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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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certainly better than. to see people you've never heard of low or down to the next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. fresh clashes erupt between palestinian protesters and israeli security forces which have banned all men under the age of fifty from entering the holy temple mount. alone bells in the west over the first to have a joint russia china drills in european waters just a day after the u.s. and trying to other states massive war games in that region. and the baltimore police officer accidentally filmed himself planting drugs at a crime scene just the latest security incident a troubled u.s. city.
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you're watching altie international live from our moscow studio with me. welcome to the program fresh clashes between israeli police and muslim protests as a breaking out in jerusalem as the palestinian so-called day of rage continues. thank you. thank god was.
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the protests erupted after israeli authorities installed security cameras are left in tact as at the revered al aksa last following a deadly shooting there last week middle east correspondent for this they have the latest on what's happening right now in jerusalem nationals have just broken out here in front of the al aqsa mosque an obvious radio police have gathered around one person and they've got him on the ground there the police just bear with me if a way forward and they've grabbed somebody on the ground they say holding down at the same time there's a strong smell of tear gas in the area we were just standing here and all of a sudden as the day praise stopped the whole situation exploded now there is a noticeably higher number of police in the area it was a vehicle here that just started making its way into the crowd after come through
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the crowd and i would say that there were three thousand people who were praying there all of this just happened off to the prey stopped and judging the situation from here it seemed unprovoked it was as if the place stopped and just suddenly the police moved forward there was something like three thousand police officers who've been deployed here in front of the al aqsa mosque today arab israelis who are trying to make a way in from elsewhere in the country have been blocked and stopped on the highways in the buses that they were trying to advance in the security will certainly not take. any chances be hit. a mosque had the spiritual leader has said that people need to abandon the mosques today they need to protest outside these metal gates and these detectors at which is the latest israeli security to be introduced in science friday when two israeli security officers were killed he said otherwise the situation would explode. to swim away called the views of people on both sides of the debate to find out what they think about the
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current tensions i don't understand why preventing and protecting the holy place the temple mount. should be any reasoning for any kind of terror and violence if some people want to exploit that that situation and incite terror and the only ones to blame for the terror will be those insiders and those who are acting by it because the israeli security system will do everything it can to make sure to preserve public order the state of israel is instigating violence it's prohibiting people from practicing freedom of worship something that the state of israel claims opposite of the state of israel wants to add a fake jewish feature to the identity of jerusalem to their claim actually we answer one thing drusilla is israeli as moscow is american i'm very sorry that we reached this point i would have expected the leaders of the muslim community to
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condemn last week's terror attack and to try to calm down the crowd but instead what we've been seeing in the past week we've been seeing the islamic leadership calling upon the people to come to to the temple mount and to organize riots and this is something we cannot allow we're not going to allow to the city which is holy for so many billions of people around the world jews muslims christians all believers of the viable we cannot allow this place. turning to its center of riots of stone throwing of endangering the peace of the public order and therefore we had no choice the state of israel created this myth about security this nuclear state is claiming that is in its attacking people's rights for its own security these people are on even the incident that took place that stored this whole process didn't take place i could see sharif it took place outside the mosque and israel
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retaliated inside the mosque to create that the two to the world that the incident happened actually in the mosque and by that it took advantage of the incident only to promote its journey to change just out of school inside a locks almost i think it's the interest of the walk that the temple mount remains quiet and therefore they should be helping out with the israeli police and not in fighting against israeli police they should be working hand by hand because those three muslims who last week are in the temple mount inside this place which is so saying the fight for the past millennium for muslims but many for two million for christians and for three million for jews is a place which we want to preserve thing to fight it with all one killing to be open there and therefore once it happened once we know that can happen again israeli soldiers are blocking their ways to do so in the state of israel instigates and try
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to touch upon something that is very sacred to the palestinian people whether was from religious point of view or national one view and what do they expect and this that the violence that we're talking about it's based it's not using weapons it's just protest treated by violently by the state of israel and its soldiers and people react to that but no weapons. the first ever joined to russia china trails in european war to start today in the baltic sea the military exercise between the two countries will last for a week however even before it takes place sparking a strong reaction. has more. western media is in a spin over the joint the twenty seven thousand naval drills starting today between russia and china headlines have been lifted with words like invasion and war was warning of a challenge to nato so what sparks the panic well first of all it's the location in
