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tv   Headline News  RT  July 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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an anti correspondent is caught up in unrest as she reports on the latest clashes between palestinians and israeli police in eastern jerusalem. rusher in the syrian moderate opposition agree on terms for a first the escalation zone located near the capital damascus. interpol releases a list of one hundred seventy three islamic state suicide bombers that it says could be preparing to carry out new attacks in europe. and activists at sea monitoring how migrants heading to europe are dealt with by coast
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guards and n.g.o.s in the case of having a racist agenda we confront them on the issue. good to have you with us this hour my name is neil harvey you're watching international we start this hour with breaking news coming out of eastern jerusalem where the been chaotic scenes near the holy site of temple mount says israeli police moved in to disperse hundreds of protesting palestinians by using tear gas stun grenades and water cannon. i. know.
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no. i don't. agree monks belong to all to you have a big score responded dolly in the mari he's caught up in the violence here's how she described what happened to her and her crew. police. a police officer hit me in the back he punched me first. and then they kept on pushing us. and asked at that and i was trying to cover from the street another police officer came to me and he also pushed me to the. to the side of the street but what's happened is that when people were gathering in the streets we were talking about a massive number of protesters who didn't do anything and didn't throw stones at
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the israeli forces just peaceful they just were voicing slogans after that an israeli police car tried to answer and between the protesters who blocked its way and one of the protesters what we saw was that he throw a bottle a plastic bottle of water the police car after that we saw the whole police who were standing at the barrier behind me right now it's empty but there were lots of police standing there with all of their guns and equipment they started showing the sound grenades to disperse the crowd and that's when people began shouting more and throwing more bottles of water and the israeli police violently they might have been some stones thrown afterwards but what was talking about is the fyrst the first violent clearly was used by the israeli police. in
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a separate incident two palestinians have reportedly been killed in clashes with israeli forces in the west bank saturday's violence was the latest it was a week of protests against the installation of security cameras and metal detectors that the revered al aqsa mosque security was stepped up there after two israeli policemen were killed in a terrorist attack carried out by palestinians since then worshippers have been refusing to go through the metal detectors instead praying outside the new safety measures an attempt to change the status quo that friday there were more casualties three palestinians and three more israelis lost their lives in deadly clashes. in other news russia a moderate syrian opposition have signed an agreement setting out terms for a first deescalation zone located near damascus earlier on the dia tutor and kate partridge discussed the development here in the studio. finally is it the first
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deal that's been signed as a deescalation zone in the key strategic area of the scooter which is fifteen kilometers east of damascus and its key strategic area or one time population of two million people prior to the syrian conflict key point strategic importance of signed a document it's the first time it sets out also how people are going to behave and also how they can keep the peace what is the deal mean in practice what in practice it's been a bit of a military free for all there so you have the government forces fighting against the rebel forces nor so you have the rebel forces fighting amongst themselves as well and you've you've had the reports of even the terror group job out factor al shaab just for me as you know none of those are that was fighting there as well so now of course this sets out a peace process it is going to be no more fighting there we're going to have humanitarian and medical aid most of it's going to be a road map on how they rebuild the infrastructure there that's been decimated as we've seen by some of the pictures and also there's going to be a means of having safe passage for the civilians that are left there been able to leave seems like there's progress it's been
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a long process so far but there will be next steps what lay in terms of the syrian peace process what will it be well the idea is that this is the first of four particular deescalation zones while they're still nailing out the final details so we're also looking at other key flashpoints in live in homs and see whether they can then come together and establish four of these particular zones who will be responsible for ensuring that this deal is carried out well as you know as you were at the us last interview storks this is very much a follow up of what was happening there so the guarantors will be turkey iran and russia at the moment this particular deal has been trashed out growth but in cairo by egypt those are the three countries that were the initial peace talks and they're looking to work together to ensure that this is guaranteed this time around and also looks like it's going to be a long road ahead and see how they manage it. lebanon's political and militant group hezbollah has officially confirmed it's fighting terrorists alongside the syrian army but the syrian lebanese border.
