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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 21, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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planting drugs in a food and in the backyard of a house alongside two of his colleagues who were seen in the footage the officer then leaves the area to turn his body camera on forgetting the units is set up to record the last thirty seconds before manual activation and then returns to the scene where the drugs battery to discover them and internal investigation is now underway and the people arrested for drug possession have been released. baltimore state attorney defended the judicial system and her office saying they weren't aware of the videos existence while the police department says this could have been an attempt to replace the drugs that had already been discovered critics of question why the officers would choose to fake a crime when the city's already struggling with law and order as it is. legacies in body american urban decay a more depressing lead in the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with
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a record high murder rate. murder from full. yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. a lot of things say. this week we have two suspects that we need your help to. work.
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real spoke to a former policeman who believes the real issue more than just. well i don't think cops out of problem in baltimore there's a miscommunication among police officers in a community all over the united states of america i think one thing that needs to happen is that we as law enforcement we are to get out and really really work with the community there was an officer who planted some drugs in the community and dead since a negative signal not just two of the police houses but the community as a whole it mixes on the bad. after the break how the french president has portrayed
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as causing a headaches. imagine being six thirty five and you have a career and a career involves using your isolated in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of good things have it circular to have to stop doing all of this and this is tell you lou the minutes before. my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it in a box. or out at a very strong magnetic field on a card in my head. it's like
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a real hard shirt my skin burned and that wireless access point there it's just continuous all day with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. it. seems wrong all. all. that is yet to shape out these days because to educate and in. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to the program well we're going to cross live back to putin who is giving an extensive q. and a session with russia's brightest young minds the president is fielding questions on the wide range of topics with children aged between ten and seventeen . or on the whole i mean your personal values in life. why three why not five. well because we've conducted a poll in on one of the or social networks and it's very important for us to measure these and measurable things and values for example because we adults well
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we just want to understand how much we understand those who will take our place i think i've. i've won some time. and again some time to think about how to answer your question and if we're talking about three values then i would say the following through the first well there is life itself. so it's the greatest value life itself. now next love and thirdly freedom. because i'm with you and each of these values and. books and many books can be written on each of them. and you can talk for a very long time you can talk endlessly about what is life about what is love you can talk about what is love is a. relation between
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a lot of man and the woman is it's a love towards your. toward your motherland you can talk about what is freedom how far it stretches world begins and what it irons. and how do you compare your freedoms to the freedoms of other people that you. and all of these position positions on all of these values you can have endless conversations. i believe that these are the key values life love and freedom ok well now we start another call on the social network and we just want to know what he thinks about that now let's have a couple more questions well let me introduce one of the youngest. he says he's into skiing and he's from moscow. that is that you like you know
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a good afternoon mr putin and i have a question well my what's your most vivid memory of your childhood. you know i'm a grown up and i maybe don't remember some of my earliest impressions from my childhood. memories but as for the brightest memories. for go back into into the past into my childhood what you just well because. i have spent a lot of time growing up in the streets you know in the center of leningrad with my peers with with. with. small children with children of your age and you know this was a school in and of itself. thank you. and one of my brightest some
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memories from that time is. x. because i'm what you need is one time that i behaved behaved wrongly against a person and how he felt pretty early eighty's towards my behavior and this happened not once and not twice and this is something that you taught me how to behave how to respect people and things and this is a simulation and something important to people because it doesn't mean that everyone has to do the thing i did. you know running around in the streets you can do the same here and serious but when i started doing sports later in life my brightest impressions my brightest memories were from my. contests and you would competitions and sports when i did judo you know when you and even on small
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competitions and there were bright and memorable. matches. you and why i remember is because both me and. and my opponents did everything and gave everything to try to be to win me my almost lost my breath. but i still won. and i'm still very proud that i was able to overcome myself that i was able to do that to give my all and put this memory this bright member is still with me today pretty good this isn't a good quality in a person to go to the very end to. your goal. thank you thank you we have another question right there. again at least mr putin my name is a playful russian with national hockey team well you know it's very aggressive and
