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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 24, 2017 3:29am-4:01am EDT

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at the recent g twenty in the humble the thing is that trump came up against logic it has nothing to do with russia it has to do with the fact that these jihadi fighters that began the united states began funding under obama and arming to the teeth with all the ormes the cia gave them they couldn't do much with them they were ineffective fighters and now we see the ride the killing each other making temporary truce is which don't really lead to anything and they're getting totally obliterated by the much better trained much better equipped still syrian arab army and their allies so it was simply a logistical logical decision the made the kurdish fighters that america is now backing one hundred percent are simply more organized operating force however credit where it is due you mention the kurds are just to say go ahead real quick. just credit where it's due to draw because i don't want to make it seem too
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mercenary this is what i've called many times the most clear cut battle between good and evil since the great patriotic war and donald trump does deserve some measure of credit for withdrawing america's might when the world's to funding it has an evil jihad al qaeda but it hasn't done that completely the us military is still there d m a the turkish kangal i mean turkey a member of nato it divulge the location of american military bases in syria not a nice thing to do but what's happening here is that the americans now or can't between the kurds and turkey ok all that so there's another problem we have to resolve here there is no real solution that's a terrible legacy. from obama i mean. it was a bomber who started financing the so-called more direct opposition in syria which had a strange. each in their hearts or the syrian soldiers it was barack obama. who
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basically what the u.s. russia relations seem to. skating just simply confiscate in to all russian owned duchesse in washington and with turkey again it's a terrible legacy because what happened is that i mean look at it from the turkish point of view. where an air gun came to power it was still kemalist cameleers and can walk if you will but it's normal because camel is europeanization of turkey if europe is sick if europe gets into a conflict with russia for nor were parent reason if it is a soul. then cambodia is makes no sense also many of them could replace cameleers if. good relations with syria with iran if russia did not get involved but can i'm sure that i was stupid enough to get involved in syria one of the interesting things here is there being. live who is if we have a score card here who come out on top in this conflict here because you know the
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the great boogie man in the west particularly in the united states is iran ok it ran his amazingly benefited from this era in support of the legitimate legal government in damascus and the the west washington and the israelis have themselves to blame for this because of course and russia as well why because supported a legal government in syria and so it's an example for every kind of rebellions we want to be supported by west in a i don't know kind of country but systems that would see that when you have such an ally like you russia or like iran you're not sure to win it's a complete change if you compare what's up in kosovo or it's open. in libya or in during the spring so in my opinion for the for the place of the russian diplomacy it's a very strong state because not everybody and you can. in libya or any.
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fricken countries everybody wants to be a. saw for a show they have an avenue of that's what let's move forward here adam you know one of the interesting things again there's the issue of blowback in thinking about that what is the next step which is when it comes to syria the west has never been able to think clearly right now ok the cia is good or we're all funding in arming now we have these trained some of them trained or a lot of them went over to the other side went to fight with isis now you have a disgruntled element within syria that has connections with the west training from the west i have to wonder how they're going to feel about having the rug pulled out from under them i wonder what they're going to do go back to their european countries go to the united states interesting go ahead well they have several options we're seeing quite a few of them already play out first of all some of them will take advantage of
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president assad's adam and steve whereby if they put down their guns and make a commitment not to engage in insurgent activities they'll be able to lead normal lives according to the own wishes that however is a minority most of these people are looking to the quickest route to the jihad express to libya the failed state of they've been where the three by some accounts four different factions competing for government and those are just the semi legitimate ones then you've got gangs you've got isis you've got al-qaeda you've got other terrorists that's where they're going to go the next stop on the jihad express is the western balkans that's their gateway into europe and through their connections with other terrorist groups which are already freely operating in the occupied serbian province of calls only talk here then they can go anywhere in europe including on planes which go directly to the united states so while syria is . moving its border with lebanon and right now in the syrian arab army or engage in
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ferocious fighting in the winning it against remnants of al qaida the west is leaving the doors wide open i know this is wide open because they've got more important things to do which is have the drive around in their tanks and post them waiting for the big invisible russian invasion that's never going to happen where they should be patrolling the world you're you're you're singing to the choir here . i think it's an interesting situation going back to the middle east but the aggressor have lost i mean the united states is nor want to use an entirely base they had to pull out of turkey. the european forces are not using interleague base neither. basically when a bomber started the campaign of drawn killings in yemen look the result there is alters that yemen is no more dangerous to americans then that they are the point in its history who war on iran russia who were not very active in the beginning what
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did abort all the later when you're invited vision actually and when ziad and legally when dividing them when syria indeed faced foreign intervention and it became absolutely necessary and rush to get involved and through this they i mean russia and iran they improve their credentials and what is very important of all of the points about the american intervention in syria was to beat russia and iran you know took it to the sunni arab states against iran and russia russia was accused by our all the local liberals of pekin the sides between the sunni and shias and jews in the shiites now that we have qatar which is by some strange twist of fortune and they'll lie to a key and they run their system is collapsing well it's russia never going to do me usually you know that you made a choice between the liberals when you went over the russians started to appear after being invite. it's important to underline by the obama told to get instant
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yes although yeah you know. that at least lobby gag. and there is a completely different war but it's really interesting is that again this is another major setback for the israelis and their partner in the middle east the saudis this is something where you and you know the israelis are absolutely furious when you go back to out of here they're very they're furious that iraq may have military bases in syria again another backfired. that we've seen coming out of town and riyadh. this is a turning into a full scale catastrophe for them and it was of their own making go ahead out of. well israel is complaining about iran in syria as you say but what about the fact that israel has illegally occupied syria since nineteen sixty seven we don't hear
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about that now do we what we have just now from the very beginning of this cease fire that america and russia with jordan reached in respect of the southwestern frontiers of syria the litmus test for its success or failure was always going to be the israeli reaction now israel is moaning and netanyahu moaned in france he's moaning from the hilltops he's moaning so loud he probably can't even hear the gunfire the stones being thrown in the bodies being hold on to the pavement in jerusalem right now as we speak but there's simply worried about syria exercising its sovereign right to have relations with any portion of it wants israel is a rogue state israel is a country that not only moans about other countries having partnerships while failing to acknowledge its illegal occupation it's of solving nations but they also try to give the idea is that i have to jump in here in america and rather i have to
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jump in here gentlemen we have to go to a short break and after that short break we'll can you can hear your discussion on stories in the news stay with our. you can revolt against the dictator but what about the day after i think we as little people did not give much thought about that and so the weight of action off the resolution does not build nations that will. and certainly does not build states.
