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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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you know. when i started going. to. a seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that directed between palestinian protesters and israeli police. alarm bells in the west over the first seven russia china drills in european waters just a day off to the u.s. and twenty other states complete massive war games in the region. and a baltimore police officer accidentally films and planting drugs at a crime scene just the latest security incident to a fact that troubled u.s. city.
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you're watching antti international live from studio with me a day or two to welcome to the program. a seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that erupted between israeli police and was when protesters on a so-called day of rage. i i i i. i. i. i i i. i. was the palestinian spiritual leader had warned the israeli government of the potential for
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an explosive situation all middle east correspondent paula slayer has the latest on what's happening right now in jerusalem. russians have just broken out here in front of the al aqsa mosque an obvious radio police have gathered around one person and they've got him on the ground there the police just bear with me if they way forward and they've grabbed somebody on the ground if they're holding down at the same time there's a strong smell of tear gas in the air we were just standing here and all of a sudden as the midday prayers stopped the whole situation exploded now there is a noticeably higher number of police in the area it was a vehicle here that just started making its way into the crowd i've just come through the crowd and i would say that there were three thousand people who were praying there all of this just happened off to the prey stopped and judging the situation from here it seemed unprovoked it was as if the place stopped and just suddenly the police moved forward there was something like three thousand police officers who've been deployed here in front of the al aqsa mosque today i repeat rabies who are trying to make their way in from elsewhere in the country have been
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blocked and stopped on the highways in the buses that they were trying to advance and the security is certainly not taking any chances be hid. the mosque the spiritual leader has said that people need to abandon their mosques today they need to protest outside these metal gates and these detectors which is the latest israeli security to be introduced as far as friday when two israeli security officers were killed he said otherwise the situation would explode point to syria r t jerusalem. temple mount. as it's known to muslims as one of the most contested religious sites in the world for jews it's been the site of two biblical temples and the al aqsa mosque which is located on the hill is islam's third holiest site the temple mount is administered by jordan based islamic religious authority and we got the views of people on both sides of the debate to find out what they think
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about the current tensions. i don't understand why preventing and protecting the holy place the temple mount. should be any reasoning for any kind of terror and violence if some people want to exploit that that situation and incite terror and the only one to blame for the terror will be those insiders and those who are acting by it because the israeli security system will do everything it can to make sure to preserve public order the state of israel is instigating violence it's prohibiting people from practicing freedom of worship something that the state of israel claims the opposite of the state of israel wants to add a fake jewish feature to the identity of jerusalem to their claim actually we answer one thing jerusalem is as israeli as moscow is american i'm very sorry
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that we reached this point i would have expected the leaders of the muslim community to condemn last week's terror attack and to try to calm down the crowd but instead what we've been seeing in the past week we've been seeing the islamic leadership calling upon the people to come today to the temple mount and to organize riots and this is something we cannot allow we're not going to allow to druce them the city which is holy for so many billions of people around the world jews muslims christians all believers of the bible we cannot allow this place to turn in to its center of riots of stone throwing of endangering the peace of the public order and therefore we had no choice the state of israel created this myth about security this nuclear state is claiming that is in its attacking people's rights for its own security these people are on armed even the incident that took place that store a disco whole process didn't take place i could see sharif it took place outside
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the mosque and israel retaliated inside the mosque to create that the two to the world that the incident. happened actually in the mosque and by that it took advantage of the incident only to promote its journey to change just out of school inside a locks almost i think it's the interest of the walk that the temple mount remains quiet and therefore they should be helping out with the israeli police and not in fighting against israeli police they should be working hand by hand because those three muslims who last week are in the temple mount inside this place which is so saying the fight for the past millennium for muslims but many for two million for christians and for three million for jews is a place which we want to preserve think to fight it with all one killing to be open there and therefore once it happened once we know that can happen again israeli soldiers are blocking the ways to do so in the state of israel instigates and try
