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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  July 20, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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no and that is why i also have not bothered too much on the one hand it's a familiar thing that foreign governments will interfere and secondly when is the russians and the americans or both interfere in central but i think what really matters is that there is a character of the policy it's that it's presenting sociology i think is a very interpret just filled and political sociology is even more so people when people vote for somebody they do not necessarily on board for that person's ideas they i think the vote on that emotional level that's right what do you think the american public was trying to articulate plan so many people prefer tromped yeah well i think. he's one particular moment off a trajectory a history that's tried to very long time ago and in a way it starts in the 1980's when we go global we have been global for a very long time by the way but when certain certain policies are implemented
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privatization deregulation and then of course a version of globalization those policies hit particular workers very hard to particular communities very hard for a while those people saw i did something wrong i didn't have the proper education i didn't work hard enough so i've lost what i had to gain and trumpery present at that moment when enough people knew the facts on the ground i have lost i've lost my job i've lost if i'm voting for a truck it's interesting you say that because that kind of minds me all the disputes we have among russian sociologists about the stalin phenomenon there is an interesting. sort of phenomenon here all the supports for stalin not changing not following. so many in the west that's sort of a representation that the russians are really harkening for some. yes but but many
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russians are still it is believed that this is actually a protest against the current system but yeah it's excesses in impunity corruption and what have you don't you think that may be you know representing part of that we have the same thing at play with china people are sort of looking beyond him really taking the issue with the system right now i mean i would i agree with that and let me just say i think that in both cases and it's interesting that russia remains to different type of system with far more government control that cetera and one might argue responsibility that the government here assumes for the well being of people you know that at least is an interesting claims to claim that side that's the narrative in the united states you know that that narrative doesn't exist as a narrative if you have an opposite narrative that the more the government gets out of their way and the bad as that is made of people but at the same time the deeper lower cheeks of our current sort of political economic systems are let's just call
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it economic system so simplify there are many parallels so we see similar for missions happening in countries of latin american countries in africa in china. in the soviet union i mean in russia and then in the united states so we are here dealing with a deeper economic law that is installing itself in more and more places now has a very peculiar vocabulary and a very peculiar way of expressing you said his idea of ideas but i think he's pledge of putting america first actually deals with a very important question of not only what the government is for but who the government is for whose interest it's putting first when it's possible laws and introducing regulations and the such a thing he's idea is somewhat similar to what you have written about all your life that you're going to take that is an offense you got me there. you know you're not crazy saying that to me let me put it that way. i mean i have been
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a critic of a certain mode of globalization you know a kind of global capitalism that has been very negative for sectors of the population which in a prior period where the beneficiaries of how the american economy were it's by the way a growing population in some ways you could say there is about a forty percent of the households in the united states who are doing better than they ever thought they would this is not the one percent in my view all that focus on the one percent leaves out the question that they have always existed and what is really different is a thirty or forty percent that then can buy up your whole city you know that is what matters and rather than that one on the other hand that plays into your other argument that technology just makes it more visible perhaps they existed before but you know no no no something has changed did acknowledge it but it is not i think
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that the way our economies have function and you see it here in russia and you see it in you know in other in the united states in latin america it's that there is a demand for a certain kind of professional work. in sectors that are making money very easy look at how easy google makes its first billion a conman a factory or something goes wrong with the tapestry and they have to pull back you know twenty thousand cars or five hundred thousand cars so there is a there is an economy that is part of the larger economy that really games games games and and that has created wealth for about thirty percent or forty percent of the old middle classes they're being. devastated in one of your previous interviews you made an interesting point the liberal democracy and we are talking about the system of the old democracy was never very much anchored in social justice but just how. going to work. for the working and middle classes and large
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corporations became globalized isn't that. in a way. an expression of very difference between liberalism and liberal democracy because liberalism is an idea you can make a point that it's an ideology of making money away liberal democracy it supposedly puts down must first. prove them up crissy is only the whole political spectrum is only part of the story of our country it's the result of the way it commonly is organized so i always say for a very long time in the west we had an almost an ironic. because when mass consumption is the dominant logic it still exists today but it's not the dominant logic it means that even the nastiest corporation wants the middle classes to do well because they consume so the traditional banks want the sons and
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daughters of its current clients to do better than for their own sake but in finance that's neither here nor there and so so what has changed are some of the organizing the major organizing factoids in our economies and i see that also in russia so the soup you see capitalism versus something else not enough to simply say liberalism versus not enough within a liberal democratic economy you now have other forces from those that you have had for almost a hundred years and much of the west this change really begins in the one thousand needs in the one nine hundred eighty s. the clarity of what is actually happening was in there if i if i may continue with this issue. because he is an interesting phenomenon i mean as much as people may cringe at seeing him i think he represents something new and i wonder if i were to mention that i do find some similarities between his idea. and yours even though
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their education is very much different but in your heart of hearts do you believe that he genuinely believes in what he did he just is it's just he just exploiting some of those issues because as. simplify this as they may seem to be coming out of his mouth there's actually very very deep issues that require a lot i mean i completely agree with the notion that you should promote the work your local workforce is you should not ship it all out and then exploited mexican workers it's you know the image that i have. is that it is marked by the rise of extract. extract extract and and the trumpets right quick says factory x. he's the jokes here why ship them out to mexico so i agree with some of these and i also seeing that he just sole the t.
