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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 20, 2017 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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it's happening now it's in real time it's phenomenal stacy what is this whole thing well of course we're still in the summer solutions that max and there are many solutions needed for the crypto space of course because now we have this big block sized debate it's been going on for a few years but now it's actually open towards some say and there could be a fork that could be a hard fork that could be a thaw fork there's so many different issues going on in the next week or two general back in the one nine hundred ninety s. during the dot com boom we had something toward the end there called the y2k which was this big phantom menace that plagued the dot com industry for months and then it came and went and it was a big nothing burger i have a suspicion that this is the whites who came nothing burger of twenty seventeen but let's get more insight but i also want to say before we go to jeremy who is our guest i do want to say another issue that we are going to address in this episode of summer solutions as a twenty six minute episode with jeremy we're going to talk about what the
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important thing to understand what this fork is and what the block size debate is about is what is the big coin itself what solution is it offering to the global financial system so if you can understand that weather is supposed to be a better visa a better pay pal a better gold what is that actually i know that you have so much of the oh gosh of about whether it's a store of value or a means of payment and as a means of payment it hasn't really caught on the number of retailers actually in the world the something big coin has dropped according to a morgan stanley report but as a store value it's caught on spectacularly people see this as a safe haven currency and they're plowing into it the prices skyrocketed but the y2k fake problem is i like to think about it i think this could be a way to get us expert in on the germy oh welcome back to the kaiser report this is the summer solutions upis. making bitcoin great again apparently but cohen has
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a block size problem to figure out how to fix it of course we have to go to you and answer them i do and. i am i so say see it well well there are two with going ahead. awesome now first there was the block size war then there was segway it then there was segment to x. then there was u.s.a.'s after the user activated soft fork now explain what's happening over the next two weeks as we may or may not see a hard for sounds like a porno film or a soft fork sounds like a disney movie how do we get there. yet we go to here and buy me so faint blue and say these agreements our bodies improve man and by tyrants to take over be clean which i always behind a car so all of it is easy to me to be for man did this for me issue between the minor seven between goal regular users of big clients and that.
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has to be a hard for the road and it's a whole host of these here it would be time. to feel a young again to be into a day mention alpha hearing to new roads minus we have choices about what to my and be quick or we try to keep the community on track despite all of the distractions they wait a minute you know something that's interesting that there isn't a corporate agenda to take bit coin over i thought that bitcoin was resistant to being taken over we've heard about the fifty one percent of taxes to be getting a bit coins existence but is this the same thing as a fifty one percent attack that we've been hearing about for the last eight years now all night so the for it to sort of pressure he's being put to be clawing at a nice case if it's at all the guy. today it should for completely o.
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the network that is being launched to by the end of the year if so be a fluffy and actually very little crable the community at this moment of the old planes from the beginning of it you know all of this sort of drama stories of. the salaries these could fake foundation and all these people who are around we cooperate. you know sort of construction so free ality that it's not real and so so i think that yeah east case we're looking at really. a zero point four in which the community needs to do or reunite also or does it remain so fucking performance. between miners and the users around yet it doesn't really needs to have of the stooges doesn't need the help of any of the.
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corporate to people if we want just to change be calling for their own purpose it all and perhaps even if you don't create mind over it it changes that are we are foreseeing i mean a better second jeremy i ask is specifically the measure of corporations or corporate takeover let's talk about one corporation bit pay ok spend around sense the very beginning they are they position themselves as the high end of the pay pal big coin that was their original pitch they are into this large block hard fork that's what they are proposing to do they have a lot of cohorts in this space the fake and the nakamoto is also in this camp so what as a corporation explained to may what. a company like bit pay what do they gain from this why are they for this fork that goes against the original of the coin jeremy.
