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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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oh yeah well you can't turn on your mother these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. coming up on r t america the israeli prime minister criticizes the syrian cease fire agreement arranged by the us russia and jordan. and we continue our special coverage of how communities are fighting back against the recent increase of violence in the city of chicago. and clashes erupted between opposition protesters and police after millions of venezuelans joined a twenty four hour nationwide general strike those stories and more coming right up . it is friday july twenty first five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm a military man you're watching r t america. so israel's prime minister is unhappy with the ceasefire in southern syria that the us russia and jordan managed to achieve during the g twenty summit israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thinks it will jeopardize israel's national security and empower iran in the meantime moscow responded by saying it will take israel's concerns into account artie's oleksiak chatzky has the report during the g twenty summit two weeks ago when donald trump and vladimir putin met face to face for the first time a major shift in middle eastern politics took place the two presidents along with jordan agreed on a ceasefire in southern syria which has been seen by many analysts as a major move to make the much coveted deescalation zones work russia has often said that those would be the only way to bring the syrian crisis to a peaceful solution but the deescalation zones in that part of the country did not really work with u.s. coalition performing numerous airstrikes on pro-government militias in towns area
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in may and june from took to twitter later to underline the importance of the deal saying it saved lives and indeed it represented the first time in months that the united states and russia agreed on something regarding syria but not everyone seems to be happy with this development israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu first expressed skepticism at the idea but last sunday having met with french president mccrone in paris went even further and said tel aviv was utterly opposed to the deal israel's defense minister was even tougher on this saying israel reserve has complete freedom of action regardless of any understanding of developments and retaining exclusive responsibility for the security of israel citizens therefore of the freedom of action was absolute and israel would do everything that is needed and of quote netanyahu his office later issued a statement as well saying that he spoke to rex tillerson and sergey lavrov both told him that israel's demands would be taken into account something russia later said also will be done and while israel generally welcomes a session of the philippines in the country netanyahu said his land would strongly
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uphold. red lines which are according to israeli leader would be keeping iran and hezbollah away from israel's golan border preventing the stablish meant of an iranian military presence in syria as a whole and also blocking any attend by hezbollah to acquire precision weapons given the long standing on a monster days between israel and the mentioned party such concerns could be understandable but former i.d.f. analyst general meyer argues that israel should be accepting this u.s. russia partnership in resolving the war in syria but secondly because of the contested golan heights issue something which has been a thorn in tel aviv side and of course of the side of damascus for years if you believe such a partnership would we have a let's say you want contingent in the heights and that would also serve as a solution to a serious issue bothering israel which is who would monitor the deescalation zone along the israeli syrian border all this adds to the already complicated situation in the region but moscow has responded to criticism from the us on yahoo saying
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that it would do everything it can to take tel aviv's concerns into account let's see russia s.q.r.t. reporting from washington d.c. to discuss this i was joined earlier by nico peleg he's a former i.d.f. soldier turned human rights activist and author of this book the general sun i started by asking him about his reaction to netanyahu his demand. it's been a menace to the international system the international community and they've been an obstacle to peace for a very long time in the region so i think it was a rejection of any peace plan is the really shouldn't come as any surprise israel still holds the golan heights which had occupied fifty years ago so it's understandable that they would not want any kind of stability in the area because a stable syria would bring back the issue of the fact that it was occupied the golan heights so i don't think there could have been a peace deal that israel would have accepted i don't think it's about the specific details i think it's the concept of a stable quiet peaceful syria that does not want to see so you think no matter what
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the different factions inside syria right now whether it's the western allies or the syrian allies no matter what they present at all now it will always be something israel will reject absolutely israel will reject any any possibility of a peaceful stable syria there's no question about it that it doesn't benefit them because the chaos benefits israel as soon as there's quiet they're going to start demanding looking at israel and then they see that it's like i said it's been occupying the golan heights for fifty years there are too many people in gaza starving and dying of thirst and no electricity in this terrible heat israel has got a whole pandora's box of issues that it wants the world not to you know to look away from we now know that israel is involved particularly regarding supporting jihad groups like al nusra is you know is involved i think it has been involved in every every place where there's been conflict in the countries that surround israel we
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know that israeli planes have israeli air force has been involved in bombing targets in syria. and there has been evidence of israeli collusion with all sorts of groups that create the that are part of the chaos in syria and israel doesn't need anybody to tell. you there's really government isn't anybody to tell them whether or not the. they have a right to say they say what they think and because they are strong and because they have very powerful influence here in the united states in the form of the israeli lobby and similar lobbies in europe they get a seat at the table every time no netanyahu has come out and condemned bashar al assad on on several moral grounds i have a feeling i know what you're going to say but don't you find it kind of funny like that the pot calling the kettle black well you took the words out of my mouth that's actually the it's exactly what i was going to say the accusation by netanyahu that anybody else is a terrorist you know if it wasn't so tragic then it would be funny you know
