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tv   Headline News  RT  July 22, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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you know another. nancy correspondent is caught up in unrest as she reports on the latest clashes between palestinians and israelis in east jerusalem. pressure in the syrian opposition agree on terms for a first deescalation zone located near the capital damascus. activists see how migrants headed to europe. and n.g.o.s are accused of having a racist agenda we confront them on the issue.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching international we start this hour with breaking news coming out of east jerusalem where there have been chaotic scenes outside the holy location of temple mount as israeli police moved in there to disperse hundreds of protesting palestinians they used tear gas stun grenades and water cannon. i. i i know.
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altera bricks correspondent ali in the mall reports from the scene. and we were standing here and after the prayer had finished and there was schippers hundreds of for shippers were broke were blocking the street and they were foisting slogans against the closure of the locks almost also warning israel against the ongoing closure off the mosque on the slogans if police car try to enter through the worshippers and they blocked its way that's when the israeli police officers who were standing at the barrier behind me now empty. role and sound grenades and other. other measures to disperse the crowd after that they were running two words the crowd and pushing everybody i was hit in the back he punched me fair asked and then they kept on pushing us and asked at that and i
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was trying to cover from the street another police officer came to me and he also pushed me to be. to the side of the street but what's happened is that people were gathering in the streets here talking about the massive number of protesters who didn't do anything and didn't throw stones at the israeli forces just peaceful they just were voicing slogans to a lock so against israeli procedures and after that israeli police car try to answer in between the protesters who blocked its way and one of the protesters what we saw was doubts heathrow bottle a plastic bottle full to the police car after that through so the whole police were standing at the barrier. hi harry now in that there were lots of police standing
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there with all of their guns and equipment they started throwing out the sound to disperse the crowd and that's when people began shouting more and throwing more bottles of water and the israeli police act violently they might have been some stones thrown afterwards but what we're talking about is that the fyrst the first violent clearly was used by the israeli police here. saturday's violence is the latest in a week of protests against the installation of security cameras a metal detectors at the revered al aqsa mosque security was stepped up after two israeli policemen were killed in a terrorist attack carried out by three palestinians since then worshippers have been refusing to go through those metal detectors instead praying outside say the new security measures are an authentic change the status quo the compound
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republic's steenie and lost their lives in deadly clashes with israeli security forces on friday un has called for a probe into their deaths later that day three israelis were also killed in a palestinian stabbing attack. another news russia a moderate syrian opposition elements of signed an agreement setting out terms for a first deescalation zone near damascus earlier on that era tutor and discuss the development here in the studio. it finally is the first deal that's been signed as a deescalation zone in the key strategic area of the scooter which is fifteen kilometers east of damascus and ski strategic area a one time population of two million people prior to the syrian conflict key point strategic importance of signed a document it's the first time it sets out also how people are going to behave and also how they can keep the peace and what is the deal mean in practice what in practice it's been a bit of a military free for all there so you have the government forces fighting against the rebel forces nor so you have the rebel forces fighting amongst themselves as
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well and you've you've had the reports of even the terror group job out faster because for me as you know none of those are that was fighting there as well so now of course this sets out a peace process that is going to be no more fighting there we're going to have humanitarian and medical aid most of it's going to be a road map on how they rebuild the infrastructure there that's been decimated as we've seen by some of the pictures and also there's going to be a means of having safe passage for the civilians that are left there been able to leave seems like there's progress it's been a long process so far but there will be next steps what lay in terms of the syrian peace process what will it be well the idea is that this is the first of four particular deescalation zones while they're still nailing out the final details so we're also looking at other key flashpoints in homs and see whether they can then come together and the four of these particular zones who will be responsible for ensuring that this deal is carried out well as you know as you were at the u.s. last interview storks this is very much a follow up of what was happening there so the guarantors will be turkey iran and
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russia at the moment this particular deal has been trashed out growth but in cairo by egypt those are the three countries that were the initial peace talks and they're looking to work together to ensure that this is guaranteed this time around and also looks like it's going to be a long road ahead and see how they manage it. political and militant group hezbollah has officially confirmed that it's fighting against terrorists alongside the syrian army at the syrian lebanese border. the operations taking place in last stronghold along the border with lebanon the terrorists groups at a military base there in a mountainous area inside syria islamic state have been moving closer to the aso refugee camp just across the border in lebanon there is also been a place of operation for the nursery fronts. now into the history of as belongs presence in syria. lebanon's hezbollah has long been fighting alongside assad
