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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 22, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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gated by hollywood most glaringly there was obviously this feature length documentary that was no doubt watched by mainstream media journalists than the tories and blairite labor and the us got. the white house. thank you nomination. and on a number of award winning journalist john pilger expose the islamist ties of the u.k. backed white helmets eulogized in the oscar winning film on this very program they know how to manipulate the media we have the white house. a complete propaganda construct in syria they end up going to cow to be a war and this month four thousand documents obtained by a freedom of information request reveal how hollywood is arguably an arm of the
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pentagon and cia bizarre revelations include script changes to the ben stiller film meet the parents there was no sign of the scene in the original script when ben stiller's character find cia torture manuals in the secret hideaway office of his father in law to be played by robert de niro arguably one can see why we have a great general has just been appointed secretary of defense general james mattis and he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture. or waterboarding or however you want to define enhanced interrogation i guess would be a word that a lot of words that a lot of people would like to use. i don't necessarily agree the torture script curtin meet the parents was apparently because of the cia but the latest four requests to reveal too many films to mention they were adjusted to the tastes
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of the us military industrial complex this is what one of the requesters the university of bart's dr matthew off it had to say to artie deutsch is just cause or back about box office collusion hollywood is all pervasive and everybody watches it from every age it gets into every corner of the world over a quarter of the world's population have seen a james bond film and bearing in mind only about a fifth of the world's population of ever made a phone call you know that would suggest that that message is getting out there about the power of the west about the decency of the west of western governments of the west and of western systems of governance so that to me suggests that maybe hollywood is more powerful even the news ninety percent of the news in the u.s. is controlled by just six corporations that's quite something one might even say about the news and this summer's books of his films are outside the circle of trust
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well one activist who has railed against right wing media power here in britain is gina miller she successfully challenge the british government over the need for parliament to consider britain's official notification to brussels about leaving the european union she's the founder of the philanthropic true and fair foundation which is a campaign for transparency in the city of london and she joins me now gita thanks so much for going on before we go to the case to remind us about the case what's this about. this thing to feel castro awakening ideas of social justice in a young woman really does castrate my father was surrounded himself with people around the world who believed in social justice so i suppose i was the naughty one who never went to bed and i'd lie at the top of the stairs and listen to their conversations i was fascinated by their passion talking about other people's lives and how they could. change it and it was something that became very much part of my life and in every part and chamber of my life ever since we will be in the house it would be in the house and i yes i mean it even to the extent that i actually smoke
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cigars myself. it's just you know it was the intellectualizing and it was the passion with which they spoke that really resonated with me just take us back to the case which you which you did when they. went against what you believed as regards every aspect of the not apparently part i didn't go against and this is one of the things this is very frustrating for me in the case has been branded a bricks it case and supposedly stopping blacks it it never was it was making sure that government and the number of prime ministers couldn't behave as if the power was coming back from brussels to them from the maglite usually it was coming back it was coming back to parliament it was about parliamentary sovereignty it was not about bringing back control to a prime minister and that use of this ancient royal prerogative which the
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government were going to use would have set a precedent because we have an unwritten constitution that any prime minister in future could bypass parliament and think that they were above the law and so that's why i went to court to make sure the parliamentary sovereignty was a tier two and preserved in our system so propaganda that the papers of course you cost the taxpayer one point two million pounds. in any case parliament the royal prerogative decision that the government wanted to provide no they didn't know they didn't my case said the government couldn't use or have to go back and have a debate in parliament the m.p.'s chose not to have the debate they just rubber stamped the government of their vote and they had a well they had a very they didn't actually have a proper debate. so they were cowards and they actually didn't my case put them back at the center where they should have been in this debate they chose not to debate and just to as i said rubber stamp the bill they should have put in the
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moral amendment on e.u. citizens and they should have put in a very logical amendment on a meaningful vote at the end of the negotiated process because no one has a crystal ball the fact they didn't just shows yet again that they are acting in what i believe is a very diminished role as the opposition and so i didn't do anything to stop the government timetable what i ensured it was that the government were acting in a legal responsible manner. so for the how do or all the drug room destroy you personally i think the rightwing press were obviously fight and they still all that somehow even though they've won the. they seat is a very fragile vote and so they were going to go to every length they could to break me if you like and that was by attacking i mean they actually sent reporters back to the village my father was born in to find out any skeletons in their family's closet my business was attacked the fact that i successful painted