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thousands of political prisoners held by israel again two million people in this horrifying heat without water or electricity in the gaza strip. in jerusalem where were freedom of religion is being denied to hundreds of thousands millions of muslims who want to go and pray. and on and on and on so to support an already israeli prime minister to accuse anybody else of terrorism is really ridiculous it's just that the israeli terrorism comes in the form of an army that is a regular army and what uniforms and generals and they're not scrappy like some other terrorist organizations but it is a terrorist organization just very well funded and israel has also been in the news lately for ongoing clashes right now especially like you were just talking about palestinians in jerusalem in the west bank that's in yahoo also said that that the european union was quote crazy for not accepting israel's policies including the occupation and the settlements what does this mean for the prospects of
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a one state solution and given the current. now six months in u.s. presidency president trump will trump in a way as emboldened the the extreme most elements within the regime which is very interesting because now interestingly you call it the netanyahu regime because you don't you know here's too many people. well there's a very long time he's got a group of people around him that are that are you know they're a characteristic of his of his policies. and they and they have been emboldened in a way that now they don't longer talk about peace they no longer but talk about two state solution they say it's all israel it's to the west because you didn't see america forcing the conversation to be not about peace with israel but about a single state which will either be an apartheid state as i believe it already is or a real democracy and that is a conversation that needs to be had the talks about the two states in the peace with israel has always been as is lead to nothing and so in
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a way trump you know. you know the truth of administration's policy towards israel or lack there of a lack of policy towards towards israel palestine as embolden them is forcing i think a very important conversation whether we are accepting an apartheid regime in all of palestine or we're going to strive for democracy doesn't sound like we're going to the u.s. is going to be reigning in israel have any time soon. thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. israeli peace activist and author of the general's son. a seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that erupted between israeli police and muslim protesters on the so-called day of rage. the palestinian spiritual leader had warned the israeli government of the potential for an explosive situation our middle east correspondent paula slayer has the latest on what's happening right now on the ground in jerusalem it comes as
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a week. of these really increased security measures around taking place if you remember last friday there were two israeli security officers who were killed and it was found in fact many of the infant system today they stopped named until the age of fifty. two pray they also stopped buses that were making their way from across this. with israeli arabs who were hoping to go and it showed the defiance not wasn't just a day of prayer today friday it was also the main day of rage it was called for by the spiritual leader of the mosque and he said that it should be a day of hate and protest that people should abandon their regular mosques and come and pray at the al aqsa mosque but not actually go into the mosques instead stand outside with a metal detectors that israel has put into place in the last few days to try and beef up security on not present he said to quote otherwise the situation would explode i was called to some of those clashes and they were on neighborhoods in
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east jerusalem that a look almost like a loser and you have israeli security officers charging forward with rubber bullets and tear gas and also a machine that sprays liquid duty liquid on people the protesters surge in the opposite direction and they have huge rocks and stones that they've been throwing at the security forces now all of this comes as the israeli cabinet hold an emergency meeting and they decided to keep these metal detectors in place they believe it's for security but of course the muslim worship those believe that it is a way for israel to change the status quo of the temple mount which is a huge the volatile and important religious site that comment he has custodianship by jordan the clashes are ongoing and we do expect the situation to remain extremely tense secretary of state rex tillerson has decided to impose a geographical travel restriction on north korea a ban perhaps travel to the country without a special validation passport for human to humanitarian or certain limited other
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purposes travel organizations estimate the ban will affect somewhere between eight hundred thousand americans who travel to north korea annually the ban will take effect in late august it comes in reaction to the death of twenty two year old auto warm beer just last month the trump administration believes the move will help to further isolate north korea from the global community you know it's. has so far been unable to halt the north korean missile test. and former texas senator kay bailey hutchison has been nominated to become the u.s. ambassador to nato her senate hearings are currently underway senator hutchison's nomination is a big swing in the opposite direction from then candidate trump's remarks about nato being obsolete hutchison is quite the conservative and has a very strong stance against russia to discuss this and nato i was joined earlier by former cia analyst ray mcgovern and i asked him how he thinks the appointment of
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such a right wing conservative to this position will affect our relationships around the world it's sort of like the team of rivals sort of thing when obama came in he appointed hellary clinton bobby gates and all those people you know he thought that he could control them trump seems to be in the same issues misapprehension that he can kind of let these people be selected and many of them have a record of opposing what he wants to put through so whether or not he still thinks nato has is obsolete which of course it is. she's going to do it she's told the interesting thing is that her predecessor the glue she general right away has right so he said that he took the line and this was the wind at the time before the war so the summit that. two thousand and fourteen started a new era in relationship to from the u.s. mission and russia and that was in late february early march because that's when
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russia she screamed mia and made it part of russia he conveniently forgot that on the twenty second of february the west mounted a coup in kiev that was what started it was he is dead wrong in saying it started with crimea it started with the coup so my dan was never part of the conversation was no so yeah and there wasn't any actually there wasn't a scintilla of evidence that poutine of any of his associates had any idea of annexing crimea before the two in kiev so he's got his could ology wrong so twisted as to whether whether trump who has said some interesting things about crimea. and ukraine whether he will. follow through on this rapprochement was with russia and whether he would be allowed to frankly that's the big question
