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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 21, 2017 9:29pm-10:02pm EDT

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we here in the united states love that thump our chests until they turn red white and blue about all the freedoms we enjoy especially when we compare them to the rest of the world the strongest foundation of that freedom we brag about so much as our freedom of speech but over the last few years we've seen that once that one is granted strong freedom slowly but surely getting worn withered and cracked down by the sand papered sledgehammers of corporate self-centered censorship and government intimidation the union of government force and corporate know how it's not new to the young history of the united states but the voting public is most often left unaware of this rather dangerous tag team take for example the corporate government synergy that was at work during the dakota access pipeline protests of last year only now are we slowly discovering the powerful forces that were working behind the scenes to not only abuse and arrest these citizens practicing their constitutionally protected freedom of speech and assembly but to also discredit
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disparage and publicly blog them in the media three coordinated public relations campaign a public relations campaign that according to investigative journalist steve moore and of the smaug and curtis waldman of muck rock drafted the talking points that used by law enforcement to an attempt in the attempt to discredit the anti dakota access movement the talking points purported that the movement was led by out of state agitators with gang and drug dealing ties had connections to anarchists and palestinian activists use violence and possessed of guns and knives eccentric centra. so as the tag team of corporate power and government force continue to shred our constitution in the name of greed and subservience now was the time to start watching all.
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of. you know that i got. the watching the hawks i am i robot and i'm talking about it and joining us today to discuss his recent article on the public relations war was working behind the scenes with law enforcement to discredit the water protectors outstanding iraq is investigative journalist steve or and welcome steve good to be back thanks for having me steve first of all tell us a little about these these rather mysterious corporate political p.r. firms that you discovered were working behind the scenes during the go to axis protests you know what kind of things were they responsible for and who was
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ultimately involved you know of the important thing about this story of course this is this happened back in october so it seems almost like a history story but explain why it's still relevant today but the other thing that made this newsworthy and you know unreported today was through an open records request we basically discovered that the talking points which were queued up about these particular protesters who had convened at this native american reservation and standing rock and cannonball in north dakota the talking points actually did not come from the police who were convened there from various states. but actually were drafted by outside public relations firms one of the being firm by the name of off the record strategies which is run by a former bush administration official george w. bush who. you know he now runs the firm for the bush administration he was
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doing leading communications for the iraq war both iraq and afghanistan or and then the in particular the surge strategy for afghanistan so he was leading communications a war room if you will which was basically convened to fend off critiques. the u.s. is involvement in that war that were coming from liberals and. the democratic party at the time so this is a guy by the name of mark fivefold who runs that firm he was contracted by the national sheriffs association the documents show to do this work which was basically in essence to discredit the activists who had can be in there and he was contracted alongside another firm by the name of dell which is run by another republican party operative the former head of the republican national committee's research operation a name of a man but of jeff berkowitz ari most don't really show much of what they did other
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than that they were c.c. on every e-mail that's because maybe they were communicating more specifically and directly with the national sheriffs association which i mean we didn't get those in open records requests we got these records from the county sheriff's department in wyoming so an e-mail in which they were c.c.d. or communicating directly we obtained these e-mails basically show. you know the strategy was basically outlined in this model we have today in which was the talking points that they use starting in early october which was a about a month after lots of out of state cops came to the state they were in kind of a crisis mode they're trying to figure out how do we communicate what's. going on here and so with the help of marc feisal of off the record strategies they drafted this memo and you really see in this memo all the talking points that were then used by the sheriff's department that a lot of people at the time were pretty angry about because they thought they didn't really describe what's happening they were saying that the. protesters there
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were violent that they had sympathies with the pro palestinian movement that they were polluting the camp that they were. you know basically the main message that they were violent they were agitators that they were doing riots just any way to show that they were not peaceful they were not careful as they describe themselves so they all centered around this early october memo and that was eventually it wasn't just the metal that was kind of stood still we saw in the e-mails that they found sympathetic media to pass the memo to social conservative media in the state of north dakota conservative radio and it was a strategy that was realized and really pushed for the next couple months after it was led by this guy mark feisal that's really runnable stop as opposed to you from these e-mails like yeah well we didn't hear much about i think that's what's incredible about it is that we didn't hear about it during the protests we didn't hear anything about this was there an effort a distinct effort to conceal the relationship between the p.r.
