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tv   Headline News  RT  July 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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drizzy ocean. oh. thank you. a journalist is caught up in a gun battle in the iraqi city of both seoul despite the fact the city was declared free of his long state last week. the boy told the american states news in your interest to return to a role in. the iraqi vice president he has said his country's people will not tolerate foreign military bases there and he's already warned the u.s. against such an. italy says it will not be threatened by its neighbors over border control that's half the country struggles with a huge influx of migrants and we hear from a local mayor who says his talent is at breaking point. and r.t. speaks exclusively to a man with
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a severe muscle wasting disease who's conviction for armed robbery brought public outrage in russia. broadcasting live from the russian capital just turned eleven in the morning here in moscow you're watching our team to national i'm lisa. a correspondent from russia sputnik news agency has been caught up in a gun battle in mosul iraq while she was taking pictures of the mine clearing operation and to his story part of the city she managed to escape unharmed and share with us her video. what about it i'll stop in my just a thought will come on i'll call looking from from a can of other. where
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you were once all but certain i am who. got the look of what the man. i gather you got for you i threw off and i did not come from mother as i was taught . and also one of all the others in the world. the law of the law was like. this gunfire happened where sarah knew or did was filming in a residential area next to the great mosque noori the attacker was hiding in a small room in a primary school the journalist believes it was a sniper we spoke to sara after the incident we want. it to or all. normal. and all. one hundred so well. you know all the.
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that. or their log on. the ground. one on. one. morning i did it all the while. the journalists came under fire despite a total victory over islamic state being proclaimed in mosul just last week iraq's vice president has warned there are still more to harness fighters in iraq but in an interview he emphasized one of his the major concerns now is to push u.s. forces out of the country. iraqi society is against the building of foreign military bases on the territory of the country. joycean american
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bases so i told the americans in your interests to return to iraq and build your bases. again. in the interview iraq's vice president said he rejects claims by washington that the victory in mosul was america's achievement artist and you hawkins has been looking deeper into the interview. well the former prime minister didn't mince his words commenting on who really deserves credit for turning the tide of the war i regret the coalition's position i don't agree that mosul is a coalition victory it was their war it was a war fought by the iraqi army yes coalition jet supported us but the main effort was made by iraqi soldiers public militias and iraqi aviation strong words from maliki who was similarly scathing about the alleged u.s. role in the creation of arsal force many analysts view the world's most notorious terror group as emerging from the post iraq war vacuum the former prime minister
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though went a step further seeing this as part of a wider historic us foreign policy strategy for. your bomber administration bears a huge amount of responsibility for the rise in expansion of islamic state and for the consequences that followed islamic state didn't appear from nowhere islamic state resembles the taliban which was formed by the american administration to oppose the soviet authorities during the war in afghanistan just across the syrian border i sill is also on its way to defeat as a battlefield force with russia backing the assad government salmi against the rate of terrorist groups a russian presence in syria has been routinely criticized by many western powers maliki though sees russia's involvement in a very different light. without the russian stance the whole region would have crumbled the map would have looked totally different without russia's approach to the syrian problem which differs from america's syria regime would have followed
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that would have energized the terrorists there to a change map of the region and it would have led to baghdad's for. i with are still seemingly on its last legs all eyes are on what's next for iraq and despite a string of military victories for government forces the battle for united country is far from over well look at the split between the sunni's in the shias remains in place and one of the states supports the sunnis and in the she is it will contribute to the creation of a new ice with new ideas new faces and new so far the main efforts in iraq are focused on the short term goal of defeating iso but with a whole patchwork of regional and internal conflicts it will be the longer term why do problems that will need careful and painstaking resolution in the coming years. most residents have been complaining about the huge destruction caused by american airstrikes they share their frustration with professor saeed mohammad marandi from
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the university of tehran he gave us a potential that he felt that during a trip to the devastated city as you can see the level of destruction is truly shocking buildings in ruins burning cars and rubble are all around you have a randy shared his experience of visiting the city with us. they all seem those who we spoke to them terribly step or they were all they all seem very pleased to for their city to have been retaken but they were saying that the american airstrikes were very devastating and very. hurtful to ordinary people and that many civilians were killed they also they more or less across iraq in the cities that i've been to i'm in baghdad right now people have been blaming the united states more than anyone else for this devastation. unfortunately the iraqi government to spend doesn't have the money to rebuild the city because it's still fighting the war it's trying to liberate the west of the country there