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the social construct of elite bored housewife whatever it is you wanted to name it how could i possibly be bright enough to bring this case i must be the puppet property of a religion when i read literally one of the reasons of his going to personal abuse of the levison has been a total disaster and actually has made no difference at all and i personally one of the things i will be fighting in future is do we need to have listened to because it hasn't made a difference the fact that the press could paint me in ways that were untrue and repeat untruths and then allow comments under their articles which incited hatred violence death threats and not take them down is not a responsible press you know they are responsible for the security threats i have and i lay a lot of that blame at their doors of good will so. where are you that are. not covering the refugee crisis properly at the moment you're on the record for being against bricks would you say to someone who said why should britain be part of
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a trading bloc which allows thousands tens of thousands to either drown or be rescued or that schools why should britain be part of the european union which allows them because it's not one it's not one issue and the problem with this whole baby making it so binary black and white yes i voted personally for us to remain but we move on i am an absolute democrats i think we have to go through this process of negotiating our exit and see what we end up with i also believe that the should have all options on the table if we end up with a very bad deal. nobody can tell me at this moment in time and none of us can say what that will be but if we are there is an opportunity for us to remain and reform the many things that are wrong with the e.u. and many of the financial you couldn't reform the european union. with the cold relational theory of the failure to reform was resolutely no i think that's true and the irony of bracks it is that it is actually created an atmosphere for change
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and the unintended consequences of bracks it could be that you members benefit from a reformed e.u. we've already seen that there is a franco german militar that is pushing for reform with crohn's when with merkel we could be winning in germany it will change the dynamics in the e.u. and i have campaigned in that you for nearly ten years now with my campaigns against the corruptions in the city and in the charity sector and i know there has been in unwillingness to change that mood is not the same that i am which is an eye witness in the last six twelve months and what that means is that there is an opportunity for other member states to talk about the things that are wrong including the financial burdens on some of the smaller states the way the big five operate member states operate the immigration policies of refugee policies there are many things that need to be reformed. you have to be on this verify because of all the great fine it's was to realize that this is the kind of real we've heard over and over again into a progressive point of view presumed with the germ recall being historic point of
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view it's reformable it is a bastion of the liberalism is tony blair part of your present campaign to reform the european i don't talk to politicians i have a mistrust of politicians of all sides because they're not putting our country country for us that's all i'm interested in is i work as you said in the introduction i have a big foundation i can know what happened after the last financial crisis in our country and if we end up in a similar situations ordinary people are going to be suffer for no reason other than a political calculation miscalculation that went wrong and that's what breaks it was either way it was twenty only the crash was caused by the city of london bring to us the city of london but this wall street and the city of in the belief bricks it means the financial institutions if you're going to get out of britain as some of them threaten to do well some of the crash like twenty away then you know what i meant is the economic turmoil that it will cause there will be economic turmoil
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nobody needs to what degree banks will depend on the negotiated package we have or if we leave india because no one can predict the future or we can look at is the financial crisis and what happened as an economic downturn so what i'm saying is because we don't know what the future will hold that is as close as we'll get to an economic downturn ok but as some as we started by talking about social justice liam fox one of tourism is bricks of people saying there is something wrong when germany makes more money exporting coffee than the african nations exporting the coffee beans and that sounds like something for the customer way that we welcome x. would have said can you not see that ironically we're hearing from teresa mayes secretary of state ministers. real talk of social justice i think we are hearing talk of social justice from all parties and i don't think social justice is the be all of one party of it is not own social justice is not the championship of one party or another and actually i have to say that i find it very difficult that the
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two main parties we have in the u.k. and now embroiled in internal politics rather than politics of our country and social justice because if you really want to talk about social justice in the u.k. while spec's it is being executed what is happening to our country everything that is we should be doing the m.p.'s should be talking about education our housing crisis. social justice from the point of view of rises in domestic violence in the fact that the n.h.s. is on the it's knees all of that is being put aside because it is occupying one hundred percent of their time now that is a real travesty of social justice judy miller thank you. after the break as the chief inspector of prison slams the staggering rise in violence we speak to the prison officers association about why the high court decision on strike action is looking up democracy and throwing away the key and u.k. pm drazen may condemns fake news in the british parliament but there must be an
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queues before he goes on holiday to an undisclosed location holsapple coming up on through and going underground. this. was why. it was. kind of it was. just.
