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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i. the palestinian ministry says three people have been killed in a crash clashes that erupted between protesters and israeli police. from the next president seeds of the colonized sation of malls and vladimir putin answers the questions of russia's brightest minds the special q. and a inside. alarm bells in the west of the first of a joint russia china drills in european what is just a day off to the u.s. and twenty other states completely massive war games in that region.
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plus a baltimore police officer accidentally. drugs that's a crime scene just the latest security incident a fact that troubled u.s. city. you're watching live from almost has to do with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. another palestinian has been killed in fresh clashes with israeli police according to palestinian officials that brings the number of palestinians killed today to three the protest erupted after israeli authorities installed security cameras on metal detectors at the revered mosque following a deadly shooting there last week. it was. i . was.
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i. was i was i was definitely it was the palestinian spiritual leader had warned the israeli government of the potential for an explosive situation all middle east correspondent paula slayer has the latest on what's happening right now in jerusalem it comes as a week of protests over the israeli increased security measures around taking place if you remember last friday there were two israeli security officers who were killed and israel responded by closing all many of the entrance was to iraq so today they stopped named until the age of fifty from entering to pray they also stopped the buses that were making their way from across israel with israeli arabs who were hoping to go to all access and show their defiance not wasn't just
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a day of prayer today friday is also the main day of rage it was called for by the spiritual leader of the al aqsa mosque and he said that it should be a day of hate and protests that people should abandon their regular mosques and come and pray at the al aqsa mosque but not actually go into the mosques instead stand outside with a metal detectors that israel has put into place in the last few days to try and beef up security on not present he said to quote otherwise the situation would explode i was caught in some of those clashes and they were neighborhoods in east jerusalem that could look almost like a war zone you have israeli security officers charging forward with rubber bullets and tear gas and also a machine that sprays liquid duty liquid on people the protesters surge in the opposite direction and they have huge rocks and stones that they've been throwing at the security forces now all of this time. as the israeli cabinet hold an emergency meeting they decided to keep these metal detectors in place they believe it's for security but of course for muslim worshippers believe that it is
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a way for israel to change the status quo of the temple mount which is a huge the volatile and important religious sites that come in he has custodianship by jordan the clashes are ongoing and we do expect the situation to remain extremely tense temple mount. as it's known to the muslims is one of the most contested religious sites in the world for jews it's believed to have been the site of two pickle time falls and the al aqsa mosque which is located on the hill is the holiest site the temple mount is administered by a jordan based islamic religious authority we've got the views of people on both sides of the debate to find out what they think about the current tensions i don't understand why preventing and protecting the holy place the temple mount. should be any reasoning for any kind of terror and violence if some people want to exploit
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that but that situation incite terror and the only ones to blame for the terror will be those insiders and those who are acting by it because the israeli security system will do everything it can to make sure to preserve public order and the state of israel is instigating violence it's prohibiting people from practicing freedom of worship something that they said was your dreams opposite of the state of israel wants to fake jewish feature to the identity of jerusalem to their claim actually we answer one thing jerusalem israeli as moscow is american i am very sorry that we reached this point i would have expected the leaders of the muslim community to condemn last week's terror attack and to try to calm down the crowd but instead what we. been seeing in the past week we've been seeing the islamic leadership calling upon the people to come today to the temple
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mount and to organize riots and this is something we cannot allow we're not going to allow to druce them the city which is holy for so many billions of people around the world jews muslims christians all believers of the viable we cannot allow this place to turn in to its center of riots of stone throwing of endangering the peace of the public order and therefore we had no choice the state of israel created this myth about security this nuclear state is claiming that is in its attacking people's rights for its own security these people are on even the incident that took place that stored this whole process didn't take place i could see sharif it took place outside the mosque and israel retaliated inside the mosque to create that the two to the world that the incident happened actually in the mosque and by that it took advantage of the incident only to promote its agenda to change just