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is no way that any of these cities are going to be rebuilt any time soon and i think that many people will gradually leave the country and move towards europe because there's just no hope. we also actually the same group of people we visited aleppo right after a liberation as well and what it was very interesting or very unfortunate was that the devastation was very similar to the devastation that we saw in west and the the bombing by the americans basically destroyed so much of that part of the city the west side of the city yet the western media says said almost nothing about it was when in syria russian syrian iranians were trying to liberate the city from their forces what the western media was talking about the
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russian air force and the syrian air force bombing civilian targets and so on but what we saw in mosul was the same amount of devastation yet nothing was we see we hear nothing from the western media. the italian prime minister paolo gentil loney has expressed his discontent at the way his country's neighbors are reacting to the refugee crisis is that italy will not be threatened on the matter. we will not accept lectures and still less threats such as those we have heard from our neighbors in recent days we are doing our duty and expect the whole of europe to do the same alongside italy the warning comes up to austria threatened that the ploy its military to bolster the border with italy to stop migrants from entering the austrian defense minister said his country needs to be ready itself and these measures will be essential if the migrant influx from italy is not reduced italy is struggling to cope with the huge wave of new arrivals this year alone with a ninety three thousand refugees have reached the italian coast by sea weapon twice
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that amount is expected by the end of the year the drastic numbers have prompted an anti-establishment movement in the country to present a radical proposal. out of the sort of. bottom up said lot of the plane that is on the west of the importance of what i miss the quota for in them but ok let's. go. for it they can see but i'm at the. bank people pulled out a. local mayors have also tried to draw attention to the crisis staging rallies to protest what they say and unsustainable number of. country visited one such town and spoke exclusively to the mayor here's more from. i've been traveling across rural parts of sicily for almost a week now speaking to locals various officials and refugees and i'll tell you what some people may not be willing to admit it but. divided by the refugee crisis
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there are locals ready to welcome migrants and refugees without any preconditions but there are of course others who are willing to put their livelihoods their first their lives have been hit hard by the economic crisis and they are the ones who now having to accommodate the refugees the most vivid example is the mayor. told me how he started a protest place that has been quiet for decades when dozens of refugees. hotel the mayor along with the locals blocked the way for a generator that was being delivered into the hotel in an exclusive interview he explained to me why they did that. when there's no room there's no room we've got huge difficulties here unemployment issues with infrastructure and health care the
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community does not understand how we can accept more people when we have all these problems but. disappointed with his own government just like pretty much everyone. question that i've been getting all the people are critical with the european approach in dealing with the refugee crisis the mayor told me that he believes that countries like germany and france are trying to keep up with this. it is italy that is getting. the refugee crisis it is being left alone dealing with this. betrayed italy with a problem that's not a tally and per se actually it's totally european we are at the forefront italy is where they arrive first but the european community doesn't seem to care some countries even closed their borders more of that exclusive interview with the mayor and also to the abandoned hotel that's now been turned into
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a refugee shelter. and the full report will be international throughout tuesday and another bit to draw attention to the growing public discontent over the influx of migrants to its so-called art within and. around. africa. quote stop. reference to a proposed nationality law which would grant italians that it's shipped to second generation immigrants born in the country the huge piece was created by a land artist and stretches across twenty five thousand square meters. at a boarding school in central china girls are training hard to become skillful warriors they live in spartan conditions and their only toys are sorts now i have their own face watch the premier. today on our t.v. .
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last hour had a. way of leo the failure to tell you how do you know a day on the job i.e. by the full and they're like you heists and you should call them with your mind and then you know they got a job should i shout out i've been. good. be so.
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after a short break we'll have the latest on this able man and rush over the severe muscle wasting disease but was jailed for armed assault that and more any a few minutes. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now. the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington washington controls the media the media
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control over the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what holds us institutions and. i put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to try to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. welcome back to tell about has claimed responsibility for a massive blast in the afghan capital kabul earlier today that killed twenty four
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and injured at least forty two these are pictures of the aftermath of the blast a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a minibus which was carrying. the taliban said it was targeting the intelligence service however most of the victims were civilians here are some eyewitness accounts. the. two of my friends were also wounded when we emerged there were many ambulances and of the injured people some civilian cars in the area damaged but. with the help of my france and other people. there were times from here. there was a lot of there is on the air by the. following three weeks detention a man with a severe muscle wasting disease who was convicted of armed assault in russia has been freed from jail and had been given a four and a half year sentence following his release he gave his first interview to r.t.