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speaking de cuisine of preach mining. although to be to one propose clients they could pre-modern a part off the coins thirty operate today hundreds for. the sound ethical doesn't mean that sound completely outside the scope of ethics i mean doesn't that get rid of all there's a limited supply of bitcoin it's digital ball concept airmail yeah it's it's not what a load of people got together to make the system survive a you any to create or and to so popular for also starring. so well what we really can't really think eighty four see beyond the pressure to be to main beat ok you know how these companies are trying to to create the next to the next funded about because it is be aware that in the coming months if not months
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there will be a lot if you stop eating meat coffee and the larger portions of value that anyone is storing using because they should not be transacted it would be much safer to stay put and see what really happened seem to sort of be negotiation between. communities and it shows your side fully loaded a user community full of do be quick or community especially to understand that the want to be a larger society i would say behind because it is they saying to beyond that they're dangerous to their commercial interests or for an overhaul there carol can we roll back a little bit and so we're off we're talking about solutions you know because i mean appears to be in need of a solution otherwise what is this whole block debate about can you explain what is the problem that needs
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a solution and what are the solutions on offer to that problem. so their solution is couldn't believe i propose this segregated weakness which is show up there by say weeds and say we don't know what we don't number sof their words because these movies are also not arabs to just thirty eight it's hope so if we did the same people that meant to be cosy plans to put some of to make i doubt that the inside of the block inside are not a sort of a sergeant other place which is close to weakness so adept at these we like in their proper clothes and we know or so allow a lot more features going into action into action of privacy for the user so we can these people to ease over mantic many of the people that have study not only the o.t. but also the practice of be could he said it's there and they shouldn't be put in court or put forward as that will change and i personally have
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a woody so i do because i mean proven proposal was done. it sexually accepted a post being planted to change to where the scene who meant which implies a soft for at changing that clients and also in the minors that need to do are except the sort of format to off story and exchanging in very fine what is going on to be quoted for so he sucked for pests only meats and he said to democratic ok so people are asked to step up to eat and to network this month or so that we can know we charted notes that actually sat and wants to go on that day action and there are actually gates now one of the first set deadlines it's for them so as passed just today to assess that. to actually activate a soft fork where it said wheat was expired on the fifteenth of july and we are looking now at the end of july for the network to actually act and this step in.
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the usage of nice new no time for default no i'm talking for the people that actually run a food not of corps on a network so it is a democratic approach that it could court about a person taking the democratic a bunch of say ok is there enough to become us to spec on the sink movement and if not we try to make a way or more and more people on how this is needed this is going to make today also our best this future development and doesn't make it necessary to be good but also because if we threesome spacing to last and again if we allow quite some some piracy this shows how us that we look at to also is in case does improvement is not actually adopted it doesn't keep seeing then their national us in which the network may sleeps because we are not all agree on what should be happening at the
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moment good morning to this specific days a lot of. discussion and debate between minors and what i've defined what our users know my nurse sort of against the d.s. the segue to kicking and. regular users actually saying we've also right to vote m d's and we start using plants that only accept say wheat and that if they were meant to do the sonny itself with their crony you were a s a s f which is user activated it saw for so what we are seeing in the future is not a corporate attempt to take over because again that he's always behind every car and we we have shown the community is strong enough to do a stand that one but it's also not tips to. find consensus we need a community right ok it's our mail going to take
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a break but we're. right back to continue this discussion go away morricone away right after this. in the u.s. a child can choose an army course in school. with retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. to step up to an apollo so that comfortable with yourself. you can't go wrong with the water
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it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first year video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. drug trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation have different components components that engage in money laundering and you know the. security forces that.
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this. was why. it was. sort of kind of the. scene of. where they blew you won't get a good area for him and it's. never really know for sure but this has been. you know. when i started no i.