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out of school inside a lock so mosque i think it's the interest of the walk that the temple mount remains quiet and therefore they should be helping out with the israeli police and not in fighting against the israeli police they should be working hand by hand because those three muslims who last week are in the temple mount inside this place which is so saying the fight for the past millennium for muslims but many for two millennia and for christians and for three millennium for jews is a place which we want to preserve think to fight it with all one killing to be open there and therefore once it happened once we know that can happen against israeli soldiers are blocking the ways to do so in the state of israel instigates and try to touch upon something that is very sacred to the palestinian people whether was from a religious point of view or national one view and. what do they expect and this violence that we're on about it's based it's not using weapons it's just protest
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treated violently by the state of israel and its soldiers and people react to that but no weapon. has shed a light on what he might do when he's done with being president he was fielding a wind rate of questions from russian youngsters at a special event in. let's cross live now to daniel hawkins in the q. and a session you've been following this very closely one of the highlights being safe. but it's been a very long q. and a session of your first of all it's just wrapped up here behind me three hours long i mean as long as putin's famous a direct line so be it with a slightly younger generation these children aged ten to seventeen they've covered a whole range of topics today with the president of course the focus is very much been asking him personal question there's been a lot of speculation about his future his tenure as president comes to an end that question it seems interest the young as much as it does the old generation in russia he gave quite an interesting also. is
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a nuance up what are you going to do when you leave the president's office. and usually i still haven't decided whether i want to leave it's. only after i have an answer to that question i will be thinking about the next steps there are a lot of things to do in this world i don't necessarily have to sit down and write memoirs i can leave the president's office but staying gauged in politics there are a lot of things i can do like ecology for example i think there's a lot of potential in that i've been taking part in various animal protection of events for several years i find a place for myself but i first need to answer the main question you. know the age of the audience so was ten to seventeen cents perhaps no surprise one of the questions. it was social media does the president perhaps have some sort of secret instagram facebook or twitter account is he present on social media to which the
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president also gave an interesting while also gave some information about his old days in the k.g.b. and the f.s.b. a bit of insider knowledge for you coming up right now which still persists and you can perceive the as for an online nickname and nickname is the same thing as an alias as you know i started my career in furn intelligence and sometimes i had to use an alias but using a man would be foolish i would use my own name and that should go for everyone i think why would you want to hide behind a nickname when i studied intelligence school my alias was plateau off and everybody had one because that's just what our job demanded but why hide behind a nickname and when a person is proud of what they do there's no reason to hide it. so you now know the code name of the russian president's former days in the f.s.b. not something you hear every day certainly the other topics were actually quite quite serious as well one child or teenager particular asked putin about the
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importance of opposition in russia to which putin also gave an interesting what kind of response. what. struck you ask what the value of other political parties not represented in the state duma is well they come up with new ideas and criticize those currently in power those who always have something to be criticized for it's impossible to find solutions to all the problems but that doesn't mean you shouldn't aspire to this what you can do is simply speculate on those issues you can speculate on the problem of corruption it's globally widespread especially in emerging countries look at what happened to our neighbors ukraine their engulfed by corruption. of course these children are just any old children they hear of the serious some account but in their. syria camp where children from all over the country the brightest in science sports the most talented ones come here to spend
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time together for a month work on projects and receive master classes from the top experts in their field of course this q. and a session with the president was something that they will be looking forward to the highlight of the whole event here perhaps for most of the children and certainly this three hour q. and a session has been a very interesting one to see no doubt something to look forward to again perhaps next year if they're lucky. well they certainly looked like they were enjoying. thanks very much. the first ever joint russia china drills and european war to start today in the baltic sea a military exercise between the two countries will last for a week however even before it takes place the event is sparking a strong reaction. western media is in a spin over the joint the twenty seven thousand naval drills starting today between russia and china headlines have been lifted with words like invasion and war one
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warning of a challenge to nato so what sparked the panic well first of all it's the location in the baltic sea right in the heart of northern europe and next ten nato bases secondly chinese warships are making their debut tour in this part of the world. and if that wasn't threatening enough they're teaming up with russia but joins the drills are nothing new they've been held annually since twenty twelve but this first stage of the baltic coast has already caused a frenzy as