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doesn't eat. for his hotels and i don't know what he saw you know what this was just not right this is a good and i don't hear any other politician talk about this is in my view at least it it's not so much about the global space it's quite clear that the talent be contained within our boys or that it's about also the notion of responsibility who doesn't notice. and i agreed with the notion as did quite a few lefties in the united states that does mean that we would want to vote for him because he has serious problems that some of his the policies that he launched when he was doing his campaign some of us were very happy to hear those issues put on the table. and we know that not only poor workers voted for trump we know that some other people through now he is losing ground loses ground in any gains and again you know it's very difficult to make that out but also has a personal it jack. that he somehow inserted that is extraordinarily problematic
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in particular it is very disagreeable do you have any concerns that this personal style of his the way he conducts himself is going to damage the idea is that if you devoted your entire life to promoting he would that's been a separate issue but let me just pick before where they just damage or not i mean that the man is simply out of control that you know he he he he doesn't do his homework. the notion that he does not want you know the he doesn't know enough when he criticizes qatar and qatar that's the biggest military base in the region that the arabs have that he you know he he he said absolutely not a responsible person he is not responsible so he sees some things that i would say your absolute person can see it's just that our political class is our you know how to launch is an expression that we use in the united states you know
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they they just have created an imaginary soul that they need to address and where. we have to take a very short break now but we'll be back in just a few moments to take him. on. in the you listen to child can choose a nominee course in school. with a total fizzes as teachers we don't. recruit we'll sisters if the president is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourself. the pentagon is
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funding a program to boost interest in the military. so that. you can. still. do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular video. it's playing. call of duty to turn off call of duty. or. a darker side. to be told. just need more recruits. drug trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation you know of a different components the components that engage in money laundering. or
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smell you know the chilling security forces that surely not been more minutes. welcome back to all the parts of a sociologist professor just before the break we started discussing the imaginary world that you believe the american political elite lives in and it's funny you say that because just last week i interviewed a former senior obama adviser and he was telling me on and on how russia leads in lala land and how totally. decent touch from reality we have
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become. you've been critical enough of donald trump what about hillary clinton i've heard you voice some criticisms of her that as well she seems to be a far more intelligent person a far more in control of herself do you think she bears part of the responsibility for trying sitting in the white house right now where maybe one should say the leadership of the democratic party you know they they annoying to it is bernie sanders many people think this i happen to agree with that i haven't done the analysis that will rely on the mouths of others that is bernie sanders would have he would have won against the to. clinton number one came as an annoying to it was her turn people don't like that secondly she is a peculiar kind of politician she's not as they say a natural politician that she was absolutely we now have enough information to know
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very controlling. very you know of her staff and she was unhappy with everything always thinking that the other person was a fall. a person who was determined to become president and felt that it was her turn and that's already for starters a mistake you can go that way and i think clinton he clinton he wrecked the middle class it was a policy that clinton was a very negative president when it came to how we handle powerful economic sectors in the united states he unable to find her so she disable all kinds of things that were sort of the modest invisible middle class can i bring you back to the u.k. issue of killer clinton because you mentioned that she was very much. controlling person but i think i thought she had one moment of brutal honesty and this is when she mentioned the deplorable us many people took her to task for that but i
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actually you know in my opinion that actually represents something new about politics today because it seems that politics is indeed expanding to new kind of voters who may vote in the matter that it does not sit well but the political class yeah i want to use that challenge in your view could be managed by political marketing giving them the kind of candidate they can relate to or do you think that would require a genuine change of the way the system is run all by got our i really think that liberal democracy is in deep trouble liber of the liberal democratic politicians have sort of created their own zone of what matters and they're leaving out. more and more they're actually delegating it via privatization to other sectors or when when we privatized and deregulated our economies that isn't just a piece of law or whatever that means that a lot of the functions that for instance were in the legislature. leave the