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i have a question please how do you know that hope with the regression toe would say you and do you permit yourself the expression of aggression towards anyone. you know aggression is something that people people have had since pretty story times when we work them half animals so to speak. the smarter a person is and the more intelligent and educated he is she is the less aggression he will have or at least he will be more able to. me to have this aggression subside to keep it in check because of course i always often have this stressful situation when i don't like something but i have told myself to
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suppress this feelings. system and i don't know how it looks from the outside but i believe that i managed to do this successfully and moreover. i believe that this is a grades. in the benefits for those who want to. communicate with people especially for those who cannot contain their emotions and suppress their motions and. if i have my emotions run amok now i always feel kind of guilty sure because aggression in the modern world in the model in the modern society is a show of weakness and i don't like that. so if you don't have any other arguments you start behaving aggressively. that is what i think but on the whole i manage this emotions and we should look to you can do the same. here you're left hugh
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about another question and good day mr peters my name is exiled from the carroll region from the mere direction of well i have. very serious question it's about it you k. show me which will be as it is called i also work a certain projects and i take part in the business for the. competition and you know there is much. of that but also there is much relating to practice to practical work however teaching. physics in school is somewhat below my expectations i can say well i would still. ok you've been watching amir peretz and talking to some young of the brightest kids from russia between the ages of ten to seventeen also some very interesting questions he was asked about his personal the most important three values and he said life love and freedom ok. says he would have never appointed his
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attorney general how do you know jeff sessions would rescue himself from overseeing the russia investigation and its fall from the first change of heart by the u.s. president however trump has never hidden the fight he wants to be unpredictable i want to be unpredictable but it's predictable i use the word unpredictable but i like to be unpredictable you want to be unpredictable no i care a country where we're totally predictable some find it increasingly difficult to follow the president's stance on. the streets of new york to find out if americans really know what trump stands on key issues. that will trouble the man whose policy positions can be quite hard to pin down we decided to talk to americans and find out how well they know their commander in chief and where he stands donald trump says it was a good idea to pick jeff sessions i think what he said is. that if he knew jeff sessions with which he was himself he never would have joe's and am regrets pretty
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. obvious attorney general i think would down trump it's all about business so he my. president donald trump has confidence in attorney general jeff sessions do you think he likes jeff sessions trust jeff sessions or doesn't. i think he uses jeff sessions. rational gratian i don't think he regrets it because he's still in office sessions should have never refused him self and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else donald trump thinks china is a good partner. i think anybody has a good partner who will pad his pockets and pad the pockets of his spamtrap and partner with anyone that will enrich his coffers as we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing isn't giving us to partner with china again i'm really not so sure he's thinking about china i don't think he
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wants to partner with them for say i do think he will be able to do anything even if it's china. to say that. you know you. can have a relationship what's his position on cooperating with russia around issues of cyber security i think he that statement i remember reading it was that he wanted to create with russia some kind of overall cyber security by i think based on his relationship with russia maybe i do think he will want to partner with russia because that was his main thing when they came the election. the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen it can't but a ceasefire can and did is going to partner with russia on cyber security no.
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hootin and i discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded now some might think that donald trump's unpredictability might be an asset when negotiating with foreign leaders however sometimes it appears that his supporters are just as confused as his adversaries. r.t. new york. former u.s. diplomat. inconsistency is just a way of keeping his critics guessing. i think they are sometimes difficult to pick pin down during the campaign someone said that the american voters took him seriously but not literally that he would express things in somewhat different ways maybe seem contradictory sometime maybe is a little bit of an annoyance for them sometimes especially if they feel they need to answer literally in fear and say sean spicer is position or kellyanne conway his position they say what trump said this or that he said that how do you explain it
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and maybe it puts them on the spot the bigger issue is whether he keeps his critics off balance and i think this is part of how he does it. is official a presidential politics is not a thing as much of a problem until the latest incumbent and running around like wrong you know i want a big one and his. or her or. her.
