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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  July 23, 2017 6:29pm-7:01pm EDT

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county from the west up to two inches of rain have already fallen around perry will flash flooding is expected to begin shortly in the areas of heaviest rain some locations that could experience flooding include calvert northeast rising sunshine charlestown bleak west nottingham doctoral. glen westover bayview lumbered richards meer lawn. and cherry hill additional rainfall amounts of two to four inches are possible in the warren area do not drive through floodwaters. the water may be deeper than you think it is a vehicle can easily become trapped in floodwaters endangering its occupants and those who come to their rescue if you live in a flood prone location be prepared to move to higher ground. previously i heard you say that you are absolutely sure that russia meddled in the american elections. can you explain to us what you defined by meddling and is that
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some kind of nefarious activity that. only russian gauge is in or is it something that even the united states allows itself to deal on any given moment well according to our intelligence agencies it was the russians who hacked into the d.n.c. databases that released information on wiki leaks that were embarrassing to the clinton campaign and to protest and so again according to these intelligence agency reports this was done to interfere in the american elections to weaken confidence in american democracy to embarrass hillary clinton that i think russia and everybody else expected would win the election in terms of interfering in the domestic politics of other countries you know i think that's been a tool of great power politics going back for for many centuries but countries like the united states also have an interest and defending the integrity of our democratic system and i think protecting our elections and responding to those who
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would try to interfere to show them that there are costs to interfering in american elections well but then mr crane you know that's at such an interesting point for out of russians here because. what americans or these intelligence agencies mean by interfering in the american elections essentially publicizing allegedly publicizing truthful information about hillary clinton isn't american public can tie told to that information to make an informed decision about who they want to lead the country well you know we have the democratic system here i think is great for many reasons but one of it is one of the reasons is that there is competition and so the republican party also has incentives to find out information about hillary clinton to run a campaign on the issues that they think are important. to point out the weaknesses of clinton to point out the strengths of trump so i don't think it's the right or responsibility of a foreign power to intervene it's an american election not
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a russian election and let us. point out that the our russian interference was never proven there was never any sole attack provided by the intelligence agencies they just mentioned our duty as a major part of that persuasion operation and i just wonder how can you reconcile these to facts supporting the the findings of that report which you obviously have confidence in and again appearing on our t.v. two was said to be in that report to be a russian media weapon don't you think that you are now allowing your expertise to be weaponized by the russian propaganda and yourself playing into so-called russian hands off on demining that merican democracy because obviously i am asking you some critical questions here sure well first on the point of the intelligence agencies i have full confidence in the report and they concluded with high confidence and.
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i don't think they would have published that without solid evidence so i don't think they can release the actual evidence because that could reveal sensitive sources and methods you know in the u.s. system is as you've probably seen has had a lot of leaks many people in the u.s. government who are unhappy with things are going off and leak to the media so i think if there were any reason to doubt this conclusion there would likely be people within the u.s. system going to the media in terms of me lending my expertise to to russian propaganda i think i do think that r.t. is propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interests and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if it weren't me it would be somebody who was less capable who had maybe not do as good a job presenting the american point of view well and three. very grateful for you spending some time it does but since you mention decent for mation i just want to ask you ask you to give us one specific just one specific example of the descent
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from ation that this channel has perhaps sure the syrian chemical weapons attacks my understanding is that he doesn't like to talk about the fact that russia is supporting a dictator and the middle east who's gassing his own people russia portrays the r.t. portrays the ukraine conflict as a civil war where as. we see it was russia invading a sovereign state redrawing the map of europe for the first time since world war two so those are two prominent examples but i think there are others where. r.t. and russia has been very clever about portraying things in ways that might benefit russia but that maybe don't fully square with the us to contradict you a little bit here as you perhaps know there is no the has been no investigation into the syrian chemical attack so whatever happened in syria you cannot side as a fact this is there is some information that your intelligence agency is really really saying there is another information that there is being released by the russian intelligence agencies as somebody who has been in syria who spent years
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reporting from syria that's very interesting to me that you would say that the russians are somehow misrepresenting the syrian conflict because even the president that you seem to support now donald trump has apparently moved his position on syria he just stopped supporting the cia program that was arming and training syrian rebels is that not representative of perhaps the fact that the american position on. syria was somewhat misaligned to the reality on the ground to begin with so first you know russia and the united states have very different domestic political systems and i think there are advantages and disadvantages one of the advantages of the us system is it is very open and transparent the russian system less so so you know when there's. agreement among the intelligence agencies about an assessment again i have high confidence and that i think if there are reason to doubt it there'd be leaks and other things russian intelligence i have less
