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tv   Headline News  RT  July 24, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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we never really know for sure but this is the area. when i started going. to. trade secretary accuses the b.b.c. of biased coverage of the brags that process and of ignoring positive stories about leaving the e.u. . i can't. recall a single recent times when i have seen good economic news that b.b.c. didn't describe us despite rick's it. any. talks with the u.s. lawmakers as a leaked memo suggests brussels is preparing retaliation if washington pushes ahead
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with new anti russian science and that could hurt european businesses. and activists in the french president's party on the move demand legal action claiming they weren't properly consulted unquote democratic changes to stop sheets. recalled here in moscow and you're watching altie international live from our studio with me there today welcome to the program but first this hour we start in switzerland where five people have been injured two of them seriously by an identified attacker who was armed with a chain saw the suspect is on the run and a major police operation is underway the center of shock housing which is on the border with germany has been sealed off police have confirmed to the. said and is
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at present being treated as an isolated crime and we'll of course bring you more details as soon as we get them. the case is international trade secretary liam fox has accused the b.b.c. of willfully ignoring positive news on the brags that process the came came in a letter to the broadcasters director general however he's already voiced his concerns before. to tell you in the newspaper or listen to the radio t.v. the story is done very negatively it almost is going to be impossible for us to do these trade deals if you look we spoke to rome and undermines the work he's doing yeah well mr speaker it does appear that some elements of our media would rather see britain fail than see brits succeed. and i i cannot recall a single time in recent times when i have seen good economic news that the b.b.c.
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didn't describe us despite that. we can cross live now to our teams polyploid go in london and get an update on this story polly why is the trade sector so unhappy about the b.b.c.'s coverage of bragg's it. well he says that the b.b.c. is putting a damper on things economically he says that when his press team calls up the b.b.c. news desks offering positive stories about brags that they choose not to cover the they choose instead stories that are perhaps more doom and gloom about britain's departure from the e.u. and he says that that's hampering his ability to strike international trade deals which is of course the influx is job as international trade secretary for the british government has taken stock as you heard there with a particular phrase that b.b.c. had lines often feature and that these two words despite brags that so you might
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get even a positive story about the economy and it'll be followed or. prefaced with despite greg's it suggesting an element of surprise from the b.b.c. team that the country hasn't been crippled economically by its decision to leave the e.u. we've done a bit of research ourselves hair and we've counted dozens of b.b.c. had lines on lines featuring this phrase despite brags that since the vote took place last june of course liam fox he's a massive pro brags that he's one of the chief brags that is here in the british government so his letter to the b.b.c. has really riled up the pro e.u. campaigner in the u.k. one liberal democrat politician here has accused him of acting like a tinpot dictator by trying to exert pressure or the media in order to cover the stories in the way in which he would like to see them covered or for a tarion leader would perhaps elsewhere in the world and sort of they refuse him of
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trying to blame the b.b.c. for his own failures as international trade secretary and trying to strike those deals in folks isn't the first big politician here in the u.k. to express his dissatisfied. action with the b.b.c.'s coverage of bragg's it issues andrea led some of the leader of the house of commons she recently said that broadcasters need to be a bit more patriotic in the way that they approach brags that the b.b.c. has of course dismissed all of these allegations of bias they've said that they don't recognise the characterisation of the coverage outlined in this letter and perhaps explaining some of the gravitas with which they approach these brags that headlines they have said that no organization takes coverage of the economy more seriously. polly would be interested to see how this develops probably bowker in london thanks very much for the update. the italian prime minister