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to touch upon something that is very sacred to the palestinian people whether was from a religious point of view or national one of you and what do they expect and this violence that we're talking about it's base it's not using weapons it's just protest treated by violently by the state of israel and its soldiers and people react to that but no weapons. the first have a joint russia china drills in european want to start today in the baltic sea the military exercises between the two countries will last for a week however before it takes place if i'm to spark a strong reaction. western media is in a spin over the joint the twenty seven thousand naval drills starting today between russia and china headlines have been lifted with words like invasion and war was warning of a challenge to nato so what sparked the panic well first of all it's the location
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in the baltic sea right in the heart of northern europe and next to nato bases secondly chinese warships are making their debut tour in this part of the world. and if that wasn't threatening enough they're teaming up with russia but during sea drills are nothing new they've been held annually since twenty twelve but this first stage of the baltic coast has already caused a frenzy as a trio of chinese vessels made their way there leaving their british danish navies
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scrambling to shatter them out of their water is much to the amusement of the russian ambassador to china the baltic states repeat their usual incantations but at the same time they take for granted the fact that nature is deploying large forces on their territory but then wasn't this response predictable in october last year a russian fleet sailing around europe spotted headlines like the leading some to repin state to even consider sending vessels to intercept the group and this fear of the russian ships has been around for some time already you can just ask sweden a country that spent twenty years insisting that russian submarines were sneaking around its coastline until they realized that the only thing lurking that minks now we can confirm that as of this moment no makes all scheduled to take part in joint c. twenty seventy. meanwhile the u.s. and allied countries have just finished their own massive exercise in the region
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saber guardian took place in eastern europe on the territory of three countries aimed at deterring so-called russian aggression some twenty five thousand personnel from more than twenty states participated in the biggest thrill of their kind in five years we spoke to writer and political commentator john white who says the media is creating excessive hype over the china russia drills probable known going propaganda campaign is being conducted in the western media to try and paint brush . of evil empire recruit distance of called war nor strong's to try and demonize both countries we're only about eating by the rate to seal in international waters or do nothing wrong nothing illegal. or western media has deceived you to try and frame the situation as a see as part of this ongoing cold war part of the game that we've seen. a few years. while italy is begging the eve for help in dealing with the
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record influx of refugees austria's foreign minister has as rome not to allow the newcomers to make it to the mainland he declared that even if they are plucked from the sea they shouldn't get quote a ticket to central europe that's as the matter of palermo said the indifference of some states in the block to the crisis equates to fascism. europe will be on trial for genocide this will be a second nuremberg trial maybe not in the courts but in the history books because of this ongoing genocide in the mediterranean and it's all because of the indifference of certain states in the european union the e.u. has to recognize the freedom of movement as a human right this is very serious and i think the european union should can i say feel ashamed. almost nine hundred thousand migrants have arrived in italy by sea this year alone and more than two hundred twenty thousand expected by the end of the year the merit palermo has also condemned an anti islam movement the so-called
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identity tyrion saying that they should be ashamed meanwhile a group of identifier and has launched a mission to defend europe in the mediterranean sea they say the mission is to expose humanitarian groups working with people smugglers who provide what they call a taxi service for african migrants into europe. overwatch was listening for diligent costarred about the doing anything you want trusting you to do so we can see when you get the test well signal to rescue the people in distress and make sure that they've brought back to the libyan coast. the mission is being carried out on
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a full hundred twenty two ton vessel kind twenty five crew members is already crowd funded over one hundred twenty five thousand dollars here on the map you can see the route the ship is following it's set sail from the east african nation of djibouti and is heading towards the italian city of cantina from when going to patrol the waters. is there and joins us live with gas this hour rob but tim who's a spokes person all of german of the german branch to find humor in. a bit more about this. that we were high i will be right now i'm joined here by robert who is already in the italian city. so i'm going to ask you questions so robert you are here to welcome the boats and to prepare and as far as i understand it then you are going to board it in to actually be