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now given that that this is a nato. position for for us at the seat at the table with nato should this position be a political why why select somebody as you said who has seemingly in her years in the senate. gone in the other direction than what president trump is currently spouting well you know it's really difficult to know how much control trump has over these things i mean he reached out and ukraine was going to get the. minsk record spec in order and the guy picked to do that or conservative court welker he was actually the best suited nato now. it's really hard to to figure out what. trump has in mind but i think that kay bailey hutchinson could be a lot worse than me she's been under fire from the tea party for not getting
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conservative enough so i think she's going to do it she's told the question is whether the trump will see ukraine and other problems that have arisen with respect to nato in a new light and if you does issue follow instructions unlike vicky haley at the u.n. who doesn't seem to be having any instruction he really does seem to be going a little bit rogue i think from the administration's stance on a lot of things it's almost as if she is you know almost like acting as as secretary of state where it's conflicting with what rex tillerson is trying to do but but getting back to hutchison here like you said she has a history of being pretty conservative maybe not as extreme as what the tea party might want to she she has a history of being quite hock ish specifically as it pertains to russian relations how do you think that background will play into the expansion of nato because we've
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already added the twenty ninth member well you know she's a republican senator from texas ok now does she have any experience in foreign affairs zippo the closer she came to military affairs was she sat on the veterans affairs committee and. senator ok so if you get a military she's got no foreign affairs experience and it's not a policy making role you know she sits there in brussels together with the ambassador we have in brussels together all kinds of people it's a military alliance what she's doing there is you know kind of beyond you give another woman a post like that you know and so to follow instruction the question is really whether trump is going to be allowed to follow policies that have been new the soviet nato and whether western europe and eastern europe now. how they will react to that because there is the beginning of
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a rapprochement now with moscow whoa imagine who said the stop those moderate rebels in syria that's they imagine that will he be able to follow through on these things with the cease fire hold all those things it's very much up in the air but is this stuff does continue i don't think kay bailey hutchison is going to pose much for a problem for him we'll see if he has any effect on his foreign policy or world view as it pertains to nato ray mcgovern thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us you're most welcome. the situation in afghanistan continues to deteriorate for american military forces across the country and now an american airstrike has left ten afghan policeman dead in the helmand province in the south of the country conflicting reports though from local officials say up to thirty five were killed in a strike the u.s. military has released an official statement expressing deep condolences to the
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families and promises an investigation into the cause of the incident argues caleb maupin has the reports we're hearing condolences from u.s. officials and in response to the afghan security forces that were killed but the numbers that we're seeing being released by the u.s. air force confirm that the situation in. stan is escalating and that the risk for these kinds of incidents is rising as of now according to the numbers that we have from the u.s. air force as of june thirtieth the number of air strikes u.s. coalition aircraft have either dropped or expanded has been one thousand six hundred thirty four since the beginning of twenty seventeen there been one thousand six hundred thirty four different instances of munitions expended from u.s. forces in afghanistan keep in mind that in two thousand and fifteen the total was only two hundred ninety eight and in two thousand and sixteen it was only five hundred forty five now this number of munitions being released this number of
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airstrikes actually brings the situation in afghanistan to the level that it was at in two thousand and twelve when u.s. forces were all across the country getting into skirmishes with taliban forces now at the moment we're hearing a lot of different reports keep in mind two thousand u.s. troops actually died in afghanistan and a number of them have died from friendly fire incidents like the one that just recently took place there was the famous incident where pat tillman the celebrity football player who had volunteered to fight in afghanistan was killed by friendly fire now at this point there are eight thousand five hundred u.s. troops in afghanistan alongside five thousand other nato forces that are in the country and we are waiting to see what comes next but as the escalation of airstrikes continues more airstrikes are being carried out more munitions are being fired the risk for afghan security forces as well as for u.s. troops in the country is rising. now the crisis in venezuela is deepening after
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a twenty four hour nationwide strike shut down parts of the capital igniting more clashes between anti-government protesters and the police but as well as opposition called the strike to protest president nicolas maduro is plan to rewrite the constitution and strengthen his party's power the government says it will move forward with a controversial election of a constituent assembly on july thirtieth despite a threat of economic sanctions by the u.s. for more we're going to go live now to our partner in miami marina according to these reports the last time venezuela experienced such a massive national strike was back in two thousand and two when the opposition tried to oust former president hu go chavez while there was a strike was successful i guess in creating at least chaos it's brought the opposition closer to its main objective of regime change right. well the short answer is no president nicolas maduro has the backing of the country's powerful
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military and his supporters and thus far he refuses to give in to the demands of protesters unfortunately this has led to an estimated one hundred deaths since anti-government demonstrations began in april and on thursday clashes between protesters and venezuelan police broke out in different points of the capital groups of massed young men set fire to a handful of blockades and hurled stones at riot police who fired back here gas businesses were shuttered public transport stalled and streets were deserted in areas affected by the strike now while international media and the opposition viewed the strike as a success it was a costly inconvenience to ordinary people the blockade and chaos prevented countless citizens from getting to work forcing many can sacrifice a day's salary when duros under fire over plans for a july thirtieth election of a citizen's body a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution critics see it as a power grab that as well as ambassador to the u.n.
