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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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says turkey has accused dozens of german companies of supporting terrorism as germany's foreign ministry issued a warning against firms and tourists traveling to the country. exposed and vulnerable a turkish news agency publishes a map showing the location of american military bases in northern syria sparking concern in washington. and freezing my approval rating plummets no other u.k. prime minister has ever been so unpopular in the month following a general election.
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good evening welcome you're watching out international eight o'clock am in moscow now turkey has put dozens of german companies on a list of supporters of terrorism prompting a harsh response from berlin it comes following the arrest of several human rights activists into key which is also aggravated tensions between the countries will joins us live now for more details hello there the relations between these two countries just seem to be getting worse and worse at the moment. well it's almost a weekly occurrence at the moment that we're seeing another scandal driving a wedge further between burley and and this latest one surrounds allegations made by turkey over it sixty eight companies or or did they make those allegations well they claimed initially this came out on wednesday a newspaper reports here in germany that turkey it issued a list of sixty eight companies including the likes of be a s.f.
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the chemical giant the largest chemical producer in the world and daimler of course make automobiles including miss eighty s benz that had put them on a list of having supported the movement which the earth one government in turkey says was behind an attempted coup last year so this then prompted the question of did these allegations actually happen while turkey said no on thursday they issued a statement through their deputy prime minister met says the sec some second beg your pardon saying that these were completely false and that germany on the turkey welcomed german in vestment investment so we contacted the german interior ministry and asked what exactly happened did you receive any list from turkey while they got back to us and said this they said the turkey did send material to the police here in germany that there was no concrete allegations made or no concrete details there
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and they decided not to follow it up well this is the latest in a litany of scandals between turkey and germany diplomatically it also follows on from the arrest of a german human rights activist in turkey which prompted the summoning of the turkish ambassador to the foreign ministry here in lynn gabrielle the foreign minister breaking off his holiday to come back here to the german capital and issue this statement. we will take another angle when it comes to relations with turkey because this is the conviction of martin schultz and the german chancellor to the reason much else we can do ankara has to take responsibility and we have to make it clear that this kind of politics is not without consequences. well i'm curious said that the comments from german officials are unacceptable and they're an attempt to interfere with turkey's judiciary president or one spokesperson also
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going on to further suggest that the timing of these comments coming out from germany may coincide with the upcoming elect upcoming elections maybe an attempt to look strong and get votes but what we are seeing is they say almost weekly turkish in germany diplomatic relations just heading further and further down the pan with no sign of them well recuperating anytime soon for took. ok thanks peter that was there peter all over there with the latest for us in berlin. well one former foreign minister told us he believes that turkey could end up paying a significant economic price. and shin of course is going up unfortunately the. statement made by. the third shows that germany is planning to bring. you even to
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a higher level and of course we can listen will suffer from it because when there are. four german fifty there's not the good it means that the businessman will not also the turkey germany is one of the countries that has huge investment in turkey if this investment goes down the turkish economy will suffer of it turkey's human rights record of course is not the best leverage to prevent turkey was not a part of democracy but since last year's attempted coup. things are going. down. meanwhile the american military says it's concern for the safety of its troops after a turkish news agency released a map showing the location of u.s. bases in northern syria in a comment the u.s. central command said that the sources which contributed to the story cannot be
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independently verified adding that it would be very concerned with officials from its nato allies would purposefully endanger forces by releasing such sensitive information here and as more. this is how america's military presence in northern syria allegedly looks now according to turkish state news agency on the dollar it claims to have detected america's hidden outposts scattered across the kurdish held areas the agency reports there are as many as ten including two air bases one in army leon which is large enough for cargo planes and used to supply kurdish forces and another in hair up here which is slightly smaller and reportedly used by military helicopters there's also said to be eight more military points which it's claimed are used to house military consultants operational planning offices and units to engage in active conflicts plus the equipment cap that allegedly includes
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artillery batteries rocket launchers and all made vehicles with the turkish news agency revealing washington's active operations in a war zone in thirty much detail with accurate or not it's likely upsetting for the u.s. and course the pows that ally the discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could in danger coalition and partner force we respectfully request that you refrain from disseminating any information we chose not to disseminate all the details listed by the on an agency like the number of u.s. special forces and strategic talks of the outposts arguably a bigger question here is not about the publication's accuracy but rather why would turkey want to undermine its ally by revealing potentially dangerous details of its secret military bases well perhaps it has something to do with the location of these bases which form within the region controlled by the kurdish militia
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a group the u.s. considers to be a key ally in the fight against eisel but one which turkey deems as terrorists probably the turks are doing this and thinking done the same by in response to this event. thinking that you know we can tamper with turkish interests probably the turks in turn are thinking well we could probably get it to be a challenge for the american administration and other nato allies if you're not for fully respected as a former member then probably should rethink this relationship in a sense threatening need to stability now turkey is regularly slams the us over its support for the kurds but now by revealing this sensitive information it appears and correct is using more direct tactics to strike back at its nato ally. stay with syria because reports are emerging that president trump has decided to hold a covert cia train in the sr program for moderate rebels in syria where u.s.