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government forces throughout the six year syrian civil war but for the first time the armed group is making it official. hezbollah claims it's driving and isis terrorists as well as rebels out of the last foothold on the syrian lebanese border a mountainous region seen here on the map the green part here is controlled by al nusra and rebels and the black here by isis so far it sounds like just another development in the ongoing fight against terrorism in syria right so what's the big deal let's break it down. as well as presence in syria has always been a bone of contention as israel the u.s. and the arab league all view the group as a terrorist organization and levanon hezbollah a terrorist organization you just towns to shield itself of tens of thousands of
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illegal rockets its militias stand side by side with syrian troops as they slaughter the syrian people. iran continues to support terrorism including palestinian terrorists has blown and also. has below is a terrorist organization and they are currently. cross international loans in fighting in another country over it's in no way trying to demonize a group that is fighting against western against american against israeli and saudi interests in the region. but not everyone categorized as hezbollah fighters as terrorists the list of those who don't include syria russia china and of course iran which funds it and helped create the group in
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the eighty's the russian. allies and they came here legally they support us again the terrorists there are many participants in the fighting these are the syrian army forces and those forces that are usually called pro-government including his which is supported by the iranians his blood is fighting alongside this. block. against the terrorist groups the western media has proven that they were supported by western countries by the united states by saudi arabia and also by israel. so why is hezbollah being more brazen in syria all of a sudden raising the flag. might be an attempt to assure the supporters of hezbollah that the fire will go on against the terrorist groups until the end looks like has both those waving its flags openly in syria as is feeling
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confident it's on the winning side meanwhile one of america's most senior generals has admitted that the u.s. presence in syria has little legitimacy saying that if russia played the legal card washington could be obliged to leave the country. here's the conundrum we are operating in the sovereign country of syria. the russians they're there they're stalwarts they're they're back stoppers have already uninvited the turks from syria were a bad day away from the russians saying why are you still in syria us and it's it has come up in the form of some some close calls there but it'll be hard i defer to the lawyers in the crowd and others in terms international law on the basis for us staying there other than our c.t. writ we went there for all the righteous reasons but if the russians play that card we may want to stay and have no no. ability to do it they could play out. journalist martin jay says that more people are coming round to the idea that
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america's presence in syria violates international law but it's interesting that senior military officials are now sort of going renegade and beginning to show some disenchantment with donald trump's policy in the middle east the actually legal basis of america being in syria is a very shaky one it's based on u.n. rules that were adopted in two thousand and five which argued in theory that you didn't necessarily need the u.n. security council agreement to engage yourself in military activity in another sovereign state to prevent what could be. harm or a war situation and i think the europeans particularly are conscious of that the legal basis for america to be in syria. is really not very valid at all another front against eisele was opened at the end of may that was when u.s. bank kurdish forces reached the terrorist defacto capital rack up the battle to
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retake the city rages on but has already resulted in enormous civilian casualties many more people remain displaced it's are some of those who fled recalled life between liberation forces and terrorists. i came from rucker nothing is left in iraq except for destruction because of the coalition and deisel but the strength of the coalition will worsen some villages were wiped out some neighborhoods were demolished houses families children women all were hit by the random strikes.
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i left my neighbors at home in the evening and went to sleep outside and came back in the morning just to find twelve of the debt the children the mother and the man i buried that they don't like because the shelter anakin the dust suffer i studied it was great but kalish was placed in lessons on a team and they carried out in their strike on my school and killed a lot of people as they were refugees from a lack obviously it was time to learn a little money. out of the coalition targeted everyone just the same it kills one person from all the silt and everyone else around there is no religion that's not been targets it some people lost their houses all of them lost their children and wives. the massacres in iraq are committed by isis and the coalition warplanes together
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what can i say the streets are full of the bodies. still to come hundreds of islamic state fighters could be headed to europe that's according to interpol details after this short break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington washington media the media the voters elect a businessman to run the country business it was passed. last it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to go right to the press this is what the three of the people. interested. should. come back interpol has released a list of one hundred seventy three islamic state fight is that it believes could be preparing to carry out suicide bombings in europe that mission is thought is to inflict revenge for a recent eisel defeats in the middle east now according to the guardian the list includes a profile that each of those suspects details that name there are still recruitment day the last known address home mosque and mother's name and in some cases they're
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even photographs included it's not been suggested that the suspects on this list have already entered europe many others have in the past. their worship is true there was blood everywhere they were shooting.