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the operations taking place in isis last stronghold along the border with lebanon the terrorists group set up a military base there in a mountainous area inside syria islamic states have been moving closer to they are sol refugee camp just across the border in lebanon the area has also been a place of operation for the nursery front of the seven pseudos into the history of those blogs presence in syria lebanon's hezbollah has long been fighting alongside assad government forces throughout the six year syrian civil war but for the first time the armed group is making it official. hezbollah claims it's driving and isis terrorists as well as rebels out of the last foothold on the syrian lebanese border a mountainous region seen here on the map the green part here is controlled by al
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nusra and rebels and the black here by isis so far sounds like just another development in the ongoing fight against terrorism in syria right so what's the big deal let's break it down. as well as presence in syria has always been a bone of contention as israel the u.s. and the arab league all view the group as a terrorist organization and levanon hizbullah a terrorist organization you just towns to shield itself of tens of thousands of illegal rockets its militias stand side by side with syrian troops as they slaughter the syrian people. iran continues to support terrorism including palestinian terrorists and also. has is a terrorist organization and they are currently. cross international loans in fighting in another country over it's no way trying
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to demonize a group that is fighting against west. against american against israeli and saudi interests in the region. but not everyone categorized as hezbollah fighters as terrorists the list of those who don't include syria russia china and of course iran which funds it and helped create the group in the eighty's the russian. allies and they came here legally they support us again the terrorists there are many politicians in the fighting these are the syrian army forces and those forces that are usually called pro-government including his which is supported by the iranians his blood is fighting alongside this. block. against the terrorist groups the western media has proven that they were supported by western countries by the
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united states by saudi arabia and also by israel. so why is hezbollah being more brazen in syria all of a sudden raising the flag. might be an attempt to assure the supporters of hezbollah that the fire will go on against the terrorist groups till the end looks like hezbollah those waving its flags openly in syria as is feeling confident it's on the winning side. while one of america's most senior generals has admitted that the u.s. presence in syria has little legitimacy saying that if russia played the little cards washington could be obliged to leave the country here's the conundrum we are operating in the sovereign country of syria. the russians they're there they're stalwarts they're they're back stoppers have already uninvited the turks from syria
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were a bad day away from the russians saying why are you still in syria us and it's it is come up in the form of some some close calls there but it'll be hard i defer to the lawyers in the crowd and others in terms international law on the basis for us staying there other than our c.t. writ we went there for all the righteous reasons but if the russians play that card we may want to stay and have no no. ability do it they they could played out journalist mounting jay says that and the more people are coming round to the idea that america's presence in syria violates international law. it's interesting that senior military officials are now sort of going renegade and i'm beginning to. show some disenchantment with donald trump's policy in the middle east the actually legal basis for america being in syria is a very shaky one it's based on u.n. rules that were adopted in two thousand and five which argued in theory that you didn't necessarily need a u.n.
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security council agreement to engage yourself in military activity in another sovereign states to prevent what could be. harmed or a war situation and i think the europeans particularly conscious of that the legal basis for america to be in syria. is really not very valid it's all. well the one hundred eisel suicide bombers could be preparing to strike europe will bring you the important details after a short break. i
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do think that archie is propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interests and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if you want me would be somebody who is less capable who would maybe not do is get a job presenting the american point of view. welcome back into polish release the list of one hundred seventy three islamic state fighters that could be preparing to carry out suicide bombings in europe the
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mission it's thought is to inflict revenge for a recent eisel defeat in the middle east now according to the guardian the list includes a profile of each and every suspect detailing their name their actual recruitment date plus the dress home mother's name and in some cases there are even photographs although it's not suggested that the suspects on this list have already and to europe but many others have in the past. there were shooting in the street there was blood everywhere there were shooting.
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everybody like was running and screaming and i didn't know what happened felt we just.
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spoke with the managing editor of the duran dot com and i'm gary he thinks many of the recruits on interpol's new list are originally from europe that they will have no problem finding their way back. many of the isis so-called isis fighters are from europe as i said the serbian problems he occupied so being problems of calls of only tokyo has become a massive retreating ground in the. southern europe into i says and then of course you've got people from all over the rest of central and western europe who have gone to syria and iraq and to libya and now they're coming back to the fighting that the journey is quite easy so i would say a substantial number of these people or people that have lived in europe before possibly for the vast majority of their lives. now with the number of migrants arriving in italy growing by the day a group defended europe is trying to stem the flow of sailing
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a ship to the region in a bid to turn back migrant boats that have been coming from africa the vessel in question will be based in the syrian port of catan year and it will be patrolling the mediterranean off the coast of libya the mission says it wants to expose humanitarian groups that it claims are working directly with people smugglers activists accuse them of effectively provided migrants with a taxi service direct to europe. group itself is bankrolling its mission with money raised through crowd funding so far they've received more than one hundred twenty six thousand dollars for the mission's been accused by some of being racist prograf u.g. activists staged a rally at the port of tanya decrying the sea patrols activists held banners that read no more drowning in freedom not being a reference to europe's borders agency the city's mayor brown did the defend europe initiative a provocation. challenged one of the group's members and gauge the reaction from
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locals. were at the port of in sicily among the ships that come into the sport you will every now and then see boats full of migrants but we are here to talk to an activist who is expecting the arrival of a very different kind of boat with a very controversial purpose. so somewhere around here. probably arrive by next week. when we cherish of course it is a cultural identity are you a racist or an extremist organization your final purpose is what. we want to ensure that europe stays in europe this is what some people call racism . i think the european union should feel ashamed now they want to use sicily as a rallying point for disgusting racism that does not belong to our culture i know