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will be back in a few minutes after this break. it's
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called the feeling of freedom. everyone in the world should experience cleveland and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to just. walk of the modern world come along for the ride. just. a little bit. but i. know it was but i guess some kind of sign of this yes. she refused. to. wear the blue you won't get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is
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the area. yeah i. know. when i sort of know i. welcome back to the program it's the full of the monks. the latest planes in aviation technology being showcased at the event while some of the best display teams from around the world demonstrating their skills but as well as looking to the future many have been taking a few moments something
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a little special from the past a legend. find a fight as the flying tank took to the skies for the first time in decades this particular one was in one nine hundred forty three at the bottom and russia for more than seventy years before it was recovered. and returned to the. more than thirty six thousand in the ocean two were built making it the world's most produced military fighter although these days there are only two still fly. free wife i in public places sounds like a great idea but as users in the u.k. have recently found out ignoring terms and conditions for the sake of scrolling let's say your facebook feed cost you quite a lot. we
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were looking at changing our privacy policy and really just trying to simplify things as much as possible for people looking on to the wife or i just thought you know i wonder how many people actually have read what they're agreed to because the plan was for us to make it as transparent visible for those people as we possibly caught so we thought will you know let's do an experiment let's stick it in and it's really crazy see how many people actually big obama and. people just are completely unaware of what they're agreed to with their date or you
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could literally anything you want in terms of conditions and because people just don't bother really that will be agreed to all sorts of different events. back to vladimir putin and his in such a for a q. and a session with russia's brightest young minds the president silly questions on a wide range of time. some children ain't between ten and seventeen. so i didn't even have a thought about taking and i'm broke when during the ceremony here it was raining quite hard but. it wasn't that i made a decision not to take a number i didn't even think about that when you said you know i think it's. an ordinary thing to do thank you if you can choose now it's up to you to choose we just will be if the mighty anyone you point your finger to that's be more active
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guys c'mon start that would stand up and introduce yourself to them or do. you have a name is your thing and i mean i'm a piano player but i mean her ass as you can say well i have a question which is was a probably of concern to many young musicians as well we in the past forty exams the russian military russian and i fanatics and most obvious we can choose them and those who study music can we choose some music subjects to pass as official to media exams at school you know we tell you much of our time to our was paschal subject i mean music subjects you know this is a question to our experts as well because we have a special academy a special ministry to solve this issues and i believe i am not a specialist in that i believe that this is possible but i have i'm sure there will
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be some people who will not agree with me on your because one a person achieves a certain. a certain education level he needs to be developed in various areas in various fields and that this is something they're going to tell you they're going to tell to you that you need to also know this and that's. it but as. and i will. push to well yes. further there. well yeah. that's ok so just to diminish it out to every. police. in good health i have a question let's all of us. read his series about you and
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what you felt he did not feel about that your failing and the chance that directly . saw you everything correct at the commune to enjoy it more with the michelle of you have all that serious with them if you will but there are also some of the best thing i liked about this when your documentary was all of us stone himself is a very ordinary in ordinary person she is a very deep person for me and she's. just comfortable to talk to but. to me it was all. quite out of a sudden i knew that they were going to come and film film me but as my purse secretary. came to me a couple of times she said to me they're waiting for usual and as i went and we were talking you put them you're putting and then well i forgot about the these
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interviews but they they did not forget that i returned a couple of times. and this happened sporadically i don't remember how many times we have mental illness to stone and as for how objective they were. translating what i said. to the audience. you know as i've said i have been given these recordings and as i was flying into russia i was watching this video but that i fell asleep because i was very tired and so i didn't watch it so the very end but i'm certainly going to do. in the future just on chip shop and i'm sure that all of us soldiers are very decent man. she was very object different initiatives how she she showed me and as far as i have seen the documentary everything was all right. and one more over here. well
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maybe we can ask people from the balcony from here. ok you can carry on watching latin streaming online on our website that's r.t. dot com we're back in a couple of minutes. i . was lucky but if. i.
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say the solar industry is a job booster and california generates says of thousands of jobs new york tens of thousands california is going to have a lot of jobs on the side or where nobody is on this but they have a lot of desert obviously if they go solar they get a lot of job in texas and folks in texas going to say your ideology sucks we want to job this solar jobs you're out of office we're going to bring a folks to do it california is doing is not the way the modesty works in america.
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a seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that erupted between palestinian protesters and israeli police. along bells in the west over the first of a joint russia china drills in european waters just a day after the u.s. and twenty other states complete massive more games in that region. and baltimore police officers accidentally films themselves planting drugs at a crime scene just the latest security incident to a fight that troubled u.s. attorneys.


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