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resigned thursday night insisting he can no longer work for the majority administration. little has been violating all she will rights he has been systematically persecuting civilians he is protecting and courage ing state terrorism against civilians he has been responsible for more than one hundred deaths of crimes against humanity torture and political prisoners and it is time for he to go venezuela has grappled with a deadly political and economic crisis as low crude oil prices have forced the government to cut back or eliminate its socialist programs this has led to food and medicine shortages and skyrocketing unemployment in the country. and right now president trump has threatened to take strong and as they call it swift economic action action against the venezuelan government if it moves ahead with this july
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thirtieth election how his caracas responded to that well president nicolas maduro has rejected the white house's call to halt the rewriting of the constitution insisting venezuela will respond firmly to any economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. on tuesday the socialist party leader blamed the united states for supporting and inflaming violent protests in his country. even while the united states asks the venezuelan government to abandon its proposal for a national constituent assembly the government of venezuela responds the proposal of the original constituent power and for the national constituent assembly is already in the hands of the people and solely belongs to the sovereign people of venezuela who will exercise their right to vote on july thirtieth and to no one else. brazil the european union the united nations and the organization of american
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states have also demanded venezuela drop plans for the july thirtieth assembly now while the majority government has been facing widespread opposition it's important to point out that eighty grassroots movements across south america known as the people summit have proclaimed their support for the democrat democratically elected in the door of government that we're going to zation has criticized america's meddling in venezuela as domestic affairs and it's also condemned. south american trade bloc for suspending venezuela's membership marina part i add of the miami studio thank you for that update thank you. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has commented on rumors of a secret meeting between putin and trump during the g. twenty summit he gave an interview to american news channel and b c and only sue have the highlights in topics were raised and some of them were on these alleged to secret meetings that took place between president putin and president trump on the
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sidelines of the g. twenty summit in hamburg earlier this month of us because a lot of media have been reporting and speculating that on top of the official meeting between the two leaders to have an extra secret meetings where secret deals could have been reached now for the white house and kremlin had come out to the night is and in this interview with also the night the allegation and to refer to the analogy of kindergarten children mingling with each other describing the importance of these possible extra encounters between putin and trump here we know about president putin and president trump meeting three times at the g. twenty that they met obviously for the bilateral they met at the dinner and they met well maybe they want to put it together that was a four story when you were brought by your parents through kindergarten do you mix was the people who are waiting in the same room to start going to a plus plus room is the direction of the world but there is also the room where they get together before an event starts so they can look the right or the same time when
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the bus lever also used some rather harsh words to describe the two russian diplomatic compounds that have been confiscated by the u.s. during the last days of obama's administration back in december the speculation is that obama did that as a revenge for the alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election and here's what the russian foreign minister had to say about that don't believe this correct because the official north three body which we received from the state department said nothing about the reasons why we should use property you had been seized so you just. straight forward the robbery and international law isn't that i don't know what we would do on the basis of international law to get to as expected the topic of syria also popped up in the interview when the office talking about that he referred to the latest remarks made by the cia director michael peo who said that the sole purpose of russia's presence
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in syria is to stick it to america that's a quote and here's what lavrov had to say about that even gentleman who represents a country. legitimately. being created then basis in syria is concerned very much a boat. has been established on the basis of for intergovernmental agreement with the government which is the member of the united nations something that is. double standards how the figure of ten american bases in syria is according to a latest report released by the turkish state run news agency r.t. has tried to contact the u.s. central command to get an official confirmation about that and so far they have now either tonight or confirmed this book. coming up later on r t we will continue our special coverage of the violence over in chicago stay tuned for that special report will be right back. there's a real irony going. on. there is always well
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that's what it's always. you know wholesale surveillance you feel you have already while there's an. accident trying to use the social you know i really thought it was it's garbage in real. what. they put themselves on the line they get it. so when you want to use for us and she. wanted us. to do right to be first this is what the. korean people. i'm interested in the was. there should.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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you're watching race in america today's topic of violence in chicago over the past two years statistics show there's been an uptick in homicides in the city according to the chicago tribune just last year seven hundred fifty four people were killed and four thousand three hundred thirty eight were shot so far this year three hundred eighty two people have been killed and the number is steadily increasing our to correspondent on your program for health travel to chicago this week and walks us through how citizens are reacting to the surge in violence take a look. at life going up this road. now it is. my. you can take the bus when you want to no mo you gotta watch go back when you walk in the streets you can go to the store to cornerstone without nobody knowing you or your. trying to shoot you you hear sentiments like this expressed by many young men