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paolo gentle loney has expressed his discontent at the way his country's neighbors are reacting to the refugee crisis he also said italy will not be threatened on the matter. we will not accept lectures and still less threats such as those we have heard from our neighbors in recent days we are doing our duty and expect the whole of europe to do the same alongside italy the warning comes off to austria threaten to deploy its military to bolster its border with it and to stop migrants from entering the defense minister said his country needs to ready itself and these measures will be essential if the migrant influx from italy is not reduced its lee struggling to cope with the huge wave of new arrivals this year alone almost one hundred thousand refugees have reached the italian coast by sea eighty five percent of all migrants who came by sea to europe is prompted localness to try and draw
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attention to the crisis staging rallies to protest what they say is an unsustainable number of refugees being settled in the country. visited one such time and spoke exclusively to the man. i've been travelling across rural parts of sicily for almost a week now speaking to locals various officials and refugees and i'll tell you what some people may not be willing to admit it but it has really been divided by the refugee crisis there are locals war ready to welcome migrants and refugees without any preconditions but there are of course others who are willing to put their livelihoods and their concerns first their lives have been hit hard by the economic crisis and they are the ones who now having to accommodate the refugees the most vivid example is the mayor of a small community and. he told me how he started
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a protest in a place that has been quiet for decades when dozens of refugees and migrants were moved into an abandoned hotel the mayor along with the locals locked away for an alec tricity generator that was being delivered into the hotel and then makes the. interview he explained to me why they did that. when there is no room there's no room we've already got huge difficulties here like unemployment issues with infrastructure and health care the community does not understand how we can accept more people when we have all these problems but mr chief. disappointed with his own government just like pretty much everyone in italy that's the impression that i've been getting all the people are critical with the european approach in dealing with the refugee crisis the mayor told me that he believes that countries like germany and france are trying to keep up with the status quo whereas it is italy that is
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getting the impact of the refugee crisis and it is being left alone in dealing with this. the e.u. betrayed italy with a problem that's not a tally in per se actually it's totally european we are at the forefront italy is where they arrive first but the european community doesn't seem to care some countries even closed their borders more of that exclusive interview with the mayor and also my trip to the abandoned hotel that's now been turned into a refugee shelter. and the full report that will be aired on r.t. international throughout tuesday as a mention. struggling with similar issues a correspondent also discussed the problem with a lawyer who represents a community in the sicilian town of the lots where authorities want to house my parents in an abandoned school building he told us a different approach that. putting migrants here into buildings like this is racism these kind of things make us racist. the
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criticism from the community begins when locals realize that the migrants won't know what to do in this location so when migrants end up with nothing to do and there's someone amongst them inclined to criminal behavior it means they could start intruding getting into other houses and properties but their problem is not just this it's bigger it's about the lack of ability and opportunities to integrate so in these circumstances the refugees simply won't blend in to society this could lead to drug dealing issues and crime and that's reason why the community is being so critical. the risk is that the shelter could turn into a ghetto a kind of concentration camp because the migrants will have nothing to do here they can't go to the seaside they can't go to the beach gym or socialize with other guys that's what we'll be telling the government in another bid to draw attention to the growing public discontent over the influx of migrants to italy so called to crop
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are two of the nineteen migrant message has emerged in a field they have around or it depicts a vessel called africa next to a vertical line leading stop you beneath the ship is a reference to a proposed nationality law which would grant italian citizenship to second generation immigrants born in the country they huge piece was created by a land artist and it stretches across twenty five thousand square meters. and delegation that will hold crunch talks with u.s. lawmakers on wednesday it comes as a leaked memo suggests brussels is preparing retaliation if washington pushes ahead with new anti russian side actions that could hurt european businesses well for more on this let's cross to kate a partridge who's in the studio with me now kate what has prompted this reaction well basically as you said it's all about this internal note that's been leaked to the press is that so many of them are are they from the european commission effectively this is the european response to propose sanctions by the u.s.