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a trio of chinese vessels made their way there leaving the british dutch and danish navies scrambling to shutter them out of their water is much to the amusement of the russian ambassador to china the baltic states repeat their usual incantations but at the same time they take for granted the fact that nato is deploying large forces on their territory but then wasn't this response predictable in october last year a russian fleet sailing around europe spotted headlines like the leading some european states to even consider sending vessels to intercept the group and this fear of the russian ships has been around for some time already you can just ask sweden a country that spent twenty years insisting that russian submarines were sneaking around its coastline until they realized that the only thing lurking that minks now we can confirm that as of this moment no makes all scheduled to take part in joint
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c. twenty seventy. meanwhile the u.s. and allied countries have just finished their own massive exercise in the region saber guard into place in eastern europe on the territory of three countries aimed at deterring so-called russian aggression some twenty five thousand personnel from more than twenty states participated in the biggest drills of their kind in five years despite that they nato allies are worried by the upcoming russian war games in the september. the u.s. army's top general in europe even suggested that moscow might carry out a so-called trojan horse maneuver where he means russian tanks and soldiers could be moved to balad and then left behind in the region to square up nato or that they could exceed their planned size and scale. well let's discuss this statement now with political analyst chris bambery it's quite a statement isn't it chris welcome to the program. the top u.s.
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army general saying that moscow might carry out a so-called trojan horse. what do you think about that. well i think what nato should be saying the american should be seeing is that there themselves are as you've said a bit of building up the military presence in the region firstly through nato expansion something that was specifically promised the gorbachev back when the soviet union was coopting would not happen that was one of the deals that was done at the time the fall of berlin wall there was a promise to russia then made the need to not expand into the former satellite states of russia and into the foremost u.s.s.r. territory and secondly we've seen not just those countries joining nato but nato sending troops into the baltic states and elsewhere putting the missile shield in the pool in the czech republic and exercises as you said this time and was recently in the southern edge in hungary and so on but also in the north in poland sweden
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and the baltic states and this buildup has destabilized the region so we have a potential cold war in that region while archery stemming from the nato expansion into it but i think hours after i'd say else that the chinese have got their own acts the grain given what's happened in the south china sea where there is a standoff between them the americans and the ptolemies and japanese allies over these islands they are so it's not surprising to anyone that china and russia are allies i mean is this news to anyone is it news perhaps this general because they haven't been following the news if that's the case and it's also the case that queer if nato and the americans carry a military exercises in this region that there was going to be a response i think what set the west into a tizzy is the fact that chinese warships have entered the baltic which is unprecedented and is a demonstration that while china is not yet able to match america in terms as
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military capacity but that is something which is going to develop over the over the years and the russian chinese ally. owens has got the potential to offset america in. terms of military meet round the world and i think this as you know revived fields of what china is going to become in the years to come chris ok briefly because we haven't got that much time can you can you explain why you think there's so much fuss about russia given that nato has recently as you mentioned carried out huge drills to. well there's and we've had this of strange attempt betray russia as being the enemy of everyone blamed for everything including attacks on the house of commons e-mail as a here in the year and wondered and. still regarded despite everything that's happened it's still regarded as being the a problem for the west as it was after the second world war as britain regarded in the nineteenth century so there's an resolve business here and yet i want to
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continue to make the point it is the expansion of nato despite of the promise made at the time of the end of the u.s.s.r. to gorbachev is that expansion which is destabilize relationships in. eastern europe and a coup if it's going to run nato is going to expand to the border of small lens that is going to worry the russians and rather than this stuff kind of the american general perhaps they didn't recognize that what it is doing is causing concern in russia because there's unrelenting nato expansion ok chris bambery political analyst thanks very much here thoughts and thanks. ok we've got more news after this break. the trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation you know they have different components they have components
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that engage in money laundering and wars men you know the killing security forces the killing not been for men it's. called the field we go through. every the world should experience. and you get it on the old the old. the old according to just. one of my world come along for the ride.