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legislature and become private functions and. the muscle to combat to fight for politicians and that's what we're seeing i mean there are a few real legislators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders they have a project and they have the knowledge the other thing that i think is liberal democracy has shown its limits is that we need expertise in our legislatures we the people should be aware of we need to fill in these you know that tax because right now the big corporations whether that is the googles or the financial sector they have been all that now to finish off the hillary clinton what would you just say i wish her all sorts of feelings and this is the big grid. that discussing policy is her proposed policy rather. was often accusing her of being a representative of wall street that sounded very caricatures but what you're
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actually are seeking lading right now is suggest that there is some truth in what he was saying i mean clinton president clinton enabled the financial sector to become what it is today which is i always say high finance extract it doesn't give anything back it extracts the financial sector when we were discussing assistance to the economy of the country because of the crises you know after two of. the federal reserve our central bank decided to sit give seven trillion dollars to the global banking system which means the super bags french banks etc. while we in the legislature were discussing city hundreds. bindiya you understand the difference and. that was kept secret for two years and a half that was our government. clinton initiated that when he eliminated what had been a division why do you think that was the case was that special interests having their
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way or was that simply because of the incompetence of the government it's neither one nor the other pulls and amends are present it's a multi it picks up on what you were saying before a lot of political logic and a lot about how do i understand the larger political economy of my country that really installs itself with clinton clinton enables the financial sector in an extraordinary way. trump some of the charts and seeds you know these things because two parties noughties a wildman he's an undisciplined intelligent but there isn't a dose is there any he sees some of these patients now he's also you know. average doesn't begin to capture and tell you to grab or in many different senses by the way but but so he didn't begin to see as he enters the white house he sees opportunities and he explodes in violation of customary law not
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necessarily law that custom fit what he saw and named t.t.c. short just as any practical intelligence would see it because it was not caught up in that rarefied zone that now is the political classes is it still trump jumper it presents in one moment of the election a very interesting. point because he does not belong to the political class but in a larger historical sense i would say liberal democracy has really reached its limits when we privatized deregulated and globalized at that point liberal democracy could not come out and. if you call for a new framework service agency developed and one possible framework that is often discussed here and we are recording this interview months of most carbon form is the is the power of giving the power to the c.d.'s in fact i cover this forum every
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year and one sentiment that you hear it time and time again is that you know we need to fire all the national politicians and leave all the power to the mayors because they are the ones who know how to run the cities they take care of the suv system they take care of the hospitals and they do not have time to bother with issues they don't have their. right but the bench that is there is a little over absolutely i would not put it that way what i would say is to recognize that critical functions have shifted to cities that most people will be living in cities set up to seventy percent or so cities become very important spaces the regimes under which cities operate very enormously across the world so i think cities should be enabled they should be given the resources i totally agree with but we need a larger structure than the practicality so you can think about cities is very much in charge of practical well actually i think in russia it may be
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a little bit different i remember watching your ted talk and i really like the matter for all. you know c.v. talking back to the nation state. back to our power. to the path to his parents and i think this is actually want to seeing in russia right now because we have a lot of c.d.'s with very localized issues that in a way changes the way people relate to power and power relates to people in the an aggressive way it's not perceived as you know some form of meddling but it is also redefining the way societies are organized you think the the way to being a better citizen lives through being a better resident. that that is good you know that. fine i would not object that i have i'm sinking that there are awful sort of other dimensions that cities should be on alert off and to replace so one of them is the importance of really localizing some of the economic activities and production etc that now we keep
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delegating to franchises you know and every franchise extract spite of the consumption capacity of a locality and takes it to headquarters that is a loss and it's a loss for the city and it's from loss for those neighborhoods so i do think that cities have got to get it together when it comes to the economy the young mayor of . who comes from the activist world and nobody could believe that she became mayor she has demonstrated how it can be done so with the financials that are forcing people out of their home she went to talk to all the big banks and said stop it let people stay in their homes to persuade all the family here do that by force of regulation. she has to still create the regulations but she talked to them it's not good for a city there is a priority of purpose so the the city is in a space where it both needs more authorities and it needs to get rid of certain