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officials have so far declined to comment publicly the story has been gaining a lot of media attention and many publications are framing the reported move as a victory for vandermeer putin they suggest trump has capitulated on a key u.s. foreign policy goal in order to try and improve relations with russia the rebels were being trained to fight against the moscow backed government of bashar al assad well the cia program was launched back in twenty thirteen under the obama administration it has provided training to commanders from the free syrian army bases in jordan and supplied certain opposition groups with weapons and equipment to the scheme has reportedly cost one billion dollars a year that's not been without its critics though in twenty fifteen overall spending on the program has reduced following claims have been effectiveness and then in twenty sixteen clashes between two different rebel groups one armed by the cia and the other one by the pentagon raise further questions as did reports that
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some of the weapons intended for syria were actually repeatedly being stolen by jordanian intelligence agents and then resold on the black market one former u.k. ambassador to syria told us the significance of the decision though to end the program is being overblown. it is hysterical and quite simply if you can put rush or in a headline in the mainstream media in the west that makes the news in truth being saleable it is not based on any objective reality. in this case what may turn out to be quite modest inflection of american policy long overdue supported by those pillars of the state. and the national security agency. trump getting criticized for doing something
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which you eminently sensible just because a lie and. a little bit closer with russia is. now as europe experiences a surge in migrant arrivals many raising concerns over its over how it is being handled italy which is currently accepting most of the new comers says it doesn't have the resources to cope in spain activists have protested against refugee policies and violations if they're human rights while in greece angry demonstration has been held against delays in the immigration process. i. was a hundred refugees migrants protested outside the german embassy in athens delays have left their eyes and separated from their families and stranded in greece
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divisions between different ethnic groups have also been in the overcrowded camps. problem which is there. most of the just waiting sort of decisions. african people sometimes if they are just says start by saying they want to get their rights by their hand and floyd's some of the. fundamental think considers to syrian people they get assigned him quickly and it's also not
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true it will be. not only funky spots of. people coming from africa feeling neglected when they are arrived suddenly they faced the. different treatment because of their skin and skin color or because of different other right and when you feel that not receiving your interview in a couple of months but in four five six months you're seeing that there's a longer rejection rate for your community or for the group of people you are from your attention and your frustration raises. we modestly has been desperately calling for help to you saying it feels isolated and abandoned by members blockhouse however repeatedly forced his readiness to help but it seems is least patients is rapidly running out to see deeper frank now reports the city of messina in sicily geography is double trouble for the locals in southern italy that is
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failing to cope with the ceaseless flow of migrants and refugees first of all the island of sicily is the migrants primary destination after they cross the mediterranean and the port city of messina is their gateway to mainland europe the mayors of local towns have gathered together right there to discuss the issue there are seeking help from rome there you have one called liked rome and its turn is seeking assistance from the e.u. and there you have your second conflict the italian government has even threatened the european union that it could issue temporary travel visas for the migrants which is of course going to be a thorn in the side of the e.u. now this of course leads to a lot of confrontation between officials in brussels and rome we need a unity of purpose you need it international regional effort and this is why the
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european union continues to work with the quartet for libya to die and that there is a unitarian approach the only thing. europe is to we. should we are continuing to push in europe you know particularly to actually in general the only thing that. ever since january italy has received more than eight hundred thousand migrants and refugees and this is just the official figure the real one could be much higher among the president measures that could be thrown in now restrictions against n.g.o.s who are helping the migrants. and also even setting down the ports we ask the people in the streets where all of this is go and i believe that welcoming people is the right things but the european union must pay more attention to this phenomenon and support italy in this enormous effort social integration for these people is a must but the e.u.