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confidence and it's a more close system i think it's easier to keep secrets and spin spin analyses but on the on the point of the changing policy in syria i think you're right you know u.s. has the united states has several objectives in syria one is to prevent chemical weapons use to is to defeat isis and take territory back from isis and then third is you know dimon how assad's behaved recently i think the united states would prefer a different government in syria one that can control the country without gassing their own people but that's a third priority from a u.s. point of view number one is the feeling isis number two is stopping chemical weapons attacks and so i think trump's recent changes is something of a nod to reality that for some time the forces that the united states was supporting against assad under obama weren't receiving adequate support weren't performing very well but then mr craning don't you think that in addition to being
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a not to reality this is also an indication that the american public was perhaps misled about the root causes of the syrian conflict from the very beginning because . you can say all you want about the change in the terms of policy but it is quite clear that the rebel force that the americans supported was one of the in any case democratically minded people i mean those people have been a true. involved in brutal atrocities and i'm not trying to say here that the assad regime is is an example a regime nobody is saying that but the main goal of the russian policy in syria was the preservation of the syrian state and i suspect that this is something that even mr trump now agrees with well i think the preservation of the syrian state has passed a couple of years ago it's been a brutal civil war the country's falling apart and so i think the goal. needs to be to rebuild it with a government that can represent all the various interest groups and yeah you know i
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don't think anyone in the united states is naive i don't think it's going to be switzerland it's not going to be that kind of democracy but you would want a government that is represented and legitimate and i think assad's lost all legitimacy at this point so again gassing his own people and some of the other atrocities and you're absolutely right those are the people fighting against assad aren't saints and you don't really want to be backing saints in a civil war you want people who will who will fight but i think that their credentials are much better than the credentials of assad and yet despite those much better credentials the new american president has just terminated that his support for for that rebel group you know what always strikes me in that. in american analysis is that americans have all always been making some excuses for themselves they can always find just if occasion for their own policies and justify it from that point of view but they never allow the same for russia or any other adversary and i had to spend that you may not like russia on many grounds but why
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cannot you give your adversary a fair analytical treatment well i don't have any hostility toward russia i think it's a great country i mean you walk into the kremlin the red square you see that it's a great country with great history like many russian people but i think if you compare russian and american foreign policy there's no comparison and united states has made mistakes to be sure but i think it has a good record i mean if you look at the role the united states has played in the world since the end of world war two setting up institutions creating a real world based order promoting democracy in europe and asia promoting globalization you know the world i think is much more stable peaceful and free today than it was in one thousand nine hundred five in that studio u.s. foreign policy well it's not at the united states was it wasn't the only player in the. international system at the united nations for example was also created with russia's help but when you say that there is no comparison between the united states and russia i would totally agree with you because russia is not responsible
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for iraq russia is not the sponsible for libya russia is not responsible for syria how can you claim that the world is a better place because of the united states when you have three brutal conflicts that have killed hundreds of thousands of people displaced millions and a you can still say that the united states made the world a better place how come i can say it without reservation the united states has also turned europe from a place that had multiple great power wars into a place where you have democracies aligned nato aligned with the united states you have peace stability freedom economic prosperity and russia's trying to undermine that you know ask countries on russia's border ukraine georgia do they want to be part of russia or do they want to be part of the west and the answer's clear russia has to go to war to prevent those countries from making sovereign decisions about where they'll be aligned but they would prefer to be part of the west part of the e.u. and part of nato because because of what the united states represents and stands
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for in the world well mr craning to be have to take a short break now but we'll be back in just a few moments statement. read it is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took out learning how to start again because and then the day came and it was. many times have been broken really since. the banks got you into trouble i know with the bankers come. to go. back but i didn't think you. russian mourners through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad things from how you know you become ill you know
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into a job your relationship breaks down you become a caution for his debt a life long trouble or is there a way out those are surely going to bed or know of marco if you're to build from shore morphed sister no more. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. six guys or financial survival does. one customers go by your supplies. then else will reduce and lower her. that's undercutting but what's good for market is that good for the global economy. you can revolt against the dictator but what about the day after i think we as libyan people did not give much thought about that and so they waged all the old fashioned off the resolution does not build. nations. and certainly does not believe the states.