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one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it. and then i came and. many have been broken really fixes to the banks going to. be back. on the banks but i didn't think of. creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is a lifelong trap or is there a way out of those actually trying to. to ditch a bill for more fluid or.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm asked as they're with stacey everett we're talking to jeremy l. in amsterdam he's a crypto connoisseur or is a bitcoin maniac he's an early adopter he's well respected in the community he's telling us all about a hard for which i suggested could be a title for a porno film and soft forks which could be a disney film that's my contribution to this discussion so germany let's continue with hard for a software arc and the august first deadline where we might have to change two versions of bitcoin and would that ultimately put the you know let me let me rephrase the question you know i was i was reviewing the wiki pedia page of roger of a are going jesus. in that page you know what if it is reasons to be adamant about the large block size debate he believes
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that bitcoin has a window of opportunity to to gain wide scale global adoption before a state comes into the mix creates their own version and steals bitcoins thunder in other words he believes that there's a time element here if i'm i don't want to i'm just paraphrasing that my interpretation of what i read here this is not well taken verbatim from what his words this is just my interpretation of what i read but is that a valid point or that you know to what extent is there a point to be made there and roger vera certainly a pillar of the community going back to the early days your thoughts. were i think it's three year we went to you know forward. thinking in dollars to shall i say that is so fundamental to the community. because we didn't go for. conquering more territory should go for resisting and making
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its own territory more softly it's my opinion he's not about conquering another he's more knowledge dever alley out into. into what dangerous thinks he's cooler today and. also that target barack and mary to quote because he did it wait. for sarah but i sit there we said we did a problem source capability is way more refined than just saying let's increase the broadsides and they have demonstrated these we go out of water and modesty and less fuss and then you know as declinations like bees that play a even eye gaze dangerous stuff to be quite a community at least in my or being right well in the case of life which adopted segue it was a boon for the coin and market capitalization was it was higher and you know like
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coin is a very it's own it's not a clone of bitcoin but it's the properties of it are almost i guess a parallel to bitcoin except it's got some attributes of people like faster block times etc so why don't why isn't the argument simply like light going dead it worked great let's do it because i wrote her yard i totally agree with these are going to be construed actually kiki people we should join in urana say we know to be forty end of them on fire on a full note that you know. not so i recommend that if you don't have so much venue to do with and historical knowledge let's go inside whips and i think that lifeline is a very respectable one of the earliest most successful forks off to be quite cold and as there was three did a lot of success in the just for good option of the community and i. future
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from saying we come even more success for for i point because it's really improves a lot of aspects that have been studied three years so again that same weight there are no many arguments against same wheat from the point of view of someone to create cold and knows what we're talking about we're not entering into specifics now i would say three month of all that we find so much wonder about an improvement like these but it's also one of the first times that we may look at the heart for we have to work towards not making our fork and and i would already thought looking at what we can improve in the sort of processes to make them less well future mass in the future and just look at what is really the result perhaps by the best naptime other clients and learn from the experience as well as you mention it's worth it to look at others that have adopted the sort
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of improvements on their network be smaller or what not and one of the group of men i like to say also about said weight is that it may really be easier easier day expendability of. so all those are a lot of interest into the sleeping off again peer to peer peer known strictly financial you rate it systems and i think there ought to be claim being seen by father not just. launching running into water he can really respond to many of their requests that in the soup would forward by complying with a more sophisticated discreet language for a four divisions on the block chain so there you go again another theme that segue to spinning. even if you're being this three and it doesn't relate to you know bigger block sizes or. or feeling fear or more fear about the future or if we don't
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we don't do that following a company or another. commuting is used to be quite a manifesto because he said we shouldn't trust and we don't need to who to trust the more people to get bigger and better we just need to press ourselves and no one else and these friends. the moment in which the community can start seeing ok well there are so many attacks who are we are we going to run a third dream or are we going to recertify constantly date what we have and proceed to wete the legacy that we have which is to be quick or implementation i would say it's full of. the thing that's amazing listening to you and max talk is easier talking about all of these innovations all of these core developers all of these you know if there's a problem with bitcoin and block size that people invent things like segway or