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against russia the implications that it would have for the e.u. particularly in economic terms what the note says is that the european commission is prepared to hit back in days if the u.s. does agree to these particular sanctions and also if they have an implication for european energy deals that's the key point here is it the first time because we really heard this kind of rhetoric before is it the first time that politicians have spoken out against solutions we've heard about we've heard from europeans before about how unhappy they are with these particular deals because it's not just saying what you're can do but also who they can do business with as we can here general to accept the u.s. through to impose sanctions that violate international law and afflicted european companies involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply europe so that the supply is a matter for europe and not the united states of america it's not draws to decide who supplies us with energy and how according to rules of openness
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a market competition that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial fact meaning and impact on third countries so have really had a reaction from moscow yet we have indeed from the kremlin spokesman to meet a peskov who also says that he acknowledges there that it doesn't just hurt russia but also search parties involved in these particular deals. we consider the continuing sanctions rhetoric counterproductive it is damaging the interests of our two countries and also potentially damaging the interests of other states with which russia has true economic relations developing this. tendency. they haven't a major peskov there are the implications are that it's all about third parties and indeed on third parties european commissioner yohannes hard has said that there is an e.u. commit there's a commission delegation in washington now to be able to talk with the house of representatives about these deals because the vote is tomorrow and they want to make sure that everything goes ahead so it benefits the you so you can see they're taking it very seriously and what we expect from washington or even wait and see
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got we examine these two votes here one of them what happens in within the senate is as we look at the vote that happens on tuesday but also looking at the e.u. vote which is on wednesday which is where this note was leaked from so if you think stuff baited breath i think thanks very much kate partridge. he members of the french president's party on the move have issued a statement saying that party leaders are creating new statute in a quote undemocratic way war and this from our paris correspondent charlotte depends. but this is another headache the president might go on as these grassroot members of the party say that the ruling top the elite the hierarchy of his party la republica almost are actually acting democratically and the gossoon members say they fear that they will have no power and no say in that party in future the proposed members to the role of a supporter and exclude them from government from both the local and national level well this is all over the new statue of the party and the members say that they
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were involved in creating that statue is too hastily too quickly they're not clear on what it means and they feel that it's being imposed on them yet again on the high now they're not the only ones who are unhappy with the style of leadership from la republica and in fact president matt gone with many people in front saying that they now unhappy with the leadership style of the president describing it as being authoritarian so much so that a recent poll shows that he his humble down in the approval ratings here in france losing ten points since he was elected in may that is the second largest decline so soon often being elected in france and it comes off to an unprecedented spat between president michael and his now former head of the french armed forces general to philly is general de villiers had criticized him for proposing military cuts in two thousand and seventeen. by completely demolishing the chief of
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staff over the french armed forces saying i'm the boss you. just give it her she. didn't place you would you do nuthin the day of course is elected on this platform that he was going to be a different kind of politician that he was going to change politics in france and people now here are saying that yes he is different but he's different in this. he's channeling the style over the form of french imperial possed a nazi democratic president a correspondent from russia sputnik a news agency finds itself coming into. the iraqi city supposedly liberated from the story angle after the break.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around . corporations run washington washington the media the media the voters elected businessmen to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . anyone else seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to get educated and in. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to the program a correspondent from russia sputnik news agency has been caught up in a gun battle in mosul iraq while she was taking pictures of the mine clearing operation in the historic part of the city she managed to escape unharmed and shot her video with us. what about i am a sub have in mind just a thought how well can i know called looking from from a can of other. and i. know you are all but certain i am who you got to happen and.