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is. the one but i guess some kind of. sign of this yes or no but if you don't pull out and just know she refused. to. wear the blue you won't get a good area for immigrants it's this we've never really know for sure but this is been a. techie so i. know. when i sort of know i.
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welcome back to the parts business ukrainian senior fellow at the atlantic council is a craning just before the break we were talking about this tenuous relationship between russia and the united states don't you think that this analysis of who is with us and who is against us who wants to realign itself with the united states or but russia is a little bit outdated because i can tell you for sure that most dads and see even the ukrainian politics in these terms i don't think it's outdated all of nato is you know twenty eight members with just a lot of new member into nato montenegro so more countries trying to. joint trying to be part of the west ukraine and georgia are both interested in joining but were stopped by russian invasion and then you look at east asia you have south korea
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japan australia others all proud members of the us alliance so yes we have difficult issues with different differences of opinion with countries like turkey yet they're not talking about withdrawing from nato still still a nato ally i'm not sure who russia's allies are maybe a couple of. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from north beach to drum point maryland chesapeake bay from sandy point to north beach maryland river to cambridge maryland and the little town ten river eastern until eight forty five pm at six forty three pm strong thunderstorm was located near national harbor moving southeast at twenty
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knots hazard thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact voters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations impacted include river island eastern block limit point greenbury point island beach seven river beach room koch bloody point light thomas point light metal peak poplar island chesapeake bay bridge narrows bridge naval academy tillman island annapolis. and they'll move to safe harbor until hazardous weather passes. you see it in very categorical terms but how do you explain them. being willing to reach out to russia we now know that they had only they had two meetings on the sidelines of the g twenty summit don't you think that is in a way encouraging putting the bad behavior well first on on alliances you know i
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think russia did like having alliances during the cold but the world has changed yes exactly they they realize they didn't want to be part of the russian sphere of influence any more they threw russia off their back and they became democratic and capitalist and joined the west and you're right that it is burden sharing it with alliances is always an issue u.s. presidents for many years have asked nato allies have asked allies in asia to contribute more and i think that they're doing that now and nato in particular because of the russian threat since russia's invasion of ukraine since two thousand and fourteen nato members now realize the threat from russia and are spending more so i guess we do have moscow to thank for that helping with the burden sharing on trump and putin you know i think it's natural that trump would want to come into office and improve relations with russia i think it would be great for the world great for the united states states great for russia if we had better relations and this is an unusual to trump both bush and obama came into office wanting better
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relations with russia and so i think it makes sense the trump will try this but i do think that the recent downturn is not due to anything the united states did but russia's behavior absolutely i didn't expect any other explanation on your part but . money interesting thing that you just said that both bush and obama attempted to have a some sort of a reset with russia but one critical difference now is that rochelle two thousand and seventeen is not the russia of two thousand and eight it's a country with a totally different perception of itself it sees itself as a global power and it's not going to engage with the united states on the american or western terms. it's going to engage on equal footing do you think donald trump is ready for that well that may be the way that russia sees itself i'm not sure that anybody else sees it that way russia is a peer of the united states when it comes to nuclear weapons but its economy is smaller than the size of italy's you know economic international alliance system is
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not existent so russia is really a regional power some experts in the united states are rather than grouping russia as a kind of other great power like china or considering russia more like a state like iran or north korea a country with nuclear weapons or nuclear program trouble some but not really a major power well he you know not being very charitable here but russia may not have a large economy but it's pretty influential as far as the foreign policy decisions are concerned and i'm sure you're with a group with a number of american analysts who say that russia may have a poor hand but it's playing that had extremely well the united states is the reaches country in the world do you think it placed its hand equally well well i do think that russia has been more assertive on the international stage in recent years it has made itself a player in syria and in eastern europe i think that's true i think it's playing a destabilizing role not contributing to the kind of rules based order that we
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tried to establish together at the u.n. after world war two the united states has certainly made mistakes but again overall i think the united states is doing a lot of things working now to address the north korean nuclear issue we worked for a decade building an international coalition to address the iran nuclear issue too to address isis so sure there are there are challenges but i think the united states is continuing to play an important leadership role in the international system and nobody is trying to diminish the international the important international role that the united states is playing i just don't understand why the americans as the benton diminishing russia's. because although each human is that you now listed they wouldn't have been possible without russia's participation all those issues that you have mentioned russia was right there at the table with the americans you know russia did play a helpful role in the iran nuclear negotiations i think that's true russia also played a helpful role and the six party talks but it would be great if russia would contribute
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to the rules based order i think in other ways as well looking to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict and in syria looking to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict in ukraine russia could scale back its threats against western countries so i agree that russia has played a helpful role in some areas but i think there are other areas where it's been less helpful from an american perspective while it's been less helpful from an american perspective simply because the united states insists on the regime change and how i just don't understand how regime change in syria in libya into the rule based order that you keep referring to well it seems that it's russia that's interested and regime change in ukraine the united states would like to have a country there that shows its own leaders that decided for itself whether it was part of the e.u. or nato or more closely aligned with with russia but russia is not letting them have that choice and i you know agree that.