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segway to x. or even bitcoin unlimited and they're ok that's gone by the wayside but all these ideas and even if bitcoin itself did not solve the problem or had a problem people thought they invented all these other coins that all of this happened without intellectual property even bitcoin was given to the world birds into the world so now we see in the past week or two the introduction of the very first patents being awarded to the likes of goldman sachs for settled coin so they're in it they're entering the space the corporate world that we you talked about as well the corporate world says innovation doesn't happen without intellectual property rights. all of this huge space that's mind blowing revolutionary space a big point happened with not one single patent being awarded what do you think this introduction of patents will will it patent actually helped bitcoin will it help make between great again or will it be the demise of it. should
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not contemplate and he parked and getting into this believe me it's a rocket it's ethically it contribution to collectors or property and you're really right stacey that i use the most significant thing that we can all week next week to week to do last seventy years now of of growth of this movement and also to get it is investing to eat the most fantastic themes that he does growing without patents i like the idea that popped into wars between continents even he were paying us and being that significant he wanted by the free software movement so far in europe software patents are not bad and there it would be awkward for developers who want to be it with therapists companies around because in some future you know there are other nations or other
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jurisdictions may really contemplate francine after peyton's because most of the big and strong it's. fairly all over and corporations there are usually filing their patience in us and they're hiring more lawyers sent over. you know it just reminds me right off the score case of you know finally you know suit against two to four for it's painted from the school unix does these sort of things you know to the boss then we must sit down and such let's take a look at the. patents for settlement coins subtle point so this is an attempt by goldman sachs the high. jack the price discovery mechanism of it going if you can hijack the price discovery mechanism by introducing a price through settlement point you're going to put the other exchanges the independent exchanges out of business you're going to monopolize the prices coverage and then you're going to be in
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a position that let's say the big banks are in relation to gold and silver they control the paper price no matter what the demand is for gold it's skyrocketing it's the highest to spend ever but the price doesn't move up because the prices governs controlled by the paper market this is what goldman sachs wants to do they want to create derivative of paper market prices government that as i'm to put the independent changes out of business and to control this space do you agree yes i know the next thirty is your first but it makes a lot of sense and i have one more question following on this in terms of innovation a theory i'm. there with supposed to be the flipping that didn't happen it was supposed to overtake bitcoin what is the reason for it theory why should it exist what do you think of it its role in the crypto ecosystem and its role with these initial coin offerings. well a perrier me search is beginning he thought he'd tell you there are none deemed
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genesis of peer to peer technologies seem to grant him space is not the only one i would define his second generation or peer there by your weird same time if any steal you betov there weren't sand it was very more complex since the very beginning where we. sort of interpretor languages that karen scripts so neat it was all there marketed completely over marketed everywhere to be dissolution to everyone's problems the computer will run a war. all india's sort of exaggerations know what ace we can look at it as an experiment that he's led by main charismatic and knowledgeable fear we've moved early in who is thinking decisions almost unilaterally about eight there was a fake vote about their haste off the doll and that was really fake to have
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any. part of it they are missing the hands off a few people that are running very interesting experiments and a was. backed off keeping a price nope because that is adoption for them if you want to run it their own contract if you want to use the computer you have to pay their own corns now is very different from equinox of a proposition so there is not a long time interest in keeping a value hi there i should be no to easy to ease their adoption and use of did it computer so it would be a constant pump and dump actually speaking that's what i believe it will become because you know there is a moment in which the price skyrockets wheat i see oh sweet things being don't beat quite which he can become fables and then those that are making beats going south some and cashing quite a lot. oh. we're going to cut it
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off there out of time thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you must thank you stacy and to the next episode already that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me thanks kaiser and stacy i would like to thank our guest jeremy l. if you'd like to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report intellect on. the war zone you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they're going. to do so to try to tell you that will be gossip to the public but. off the bad guys who tell you things you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will want.
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imagine being a six thirty five and you have a career and a career involves using your eyes filling in your computer and things like that being in an office and perhaps you sort of getting to it circular. you could have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou the minutes must be frank my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it and the box. are out of a very strong magnetic field held in my head. think of it like a real heart shirt my skin burned and that wireless access point there just continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electoral small and it's getting worse.
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new store in germany threatens economic retaliate against turkey after the arrest of human rights activists itself the two countries already destroyed relations plummeting. the next thirty minutes coming up to expose them vulnerable a turkish news agency publishes a map of american military base locations in northern syria. while at the pentagon . trump in the dumps is the us president gets record low ratings look at why the poles failed to predict major events.


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