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i gather you go for your i do often i did not come from address i was taught. and also one of the adults in the world. this gun via happened when cyrus knew it and was filming in a residential area next to the great mosque of al nuri the attack was hiding in a small room in a primary school the generous believes it was a sniper we spoke to sarah after the incident and we want fun poor it all for the old and. new. or not and all. one hundred saw for a poor girl. or i could tell you all the three. that
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. you know did. a little bit like it when. you or your lard can. get it on the ground when i was. when i was. one. of the after the birds have a good morning i did so i decided all the while for me. the journalist came under fire despite a total victory over islamic state being proclaimed in mosul just last week iraq's vice president nouri al maliki has warned there are still more jihad is fighters in iraq but in an interview he emphasized one of his major concerns now is to push u.s. forces out of the country. iraqi society is against the building of foreign military bases on the territory of the country iraqi people not like koreans or the japanese who were joyce that american bases so i told the americans it's not in your
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interests to return to iraq and build your bases you will get burned again you will come as invaders and leave is invaded. in the interior our president said he would jack's claims by washington that the victory in thought was the america's achievement. has a deeper into the end. with a former prime minister didn't mince his words commenting on who really deserves credit for turning the tide of the war i regret the coalition's position i don't agree that mosul is a coalition victory it was their war it was a war fought by the iraqi army yes coalition jet supported us but the main effort was made by iraqi soldiers public militias and iraqi aviation strong words from maliki who was similarly scathing about the alleged u.s. role in the creation of arsal force many analysts view the world's most notorious terror group as emerging from the post iraq war vacuum the former prime minister though went a step further seeing this as part of
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a wider historic us foreign policy strategy for. the obama administration bears a huge amount of responsibility for the rise in expansion of islamic state and for the consequences that followed islamic state didn't appear from nowhere islamic state resembles the taliban which was formed by the american administration to oppose the soviet authorities during the war in afghanistan just across the syrian border i sill is also on its way to defeat as a battlefield force with russia backing the assad government salmi against the rate of terrorist groups a russian presence in syria has been routinely criticized by many western powers maliki though sees russia's involvement in a very different light. without the russian stance the whole region would have crumbled the map would have looks totally different without russia's approach to the syria problem which differs from america's the syria regime would have followed that would have energized the terrorists led to
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a change map of the region and it would have led to baghdad's fall. i would eisel seemingly on its last legs all eyes are on what's next for iraq and despite a string of military victories for government forces the battle for a united country is far from over well if the split between this sunni's in this year's remains in place and one group of states supports the sunnis and another the she is it will contribute to the creation of a new ice with new ideas new faces and new flags are so far the main efforts in iraq are focused on the short term goal of defeating eisel but with a whole patchwork of regional internal conflicts it will be the longer term why do problems that will need careful and painstaking resolution in the coming years. following three weeks detention and man with a severe muscle wasting disease he was convicted of armed assault in russia has been freed from jail and have had been given a four and a half year sentence but was released on health grounds he gave his first interview
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to r.t. . richard to the world it was hard to comprehend what was going on with me i understood just one thing i'd been deprived of my life my family my relatives and i wouldn't last long at that moment i was sure i would never see my mother father my daughter my partner again i thought that all that was left to me was waiting for a painful death at the detention center every single person that saw me was at a loss and shocked certainly those who worked there went straight to me as they had heard of me they came specially to see me as everyone was wondering how this could have happened they asked me but i couldn't give an answer as i couldn't understand how either. twenty eight year old anton my of has a rare disease where almost all his muscles can't function he weighs just eighteen kilograms and can only move with the help of others he was found guilty of armed robbery and stealing a motorbike according to the court investigation found three other men forced at
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gunpoint the owners of the motorbike to sign over possession the far. someone in his condition was held in a normal prison triggered huge public outrage several petitions were launched calling for the release which gathered almost one hundred thousand signatures senators and politicians also weighed in with russia's commissioner for human rights despite being released on health grounds his conviction still stands although set to be an appeal hearing on august the third. his experience has taught him to rethink life. when i arrived home everyone ran into my arms and burst into tears my daughter reached for me and cried i didn't expect that i was told that every day she asked when i would return once she saw me on t.v. and i asked why they told her that i was feeling bad and she cried for quite a long time my girlfriend and i are not married many people are familiar with my situation you perspire and events for many reasons like you want more money when i
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was stuck in the detention center i promised myself to implement in life all that i had to spend. at the top of the so stay with us. as. it was. this year.
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where the blue you will get a sadistic good area to look for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. there too so i. am. no where when i started no idea. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my
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life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. well it's all down to be all. to. all that our study. shows a as hamas has. sold really all told me yet. five
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am. a daily training session. this is. just a couple of months she'll graduate she and twenty seven running to start the day with a warm up. in the summer.


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