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firm and the sheriff's department and law enforcement well i mean if you see the name of the firm it's called off the record stretches the numbers on their web site they do advertise that we do this important work but we don't ever do it on the record so that really top a firm that speaks on behalf of any particular cause but they're helping with strategy behind the scenes it's not really a surprise that we didn't hear about this during the peak of these protests and of course they were communicating with government officials which is government records which can be obtained from the open records request which is how we discovered that relationship in terms of that other firm dowels still really not clear exactly what they were doing we still. to do more reporting on that all we know is that they were basically seed on every single e-mail so they definitely involved in strategizing and different opposition research efforts but we don't know and we don't even know the full extent of what this firm. off the record strategy but we do know of course but the name it was not supposed to be there and
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was on the edge of the governor after this but. i think i think the million dollar question is for people who are kind of following it's ok with me the protests didn't affect me or you know i'm mad about this but why should citizens both if you're in the united states and elsewhere around the world be concerned about these you know kind of behind closed doors partnerships between you know whether be unions or government or law enforcement or and kind of you know political corporate p.r. firms why why should we care well ok so that you know of course this is part of a multi-pronged policing strategy if you will and so of course public relations or in that world they might call it psychological operations or psychological warfare and terms of the military this is one problem at a stretch of course the same time there are hundreds of cops who came in from out of state under this compact emergency management assistance compact or the mask this contact was really used in an unprecedented way normally used for natural
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disasters for hurricanes for other types of disasters of that nature to bring in law enforcement to help police you know with those efforts they brought in instead to police protest with heavily armed with military tanks no military tankers with military arms many many thought as basically an occupation of that particular protester militarized reaction to it and why it's not just a piece of history fast forwarding to today we see that the emergency management assistance compact has been updated and passed as law in the. that of louisiana where another pipeline that connects that it could access the bayu bridge pipeline is being proposed and is up for potential permits from the department of natural resources there that connects and goes to the gulf coast in the louisiana we see that not only that that compact isn't place but the same private security firm
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tiger swan was just denied a permit there but we see that have the same firms are involved we see the same spokesman a guy by the name of spider marks who is speaking on behalf of tiger swan he's been involved in the louisiana and we see that the national sheriff's association who was so involved in the code access and who was working alongside this p.r. firm they are also now deeply involved in the head of the current head of the president of that is associated and is a sheriff in the state of louisiana but the national association is already sort of figuring out its response to protest of the bayou bridge pipeline and the last thing i'll say is in a webinars the national association which we reported on the story. took place in may they both spiteful who was in that well but are and then another head of operations of policing for that called access by protests. sheriff of
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cass county of an appalling those two on the weapon are basically said that back in april they met with the attorney general of nebraska to talk about potential responses the protests around the keystone x.l. pipeline which are heating up in that state so it's not just a piece of history it's that a lot of these same kind of pieces of that response in the court actions are now moving in today and of course there are sort of first amendment rights which might be implicated with the right to pump the speech you know first amendment rights with. the right to speak out against things you disagree with exactly and plus of course that you know the merger. potentially of these private firms like tiger swat and the state sanctioned police apparatus so there's lots of issues that are and play that go just you know and by protest against things that people think are bad for the environment they're actually big free speech issues and. police policing
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related issues that could have implications long into the future. thank you for them i think the incredible story and i thank you first staying on this because it's one of those things that the connections between the police officers and this kind of collusion between them is really important for people to see because even if you don't care about pipelines it's going to be something tomorrow and the next day and the next day and i thank you for all of your and credible work on that. how is the pleasure steve. thank you so much for talking to us. as we're going to. let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our two dogs coming up sean stone discusses all saudi arabia with zeinab high school saying that and then we preview the new episode of productive tonight stay tuned to watch.
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of duty. or. to be told. just need more recruits. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually useful on. the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it's still really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our two year marriage is doing the same we are apparently better than that and see people you've never heard of low or down to the night and president of the world playing very. very. seriously send us an e-mail.
