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we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so they. really. seriously sent us an e-mail. longtime arbonne of washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture progressive politics have never been more popular than they are right now where democrats still shying away from embracing progressive outright cohen of our revolution in just a moment and with his pick of yet another corporate insider for
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a top job in the e.p.a. is donald trump laying the groundwork for what f.d.r.'s vice president henry wallace called american fascism a layout that argument with marc anthony and scott greer and it's from. democrats democrats have a lot working in their favor right now for starters the president is wildly unpopular and congressional democrats aren't exactly in good graces with the american people either based on those two facts alone democrats have a real chance to win back the senate maybe even the house and twenty eighteen so why does it feel like democrats are squandering their big opportunity joining me now is larry cohen or chair of our evolution board chair of the democracy initiative larry welcome back pleasure great having you with us so the story that prompted my latest what the hell are they doing is this. bloomberg story that the d
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triple c. is trying to recruit blue dogs and it's like. you know i get it that there are blue dog democrats in the democratic party and i'm not and in and perhaps in some places in the country that's the entirely right and appropriate thing i do. we could that could be argued and it's debatable but i really don't think that america's sitting around going we really need a chain c.p.i. exactly yeah so i think that. part of it may be wishful thinking part of it may be just plain wrong because unless we're only talking about suburban districts that have republicans and there are some working class people are fed up with that few and whether they're independents now or some of them a few of them strayed into republican territory many of them just turned off and gave up and didn't vote. that's not going to win them back. what is going to win them back jobs real economic change tuitions free higher education child
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care medicare for all a different kind of economy that works for us not just for billionaires that's pretty straight forward i want to get to the fifty state strategy but isn't the real way to to to reach out to these folks. to basically go full bream full germy corben i mean the the list that you just listed is you know in mainstream media in the united states and certainly on fox so-called news is hard left and yet every single one of the things that you listed polls better than sixty percent united states right across the board most of them polled better than fifty percent with a republican voters and all of them poll in the eighty's or ninety's with democrats this does not seem to me like a radical agenda no it's not a radical agenda let's you're sitting in a corporate boardroom or one of the ten percent that works in management from only national corporations and a headquarters building for the rest of us it's common sense why can't we have
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health care instead of health insurance that's priced even now well beyond our means why can't we go back to what when you and i were growing up in many places including philadelphia right grew up community college you know tuition why is that a radical idea. we had it in the one nine hundred seventy s. so you know i think it's commonsense economics not radical at all i have heard that the democratic party is about to roll out a new slogan better deal. better skills better jobs better wages. as i recall it's good better best i mean should we go for best best would be great . but you know i don't want to i don't want to make too much fun of this i mean it's got to be a real a real challenge to be running the democratic party and trying to come up with a with a slogan but what are your thoughts on this so that actually came from a tim kaine op ed in usa today about a month ago i mean i know tim i knew him when he was mayor and then governor and
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senator and not as well when he ran for vice president but. you know i think it's ok i don't think again it gets to the heart of what people saying kosher wisconsin feel which is that lousy trade deal strip their jobs as u.s. companies auto companies move the plants outside the country it's not about their skills they yes they were eligible for a trade adjustment assistance which is retraining and then they got a job at half the pay they made in the auto plant before so there's a lot of missing pieces here about how capitalism works in the twenty first century destruction of workers' rights and those new jobs people can't get a union so a fifteen dollar wage replaces a thirty dollar wage or if they're lucky or else they're in wal-mart at a ten dollar wage i would think a slogan that just makes republicans heads explode you know something like free college free health care and decent jobs yeah or no more crazy trade deals you know something like that i mean just. right to the point of it all
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right no more corporate trade deals that would be right up there but even decent work why can't we say to kids when they graduate high school high school you're either getting a decent job and you have class henry wallace up there before in the worst case the government will provide it in the worst case or in the you know yours or the last resort no worse case either you're getting a decent job and we've helped train you for one because you just spent twelve years in school. or you're getting you're going to community college or the public university and you're not paying tuition why can't we say that every kid. america why is that out of reach in the wealthiest country in the world so i think this notion of decent work free higher education health care for all this is our sweet spot and a trade school possibly too i mean trade schools here not just yet and but we've we've lost a lot of that. first of all you know the manufacturing jobs don't pay what they used to g.m. is hiring a fourteen fifteen hour and on top of that the unions used to be essentially