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on the south side of the windy city like most centers of american industry and capital everywhere you look in downtown chicago it's evident there as well according to the laws of economics were taught in school that would perhaps mean some of it has trickled down to the south side but it hasn't it's crazy. so several friends to gun violence. recently had a. macho i graduated from high school was incarcerated one time for a misdemeanor and i can i still can get a job i met jonathan at the precious blood ministry of reconciliation a center established in the back of the yards neighborhood which invites members of the community to come discuss their experiences or just hang out in safety or he now works with local youth why do people lie why don't people say whatever they guy whatever they do to get their money playing a sample you walk to his community tell me how many stores you see what do we have
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in our community that we can go and look for and i will work on one to do this and that and they actually open and buy it so we were all schools on the south side are either underfunded or closed all together in two thousand and fourteen chicago mayor rahm emanuel shut down fifty four public schools fifty four on the poorest south or west sides steven grew up in this neighborhood school. we did all our going to prove. they want to as soon as i graduated or transferred out i wasn't at the same level as kids who received great education and had the resources there for them this is by design even roosevelt's new deal came to chicago an equally in the one nine hundred thirty s. the government sponsored. homeowners loan corporation created this map of chicago marking neighborhoods with immigrants and black people as quote hazardous real estate markets a practice known as red lining thus cutting off the flow of investment capital and
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the government resources which follow what is abundant in this neighborhood illegal guns in two thousand and sixteen chicago recovered to one illegal gun for every hour of the year a lot of times i'll say this was the strictest gun laws there are but we're right next to indiana and we're right next to communities that don't not have strict gun laws and then you know the marketing of selling guns coming up from the south i'm so i think a lot of assault rifles now assault rifles that i'm sure someone in our neighborhood hearing the conditions described by people here no economy coupled with gun availability high rates of crime seemed predictable the city messed up you know freeness like. mom my whole week your mommy off route your mushroom. she say he say stuff every monday morning whether it's local or national news the
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headlines out of chicago are predictable x. amount of people killed and weekend violence you think all which existed in parts of the city was death but standing on the south side i can tell you with certainty the people here are very much alive. to see the binah church in chicago's auburn gresham neighborhood and i challenge you not to be moved by the spirit of this community i went to st sabina to talk to people with a stake in the community to ask what is missing from the national news coverage in conversation about chicago's gun violence what's missing is that fact that there are hardworking people here in chicago of all colors but specially people of color who are working to fix the problem was. that i met inspiring youths claiming ownership of some of the most volatile streets. this is
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a little village neighborhood on the south side of chicago one of the most dangerous in the entire city but tonight the community is claiming those streets taking them back there is much more to these communities than the numbers and the headlines which come across our desk in washington we decided to get together with the community. to reclaim the streets want to put a different story a different face to the story that a lot of people hear about little religion and just neighborhoods in chicago people here community organizing unifying in order to promote peace and. just for the fact that we live here in little village they already generalize so judge that we are all violent and all children from here are involved with gangs i was born and raised here i understand i grew up with the struggles you know hearing gunshots confusing with them with fireworks and wondering if another life was taken and their youth are given the voice and attention that this is our streets our
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reclaiming the keys and remembering that we are one on the stand together mary menu well has collaborated with the trumpet ministration to address chicago's violence by welcoming twenty federal agents from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms but do people here think more police will make them safer oh so. i think so one of my friends of the cars rated little piece of black light yellow piece of blend is they put those over cofan unknown us they asked us for the gun to let him go that's that's like a bonus but now you know how good they loose the streets look out for the street right this is what is all this is about but off how many times i've also this being the wrong thing to cover up for their fellow officers if we go be structure government. nesson go for everyone open to all this is a no not just people in poverty stricken i just go for the news will give you the full story just give you what they want you to hear they focus on the negative
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ideas that are going on and focusing on the positive things that might be going the next many and they always try to make this side and they brew it seem negative i am the responsible child to colleges need to be seen but the media need to the students like me and the students were out there working hard for their knives and working hard to make their money it's perhaps when looking at the art on display at precious blood when you can most clearly see reality that people here on the south side would be capable of creating anything if only they were given brushes rather than guns in chicago on a par until our t.v. . joining me now to discuss this further is activists and hip hop artists your remote
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karama and omar the lads as organizer for increase the peace now omar want to first address this question to you while what do you think is causing an uptick in violence in chicago. well i mean thank you for having me first of all i think a lot of things play factors into it you have communities who are kind of fed up with policing where there's not great communication and relationship with the police and community we're facing different threats economically through violence our schools are closing down we're not receiving funding i believe our credit rating for our state is i think one rating above junk so i mean i think there's a lot of factors that play into the fact that you know we're seeing an uptick in violence in our communities it's a great point you bring up omar i was reading experts are saying that we're seeing an uptick in violence mostly because of the look on mcdonnell video that was released and then the d.o.j. announcing that they were going to basically investigate the c.p.d.