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if you've been watching the news plenty of air time has been devoted to saudi arabia in recent months from the president's much covered state visit to the saudis tough stance on neighboring cutter's ties to terrorism and finally to its hosting a future g twenty summit saudi arabia appears to be a big player on the rise what has been less talked about though is how the kingdom has used this soft spotlight to cover for its ongoing and worsening human rights abuses a humanitarian crisis caused by its all out war on yemen as well as the hypocrisy of one terrorist sponsoring government calling for a blockade of another to get a better grasp of what truly lies beneath the behind the saudi government stop talk and bold action sean stone spoke earlier with dr sam hussein as spokesperson for the baki an organization and organizer of a recent protest here in washington d.c. . after the same saying thank you so much for joining me today i want to start by
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discussing with you the buckey organization that you are a member of and you're very involved with this most recent recent demonstration in washington d.c. just explain to us what the demonstration was about. a slum a lake of peace and blessings be upon all my viewers today thank you so much for having me shine then absolute pleasure and thank you for letting me discuss this important topic yes as mentioned. i'm a member of the here on the spokesperson for buffy organization actually and. manifested in front of the saudi embassy july third of this month and we were there in front of the saudi embassy in washington d.c. this was one of many protests that were held globally and for there to denounce terrorism the right there to denounce the root cause of terrorism and we
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were there to show the media that they may majorly have missed the proverbial writing on the wall when it comes to the root cause of terrorism and if you think about it. there. is more than three thousand muslims there were marching in the streets of washington d.c. we started at the saudi embassy and we had a clear message for. the ruling authorities and then we marched to the white house and we had a clear message for the saudi embassy as well as we had a clear message for the layman that they're on the streets and for. policymakers in washington d.c. . it's interesting the saudis are trying to take the mantle of saying that they're fighting as bedding the coalition basically against terrorism right and they're
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taking on this dismantle now that they're accusing countries like qatar of being you know basically sponsors of terrorism and that's allegedly the reason for this sanctions against qatar the saudis are our leading how to use perceive this conflict between saudi arabia qatar currently isn't really about terrorism. or is that of. absolutely a matter of the smoke screen as you know that is being portrayed to us at this point if you see. and they weren't happy with al-jazeera speaking up against and there's a lot of conflicts there. definitely not i mean all fingers for terrorism point toward saudi arabia if you kind of look at it if you if you look at nine eleven fifteen out of nineteen hijackers mostly saudi citizens if you look at this funding
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the propagation and everything all terrorism bikies leaks everything point two or saudi arabian links and so that saudi money is most definitely involved in the propagation of terrorism being in the buckey organization want to have sent a clear message in the memorandum that we submit to the saudi embassy and be have asked for to be our demands and. five demands and i'll just point out a few of them first was to stop funding aiding terrorism across the globe second was to stop. denouncing the wiping away of peaceful world her sites that are existent in this world and if you look at it. the cemetery which was in medina be take that name on because we think that the buckley cemetery is the first site of resistance the first quine scene of the
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hobby terrorism if you want to unmask the. term all of islam with terrorism and remove it. and show that it is nothing but wahhabi terrorism that exists. the world is a tragedy to those who only comedy to those who think the hit are to america so we're back to tonight will make you think left and cry but in a good way the good way they attack the stories mainstream comedy is just too afraid to even touch and joining us tonight to preview this week's latest episode of parties were doctors that are the one and only male we care about. not a phrase that you. where did that come from very very touchy. exactly john with all of this touchy feely math i'm sure you have a really. lovely story that brings joy to our heart and then crushes our soul
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possibly about a child yeah yeah great this is the part of this is obviously this is the first time in a while that somebody is really kind of rocked my world or maybe even kind of rethink how messed up things are so there's this girl she's eight years old now the time she was seven she's still doing this stuff her name is bob. she's a syrian refugee living in turkey and you'll see her on all these prominent media outlets particularly c.n.n. and she's and she's speaking about you know the tragedy in aleppo and calling for the world to act essentially for regime change but what's crazy if you actually watch her speak it's very clear that she doesn't know how to speak english that she just phonetically reading these words syllable by syllable and doesn't know the context of what they mean because there was lead footage of her on turkish t.v. being asked questions in english and she has no idea how to answer them she just saying her status lines and was really crazy is that so this is being pushed ubiquitously through c.n.n.