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cannot just look at it from afar but yes we feel abandoned i believe that the european union should really focus on its elysium especially on the issues that affect the south of italy we have been welcoming the talents are true europeans sicilians have been welcoming and supportive for years but we are not willing to be the fools of europe the e.u. has left us alone this is our country we will try in every way possible to block this arrogance and the selfishness which is not european right behind these doors more than forty local mayors have spent hours discussing the issues and try to find solutions to this hopefully we'll get a word from them when they come out as a prank reporting there now still to come this hour the case prime minister theresa may setting new records for unpopularity we'll have that story plus of his team in a couple of minutes.
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public well. one the closest project. we can all middle of the room.
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hello again the u.k. prime minister to reason may is hit record low approval ratings following that snap election set back. as the. well this is one of those records that nobody wants to hold to reason may's approval rating is at an all time low according to this source mori research and what this poll has done is that it's looked at all the modern day politicians and where their popularity was at a month after the general election and two reason may have the lowest approval rating of any prime minister a month after the vote pouring salt on her wounds will be the fact that the same research data has shown that the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbyn
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he's scored a personal best he's never been more popular than he is right now and i think what the pollsters are most fascinated by is this b. which the prime minister's fall in the popularity ratings has taken place back in april when to resume a called the snap election her personal approval ratings a matter of her conservative party worst an all time high but she was then seemed to have waged a bit of a disaster of an election campaign she refused to take part in televised t.v. debates she did many huge turns on social policy issues and of course the u.k. was also hit by a string of terrorist attacks in the run up to the general election here and and after that disastrous election result to top it all off there was also the gren fell tower disaster which a lot of people have said has become sort of two reason may's hurricane katrina
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moment the prime minister was forced to apologize for the government's inadequate response to the tragedy and also for the failings that led up to it happening in the first place and if all that wasn't enough there's this sort of slow chug chug of the brags that negotiations are under way it is becoming ever more apparent that these talks with brussels are going to be long and they're going to be painful we've just time for the second part of these negotiations. wrapped up in the u.k. break that minister david davis however feet he tried to sound he couldn't hide the fact that michel barnier the e.u. chief negotiator for all effectively complaining that britain hadn't done its homework that the e.u. still waiting one britain for clarifications on a number of key issues going forward so the prime minister now has a lot to think about as the politicians head away from parliament and from westminster for their summer break. children's toys could be spying on
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them apparently that's the warning the f.b.i. has issued to american parents the bureau posted an advisory on its website detailing the possible safety risks posed to youngsters by internet connected toys and it says that smart devices with sensors cameras and microphones could all be used to collect and store a child's personal information adding that they could become vulnerable to exploitation and also identity fraud that could happen in the event that children reveal personal details in conversations with or near the top let's get the thoughts now. yes he joins us hello thanks very much for your time tonight just outline for us there what are the dangers i mean parents obviously buy toys for their children probably without even thinking about any of this can you quickly just outline you know the worst case scenario what could happen. well
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there is absolutely reo worst case scenario here we're connecting our children to these toys which are connected to the internet in essence who are exposing them to anyone around the world it's quite possible for a exploitation type of a hacker to get into that toy and listen and and a child can imagine a child in a normal setting saying oh to their teddy bear that's connected at all mommy's not home she went to the grocery store it's you and me buddy we're going to hang out and make some dinner and things like that and they're playing in their toys all of us and the hacker knows that child is alone at the house and with a g.p.s. connected to it they know exactly where that child is alone at the house or is at a babysitter they're going on vacation and where they're going to go so the house is going to be alone there's all sorts of things that can happen so what you have to do is imagine a home with a child inside it and all the windows and the doors are open because of the fact that that toys opening doors to that child's home