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welcome back to the program russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has commented on rumors of a secret meeting between putin and trump during the g twenty meeting in an interview with american news channel and b c he also commented on washington confiscating russia's diplomatic property but as the details from our tease emily take us through the main highlights when the deer in this twenty minute long interview several interesting topics were raised and some of them were just as you mentioned on these alleged to secret meetings that took place between president putin and president trump on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in hamburg earlier this month now a lot of media have been reporting and speculating that on top of the official meeting between trump and putin there have been extra secret meetings between the two where secret deals happen struck now both the white house and the kremlin have come out to the nie this and in this interview also deny the allegation and use and allergy of kindergarten children mailing with each other to describe the importance
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of these possible extra encounters between the two leaders here's exactly what he said. president and president trump meeting three times of the g. twenty that they met obviously for the bilateral women at the dinner when they met . together that was a forced when you a brute. do you mix with the people who are we. going to close the. world but the result. of that before it starts with the rope or with the same guy when the boss now on another topic lavrov also used some rather harsh words to describe the two russian diplomatic compounds the happen confiscated by washington during the last days of obama's administration back in these sumber speculation is that obama did that as a revenge. for russia's alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential
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election and here's ruf russia's foreign minister had to say about that don't believe this correct because the official north a body which we received from the state department said nothing about the reasons for each of these properties you had been seized so you just. well straightforward robbery and international law isn't i don't know and we would act on the basis of international law to get to. now as expected the topic of syria was also raised in this interview and when discussing that while lavrov referred to the latest remarks made by the cia director michael payout who said that the sole purpose of russia's presence in syria is to quote stick it up to america and here's exactly what lavrov reacted to that even gentleman who represents a country. legitimately. being created. is concerned very much
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a boat. has been established on the basis of forward intergovernmental agreement with the government which is the member of the united nations then something is a. double standards now for ten days is that lavrov mentioned there the ten american bases allegedly in syria is according to a report released by the turkish news turkish official state run news agency so this figure has not been officially confirmed but certainly this twenty minute long interview a lot of interesting topics raised with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov . certainly worth. giving us a round up on that story. now a police officer in the u.s. state of baltimore has mistakenly caught himself on camera staging a drug bust the video shot in generations the officer planting drugs in a food can in the backyard of a house alongside two of his colleagues who was seen in the footage the officer then leaves the area to turn his body come on forgetting the unit's a set up to record the last thirty seconds before manual activation he's and
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returns to the scene where the drugs were earlier buried to discover them an internal investigation is now underway and the police people arrested for drug possession have been released. baltimore state's attorney defended the judicial system and her office saying they weren't aware of the video's existence while the police department says this could have been an attempt to replace the drugs that had already been discovered critics have questioned why the offices with choose to fake a crime when the city is already struggling with as it is. your cities your body american urban decay and more depressing leaving the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate. murder.
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yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. this week we have two suspects that we need your help to. work.
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it just wasn't breaking news this hour the u.s. army has just confirmed that security forces aligned with afghan government forces . were killed in one of their strikes it's been said that the strike happened this afternoon in a rescue district in helmand province the u.s. army also said in a statement that the afghan government has already been notified and deep condolences have been sent they also promised to conduct an investigation into the instance and will of course bring you more details once we have the information now don't forget you can go on to our website where all across social media on to our web site that's all to dot com or facebook or you tube at the top of the hour neil harvey will be there with more news on our main stories.
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manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous larry go round. we can all middle of the room six. million real new.
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this is where they pierced america's heart on the eleventh of september two thousand and one fifteen years after the attacks new york is celebrating its heroes the military. parade to on a one point five million troops the saviors of freedom every eleventh of november this parade on as generations of troops from the fallen of world war one to those returning from iraq or afghanistan their replacements are waiting the young generation the future of the world's most powerful military. these recruits are still in school they are between fourteen and seventeen years old and belong to the junior. jr oates.


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