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a part of this mission and you know i've spoken to many people here and it's really locals and officials and even if they have issues you know the migrants there tell me that the ngos are doing a good job and in some cases perfect and you are here to do something that is that seems to me as blocking what they're doing and so do you see a controversy here and yeah. well there's. a wrong a wrong conception about our mission or main ambition is not to block off migrants illegal migrants coming to europe on main ambition is to document how the n.g.o.s are working because there are quite some indicators showing that they actually cooperate with human traffickers in north africa and that is of course something that people should know about if this is taking place because a lot of people are spending their money on the nation's stare and you know the reactions of these n.g.o.s us to some extent that they seem to be hiding something
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you know because they are not really happy about the fact that we will show up there but do you really think that this is a common occurrence as far as understand that most n.g.o.s are there for their good will and this is just maybe some violations which are not so widespread in any case how are you going to act when you find these n.g.o.s that as you are saying are potentially. people who violate the law yeah what are you going to resort to violence and then of course not we will just document the way they work if they also need like a helping hand when they have when there are so many people at the risk of drowning we will of course also come to help them. but we will make sure that we are not also bringing people to europe we will try our best to bring the people back to where they came from so if refugees are migrants and drowning and then you rescued
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them put them on your boat you're going to bring them back to north africa exactly this is what we are trying to do how are you going to carry out this mission technically then we have a ship and it's we will we have studied the way the n.g.o.s work and with some adaptations we will work by that well. you've been labeled racist in some cases even fascist to mean that there's a lot of negativity come in towards your organization how do you faced any problems with the officials how much under pressure from the media have you been you know well obviously in terms of media we are very much under pressure. pretty much every news outlet in europe has some reporting about us in a very one sided and negative way now and as you've seen due to false accusations i will shop ship has been stopped in. egyptian
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territory but we are still optimistic and i think a lot of people will be surprised by the end of the result of a campaign do you think that it's there may actually be something more sinister when it comes to the reason why the ship was searched and why it had to spend more time in egypt than you were to spending that has to do i mean the reasons are quite obvious there is a media outlet to claim that we have mercenaries and loaded weapons on the ship or just false and that is false this is also why did the ship is now able to continue its journey towards the mediterranean so what's your message to the people who are sending this false information as you put it yeah. calm down relax we are not frightening anyone we are not putting lives at risk it's actually n.g.o.s creating a demand in africa that they themselves cannot really fit up to. but at the same
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time many people are saying that the european approach is to do as much as possible to help when there is a crisis here and you are still seen as an organization. as many people view woods at the end of the day will prevent migrants. arriving in europe zero this is definitely this is our ambition but we were not so you admit that you were on this in is less refugees and migrants from europe. the terms refugees and migrants are being mixed up in this discussion discussion quite a lot actually refugees no problem but why would people from morocco or what are they fleeing from. so then at the end of the day. what's going to happen you're saying that the people perhaps will be surprised when they see the results of the missions and what are the ultimate results of the mission that you're looking for probably we can expose how the n.g.o.s are operating that
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they actually cooperate with human traffickers to some extent and that they definitely violates international law especially when it comes to libyan territory because the libyan coast guard as far as we have seen is not very amused about the things that the ngos do there do you think the media the officials that have been criticizing you and the people of europe will actually follow what to look at the things that you have documented. there's a potential for these kind of violations do you think they will take it for granted do you think they will actually change their mind if they see these violations and change their approach obviously they won't change their mind because all of the ruling parties within europe to to the most extent favor of mass migration towards europe from africa so they of course will just start to die and argue about this
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but i think it's the people within the countries that make these choices and probably at least at the late next election they will remember who lied to them about this topic robert thank you so much for talking to us thank you so this was robert tim who is the spokesperson for. the german branch of the europe that is a movement who are seeking to document violations of n.g.o.s. are saying that their mission is to help the migrants that are crossing the mediterranean sea trying to go from the port of sicily back to you know the euro. the cia chief explains why he thinks the russians meddled in the us elections. coming up after this break.