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. it was hard to comprehend what was going on with me because i understood just one thing that i've been deprived of my life my family my relatives and i wouldn't last long so that moment i was sure i would never see my mother the father of my daughter my partner again i thought that all that was left to me was waiting. at the detention center every single person that saw me was at a loss and shot with certainly those who work went straight to me as they had heard of specially to see me as everyone was wondering how this because remember me but i couldn't give an answer because i couldn't understand how lawyers. the national weather service in mt lee new jersey has issued a foot boarding for the white clay creek at newark until this afternoon where until
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the warning is canceled it for one am monday the stage was eleven point two feet flood stage is thirteen point zero feet moderate flooding is forecast forecast right above flood stage by early this morning and continued to rise to near sixteen point one feet by this morning the river will fall below applied stage by late this morning f.l. the server casts location and same date quest whiteclay cretin thirteen points eleven point two one monday am sixteen point one seven am. in the united but his family he has a three year old daughter and says the experience has given him a new perspective on life. you know. my daughter is three years old and she's small and doesn't get what's going on but when i arrived home everyone ran into my arms and burst into tears my daughter reached for me and cried i didn't expect that i was told that every day she asked when i would return once she saw me on t.v.
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and asked why they told her that i was feeling bad and she cried for quite a long time my girlfriend and i are not married many people are familiar with my situation you perspire and events for many reasons like you want to earn more money than when i was stuck in the detention center i promised myself to implement in life all that i had was probably. the final day of the max international air show has wrapped up just outside of moscow crowds were dazzled by an array of aerobatics with twenty five display showcasing huge variety of new aircrafts the show has been running all week over four hundred fifty thousand people attended the annual event despite being an air show there was also plenty of action on the ground as seen tested by our own crew. let's see what happens i can't wait can you. with all the laughs and just the right the washington nights we got about twenty
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minutes before there were harmful begins the first time ever in my life that i'm doing this. here we go. this is the primary reason people have been coming here for a decade and all these sorts of fun times that they were told to get displays of acrobatics by highly skilled teams from the little. it's a rescue helicopter. this mold you can be heard in hue of business jet like the helicopter in just a matter of few hours not looks like
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a great seat working for we dedicate myself to business. we've seen some amazing planes and because the flying the school like. it's the maze we get to take this but since this is trying to influence they can also drive and they can spread. fast so the problems that make the operators to the people around you got this big problem it's a bit like the fact that the. cops just slow but these are fundamental. nobody gives. the order the explosive the what.
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you can watch all of our reports of the spectacular max international air show on our website r.t. dot com and also on our you tube channel and while you're there don't forget to check our latest three hundred sixty video filmed from one of the planes that took part in the event i was back at the top of the hour with more news. you can revolted again. the dictator but what about the day after i think we as libyan people did not give much thought about facts and so they waged. the resolution does not build nations. and certainly does not build states.
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seemed wrong rowles just don't call. me that is yet to shape out these days to come to the ticket and indeed equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart a. chance to look for common ground. this
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manufactured. public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the room sick. do you. feel. that sunday.
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yet. this. five am. daily training session. this is just been just a couple of months til graduation she and her twenty seven close mates are all running to start the day with. their let.
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up up. in the dark we somehow managed to lose john in the crowd. if you don't. know for. them to. retrieve it from. you know from the. wall or bank that. other show for which would be one lot i'll give the mom some back. so it's always for me all that idea with me. here for what you so help obama examined see all that menu. known that intense eyes out most of all. kinds it's out of there and so a lot older than the live outside it shows are offensive with a this is
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a full washout fifield on going. to. the hall for cups. president was a little boy. their boys with their trouble but mostly you understand that it all been there you gotta believe it or you'll go to assure my about once a month or so with the help of all that super head says. the laws as he wishes it only. uses symbols be a short lived in the soon will not. to. solidly pull we. also that. how do you do with yourself. to the question of the. knowledge so you're so she may only snap so should. we can call you. to say good.
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