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everybody alike wasn't running and screaming and i didn't know what happened felt we just. earlier spoke with the managing editor of the call madam garry he thinks that most of the recruits on interpol's new list all riginal be from europe and will have no problem finding their way back. the ice is so called isis fighters of from europe
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as i said the serbian province the occupied serbian problems of course of only talking has become a massive recruiting ground in the whole of southern europe into i says and then of course you've got people from all over the rest of the central and western europe who have gone to syria and iraq and to libya and now coming back of the fighting that the journey is quite easy so i would say a substantial number of these people or people that have lived in europe or for possibly for the vast majority of their lives. the number of migrants arriving in italy growing by the day a group defend europe is trying to stem the flow sailing a ship to the region in a bid to turn back migrant boats coming from africa will be based in the syrian port of tanya and it will be patrolling the mediterranean off the coast of libya the mission says it wants to expose humanitarian groups that it claims are working
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directly with people smugglers activists accuse them of effectively providing migrants with a taxi service to europe groups bankrolling its mission with money raised through crowd funding so far they've received in excess of one hundred twenty six thousand dollars the missions been accused by some of being racist pro refugee activists of the rally at the port of could turn your decrying this in patrols. is that read no more drowning and freedom not being a reference to europe's borders agency the city's mayor is branded the defend europe initiative a provocation correspond to labor trying to challenge one of the group's members and also gauge reaction from locals we're at the port of in sicily among the ships that come into the sport you will every now and then see boats full of migrants but we are here to talk to an activist who is expecting the arrival of a very. different kind of boat with
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a very controversial purpose. so somewhere around here will probably arrive by next week. what we cherish of course is a cultural identity are you a racist or an extremist organization your final purpose is what. we want to ensure that you're of states europe this is what some people call racism . i think the european union should feel ashamed now they want to use sicily as a rallying point for disgusting racism that does not belong to our culture i know that our welcoming culture is disliked by european sashes but we won't give up we are not going to be silent in the face of this call to violence against desperate human beings these peoples need to buy history books we're not trying to provoke a situation where anybody's life is that risk so you're not attacking them i know
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we're not attacking the migrants we're not going to attack the n.g.o.s we will just try to document what they're doing and we want to make sure that these n.g.o.s are not working as some kind of proxy for the human traffickers what happens if you see that someone's life is in danger we will also come and rescue them and what are you going to do when a refugee on your boat well we will try to bring them to africa again. people of sicily have gotten used to migrants to the many n.g.o.s that have come here to help but an anti migrant ngo patrolling the mediterranean that is something most people here have never heard of so let's ask the locals about the concept what do you think of the n.g.o.s that are working in the mediterranean to help the migrants is this the bit i don't like what they're doing what if this is right twinging n.g.o.s doesn't sound good this is the big. the right wing activists will
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be on this boat they will be patrolling the mediterranean to make sure that there is no illegal migration and to make sure that the ngos don't break the laws what do you think about that good job like that it's good and the opinion of the migrants. they don't want migrants here i mean. if they don't one migrants i mean they have to doubt the make of. this instability in libya they say if they rescue migrants from the boats they will take them back to africa that this is. what go on how can someone who does live i mean up in the middle of militancy you know to them but to africa that's not fair i mean some people call them racists do you agree with that there's no racist birth story there's already too many people here yet. so there's no room for everyone or do you think that's racist i don't think so and i'm not against helping migrants but we should help them in their own country so here's
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a scene that seems to have become typical for sicily we've got a park where we can see the migrants then and geo group to help them and also their locals who are still feeling the burden of the economic crisis and don't want migrants in their hometown and all of them are in one same park not too long before right wing activists join them on the club of the trend toward tea could turn. elsewhere at least a thousand people have taken to the streets of the french city of bones some while the protesters there are demanding justice for a young man who died a year ago in police custody of the police officials claimed he died of a heart attack saying he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs but his relatives insisted on a second autopsy and that revealed that he died from street ca should allegations of a cover up and the families find justice led to the case being transferred to a court in paris. thanks stay with us here and i'll tale back with more news at the
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top of the hour. and i do think that archie is a propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interest and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if it were me would be somebody who was less capable who would maybe not do as good a job presenting the american point of view. that you can revolt against the dictator but what about the day after i think we as libyan people did not give much thought about that and so they waged the passion off the resolution does not build nations and certainly does not build
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the states. in. this which are with me and many of. those get a little bit of whom was well. on you but i you. know both of them it was a problem but i guess we're kind of on this side of this you. know but if you dump on a handwritten note she refused. to . wear the blue and you won't get a statistic good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. next to so i. had. you know what when i started though i think.
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this is where they pierced america's heart on the eleventh of september two thousand and one fifteen years off to the attacks new york is celebrating its heroes the military. a parade to own a one point five million troops the save years of freedom every eleventh of november this parade on as generations of troops from the fallen of world war one to those returning from iraq or afghanistan their replacements are waiting the young generation the future of the world's most powerful military.
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these recruits are still in school they are between fourteen and seventeen years old and belong to the junior. jr o.t.c. is a pentagon program. lined up don't feel. not for arcanite speak right from the head young. six year old three year olds not. just the price you're born without crying. and. america has pledged to turn these children into. heroes these junior troops include
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five hundred thousand miners across the united states they're the hope of a fearful country they're destined to defy tara the first generation post nine eleven. this public school in chicago's south one in five students opted for the army an hour of classes a day five times a week taught by retired service members i was i was i i was. these youngsters are in year eight they're new to the program they'll receive their uniforms today. a series.


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