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player. playing. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media and the. voters elected to businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before
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. welcome back to the program another day another russian meddling theory cia chief mike pompei a claim seen as the reason for the alleged interference it was quote to stick it to america well i'm told for the russians meddled in this election as is the entire intelligence community i hope i didn't stop at two thousand and eight you can go back to the seventy's my point was simply this this threat is real the us government including the central intelligence agency has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it. more details live by our teams and really really has there been any reaction from russia to this these new comments from mike. yes no question about this at a press conference today about the cia director's remarks the russian foreign
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minister sergei lavrov the comments that russia has long been meddling with u.s. elections even the four twenty six seen as quote he yawned common sense take a listen to exactly what he said. if you've. seen two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve it means president obama. i will leave it without comments because it transcends the bounds of what's reasonable. now in the meantime i also did an interview with n.b.c. where he was questioned about these alleged secret meetings that took place between president trump and president putin on the sidelines of the g twenty summit that happened earlier this month and that's because a lot of media have been reporting and have been speculating that on top of the official needs and that the place between the two leaders there have been extra secret encounters and meetings that took place where secret deals happen struck now both the kremlin and the white house have come out to the nie this and in this interview again dismissed the allegation and used in and now a g.
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of chemical and children mingling with each other to describe the importance of possible extra encounters between the leaders here president putin and president trump three times of the g. twenty that obviously for the bilateral and when they met. it was a forced. do you mix was the people who. start going to cause the. results to rule. before they can. although at the same time when the bus they have it that's how the russian foreign minister views and take on the media's going overboard on speculating on these alleged secret meetings that took place between trump and present. for the day.
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for a q. and a session with russia's brightest young minds the president is fielding questions on a wide range of topics from children as between time and we can listen in live right now. to listen to music to do sports. and to have a talk with my friends. so i deliberately save time and allocate time to this and i started living like that even before i became president. and of course there are certain things that have changed that are connected to my work but still there is nothing out of the ordinary here people. say. nothing could be nothing else that i would do if i was for relieved of this burden of being a president. but. you know what when my. over
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you know. actually you know it's at one time i was asked to change the constitution and i didn't do that and i'm not going to do that in the future because the constitution has everything written inside of it and i haven't decided whether i wish to continue my work as a president as you know there are going to be. actions and twenty eighteen will still have time before the electoral campaign so we'll see but still overall i can say that i'm living an ordinary life a normal life with certain specifics that are characteristic of every individual kind of activity and you know you get a look if you have people here who are artists and young musicians future of ballet dancers we know what it is what it means to be a great dancer a great musician it means working toiling day and night and when i see when i look
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at people of artists of international level i see that they are working twelve hours a day of the age they play their instruments and still they have blood on their hands and. the moment when you see young boys and girls doing bowl age you know that this is great tremendous work and look at what scientists career is about these scientists are very human using human people who are not ordinary you know the they are so consumed by their work they don't see the outside world you know. and i believe that a person needs to be developed in all of the areas. and that is why i came up with the structure of this project to the serious. so that you
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young people who come here. have the opportunity to talk to your peers who engage in different activities so that young. sports. men are connecting and communicating with those who engage in biology in mathematics and other areas so that they see what. all the young people are doing. ok you've just been watching a lot of mir putin talking at a q. and a session in the audience was of a consisting of young and bright minds and you can watch the rest of the coverage was streaming live on our website which is r.t. dot com and we will be coming back intermittently for more questions back to our news agenda now. a police officer in the u.s. state of baltimore has mistakenly caught himself on camera staging a drug bust the video shot in john ratios the officer planting drugs in
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a food in the back yard of a house alongside two of his colleagues who were seen in the footage the officer then leaves the area to turn his body camera on forgetting. to record the last thirty seconds before manual activation and then return to the scene that the drugs battery to discover them an internal investigation is now underway and the people arrested for drug possession have been released. baltimore's state attorney defended the judicial system and her office saying they weren't aware of the video's existence while the police department says this could have been a time to replace the drugs that had already been discovered critics of questioned why the officers would choose to fake a crime when the city's already struggling with law and order as it is. body america never been more depressing leaving the.


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