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and also now she has a book deal with simon and schuster and she was named as one of the top twenty five most influential people on the internet by time magazine and if you look at this is a parallel to what they did what the government did leading up to the first gulf war in the early ninety's with the with that girl and maria who is fifteen years old kuwaiti girl talking about how they're throwing the baby. now that has been proven absolutely that was a false testimony and it's known as something called atrocity propaganda and from everything that i've seen it looks like we're doing it again it makes me think like the level of collusion by intelligence assets in the government into the mainstream media is more widespread than i ever thought so we have a clip we have a clip that's on to leiria yeah yeah and i had to make it funny. just about every i one. that children react. and got in school it leaves a nice we can look at how we can change we can
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together we can help them and trust me i take no pleasure in making fun of a little girl struggle to read or maybe a little bit i am a monster but this is crazy she's been exploited by a large entity she can't possibly understand. oh god same thing happened to me in those how to hairstyling videos. they were going to search on things. from my mom i love her style and lacks. one minute from the palm of my hands and just shifted it throughout the hand. so now has time for the funky i needed the fifty bucks ok i didn't know that lady was going to manage and that my head like i was a sockpuppet. anyway if you're not yet convinced that this is a rotten psyop or at least that he's being used for those purposes there's a lot more proof. this is the thing there is
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a lot more proof you really have to watch that settles package and see the line you definitely are a monster well yeah i mean obviously there. yeah south from there but i don't we know your it's hard to see this on your crazy thing to say but it's hard not to see this as some sort of psychological operation pushing for regime fall i mean that is that's the thing the. thing tony ever of whom have seen those videos too and i've always wondered you know this is something that you know wasn't you know something that was a psyop dorcas straight from the get or was it you know a mother who wanted to speak out about you know her view on what's going on there but then kind of like used her child to do you know there was more innocent possibility then we had done now was jumped on and then used on the i don't know if there's a lot of really weird horrible things going on and and the saddest thing about it is you have this kind of you're seventy eight year old girl kind of caught up in the middle of it all well what's crazy is certain sweet so she has her own twitter account that went very vile that's going very viral right just like three hundred
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seventy thousand followers yeah. there's some tweets that they deleted because it was just too crazy said they say it's manage her mom but she supposed to be saying them and one thing she said she was like better to go to world war three then it is you you know allow holocaust and then they delete it right and then there's a bunch of people i also saw two that were like you know jumping on there and like putting out fake tweets that she did kind of in that same some insights a little pretty funny what it was it was like a mob it was like oh yeah he was like it was like dear f. thirty five best multi-role fighter chant is going to fight but no race actually did that. hard actually territory and right. now i also understand that lanky admire and. how i also understand the. couldn't join us today because of overdosed on the ball extraordinary strike if you like to. use really investigating the story very deeply and you know it's like it's
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a daniel day lewis kind of thing. so he does get into police brutality at the start of the show and he really talks about you know everybody's talking about police training and what we can do to improve the relationship between police and their communities that they are supposed to serve and protect but sometimes it goes horribly wrong you know and so one aspect that hasn't really been discussed is like the mental health of these people carrying guns and there's been some cases of police using steroids some doctors getting busted for giving out like thousands of prescriptions to police officers and the thing is cops don't get tested which is very. true professional wrestlers in question you know the integrity of their sport but they go for the right to steal chairs in
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a fake way right through to you with tasers and guns in a real where you're hitting them with bully and leave this road test to ride a bicycle i thought you were going to carry a gun and you did very effectively work it took you to write a. pretty pretty aggressive it's more pervasive than we know or realize you know for some reason and it affects facts judgment it makes people more aggressive more violent it's also stuff where people and it's like is every instance of police brutality connected to steroids no or some absolutely well if you look at the officers you see now they are huge huge i mean arms like this and you're looking at people who are like but are this. builds arise. i mean like you're really great. except for the smell of cigarettes and well there's got to yoga i claim that. one job at a time well i got to say thank you so much they were always coming on and tell us
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about this week's episode of er doctors and i don't miss we're dogs and i would yours every friday on r t america at redacted so i had the ip which features exclusive interviews and paddles every thursday are to america and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love the stuff so i tell you all i love you i roll one for time tap and i want to keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and. all the feel we can be. every in the world should you be real. and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to jess.
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world come along for the ride. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't go big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. if you. want to. treat good looks like the field of interest would be analyzed from the bottom. like you. put it. simply to preserve the.
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limits of. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that lurk fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians and celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news just signed to push through the cool t.v. and exploitation of the neo liberal or force so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we
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might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche squeak we must. this is where they pierced america's hearts on the eleventh of september two thousand and one fifteen years off to the attacks new york is celebrating its heroes the military. a parade to own a one point five million troops the save years of freedom every eleventh of november this parade on as generations of troops from the fallen of world war one to those returning from iraq or afghanistan their replacements are waiting the young generation the future of the world's most powerful military.
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and these recruits are still in school they are between fourteen and seventeen years old and belong to the junior was a. jr o.t.c. is a pentagon program. lined up don't feel it should not for our speak right from head to young. six year old three year olds not. just the price that you're born with down right. by. me. and. me. on mine.


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