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tv   Headline News  RT  July 23, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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and you know another. among the stories that shapes the week of t. spoke exclusively to the russian lawyer at the center of a media scandal over her meeting with donald trump jr last year. violent clashes between israeli police and muslim worshipers rocked jerusalem after the israeli government rolls out extra security at the al aqsa mosque. a journalist is caught up in a gun battle in the iraqi city of mosul despite the fact the city was declared free of islamic state earlier this week. and flexing their
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wings for the final time in the international air show is wrapped up today just outside of moscow we take a look at the highlights of this year's event. good evening and thanks for joining us this our money was neil harvey you're watching the weekly here on r.t. and. this week r.t. spoke exclusively to the russian lawyer at the center of a scandal over her meeting with president trump's eldest son out of last year's u.s. election it's the latest in a range of stories claiming direct collusion between the kremlin and team trump in order to get into the white house we've got the lawyers side of the story. we all know her name now and television star the telly official natalia vessel needs sky natalia the sound this guy of the new talia vessel in its. wake up one morning and
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find you are the focus of the all the fire and kin stream media it. turns out it was nothing we managed to track down the elusive natalia vessel in its guy a woman who has almost become a household name in recent weeks also off to her meeting with donald trump jr last year and which she said she wanted to discuss the reputation of one particular man and his association with the magnitsky along with his past time of lobbying for u.s. sanctions on russian individuals this person who she says has most of mine did this latest russia trying collusion scandal. with today i have to think about my safety first and foremost about the safety of my family my four children it's been revealed that mr browder has been gathering information about me so who is william
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browder maybe not a familiar name for most but for thirty years in russia he's a wanted man quite literally he's wanted for tax fraud on top of this leaked us state department e-mails reveal that brown i was actively gathering information about the vessel and its guy ahead of when this scandal broke and that included personal details such as where she lives so given this information in beslan it's seems quite convinced that browder has harbored a personal vendetta against her perhaps something to do with the facts that he once lost a case in court to her now this was a two thousand and thirteen case in which a vessel in its guard represented the cyberspace company previn's on holding which is owned by a russian businessman wrote a had accused the company of money laundering. the case was finally settled in may this year with no admission of guilt by a preface on you or mr browder and his team have been gathering information about my family to try to find out whether i'm married or not whether i have children or
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not they found photos of my house and sent them to parker he's a famous man in the house of representatives they shared all these details with people from the state department i don't know why he's doing this i can only make assumptions here i see today's situation has been heating up for ten days or so as a very well orchestrated story concocted by one particular manipulator and that is mr brown. and i what is best known for is his role in the magnitsky act this is an x. named after a russian lawyer who was once employed by brown as company in russia he was later arrested in connection with a tax fraud case and he died was being held in detention browder later played a major role in law being for a set of sanctions to be imposed by the us on the number of russian individuals over magnitsky death brought it claims he knew magnitsky personally but according to vesa lipsky this couldn't be further from the truth and this is where i don't
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try and do nia enters the picture and the big question for many is why does us the next guy was so keen to inform the trunk team about the millionaire or say well brought his reputation. this was the story that i brought to donald trump jr i wanted him to know that browder a person who gave up his us citizenship is trying to manipulate people in congress and now we even know their names the media have disclosed them he was making all those connections even though he hadn't lived in the country for twenty years was not paying any taxes not doing anything he was for in fact his only mission was to go after his opponents while gaining some political capital it was nothing but retaliation from this man who did this in order to distract everyone with the big story. so can you refute this information. from the e-mails released by donald trump jr where goldstone. i don't know that person and now we come to the name rob goldstone when don't turn jr went public last week it included emails from
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the entertainment publicist and which he claims to have information on hillary clinton which quote would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful for donald trump's campaign he did but that apparently this guy is just a music producer my guess is that this man is used to selling and promoting ideas some product so he decided that i would be this product for sale and promotion. and it was also within the goldstone e-mails that the mention of russia's prosecutor general came up leading to questions of a vessel that skier's possible ties to the kremlin. the prosecutor general's office of the russian federation deals with criminal cases that is the role defined by federal law and the constitution there's no me and the prosecutor general where are mine where is the prosecutor general. now that's on its guy or woman unwillingly thrust into the spotlight is having serious concerns for her safety especially
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considering how she has a family and four children who are now also vulnerable to media focus but despite this she is by no means running away from the attention and says she is more than ready to testify in congress to the senate but he states that let's put it this way i am ready to clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria but only through lawyers or testifying in the u.s. senate. jerusalem is seen scenes of chaos following the tightening of security in jerusalem that's after the killing of two border police officers has been following the latest clashes. ok so in the last moment the situation has started unraveling and you can hear behind me stun grenades as the soldiers have started making their way out the youngsters were running the situation was calm but then just in a moment it exploded the evening prayers have just finished and there were thousands of palestinians who came here to pray and as you can see to protest now