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i mean. that's a very rough birds around you so it's rough climates and you have to win friends to be able to live in the flat. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends they would have been going there may well have been and you know mark i will go with me going will back up a story you know i don't want to see it but it will be in the true and is ready to participate in the good. old to me a good living movement. you don't think about this leave this soldier or not you just refuse like a man you know i do and other patients. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the
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media control over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us actually just pull on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs the. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted the next president of the world bank. seriously send us an email.
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with this manufactured consent to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. we can all middle of the room sick. welcome back to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lo we're discussing stories in the news. ok let me go back to adam in london i started the program by saying that we do real news i want to do
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a real news story that hasn't gotten much coverage in the mainstream what's been going on in eastern ukraine or as some people would say translated into russian little russia i'm sorry translate into english little russia is come into existence what's the story there in a nutshell adam go ahead. well the story started in sixteen fifteen fall into something called the trinity of love and this is with russia was invited by the local cossack spark into what was always historic russian land to fight poland and take it back and that's what it did the more southern regions called norval to see it were taken from turkey more and more of the matter and it's good you bring us money can you bring us much closer to the present what's going on there ok so i don't. know you know i know you don't have to show up on this program or what's the significance of this there is some kind of declaration of sovereignty what's going on go ahead. so last week the leader of the don't yet speak pulls republican
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alexander. he declared the state of of model c. or little russia now the declaration was important for the historic reasons obviously and it's important also because it shows the penultimate rejection of. many of its allied individuals representatives from places like color of or another regions it shows that they all have signed a document that says the kiev regime represents a failed state but what's the most interesting thing is about this model to see a declaration isn't all that different from the minsk agreement which both sides in the current conflict are supposed to be adhering to both call for self-determination both call for recognition of multiple indigenous languages both call for a total cessation of violence and both call for a return to civil government so the problem with the minsk accords as this declaration really reveals isn't that they're on reasonable or unworkable it's that
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the main priority to them the kiev regime is so unreasonable ok and so frankly look at. moscow's reaction the kremlin's reaction was very tepid they said this is a personal personal initiative. they are not standing by what's going on not on a limb off call but that you will ganske you know what are the center of. resistance and they also said we were warned about it we have not been you know that well i think that the statement from mr zahar janica was emotional and i understand where it comes from you know the problem is that the following ukraine was used. by a group of people who do not represent the majority the majority of ukrainians their group has almost lost elections their only election that they would like russian liberals was in two thousand and five when you shouldn't be forced to rerun all the elections thanks to the western and there was. a commission which consisted
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of his people and they declared him the victor in general they all of us wanted actions because there are more people leaving it would it would it would let me do this when exactly i did not why now what's going on now it's linked to i was invited by the as a high single government to one of my in the situation is difficult for people living in the dinner in the in my opinion. for poroshenko to show that the means every month are not working so he must propose something to the people the first think you propose is economic integration with russia it's a both and last when it's already happening you know any it's a real challenge thanks to. those eleven full day out all of a sort of there is a physical sync it is a fun thing it's ok we respect the agreement but we will change we want we want we want to lift ukraine but we will change the composition of the country and there
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will be something like you know during the twenty's when the capital of the. soviet you call in was completely different in my opinion it's something that . told for its population and for the kremlin to terrorism do something because. it is a topic is a very it was a very good behavior and i mean this is just a reflection of the reality on the ground more or less the mean way because of this blockade the. have no choice but to deal with russia that's where they get their food imports i mean all kinds of legal things now that they have that like you know registering births and deaths and and and money but even i think that a driver is highly unlikely to get out of here this is a reflection of reality on the ground and really to get here and the west to really implement the minsk accords or start something different go ahead well i think it's
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high time to start something different because it's just it's just incapable of enforcing anything let alone the means could cause and i think one positive development in respect of reactions to the model to see a little russia declaration is how little has been said from the united states if the obama was in the white house victoria nuland head would have literally exploded when the words my little see it came out of goes about a silence from washington the americans under trump they don't really care about sixteen fifty four and all this other stuff they really don't this could be a good thing because it might allow for the regime in kiev to collapse not true the and then for some sort of negotiated peace to come into play which may actually look a great deal like the mother will see a declaration names aside but what's more important than the name is what actually