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a trade schools and i remember when my my dad were going to a dive shop for forty years and you know people would come in as a premises and they would get the guys in the tool and die shop taught them how to run the blanchard's in the lades and all this kind of stuff and you know at the end of two or three years they were eligible for the kind of job that you could have for thirty or forty years and raise a family that's right and the amazing thing is that's not just twentieth century that's germany today it's right germany today kids are trained in high school they might go to do it's a telecom where they get a very good job or they might go to college but they're going somewhere and that's the focus of every high school in germany and germany is arguably the strongest economy in the world right are you believe the strongest economy twenty percent of the economy there is manufacturing while we have democrats telling us how manufacturing passe yet tell that to tell that to the germans tell that to the japanese we could go economy by economy we need a balanced economy making things and growing things is still part of what the world wants to lead to the chinese the koreans of koreans the taiwanese you know. let's
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go back to our revolution what do you you know what. trump promised that he's going to blow up nafta obviously you know he's is not keeping any of those promises that were the things that frankly i think got him elected. to the extent that any of them did but what's what's going on with this so first of all in that story last friday we were key sponsor of a demonstration in front of the national governors conference in providence rhode island. where they welcomed corporate lobbyists this is democratic and republican governors most of them are republicans in fairness corporate lobbyist to talk about how we're going to make sure the new nafta is a lot like the old nafta brought pierre trudeau in as the keynote speaker who good on social issues in canada not good on trade definitely an apologist for the same kind of so-called free trade with nothing won't work can't you know all of the three countries in nafta a candidate was the principal beneficiary one thing yeah but. again it depends who
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you are in canada but yeah overall canada's definitely a stronger economy they're running trade surpluses they're running trade sir but some of it is natural resources but yet but anyway we were in the streets our revolution and our partners saying to those governors and to president trump you promised a new trade deal it's better not look like the old one because the resistance to this is going to be greater than the resistance to the screw job on health care and so. on monday so it's three days later the u.s. trade representative les hisor released the objectives for the new nafta and shockingly there are much like the old math that there might be a couple of minor improvements there about procurement that governments can buy american goods or mexican goods if it's a mexican state or local government but overall it's the same deal corporate trade deal and so there was some language like basically copy and pasted from t p p yeah
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yeah oh yes david you know yeah intellectual property language that would be. now who is that for us after working class people and some of it may have some value but it's a lot of it is pharmaceutical companies they consider intellectual property keeping people paying into orbit and prices around the world and no generic drugs that's part of what's in the objectives so our revolution is going after this where is the democratic party well we hopefully they will be most of them will be with us that we will see so. in fairness they start to negotiate a new nafta in about a month and we will be wrapping that up with democrats and the republicans who were voting no on t.p. pay that hey look at the new deal same as the old deal well that's that's actually kind of a card in the hole isn't it because trump actually campaigned on blowing up nafta and so if he tries to just just you know put some some polish on it. i don't see how that works with that it was hopefully it won't work but as you know he's pretty
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good at saying one thing and doing another yeah that's my great grandmother would say when i was growing up i lived in her house with my parents she would say i watch your feet not your mouth ok here you go what do you what do you do with mary frances understood this stuff we'll see if donald trump does yeah now there's a big union election coming up in canton mississippi on auto plant and revolution has been very organized in the involved in that organizing drive tell us about that so first of all we had a big demonstration there bernie was there a new president nina turner was there. and the community was there which is really key in this community so it's a suburb of jackson mississippi which you know has the new maryland a very progressive city government can this is sort of another story of a suburb but i mean the strategy that the u.a.w. is using for years there has been organizing the community for good jobs our revolution in addition to that demonstration is putting pressure on the sun itself for fairness why is this the only place in the world where workers get pressured
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not to join a union every other nissan plant has a union why are you doing this in mississippi because they can well we think you should have values nissan and we're trying to you know drum up support petitions and other pressure on the sun itself in the sun is a japanese company i do and they they're entirely unionized in japan tyrell unionized everywhere except here big shock yeah so are you are you you're just take are you taking it too have you thought about taking it to japan maybe w.a.w. has been in japan for years the yeah trying to do exactly that mixed results it's a fairly. it's not easy for workers you know the volkswagen story would be a similar one in germany it's not easy for workers to take on their employer when they're treated ok where they live you know you're trying to get people to dig a little deeper but you know the after years of organizing can't mississippi the union is moving ahead with an n r b l action it's going to be an election here you . for the union or no for the union that's that's probably only weeks away. that's
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a great we'll see how it shakes out larry thank you he's a pleasure great having you. al gore a former senator vice president and popular vote winner of the two thousand presidential election said this week that it's time for single payer health care so why did the media ignore him i asked marc anthony and scott greer in tonight's rumble right after the break. there's a real irony going. to play a big response on the point from the people and it's always the it's one that's always the same answer. for every no wholesale surveillance means to tell you i'm all mean while those who intend to do so since the instructor has used social media well i always thought that story was a scar a real. i
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think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell me you know why because their advertisers let them. in order to create change you would have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that. we tell everyone we can you know want their working.