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but a lot of chicago citizens are saying that is not the case at all now and you're rima this next question i have for you now the d.o.j. investigation ever revealed the c.p.d. wrongfully targeted and killed african-american citizens yet attorney general jeff sessions said government intervention wasn't need it just last month the federal government announced it would partner with chicago officials using a program called crime guns strikeforce in order to remove illegal guns from the streets and repeat offenders so you're in the why is the federal government now intervening. they're going back to the same nixon and clinton administration rim of these which is basically to bring in poli talk about lock them up throw away the key it's always crime and punishment with them with the federal government as well as as well as local and state police it's always crime and punishment they never want to go in and actually deal with the
5:41 pm
issues affecting the community other than lock them up and i think i would be remiss if i didn't mention this i find it quite hypocritical for them to. talk about going in and to remedy the gun problem when there have been cases proven cases where the police have put the guns there themselves i mean you don't have chicagoans in those poor communities traveling across state lines and indiana to buy guns so how are the guns getting there in the numbers that they are getting there a lot of times those police departments are putting them there and that's why in one particular case that they talked about with the guy with the blood in his ears the cops wanted a gun because because they have quotas to meet her you're ridiculous i want to keep on this topic with you now from that d.o.j. investigation it shows that once again officers are wrongfully targeting the african-american citizens now what do you say to a person who justifies officers killing unarmed black people and saying all black
5:42 pm
people are shooting black people. well i mean that's the age old argument the fact of the matter is that people in poverty communities people feed off of their feet off others in their environment that's just the way it is there's a lot of there's a lot of hurt there's a lot of anger and we have to keep in mind as well for people that say that that the fraternal order of police and the police. organizations in this country were born out of the slave patrols and the slave patrols those those institutions were strictly there to not only kill and maim black people but to protect white wealth and so when we look at the present day that institution has not changed so when you see the number of police out here killing black men women and children basically that's a system and an organization that has still born out of the slave patrols in the mentality hasn't changed which is why i always say if you want to see
5:43 pm
a change in the system you have to totally decimate that system totally annihilated and rebuild it from the ground up omar would you like to add to that. yes so i mean i do agree with the fact that people are viewing us from especially from the outside in. that type of stance that you know why should we be worrying about police murdering african-americans and minorities when they do it to themselves the thing is that. with that mentality it doesn't make the argument. it doesn't make the argument anymore better especially for the people in these communities who are dealing with these we understand and we acknowledge the violence within our communities but there has to come a point where we have to call out these these these officers and their policing tactics their the way that they're policing these communities like they said they have quotas to meet they have. been sent to find weapons on them so they they
5:44 pm
police in a certain type of way that they're not helping the community they're there they're keeping them down so i honestly believe that. there does need to be a change in the way that we are policing our communities there needs to be a conversation of bridge between the communities and the police who police themselves because sometimes sometimes even the own members of communities and of becoming police officers and they become jaded towards their own communities jaded towards their own people and it's due through this system that's created that where . like stated there's no there's no relationship building between these two it's viewed as us against them and and i believe that that needs to be changed omar i know that you are in the city and you're among other chicago citizens with illinois having the highest unemployment rate especially for black citizens the school system failing children before they can even hope for up brighter future do you believe that chicago citizen sometimes feel hopeless. yes and that is that is one
5:45 pm
thing that is. you can you can see it here in the communities and it doesn't help with you know news casts different news are going to say sions. you know just for these ratings they like to come out and say like you stated before gives a story line of how many murders in chicago how many. shootings the crime rates the unemployment rates and they failed to look at the picture of people in organizations are doing jobs like us that bring hope bring peace into these communities were overlooked and honestly i believe that that. that type of mentality that's pushed on to the community members and the people here in illinois in chicago constant bombardment of murders guns shootings crime rates it doesn't help the the mindset for the for our fellow chicagoans grade point omar now.