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happens in this historic area is brought into a unitary or bit of cooperation democratically of course with between russia and what is now called became a gem god cannot be said. it makes sense but i think with little russia what we see is also of the collapse of the myth of putin who is their grass and who wants all ukraine for him so all at least the russian speaking region see if you if you remember two thousand and fourteen when the whole thing started with crimea and gone bust the western press was full of maps like russian speaking regions of ukraine are in the east in the southeast in the solve grainier and in the southwest interest news do you have a russian speaking and believe so putin wants to unite them all now we have a suggestion for ask him to do just that and want to get reaction from more school we haven't authorised it which to do that means chords there is one thing that the
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western public should understand the more than russian the leadership is not about expansion it's not about territorial gains they want to have good business relations with the west they want to leave when they want to save borders what country are they want to have safe borders the yes but they're not about you know when the kyrgyzstan they invited the russian troops in two thousand and ten and they love your hopes never good living there and the west was surprised i remember that was that people had been surprised and simply they didn't know the irony of it with the russians who flew the russians would invade i couldn't get my head around that one ok exactly what's this about the western response to this because i think it's really interesting is anybody interested in ukraine anymore i don't think so i think everybody is tired and if you look at the meeting between. poroshenko i'm sorry but it was embarrassing it was like a slave is always smiling like can you do it and when or when luck or. what you
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want which was for me everybody is tiring of ukraine but to underline that there is a milestone in one year is a parliamentary election that completely changes things because. of course nationalists with flaws. strategic. positions and. which is a real never known as this is a president of the parliament it will be completely. changed because. not in the front will fade so. parliament and so it could be or maybe this time and that surely is a rest so. so we mention this on this here we have the new address system out of here i was looking at the national interest which i think sometimes has some very interesting articles. that suggest readers take a look at it but you know this sudden dawning that all my goodness these right wing
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militias could be a threat to the government in kiev we've been saying that for five years on this program ok now we've already got everybody's waking up to it and then we don't you know it's holding their nose is that we shouldn't be we should keep our distance from it now they actually were part of creating this mess in ukraine and now they don't have the interest in a problem they created go ahead adam in london well sometimes it's best not to have a north and is joy in the fire brigade as an act of prepared which is what america and the e.u. fixing the problem would amount to indeed the biggest threat to the regime in kiev is not from any foreign actor inside is not from the don't yet is going to go on script publics it's from the fascist elements who think i hope you're sitting down everyone when you're watching this that the government in kiev that it's not quite extreme enough that it's not waging total war but it hasn't proudly proclaimed the genocide that you can you people on the streets of members of the. right sector or
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talking about constantly and it's these people who are engaged in political assassinations it's these people whose videos of them beating the hell out of politicians all over youtube throwing them in dumpsters and cetera and it's these. people who are going to launch a my dorm two point zero speaking of turkey one of my favorite quotes is from a lot of who said they go. going to. go ahead well i would just remind you of there again the nationalists have never won almost elections in ukraine and that's why a project is about there if you look at the map you know when there was democracy in ukraine in the east ninety percent of the people voted for the quarter interest and for the party of regions in the west ninety percent of the people voted for the nationalists but the point is that the current government is so weak you know the reason of why they cannot fulfill that means courts let me remind you in all the
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first of august two thousand and fifteen where the ukrainian or rather started discussing you know that special status for the bus group or right wing extremist staged a demonstration near their other one of them through a green media kenyan three policeman and then even their minister of interior of ukraine and other crazy a nationalist i walked up he came out and he said where flees by fascists and the words are just. as the same times because of these demonstrations in the front of his minister told that. accommodation the autonomy of the nation not an obligation right out of time gentlemen many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember.
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you can revolt against the dictator but what about the days. after i think we as libyan people did not give much thought about facts and so they waged passion off the resolution does not build nations. and certainly does not. states. yes to all nations all the groups. loathe.
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this. because. it was. kind of a. sign of this if. she were.
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good. for him it's. thank you so i. know when i start to tell you. what i'll just. put themselves on the law.
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wow. a journalist is caught up in a gun battle in the iraqi city of mosul despite the fact the city was declared a state last week. the boy told the americans to. return to a role. by iraqi vice president has said his country's people will not tolerate foreign military bases there he's already warned the u.s. against. italy says it will not be threatened by its neighbors over border control that's half the country struggles with a huge influx of migrants and we hear from a local mayor who says his talent is at breaking point. and r.t. speaks exclusively to him.


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