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the baltic sea right in the heart of northern europe and next to nato bases secondly chinese warships are making their debut tour in this part of the world. and if that wasn't threatening enough that teaming up with russia but joins the drills are nothing new they've been held annually since twenty twelve but this first stage of the baltic coast has already caused a frenzy as a trio of chinese vessels made their way there leaving their british danish navy's scrambling to shatter them out of their water is much to the amusement of the
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russian ambassador to china the baltic states repeat their usual incantations but at the same time they take for granted the fact that nato is deploying large forces on their territory but then wasn't this response predictable in october last year a russian fleet sailing around europe spotted headlines like the leading some european states to even consider sending vessels to intercept the group and this fear of the russian ships has been around for some time already you can just ask sweden a country that spent twenty years insisting that russian submarines were sneaky. around its coastline until they realize that the only thing lurking that mix now we can confirm that as of this moment no makes all scheduled to take part in joint c. twenty seven c. meanwhile the u.s. and allied countries have just finished their own massive exercise in the region saber guardian took place in eastern europe on the territory of three countries
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still aimed at the tearing so-called russian aggression some twenty five thousand personnel from more than twenty states participated in the biggest trail of their kind in five years we spoke to writer and political commentator john white who says the media is amping up its usual job of hype part of an ongoing propaganda campaign is being conducted in the western media to try and paint russia and china of evil empire recruit distance of cold war nor strong's to try and demonize both countries we're only about eating by the rate to seal in international waters or do nothing wrong nothing illegal. western media has decided to try and inflame the situation is a serious part of this ongoing cold war part of dame that we've seen the last few years . france's official presidential portrait is never posed much of a problem until the latest incumbent emanuel micron who now wants
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a bigger one than his predecessors. r r r r r r r r r r r. r r. was not.
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cia chief mike pompei s.a.'s russia will continue to try and meddle in us a fast to quote unquote stick it to america i am confident that the russians meddled in this election as is the entire intelligence community i hope i didn't stop at two thousand and eight you can go back to the seventy's my point was simply this this threat is real the us government including the central intelligence agency has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it. for more details i'm joined now live by our t's emily's sue emily can you philip to know exactly what's being said well the russian's foreign minister was asked about your marks in a press conference at the ministry of foreign affairs and circular from the squad remarks that russia has long meddled with us elections before twenty sixteen as quote common sense take a listen to exactly what lavrov said. if you mean.
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two thousand and two thousand and twelve it means president obama. i will leave it without comment because it transcends the bounds of what's reasonable. and the meantime lavrov also did an interview with n.b.c. where he was questioned about these alleged secret meetings that took place between president trump and president putin on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in hamburg earlier this month and that's because a lot of media have been reporting and speculating that on top of the three official meetings between trump and putin that been widely reported there had been at this channel meetings where extra secret deals have been made the white house and the kremlin had come out to the nie this and in this interview leverage once again this mystery allegation and even news and the analogy of the kindergarten children mingling to describe the importance of such possible encounters between the two world leaders here president and president trump three times of the g. twenty that obviously for the bilateral and the dinner when they met. together that
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was a forced. do you mix was the people who a way to get the same room to start going through it plus this is the. result room. to give the before the start so they can look the rope all the same time in the bus and there you have it that's how large of a fund of these poor it's that there's allegedly been secret meetings between trump and putin and how the media just went overboard with speculation of these alleged secret encounters. buying so many that salty's feelings and the details. there are increasing calls for the e to how it's really coped with a constant stream of migrants or on that story after this break.
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when almost should seem wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to come out again. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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according. to. welcome back to the program a police officer in the u.s. state of baltimore has mistakenly called himself on camera staging a drug bust the video shot in generation supplanting drugs in the backyard of a house alongside two of his colleagues who are seen in the footage the officer then leaves the area to turn his body come on forgetting units of set up to record the last thirty seconds before manual activation he then returns to the scene where they tried. to discover them an internal investigation is now underway and the people arrested for drugs possession have been released. baltimore's state attorney defended the judicial system and her office saying they weren't aware of the
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video's existence critics of questioned why the officers would choose to take a crime when the city is already struggling with law and order as it is. led to cities in body american urban decay a more depressing lead in the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate. murder out of control. yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. to lodging and say. this week we have two suspects that we need your help to. little.