5:46 pm
let's talk so whoosh in is there an ultimate solution to ending these homicide rates in the city. well well first first. i would be remiss if i didn't point out we have to also remember that when we talk about when people talk about black on black crime let's not forget the agenda that's pushed by the corporate run media here in this country because if you're going to talk about black on black crime then you have to also talk about why don't white crime lead seen on latino crime which both of those are over eighty percent so the average white person that gets killed is killed by another white person just as the same as the average black person who is killed so we can't forget that fact we can't just pretend like this is one sided when we look at solutions we have to. apply the fact that the police are have been complicit in this and so. when we talk about solutions we have to first talk about jobs economics because depleted communities that are depleted
5:47 pm
economically i don't i don't care what race you are you're going to you're going to show these these telltale signs because there's anger there's hurt there's you know despair and all of that and so we have to first look at the economics of giving these people job providing job opportunities and it's going to be hard for a state of illinois which is bankrupt right now there's a few states that are on the verge of bankruptcy there's a few states that are already bankrupt and illinois is one of them so thank you so much folks like we were i had a time gentleman thank you for your time your remote and omar that was activism had pop artist arema karama an organizer for increase the peace omar gallaga as that's it for race in america i'm actually banks follow me on twitter at ashley banks underscore r.t. and don't forget to question maura back to manila. and don't forget to tune into on contact us saturdays chris hedges is being joined by activist and author eugene per year for
5:48 pm
a discussion on how come dashing racism also requires facing the consequences of capitalism so let's talk about capitalism being. so many on the left especially when they talk about building a post racial america don't go there this you know absolutely and i think that a lot of it is people are looking for something that can sort of assuage their guilt and their frustration about the system that oftentimes could be benefiting them and i think a lot of especially middle class liberal officialdom they may know racism is wrong they may dislike it they may think mass incarceration is a terrible idea but they still want to try to view it as basically neutral so we don't have to look at the depth of the system the role of the system the fact that really institutions of social control over black labor have been really essential to the building up of capitalism in america there's no way to separate the genocide of native americans but from slavery from jim crow and i think mass incarceration fits in a similar vein although i think as opposed to previous forms of social control
5:49 pm
which were all about sort of captive black labor and the slave system freezing them in the south a sort of permanent serves now it's really more about the fact that we've gone to this globalized supply chain the sort of race to the bottom at wages and living standards all around the world and it's really instead of keeping people working in a particular context containing the social contradictions capitalism has created with people on mass not working particularly the black well if you. reports of horrendous living conditions for prisoners are surfacing across the country our own natasha sweet takes us through the extreme situations prisoners are facing it sounds like something out of a movie but it's a reality for some inmates at a small county jail in tennessee a judge is offering thirty days ah prisoner sentences if they get sterilized salmon bedingfield introduced the program hoping to discourage criminals from having children and so far thirty two women have had an implant in their arm to prevent
5:50 pm
pregnancy for up to four years and thirty eight men have signed up to get a vasectomy is their attorney brian sit down. way says the program isn't ethical and the a.c.l.u. says it's completely unconstitutional but tennessee isn't the only place trying to curb the population growth among prisoners according to the center of investigative reporting nearly one hundred fifty inmates at the california institution for women in corona were sterilized between two thousand and six and two thousand and ten all without proper approval and in st louis and mates are begging to be released stuck in cells without air conditioning as temperatures reach triple digits. oh. well you can hear inmates pleading for help as only a few sections of the medium security institution are air conditioned most rely on
5:51 pm
the bin to the windows for air circulation and if that wasn't bad enough in florida representative david richardson is outraged after witnessing inmates not having basic sanitation needs like toilet paper after visiting several prisons over the course of seven months richardson says that he witnessed toilet paper too with brushes paste pillows sheets and shirts being withheld from end mates expression those in confinement well some inmates were even deprived of food but this isn't the first we're hearing of harsh living conditions for inmates you may recall last year from day one r.t. covered the largest prison strike in u.s. history some claim they were experiencing forced slavery and you may recall some even went on a hunger strike and mission a strike they refused all consumption of food and it's all movements they have boycotted court their yard time their visit and all their own movements and tells
5:52 pm
them something changed i know we've had multiple issues with inmates not. tree notched or been cleared for prison and then having to have extensive surgeries or cancer or other underlying medical conditions that were to ensure. well during the strike it was also reported that there were inmate suicides every sixty to ninety days but now after representative richardson expose what he called the humanizing living conditions in florida the florida department of corrections is responding in an e-mail a spokesperson said the department is not withhold hygiene products from and maids and works to continually ensure all health safety and hygiene standards are being met with in our one hundred forty nine locations in the meantime richardson is trying to get policies changed ones like allowing inmates a roll of toilet paper every ten days in washington and suites r.t. . driverless cars were once things we saw in movies but after