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that the latest measures that israel has introduced. and which are essentially hand detectors and. cameras is being rejected by palestinians they say that this doesn't do anything to try and alleviate the situation only i israel introduced metal detectors and this is trying to meet them halfway but as i say the palestinians say it's not working now we'll keep making our way up the road to try and get a little bit closer so you can see where the the soldiers are what's happening right now is stun grenades are being thrown into trying to spruce the crowd to get further up the street and further away from these entrances to al aksa mosque the situation is extremely volatile this is one of the worst flare ups of violence that has happened in in years and the united nations security council is meeting on monday to try and deal with the situation so here you can see these soldiers are
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making their way back towards us. it might just have been an attempt to try and push youngsters that were provoking them further up the street who further away but there is a very very heavy security presence here outside jerusalem tonight and if we just watched the soldiers there not taking any kind of nonsense so a very firm hand a very heavy hand by israel as a way of saying well we are going to deal with this situation i'm going to bring it under control policy antti to receive them. clashes have been unfolding near the holy site of temple mount in jerusalem all week. i i i i i. i i i i
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i i i i was i i was. i. was i was a little. bit. in the number of people have died in such a rest on saturday night two palestinian teenagers were killed in clashes three others died in clashes the night before as were three israelis killed in a west bank stabbing as well. secretary-general of the arab league reacted to the new security measures imposed with a statement saying that israel is playing with fire and risking crisis with the arab world in a bid to impose
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a new reality on the holy city. temple mount or a physics known to muslims as one of the most contested religious sites in the world for jews it's believed to have been the site of two biblical temples and the access which is also located the islamic third holiest site temple mount administered by a jordan based islamic religious orthorexic we heard polarized views on the ongoing conflict. well those metal detectors came as a result of a heinous murder on a holy spot these are not just metal detectors. one action out of money to change the already changed status quo a heinous murder takes place then security measures are brought in and then israel is blamed for taking the security measures it's a reaction to the first offense which was horrible terrorism well first of all i don't know. if the public knows the people who committed the attacks were israeli citizens by the way people have to accept the fact that israel is the sovereign
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that jerusalem is our capital city and that the temple mount is the heart of our heart you accept those things then we can have a dialogue and conversation you saw on t.v. how the israeli army's three think peaceful nonviolent people who are just praying they are attacked i was myself injured two days ago by the israeli army when i was just all i did i wanted to pray and they are targeting us they shot us sort of out of bullets and injured us i think the best alternative would be for jihadists to calm down or to be defeated and for there to be equal access to the site for all religions including jews cooperate with the palestinians remove the cause of all conflicts which israeli occupation and stop israeli aggression on palestinians this where we are we can achieve peace. correspondent from russia sputnik news agency has been caught up in
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a gun battle in the iraqi city of mosul she managed to avoid home and she had a video with us. for. sarin the reading was working on the ground when the shooting began she managed to call the iraqi soldiers for help also assisted in rescuing an injured so. early this week iraqi officials proclaim victory over eisel in mosul you have the chance to actually speak to sorrow. or. hope that on the ground war. one on one and one. morning i deployed with pride it all. this week a new video emerged from inside an iraqi prison near mosul apparently showing
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inmates there being held in dire conditions but here shows almost four hundred prisoners said to been held there for months without trial packed in the dark cramped rooms no ventilation the temperatures outside reaching forty five degrees celcius guards at the prison say people are falling ill due to a lack of hygiene and daylight the inmates are suspected of being linked to i saw some of them claim to have no idea why they're actually being held. they said my name was in their database i haven't seen any court or judge i don't even know what i'm accused of a lot of names are the same since i got here eight months ago i've only seen the sun once we really want to die none of us have received any visitors or relatives or family members they don't even know where we are in recent months rights groups of repeatedly called on the iraqi government to investigate such claims we raise
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the issue with human rights watch. human rights watch visited these very same prisons in february and released a report where we documented in detail the horrific and enqueue inhumane conditions in which these men are being held there were rampant problems of the ill treatment and in fact there were multiple men that are dying in detention because of the sanitary and hygiene conditions in those facilities you know prisoner is whether or not they are being charged with isis affiliation have basic rights and you have to imagine i mean these the image is only give us a small snapshot. we've raised these allegations with the iraqi authorities we've raised these allegations with the coalition unfortunately i have not seen anything to suggest that they are urgently investigating nor post
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investigations actually holding any commanders accountable unfortunately this is an old story in iraq where her ears we've been documenting the most serious abuses and the government made pronounced that they will investigate but to date we have not seen as a single investigation leading to results and accountability so with us for more news coming up after this short break. we're going to war still you on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battles that are going. to do socks for the tell you that what we gossip to the public works well for. the office of advertising tell me you are not cool enough to buy your product. these are the hawks that we along the border will walk.
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i do think that archie is propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interest and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if you want me to be somebody who is less capable who would maybe not do as good a job presenting the american point of view. tensions have been running high in italy this week as the crisis continues to worsen there officials warn that talks with the e.u. to solve the problem have become a tug of war italy seen almost one hundred thousand migrants arrive on the shores
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this year alone the figure is expected to double by december however the. so i should say of the impasse drags on a group of activists to taking matters into their own hands being themselves defend europe the groups setting sail for the libyan coast in a bid to turn back migrant boats coming from africa crowd funding campaign to support the mission has already raised more than one hundred twenty six thousand dollars. overwatch. installed diligent coast guard about to do it and you were trying. to get the signal to the west to the people in distress and make sure that they've brought back to the libyan cold.