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more than. a policeman who believes the real issue is with more than just individual officers . well i don't think cops are the problem in baltimore there's a miscommunication among police officers in a community all over the united states of america i think one thing that needs to
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happen is that we as long foresman we are to get out and really really work with the community there was an officer who planted some drugs in the community and dead since a negative signal not just to the police horses but the community as a whole it made sense although. as italy seeks help from the e.u. to cope with the daily influx of migrants austria's foreign minister has urged rome not to allow the newcomers to make it to the mainland has declared even if they are plucked from the sea they shouldn't get quote a ticket to central europe that's south america palermo says the indifference of some states in the plot to the crisis equates to fascism mirror all of it approaches south of europe will be on trial for genocide this will be a second nuremberg trial maybe not in the courts but in the history books because of this ongoing genocide in the mediterranean and it's all because the indifference
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of certain states in the european union the e.u. has to recognize the freedom of movement as a human right this is very serious and i think the european union should can i say feel ashamed. it's lee has witnessed a record number of migrants arriving almost ninety thousand since january and more than two hundred twenty thousand are expected by the end of the year local authorities are trying to find a solution but as artists in their pet trying to reports from sicily it's certainly proving a struggle. migrants keep comin true solutions not really the local mayors are desperate for help from the central government and the new but they're not getting it so they decided to get together right there to see what they can do about it. there are new jobs growth peoples and so of course there won't be any of the migrants. the migrant crisis was caused by rome european policy.
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i blame our government for this persistently the migrants primary destination after crossing the mediterranean and messina the ferry gateway to mainland italy the issue is super delicate and urgent and the meeting is happening behind closed doors . just. tell them not to come in and it's ok. thank you how many people are taking part in this meeting of the five police officers and about forty government officials the forty mayors of local towns spend hours together with the local governor but these aren't the people who are talking to the big officials of the let's see what they have to say about that i was told at the meeting is going to be over soon. first.
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at least. the migrants are victims of tragedies in their homelands but our communities paying the price too and we're not getting the necessary help. we've heard a lot of took from the u. but barely anything is being done we're all alone the mayors are facing growing pressure on the one hand after several protests they're here to save the day for these small communities on the other they're trying their best not to be labeled racists and the migrant issues very very urgent for all the regions it's all about the numbers the quota agreement of two point five migrants per thousand citizens has been violated several times. here initially we're trying to divert the flow of migrants and spread them across communities we asked the e.u. to do the same but they're turning their backs on us i haven't spoken to officials in this building you get the impression that they're ready to make compromises they're ready to think several steps forward and they're ready to sort out the
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issues themselves when it comes to the law or weight of assistance from the you and that obviously they have completely lost their trust. is the fourth day of the monks taking place they must go the latest planes in aviation technology are being showcased at the event while some of the best display teams from around the world are demonstrating their skills but is what is looking to the future and have been taking a few moments to marvel at something a little special from the past a legendary soviet. affectionately known as the flying tank took to the skies for the first time in decades this particular one was shot down in one thousand nine hundred forty three it had been lying at the bottom of a lake in northern russia for more than seventeen years before it was recovered restored and returned to the more than thirty six thousand. well built making it the world's most produced military fighter although these days there. and to still
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flying. our teens sophie shevardnadze is spoken to a veteran drug enforcement agent who spent decades under cover exposing cartels across latin america has an ax trunk you can watch the full interview later on friday when i was working undercover at you had to be extremely careful of you know not be nervous because drug dealers by their psychological makeup are very very suspicious you know there are they suffer from paranoia and they passed you constantly they ask you questions what i did to control any type of nervousness is i expunged from my mind that i was the agent and psychologically i transform myself into a drug lord. i was one of them i dressed like i like.
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i could not afford to think like law enforcement and i did law enforcement for so many years but i had to completely completely remove that from my mind and there was a transformation very much like an actor and before he plays a role in the movies or on television however. in this case you were playing a deadly game of cat and mouse any minor mistake that you made your dad. and as promised the full interview is up next with
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a very veteran drug enforcement agent. with manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine. we can all middle of the room sick. if you have a career and a career involves using your eyes on your computer and things like that the. you
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know. perhaps she sort of things and it says her kids. are going to have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou there must be for my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up living it in a box. a very strong magnetic field i felt in my head. it's like a real hard pressure on my skin burns and that wireless access point. just continues on with our students in the school it's. just continually our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. as a financial survival stacy southfield let's say i'm the. face
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of the fight street fraud thank you for. destroying. slavery. welcome to sophie and co me sophie shevardnadze two decades of undercover work and long the world's most wanted drug lords and criminals in full trading gangs and hiding out in the jungle like the hill put his live on the line every minute of every day and lives to tell the tale as well where because most experienced anti-drug agencies experience to inside buildings. and colombian cartels first hand
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so how is an undercover war on drugs played out we're joined today by the former head of international operations for the d.n.a. undercover agent michael the. drugs. those are the traffickers sniffing out drug stashes it would pretty well state these crime syndicates the thrill of the chase may become an addiction for crime fighters is there a way out for those who've done their time on the front line with cartels always finding new ways to smuggle drugs in and immediately taking place of those who are brought to justice is the old some of the few. mike they hail former head of international operations for they did a welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now mike you have captured some of the most wanted drug lords do you fear for your life.


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