5:53 pm
a recent push from congress we may be seeing more of these self driving cars on public streets across the united states is trying to achieve as has the story from new york well most of us never see driverless cars and that would be changing very soon the house subcommittee has approved a proposal that would allow up to one hundred thousand cell driving cars onto american story house energy and commerce committee voted to advance a bill that would speed up the development of self driving cars and without meeting existing auto safety standards on wednesday the changes would also bar individual states from imposing driverless car rules. according to reuters this measure would be the first significant federal legislation aimed at speeding self driving cars to market the proposal would still need automakers to submit the assessments to federal regulators but would not require pre-market approval for advanced vehicle technology the rapid push for driverless cars comes after the increase in road deaths ninety percent of collisions are caused by human error humans are pretty bad
5:54 pm
drivers and i mean every year we're literally hundreds of thousands of accidents that often cost forty thousand large per year on us routes so anything we can do to sort of take that human error out of it i think is only going to be an improvement for society. our manufacturers including general motors tesla and ford and tech companies like google and hoover are racing to get cars on us roads and it could happen between three to five years but experts say city officials have to plan for the future it's going to be a messy process and i think ultimately the best chance to pull this off well is to sort of get more people at the table informed in the conversation and trying to shape this really among the cities competing to be testing grounds for a.b. pilot programs are pittsburgh sacramento portland oregon and now new york is accepting applications from companies interested in testing or demonstrating autonomy vehicles on public roads in may governor cuomo said in this statement we are taking a careful. yet balanced approach to incorporating autonomy vehicles on our roads to
5:55 pm
reduce dangerous driving habits decrease the number of accidents and save lives on new york roadways while a big cars are expected to reduce traffic congestion decreased emissions and improve the overall safety of transportation officials still say that there is a lot of work that needs to be done and they still have to consider how it will affect city's infrastructure of public transportation and parking reporting in new york trinity chávez r t and that was a printout from one of the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america check out our website arts that comp bars lost america follow me on twitter at manila jam there it is remember to question more of a great weekend. you're watching american. where.
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michael smerconish has a show on c.n.n. called smerconish he just did a segment with a banner that read international intervention has the u.s. meddled in other countries elections with a question mark as in smerconish doesn't know whether or not the u.s. has meddled and the answer could be no but no the answer is yes yes we have meddled in this segment from our conduct interviews dr love and a post-doctoral fellow at the institute for politics and strategy at carnegie mellon so dr levin is a very smart guy and he did this extensive research about whether or not the u.s. has ever meddled in any other country's election and through his research this very smart dr levin determined that the u.s. has interfered with elections in no fewer than forty five and countries eighty one election from the years of nine hundred forty six to two thousand and we're not talking about interfering with. their countries politics or economics through wars
5:57 pm
or whatever that number would be much larger we're only talking about actual proof of direct meddling in election and the us has done that over eighty times and she lay argentina israel japan brazil czechoslovakia ukraine russia south vietnam philippines iran you get the picture forty seven countries and we haven't always even been covert about it more often than not we've done it overtly for the world to see so dr levin is telling smerconish this and smerconish is like blown away by these figures and he actually says wow i don't want anyone to take away the message that election hacking is ok because we've done it so he asks dr levin to clarify that we've always done it for the right reasons and dr levin well it kind of varies and smerconish just kind of writes it off as well sometimes we have to choose between the lesser of evils i guess it's more congress just can't read his head around the idea that maybe some might see the u.s.
5:58 pm
of meddling as a bad thing to now smart guy this is a smart guy he's been in politics the news for almost forty years starting out back in the eighty's when he ran for the pennsylvania state legislature he worked for bush when he was reagan's v.p. and he also backed obama in two thousand and eight so he's smart enough even to see past the part of the idiot but he still was shocked to hear that his own country has meddled in so many elections like somehow after working in politics in the media for so long this is news to him that's pretty surprising to me and telling because if smerconish doesn't know the extent of his own country's meddling then how is the rest of america supposed to know. it's. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those for. your wife or.
5:59 pm
donkey. what's your biggest fear in a bid on a hay ride when the last time you read a book you say if you ever met the best quarterback. that's one topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i did did you take the question more. no one knowing the street looks like. it would be analyzed to keep the bottom. line with the like you not i got. free. clinics.
6:00 pm
readings and salutations we here in the united states would love to. thump our chests until they turn red white and blue about all the freedoms we enjoy especially when we compare them to the rest of the world the strongest foundation of that freedom we brag about so much as our freedom of speech but over the last few years we've seen that once that one is granted strong freedoms slowly but surely getting worn withered and cracked down by the sand papered sledgehammers of corporate self-centered censorship and and government.


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