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a more sort of toys are we talking about them you mention the teddy bear these sort of interactive talese that people can buy that sort of somehow connect themselves the internet. right there's quite a bit of toys coming out on the market what people are calling io t. you may have heard of or internet and it's not internet of tom it's internet of things and what that means is that it's basically connected to the internet that's all internet of things means and that those toys could be it could be a it could be a what you call a cooking device that's a fake cooking device but it's connected because it's sending out signals that is going to gather some other connected information like a recipe download the recipe that you want to try right now it could be a teddy bear all there create any kind of toy that exists they're trying to add twenty first century digital technology because that apparently is what people are buying and so they're responding to the market demand a case is
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a big concern what can parents do a bad fit if they believe they have got these sort of talese in their hands well one of the greatest things that parents can do is actually take control of this situation be the parent you are in the physical world in the physical world you make sure your kid is not accessed by anyone there's locks on the doors you you check the front door in the back door before you go to bed at night well in this particular case if you have a wife or an internet connected device it can not work unless there's a connection to the internet secure that internet keep it updated keep running and type phishing anti-virus software on it and make sure your password protecting the wireless routers which many people don't like doing and they keep it open which means opening the front door ok hey man great advice i'm sure people will leave it there for now that was a cyber security expert and again thank you. now don't forget you can catch up on all the stories so you know you tube channel also our website and social media
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pages i'm back with more news in often an. imagined six thirty five if you have a what career and career involves using your i phone in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of killings have it circular to have to stop doing all this in this kind of you lou the minutes must be for. my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it in a box. or out at a very strong magnetic field on the field in my head. it's like
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a real heart pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point there just continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. and. i really think that liberal democracy is in deep trouble the liberal democratic politicians that sort of created their own soul of what matters and they're leaving out more and more in the larger historical sense i would say liberal democracy has really reached its limits.
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it's called the feeling of freedom and. everyone in the world should experience freedom and you'll get it on the old rolls. the old according to a gesture. welcome to my world come along for the ride. hi lindsey francis is broadcasting around the world in washington d.c. tonight turns out germany is making big bucks on the greek debt after nearly ten years bailing out the plan and going on three and infrastructure initiatives finally are passed if ever what is the united states going to do with the shortage
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of skilled labor workers how do we find the resources to train people like this in time some say might not be possible my guests and i hit the skies we talk airlines more passengers more profit and expansion former u.s. attorney christopher are killed and looks at the numbers with me down by the us starts right now. citizens of the united kingdom get to kiss those dreaded credit card surcharges on their statements goodbye starting in january that's when a ban on companies charging fees for debit and credit card transactions takes effect according to the treasury people shelled out on average four hundred seventy three pounds every year that was in two thousand and ten alone the biggest culprits
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food delivery apps in airlines ryanair and norwegian have been known to charge up to two percent the european union has already instituted a directive by hitting out of visa and master card the u.k. takes it further by also targeting american express pay pal as well the change in the law is likely to mean some companies will simply put up their prices to cover the extra costs they bear with card payments. and germany's. finance ministry confirms that loans and bonds bought in support of beleaguered e.u. member nation greece has filled germany's coffers with up to one point three four billion euros the profits come from a range of programs running into the hundreds of billions that germany and other eurozone countries have backed these programs to help dig greece out of its financial crisis since it emerged nearly a decade ago that includes profits of three hundred ninety three million euros from a two thousand and ten loan from the german government.


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