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lives and institutions to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. to do it for us that's what. three of them do get. interested in the war. now that americans have seen what the alternatives are single payer health care is more popular than ever and i just wanted to biggest and doris but yet former vice president al gore let's roll.
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with me for that i had trouble our marc anthony with the movement for black lives and scott greer deputy editor of the daily caller thank you both for being here with us tonight. it's great having you having me thank you my pleasure so during an appearance in new york city this week to promote his new climate change documentary former president al gore and vice president al gore said he supports single payer health care the private sector has not shown any ability to provide good excessive and affordable health care for all i believe for example we ought to have a single payer health care so where was the media coverage on this if some former republican vice president or president had come out in favor of trump care there would have been wall to wall car. bridge mark. yeah you know i think we're in
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a moment we're seeing that plan and the ministration right now on health care of their health care falling apart and i also think we're also in a moment where we need more imagination right and so the media's coverage in some ways i think reflects the need for us to lean into bigger and more creative visions about what's necessary and that's why the move for black lives as been pushing for universal health care ensuring that folks know that even before we were in this conversation around defending the affordable care act we were in a situation where many of our communities did not have access to health care and we can see that pretty blatantly when we look at our county jails los angeles is a great example of that in that the largest mental health facility in the country is twin towers jail and one of the ways in which we can really correct that is
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moving away from private interest making profits off of the health of our folks and actually focus on providing universal health care for people and scott doesn't this pretty much blow up the notion that there's this liberal press it seems like you know from the sunday sunday shows always having more republicans back when bush was president they said oh we've got to have more republicans because they're in power and then when obama was president it was like well we've got to have more republicans because they're out of power and it's like you know the the the inability or unwillingness of the press to cover this says to me that you know they're just part of this whole corporate cobol well there's some part to that but i think it's less that it's a liberal press but a press obsessed with ratings they're obsessed with these donald trump scandals they want to believe that there's all these conspiracy theories out there and they'd rather focus on that than they would on these policy decisions and it's not just al gore's coming out with this a lot of kind of center. liberals have been fearing the path toward single payer i
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think it was recently the new york senator kerry pierson jill brown who is a possible twenty twenty can dinner it is usually very cozy with wall street in the democratic establishment was having very positive remarks about single payer payer recently so this is a big issue for democrats and it's a huge news story that democrats who you know ten years ago they wouldn't even entertain this in broccoli obama had always run on saying old bamma care is not single payer i don't want that were you want the free market so involved and now you have srong center left contenders entertaining the idea of single payer this is a huge change for the democratic party but it's not even just for democrats republicans i believe it's a plurality of republican voters that somewhere around forty percent are actually interested in the idea of single payer so this is a big trend right now in the united states and it's. i would say the press is not covering it just because it's not sexy enough they would rather than cover the latest from scandal instead it doesn't show political bias. it's
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a sad commentary on whatever whichever whichever variables we're looking at. earlier this week donald trump filled one of the many empty federal nominations slots his administration still has to fill when he chose toxicologist michael duerson to head the e.p.a. as chemical safety board although duerson has spirits he also has deep ties to the chemical industry really deep ties for example is the intercept reports he founded and ran a toxicology consulting firm whose work enabled dupont to avoid providing clean water to people in west virginia after that company contaminated the area around one of its plants with a dangerous industrial chemical so here we have yet another example of trump putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop former vice president wallace described this kind of government as american fascism he described american fascists in the new york times as people who claim to be super. but would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the constitution they demand free enterprise but they
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are the spokesman for monopoly invested interest their final objective toward which all of their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that using the power of the state in the power that power of the market simultaneously they may keep the common man in eternal subjection so is that the trumps administration goal and by proxy the goal of the entire republican party. not i would rely on the word of henry wallace but no problem with stalinist to give me advice on what american fascists are but i think there is this is not american fascism or anything of that concert but there is a concern with conflict of interest if this is somebody who is going to be dealing with these cases and he has this password to pass connections with companies he may be investigating and working with and this should be a concern for americans but i think resorting to this is a fascism are this is how they're taking over destroying our little liberties as hysteric and not accurate and. it is something that which you concern and talk