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that our welcoming culture is disliked by european sashes but we won't give up we are not going to be silent in the face of this call to violence against desperate human beings these peoples need to buy history books we're not trying to provoke a situation where anybody's life is that risk so you're not attacking them i know we're not attacking migrants we're not going to attack the n.g.o.s we would just try to document what they're doing. and we want to make sure that these n.g.o.s are not working as some kind of proxy for the human traffickers what happens if you see that someone's life is in danger we will also come and rescue them really and what are you going to do one a refugee or a migrant ends up on your boat we will try to bring them to africa again. people of sicily have gotten used to migrants to the many n.g.o.s that have come here to help but an anti migrant ngo patrolling the mediterranean that is something
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most people here have never heard of so let's ask the locals about the concept what do you think of the n.g.o.s that are working in the mediterranean to help the migrants. the bit i don't like what we're doing what if this is right twinning and geo both doesn't sound good this is the boat. the right wing activists will be on this boat they will be patrolling the mediterranean to make sure that there is no illegal migration and to make sure that the n.g.o.s don't break the laws what do you think about that good job like that it's good and the opinion of the migrants. they don't want migrants here i mean. if they don't one migrants i mean they have to be out the make of. the sense that they say if they rescue migrants from the boat they will take them back to africa that this is that is very good on how can someone who does live i mean up to the middle of militancy you know take the bus to africa that's nothing i mean some people call them racists
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do you agree with that there's no racist story there's already too many people here yet. so there's no room for everyone or do you think that's racist i don't think so and i'm not against helping migrants but we should help them in their own country so here's a scene that seems to have become typical for sicily we've got a park where we can see the migrants then and geo. group to help them but also their local force still feeling the burden of the economic crisis and migrants in their hometown all of them are in one same park not too long before right wing activists join them on. the trend toward tea. at least a thousand people have taken to the streets of the french city of beaumont so why are the protesters though demanding justice for a young man who died a year ago in police custody initially in this case police officials claim the man
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died of a heart attack they said he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs but his relatives insisted on the second autopsy which revealed he actually died from asphyxiation allegations of a cover up in the family sparked by justice led to the case being transferred to a court in paris. the media has been obsessing over the looks star and mannerisms of donald trump the since the billionaire businessman made his bid for the white house but just how important is style over substance auntie's jaclyn vegas been trying to find out. america's commander in chief is meant to be a representation of the country as a whole and its values and what does america pride itself on if not diversity we believe our diversity our differences when joined together by a common set of ideals makes a strong americans are a diverse people with respect and concern for every single human being in this
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country and being very different from previous u.s. presidents donald trump seems to know what it's like to be the outcast his everyday guy in your face persona is one of the things that got him elected i think by single greatest shit of any assets i have is fight temperament though just i just. think a much more humble than you would understand. you call it when you don't like that higgs your twitter account only wrote you know donald. but it's also what he's attacked for by some of his detractors recently we've seen the media become preoccupied with terms personal habits some choose to dissect his food choices slamming him for his love of red meat exotic meals fast food you name it it's true he's not like obama who reportedly only eats seven lightly salted almonds for a night snack others criticize the president's lack of obvious exercise dubbing him the least athletic president in u.s. history well maybe a more athletic build is the key to being popular and
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a few outlets have gone as far as to warn that trump's unique and often unscripted style of speech may be an indicator of mental health issues many fell in love with obama because he was seen as a cool hip guy. which apparently is not the case with mr trump and that could be hurting him more than he knows because according to a recent poll that's how his predecessor scored high in approval ratings and that same poll shows that sixty five percent of those who do. approve trump do so because of his personality this is a cultural issue they want to force trump into. and joking because he represents in that sense the other side of the cultural diversity that i see so it looks like america's champions of diversity disapprove of trump despite him being the man who arguably has made the presidency more diverse perhaps
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a few more hip trappings could help but probably not. our t. washington d.c. we have legal media analysts leinil want people who claim to be in favor of diversity have been bashing one of the most colorful presidents in us history the biggest con in the world is that what people call the liberals and they're not liberals they have no belief system they have no platform they have no ideology no truth no future no nothing these are the people who supposedly are liberal they're the ones who are calling for war with syria why because who ever was against term they were for you just say i hate trump and you're in. deal with any other problem you have i hate but i'm not crazy about l g b d q transgender migration bathroom of cable dog i hate but i'm not sure about women's rights are ok
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will bother them. look at us all from me for today thanks for staying with us out here on our taste a little longer if you can medina cochon of it will be here with the latest headlines at the top of the out.
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creditors one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a line just i came to god and meant that the debts ty came to and inspire now. many lives have been broken believe excessive that the banks got you into for a walk on all the big bankers got big. and they're going to go. the banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary men and the last morning there is a back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face who have you know you become ill you didn't your job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is debt a life long trip or is the way of those actually going to bed hungry no with the right to judge bill from so much suspicion. you can revolt against the dictator but what about the day after i. i think we as
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libyan people did not give much thought about that and so they waged a passion off the resolution does not build nations. and certainly does not build states. in the u.s. a child can choose a school. with a retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that point comfortable with yourself. brings you out of your shell
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you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game log it's played nasa has not turned like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. love. let's talk about high holies zero zero zero ice job we generally grow up doing police officers as the superheroes of our society right and then once we grow up if we manage that.


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