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he won't get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is. enough well when i started no i didn't. welcome back only one u.k. m.p. de facto raised the own going humanitarian catastrophe in yemen that the british prime minister is allegedly implicated in the fall. pm queues before parliament goes on holiday it concerns razor maze relations with saudi arabia and safety on britain's streets last week the prime minister refused to make public a report on the foreign funding of extremists in the u.k. despite pressure from all sides of this house and beyond the survivors of nine
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eleven last night also urging her to make this report available she explained of her refusal is simply because the contents of the report would embarrass the government's friends in saudi arabia or is it because ministers care rather more about arms sales to riyadh than they do about public safety what impertinence some might argue it is absolutely nothing to do with that there is there is certain confidential information in the reports that means that it would not be appropriate to publish it but my right under friend home secretary has made it available on a pretty council basis to opposition parties a privy council basis for opposition policies that's a reference to an arcane english custom born from the mists of time and norman monologues but it does technically mean the german corbin who is now a member has access to that investigation into saudi funding for terrorism corbin though appeared more interested in quoting gruber report whose co-author was grilled on this program on wednesday to day the i.m.f.'s forecast income inequality
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is going to get worse and child poverty will rise to five million by twenty twenty two. the prime minister. members are shouting maybe they were shouting back corbin not to be quoting from the i.f.'s whose credentials we questioned on going underground because according to one tory m.p. the i.f.'s actually vindicates tourism me not corban not only has the institute this study said that we have the lowest income gaps for decades but the office of not small statistics has also said that britain has some of the lowest levels of persistent poverty in all of europe but how does that square with this from go. even then i do letter from sarah who wrote to me this week about her sister in law who is a nurse and i quote she has sacrificed her health for the caring of all those she is how to pay freeze for the last five years only her dedication and passion
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for her vocation keeps it going why is this happening and what is the problem going to say to sarah and those others working in our n.h.s. to raise it may not only said things were getting better in britain she later even used the release of salaries at the state mandated b.b.c. to justify heard about chanceless remarks that public sector pay was in good shape as we've seen in the figures that have been released today there are some people working in the public sector who were very well paid the pm there appeared to be comparing the lowest paid public servants in britain to journalists at the b.b.c. accused of being an ogre of the leader of the s.n.p. in westminster was having none of it asking why money could even be found to cushion the blow of a policy to destroy the pensions of millions of u.k. women the prime minister has phoned up to thirty five billion potence for hank the point see you keep weapons nuclear power stations go up to two hundred billion and
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a place to try didn't miss out since one film you want to deal with or do you feel just so she can keep it all with joy she seems to be able to shake the magic money tree when she wants to can the prime minister know it and the injustice for those women who are missing out on a pension before she herself takes up on retiring the pm didn't quibble with the cost of u.k. proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction or bunk to a party links to protestant paramilitaries but she winced on the new hint plea nuclear power station i'm a little surprised given his background that he said what he did about weekly point i think the point is actually trying. the fund the u.k. national audit office estimates the british taxpayer subsidy for the chinese french nuclear power station in the southwest of england is now thirty billion pounds to raise him a cause that privately funded arguably exposing that the so-called private sector in britain is actually just public sector but disproportionately paid for by the
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poor quite a bit early for a parliamentary session dictated arguably by a one billion pound bribe from tourism a. controversial u.k. pm winston churchill once said show me your prisons and i will say in which society you live but while the present u.k. prime minister to raise i'm a baby happy to spend one billion pounds to factors stay in power prisons are arguably not in good shape this week britain's chief inspector of prisons denounced a staggering rise in violence in u.k. facilities and within hours the high court made a ruling on the rights of prison officers over safety concerns joining me now is steve gillon general secretary of the prison officers association representing more than thirty thousand prison officers thanks steve for coming on i mean you represent tens of thousands of people how of you go to a situation where prison officer is a banned for life from when you're using strike action before taking action of
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a safety in prisons in england and wales it appears every time that the hierarchy of the prison service. come against a stumbling block with the trade union the run and hide behind the courts so that rather to their industrial relations behind the court with the courts through the courts that actually sit and have collective bargaining with the trade union now to say we've had a situation where we've had the chief executive officer. and another director phil commercial offender agency change to her majesty's prison and probation so. voces coat h.m.p. p.s. i think they think by rebranding it from national offender management services that it's going to get better but it's the same people that still running it and the reality is that presided over tory cops since two thousand and ten there's no ten
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thousand less operational staff than the was in two thousand and ten working after more prisoners never running a record level of eighty six thousand delegates resumes governments as they recruited extra five hundred fifteen and they're well on target to gain two and a half thousand really. good sums and that's the that's the that's the why in the trot out. every time someone challenges them on the ridiculous amount assaults prisoner on prisoner prisoner on stuff suicides homicides in our prisons you standby of our deputies saying it's only a matter of time before someone dies. or is one on this yes he spoke to the media and you know for some time we have worried every single day that we're going to get a phone call with one of the members prison offices man or woman who to a tremendous job on behalf of the public are not going to go home does it ring true the prisoners are protecting your members in prisons because of the shortages of
