to address the swiftly is going to surprise i die one we call forty's any lifes i think you know as we have a and institutions have had to of care to make sure that their students are protected so this is a. t. and us will be doing all it can to ensure that our students where any safety measure is uprise that we have clear action in addressing those issues sugar martin thank you. and that's it for the show we're back on monday when we ask a spokesperson for the u.n. refugee agency how many civilians were killed by tourism is government in iraq this
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month. social media will see you on monday the fiftieth anniversary of the death of john coltrane. i've observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. of refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens and the government. and once again. politicians from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists. understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making. whether it acts on its own national interests ok or is out someone else's will.
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the war in yemen has its own distinct face is the face of a child emaciated by among thousands of yemeni children fighting off death do they stand a chance. in the u.s. a child can choose an army course in school. with retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that the waypoint comfortable with yourself. think you are yourself
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you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is very popular first sure video game. it's play in ass because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah or you can turn off or lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits.
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iraqi officials investigate reports of islamic state finances being executed after human rights watch called for a probe into a series of disturbing videos emerging online. a recent poll reveals americans now see north korea as the biggest threat to u.s. security we look at how much blame can be attributed to the media. and. kindergarten menu's is stirring controversy in austria.


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