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about but resorting to labels of fascism is not helpful in differences but in defense of hundred wallace number one the dictionary definition of fascism is the merger of corporate and state interests number two stalin was our ally when we were fighting world war two and he was the icon on or around the yard during the cold war any this was not the call you were in a lot of reading we were like oh not granted it's already a by appealing to comments voters who are all behind the communist voters through that's how it worked with the congress party mark your thoughts. yeah i mean look there is a tremendous amount of i think it's deeper than any conflict of interest we're talking about and i do ya logy were people don't matter and this is obviously previous to the current administration we saw that with flint michigan where water access access to clean healthy water was compromised knowingly compromised and we see this across the united states and so yes there's. serious conflict of interest
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there is also an ideology that actually does not value the health and well being and basic human rights that our communities have and so wow trump is demonstrating that ideology demonstrating that the disrespect for people's lives it's all so much deeper and we have to really look at that and which is why you know organizations are part of the movement black lives have been saying we really have to have more control over the institutions and structures that term in our daily lives including access to water including access to health care including public safety step by step the first past few decades have not been great for working americans since one nine hundred seventy eight working americans have seen their wages grow just eleven point two percent meanwhile c.e.o.'s have according to the economic policy is to its latest analysis seen their pay jump a whopping nine hundred thirty seven percent over that same period we now have
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a c.e.o. to worker pay ratio of two hundred seventy one to one this is not an accident this is the direct result of republicans particularly during the reagan era changing the compensation and tax rules in such a way that they benefit the kings of capitalism the c.e.o. and so wiping out the middle class something that we had to choose to create it's also the essential building block of democracy so isn't it time we call c.e.o. pay what it is a threat to democracy mark. it definitely and i think you know this is i think it's important that this is come out and that we're tracking c.e.o.'s income particularly because we see so much pushback and so much criticism all round people fighting for more wages even just living wages right there's been so much criticism of the fight for fifteen dollars minimum wage in fact you see a lot of critique coming out saying that raising minimum wage will make people lose
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their jobs right well what if we took some of that income that c.e.o.'s are making and actually translated it into job training intra translated into drug job rating this program is right in fact we've seen a study came out of the national economic law project that raising minimum wage since one nine hundred thirty eight in two thousand and nine actually didn't result in loss of jobs actually created more jobs sixty eight percent increase in jobs in some sectors and so i think it's really important to juxtapose juxtaposition both the attack on people's daily lives and daily labor and being able to have a living wage versus the tremendous income that c.e.o.'s are basically taking and stealing from our folks. the aggregate demand is what drives economies aggregate demand is fancy economists speak for the money that people spend and people who spend one hundred percent of their income are the people who are
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stimulating the economy as people make generally speaking last than fifty to seventy thousand dollars and i mean all the way out of people are making ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year it is in those of the people who are driving the economy if the c.e.o.'s were taking a little less income and everybody else was taking a little more we'd have a better economy is not a good thing isn't that arguably a conservative things will would be a great thing to fix wage stagnation i'm not quite sure if the c.e.o. thing is going to be the way to do it in my punished. the workers in my put it might hurt the economy but there is this is a serious concern when the costs of living are skyrocketing in the nation while wages are stagnating it makes sense for why all the millions americans are turning towards anti establishment politics whether it's coming from the right and donald trump or it's coming from the left of bernie sanders so people are very receptive to this message that you know why are these c.e.o.'s screwing us over why are they taking home huge massive paychecks and you're not getting any raise do you think
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there is a lot of anger for this and they there is a lot of anger when they don't see their wages rising where they don't have the ability to send their kids or good schools and they don't have the ability to do it on line and i find is that when you know when reagan changed the compensation rules so that c.e.o.'s could be compensated with stock options which is how most of our getting really really and seen insanely rich and then also drop the top tax rate below fifty percent that was the point at which the c.e.o. said ok we're going to grab it all and you get as you can see over the last thirty five years they have shouldn't be reversed reaganism well we should have these benefits go down to the working class is clearly not happening when we look at jimmy's throughout the country that are shells of themselves and we don't have a commie where people feel they have an equal share are they have the ability to grow into the middle class you know ok marc anthony scott greer it's great having you both with with us and i thank you so much. thank you for having me my pleasure and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active tag you're it.
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from the bottom. like you. put up. with. the. limits.
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on larry you are watching our. more. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that. fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians and celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news to sign the push through the whole team and exploitation of the neo liberal force so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money.


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