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unsourced report in the i wouldn't say that i wouldn't say that that's widespread but to be fair there has been occasions where prisoners have actually intervened when prison officers have been assaulted so the own lives at risk really in protecting prison offices but you know michael spurs oversea notice he's presided over this for seven years and the reality is i find most appalling is that he gets performance bonuses along with these other directors for presiding over the crisis in prison service history. it can't be proud of the record to me he'd say that he's part of this new theresa may policy since the election to try and turn things around as the government is now recognizing some of the issues you're members of a saying well this is the fifth secretary of state that we've had since two thousand and ten and every one of them has been a failure and every one of them has had a different view on what should be happening in the prison service so what do you want to happen to the defector bourse i mean the way these things are always
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outsource what you want to happen to michael's but i mean the reality is if this was outside industry. sacked one time ago and removed and to be honest we're not saying that that's going to resolve the issue just by removing him and some other direction calling on his resignation absolutely because the time has come for the prison service to go back to basics can't even do the basics of the job i mean there is a michael howard quote where you have to get on to the sympathetic was this high court judge you think that was because it was within twenty four hours all of. these inspector prisons are clogged well no actually warning a staggering rise in violence and vicious cycles reoffending not the church would have been aware of the chief inspectors report but during the court hearing what he was saying was that there's eight thousand of us prison officers. this was his health and smacks of health and safety issues is anyone to the prison officer angry that we haven't seen a reprise of the rioting the uprising in birmingham prison back in december well incidentally the report's boom boom never made public that's route to the keep that
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behind closed doors on the net for our efforts it isn't going well we're not seeing any big events of violence of all the raids violence has increased within our jails on a daily basis i mean there's on average you know eighteen prison officers being assaulted every single day every single day and so i was the international international labor organization have l.c.a. all these organizations there's no international norms or organizations and you get involved and say your human rights absolute numbers are being abused absolutely we've made applications to on several occasions the io effectively said that because if if the british government deemed that we were an essential service then they could restrict us from the right to strike only if we had adequate compensate three mechanisms in place for resolving workplace disputes and i didn't is very limited by what is known to hold our confidence for example the course so-called independent pay review party now that pay review body is made up of individuals that are selected by government paid by government and told what to do parkour get
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a government that are not going to ride the hand to feed a government as they're all independent ironically the government has said that these cuts that you you mention the thousands of cuts that seven hundred million pounds in cuts. this is all due to the loss of the city of london ironic that your office isn't actually protecting bankers in these prisons is ironic isn't it you know i mean i we've said time and time again it's not a fault of public sector workers that the bankers created the crash and yet it's public sector workers and private sector workers that are actually paying the price for the next options and the disputes and speculators gambling casino style with their money and yet it feels as if between pick pocketed and no prison officers and other public sector workers operation. support grades and the members that we look after are the ones that are paying the price with. pension contributions increasing pension age increasing the pay review parties doing exactly as to top our
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government not reaching the one percent pick up my members have had a cut in pay on average of three thousand four hundred pounds since two thousand and ten again just finally then as of today are we know from the official reports that all youth prisons are unsafe in england and wales right they failed to single one person at them as we stand prisons in england and wales no it is simple word no i and government of got to understand that they're not safe they say yes we recognise are not safe they created that system. by they knew exactly what they were going to it was not party fault it was by design they must have known. thirty percent of prison staff was going to make prisons unsafe and the responsibility of their doors that we saw ironic that the judge said in his judgment that withdrawing voluntary services would make prisons unsafe to say
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we will not take that responsibility it's not prison officers that have made prisons on say it's on the head of the prison service the prisons and so on the public need to understand everything we can do to bring that to the public's attention because we won't be scapegoats for it and every time it's a failure in our prisons whether it's a suicide we will point the blame to the door. on the secretary. thank you for the show we're back on monday we're joined by former. prime minister dres amazing thirty four million brits out of basic income in the final years of their lives even touched by social media with your monday to the day. began its march from barcelona to against british backed fascism in spain.
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and. they were marching. in technology. industry. it's simple. really. sure. do not switch or if you are tony devices used to share your experiences on social media we receive constant viewing.
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in the us a child can choose an army course in school. with retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that comfortable with yourself. things you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is very popular first sure video games. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off more melodic these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits.
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at. the top of. the syrian opposition agree on terms for a first deescalation zone near the capital damascus. heading to europe all dealt with by. having a racist agenda we confront them on the issue.


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