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defend europe launches its mission next week from the syrian port of qatar near the activists say that patrols along the libyan coast will help expose humanitarian groups they accuse of working with people smugglers to transport illegal migrants to europe the initiative has seen a backlash from n.g.o.s and rights groups even continues mavericks calling for a boycott on the senate trying to house more on the mission dividing italy. we're at the port of in sicily among the ships that come into the sport you will every now and then see boats full of migrants but we are here to talk to an activist who is expecting the arrival of a very different kind of boat with a very controversial purpose. so somewhere around here will probably arrive by next week. what we cherish of course is a cultural identity are you a racist or an extremist organization your final purpose is what.
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we want to ensure that europe stays in europe this is what some people call racism . i think the european union should feel ashamed now they want to use sicily as a rallying point for disgusting racism that does not belong to our culture i know that our welcoming culture is disliked by european sashes but we won't give up we are not going to be silent in the face of this call to violence against desperate human beings these peoples need to buy history books we're not trying to provoke a situation where anybody's life is at risk so you're not attacking them are no we're not attacking migrants we're not going to attack the n.g.o.s we would just try to document what they're doing and we want to make sure that these n.g.o.s are not working as some kind of proxy for the human traffickers what happens if you see that someone's life is in danger we will also come and rescue them really and what
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are you going to do when a refugee on your boat well we will try to bring them to africa again. people of sicily have gotten used to migrants to the many n.g.o.s that have come here to help. and anti migrant ngo patrolling the mediterranean that is something most people here have never heard of so let's ask the locals about the cause. and so what do you think of the n.g.o.s that are working in the mediterranean to help the migrants the moon is this the bit of i don't like what they're doing what if this is right twinging and geo both doesn't sound good this is the boat. the right wing activists will be on this boat they will be patrolling the mediterranean to make sure that there is no illegal migration and to make sure that the ngos don't break the laws what do you think about that good job like that it's good and the opinion of the migrants. they don't want migrants here i mean. if
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they don't one migrants i mean they have to doubt the make of. this instability in libya they say if they rescue migrants from the boats they will take them back to africa that this is a burden that is very good on how can someone who does live i mean up in the middle of militancy you know to them but to africa that's not fair i mean some people call them racists do you agree with that there's no racist but thore there's already too many people here yet. so there's no room for everyone or do you think that's racist i don't think so and i'm not against helping migrants but we should help them in their own country so here's a seeing that seems to have become typical for sicily we've got a park where we can see the migrants then and geo group to help them and also there are locals for still feeling the burden of the economic crisis and don't want migrants and their hometown and all of them are in one same park not too long
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before right wing activists join the mob the club believe the trend toward tea could turn. when the term cease fire is used many of us might think of a conflict zone in the middle east but people in the us city of baltimore just fifty kilometers from the country's capital a calling for a truce they're fed up of the skyrocketing rocketing level of gun violence in that city. it's a war zone this is a war torn city. most of us. have lost somebody. we live with that
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every single day. of the found most people between the age of one of p.t.s.d. which is of course from the shootings from the war from people getting shot in broad daylight before your. bodies and things like. going to stand because i don't shoot my gun. final to the max international show has wrapped up just outside moscow crowds there were wowed by a aerobatics twenty five display showcased a huge variety of new aircraft show was running all week and on saturday alone one hundred seventy three thousand people attended by being a show there's also plenty of action on the ground racing car drivers challenging the pilots in the sky to race.
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as objects of asha's a dutch boy would say if she could get him out of go in the case machine a little overly. much about it. all right let's see what the racing team has to say will they win or will they not win you know let's see what their hopes are going to publish it to get that much in the back of the family but just about a bag match of the for. the shops we'd like you to get most of the sucker got shipped to for the full i just sees the kid is going to have to go i little over two hundred fifty kilometers an hour in this almost formula one side of baby in order to beat this guy right here. in that feller fifty four let's see what happens i can't wait.
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for the sky. exclusive. let's. stay with more news coming up at the top of the hour. i've got to just go through it you're watching. trio. swashing.
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i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't tell it's big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money for money and president has thrown down a lot of voiced so that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded if you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable elite. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night because you know i was actually just full on awesome throughout the early show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh look at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same
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we are apparently better than blue things that see you never heard of love went back to the night i'm president of the world bank so patzers i'm going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. from. my cabin tonio and this is america's lawyer. hospital patients go under anesthesia their body temperature can drop to dangerous levels because of this warming
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blankets and heating devices that are in the sest of the in hospitals all over the world but according to scientific studies a popular brand of the warming devices known as the bear hug or is actually causing deadly infections to spread throughout the patient's body the bear hunger story is one that few people know about but it's one that best describes the culture of greed and complete disregard for safety from a corporation so tonight we'll tell you how this dangerous product remained on the market even after the companies involved became more than aware that their devise killed patients in america and later in the show i talked with executive director of truth farm about the opioid crisis in the multiple lawsuits now weighing in on big pharma for creating that crisis so don't go anywhere america's war starts now.


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