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regime change is a destabilizing choice and has led to serious consequences in certain places some of which were unforeseen but in the case like syria this is an american regime change policy far from it the united states wasn't involved in syria assad own people rose up against him with all due respect american allies played a major role in supporting insurgency in syria let's call it insurgency even though we're really talking about jihadist international jihad movement there and when you say the united states didn't play any role how bad the cia could become for say a program that just council this week i mean that. if that counts as engagement i would think well that was very late and very limited i was working in the department of defense at the time of the syria uprising and i can tell you it caught us all by surprise you know i was one of the first people advocating that we should move to oust assad he was
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a bad leader of syria and enemy of the united states and my arguments fell on deaf ears the u.s. position was to stay out of this and it wasn't until many years later that the united states started to get involved in a very limited way but not nearly. as significant a way as russia russia intervened used force against the syrian people with this. in a way that i think has continued to contribute to civil war the united states under obama and kerry were trying to negotiate a settlement to this for many years but yet though the war continues to rage with the help of russia assad and iranian forces and now the new american president wants to enter into a cease fire agreement with with all those nefarious forces that you just mentioned speaking gears a little bit because we have only a few minutes left mr craning i would like to ask you about the new appointment that the white house recently proposed for the ambassadorship post here in moscow
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jon huntsman he's your colleague at the atlantic council. he's nomination still to be confirmed by the senate but it looks like he has a pretty good chance what do you think about this choice well i think it's an excellent choice i'm a senior fellow at the atlantic council jon huntsman has been the chairman of the atlantic council for. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a flash flood warning for nor the newcastle county in northern delaware chester county in southeastern pennsylvania delaware county in southeastern pennsylvania until eleven pm at six thirty two pm doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing heavy rain across the warn area up to one inch of rain has already fallen
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flash flooding is expected to begin shortly in the areas of heaviest rain some locations that could experience flooding include room to newark westchester chester west down downingtown ellesmere kennett square oxford parkersburg west groove honey brook port arden glenroy stanton chaney to leave them additional rainfall amounts of two to four inches are possible in the warning area not drawn through flood waters the water may be deeper than you think it is a vehicle can easily become trapped in floodwaters endangering its occupants and those who come to their rescue if you live in a flood prone location be prepared to move to higher ground. any credibility issues because of that and. please share your comments on our twitter facebook and youtube pages and i hope to see you again same place same time
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here. in the u.s. a child can choose a school. with his teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the president is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. to step up to.
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the ball with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's place. like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah or you can turn off your body these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. here's what people have been saying about rejected a knighthood to us it is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t americans do the same we are apparently better than food that is bad and see people you never heard of love went
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back to the night my president of the world bank so hates it but he doesn't really mean it seriously he sent us an email. to. help. solve the. issue of michelle the. clothes. he.
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was my. my that. among the stories that shaped the week talked exclusively to the russian lawyer at the center of a media scandal over her meeting with donald trump jr last year. ok so in the last moment the situation has started unraveling and you can hear behind me stun grenades. ongoing violent clashes between israeli police and muslim worshipers continued to rock to us all and after the israeli government rolls out acts at the al aqsa mosque. and journalists is caught up in the gun battle in the iraqi city of lost soul despite the fact that the city was declared.


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