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excesses everything is a car if you know so a few franchise is essential if i need a computer and need a franchise but from my cup of coffee do i need a multinational no i don't i'm very interested fascinated by your idea of extract extracts of capitalism and i think what strikes me is that. the main factor that i think change is the is the purpose of money because money used to be a facilitator of services of trade what have you now it has become a commodity do you think people have to come to terms with the idea that. we will have to pay more for certain services if we want to keep our lives. secure them protected weekenders you know on. on the on the right yes on the other hand you know. so we are being a lot more stuff that should not cost so much to travel a local bank a keeping it operational would cost more than
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a franchise from let's say a multinational back to play because they can simplify certain procedures and they could well ok that's a good point but at the same time the local bank the notion is of a local bank is that it then re circulates its gains and can create new majority as a community out because it would set up so you know what we have are interrupted circuits but for instance when when the low wage worker firms that insist on having as no wage workers as they can that is not just about saving money that is about impressing investors that it will eventually insulate in a rise in the value of the shares of those companies that is far more important than what they're paying the workers you see so we have these combined duology that get very very thirsty most people think of the super exploiting the workers the super exploiting of the workers as merely very often not always at an instrument to gain stock market value you know and how do you disentangle those two well i think
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you disentangle if i determine in what is the most important priority here whether it is the investors and bottom line or whether it is the interests of the local community and what is your central firecracker yeah but for me clearly i say. the workers are critical but that means ok they can raise their consumption right economically speaking but that is of zero interest to many of the big financial investments you don't care about consumption any more really for many sectors or some cases yet so you know we really it is a messy issue we need to disentangle and then we're dealing with in this case what i just example two options and then we have decide. ok what do we want and we the people don't decide that is decided by investors you see and so we are increasingly . by investment knowledge of us and profit making logic said go well
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beyond the traditional thing you know i see if you have a moment your low wage worker is a real positive because you have kind you know it's a modest operates you can employ another person. with these big corporations that is why the corporate ties in with more and more sectors is much more than just that it is all to surveil a subject between consumption and worker and stock market valuations and you know financial regulations basics and that all does actually both local and. international politics of exactly professor we have to leave it there the in this fascinating discussion thank you very much for your time and are yours please share your comments it out to be on our facebook and youtube page has helped us here again same place same time here on worlds apart. right. there. on the.
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imagine being six thirty five and you have a career and a career involves using your artificial in your computer and things like that being in an office. perhaps you sort of getting fixed circular. you're going to have to stop doing all this in this kind of you lose the minutes must be free my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up living it in a box. a very strong magnetic field on the field in my head. it's like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point here just continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually
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beating our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. social about whether it's a store of value or a means of payment and as a means of payment it hasn't really caught on the number of retailers actually in the world but that's something big oil has dropped according to a morgan stanley report but as a store of value it's caught on spectacularly people see this as a safe haven currency. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a line the whole gist i came to god and meant that the debts tie game and it was far enough control on. many lives have been broken believe excessive to the banks
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got you into trouble on the way big bankers can't be sure they're going to go. back to i didn't. people see you know the future. you know you become ill. your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is. actually. just . a few more.
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safe to travel to turkey threatens. following the arrest of several human rights activists relations between the nations. a. news agency publishes an american military base locations in northern syria concern in washington. in the dumps as the us president gets record low ratings we look at the polls aren't definite.


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