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tv   Headline News  RT  July 24, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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thank you very much for a minute from. the. three you cruises the b.b.c. of bias coverage of the brags it processed and of ignoring positive stories about leaving the e.u. . i can't. recall a single. our times when i have seen good economic news that the b.b.c. didn't describe those despite. any delegation holds talks with u.s.
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lawmakers as a leaked memo suggests brussels is preparing retaliation if washington pushes ahead with new anti russian sanctions that could hurt european business as. a journalist is called top in a gun battle in the iraqi city of mosul despite the fact that the city was declared free of islamic state last week. plus members of the french president's party demand legal action over allegations of a manual micron's undemocratic behavior within the party that as his ratings see a dramatic drop in just one month. here in moscow and you're watching altie international live from our studio with me in india today welcome to the program but first we start with breaking news from
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switzerland where five people have been injured two of them seriously find and identified attacker who was on the with a chain saw the suspect is on the run and a major police operation is underway the center of. which is on the border with germany has been sealed off police have confirmed to r.t. the incident at present is being treated as an isolated crime and we will of course bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. the ukase international trade site really and fox has accused the b.b.c. of willfully ignoring positive news on the budget process the claim came in a letter to the broadcasters director general however he's already voiced his concerns before. to tell you in the newspaper or listen to the radio t.v. the story is done very negatively it almost is going to be impossible for us to do these trade deals if you look we spoke to rome and undermines the work that he's
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doing. well mr speaker it does appear that some elements of our media would rather see britain feel than seabrooke to succeed. and i i cannot recall a single time in recent times when i have seen good economic news that the b.b.c. didn't describe us despite rick's. well he says that the b.b.c.'s putting a damper on things economically he says that when his press team calls up the b.b.c. news desks offering positive stories about brags that they choose not to cover them and he says that that's hampering his ability to strike international trade deals which is of course the influxes job as international trade secretary for the british government has taken stock with a particular phrase that b.b.c. headlines often feature and that's these two words despite brags that suggesting an element of surprise from the b.b.c.
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team that the country hasn't been crippled economically by its decision to leave the e.u. we've done a bit of research ourselves hare and we've counted dozens of b.b.c. had lines online featuring this phrase despite brags that since the vote took place last june of course liam fox he's a massive pro brags that he's one of the chief brags that is here in the british government so his letter to the b.b.c. has really riled up the pro e.u. campaigner in the u.k. one liberal democrat politician hair has accused him of acting like a tinpot dictator that accused him of trying to blame the b.b.c. for his own failures as international trade secretary in trying to strike those deals the impulse isn't the first big politician here in the u.k. . to express his dissatisfaction with the b.b.c.'s coverage of bragg's it issues and your lead seven the leader of the house of commons she recently said the broadcasters need to be
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a bit more patriotic in the way that they approach brags that the b.b.c. has of course dismissed all of these allegations of bias they said that they don't recognise the characterisation of the coverage outlined in this letter and perhaps explaining some of the gravitas with which they approach these brags that headlines they have said that no organization takes coverage of the economy more seriously. a correspondent from russia but the news agency has been caught up in a gun battle in mosul in iraq while she was filming a mine clearing operation in the historic part of the city she managed to escape unharmed and shared her video with us. first you know what about it i. thought well come on over called looking for me from a comment about the. oh
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you're suddenly on who are younger than i am. go there you go for your i do often i have not come from mother so i was. i'm also one of. the you know. this gunfire started when sara knew right then was filming in a residential area next to the great mosque of al nuri it was hiding in a small room in a primary school the journalist believes it was a sniper we spoke to sara after the incident and was probably. it. for
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a. little more. and all. one hundred. rockets all the streets. that. you know they were in. or near a world. on the ground war. one on. one . of the. morning i did all the while for. any delegations currently holding a crunch talks with u.s. lawmakers comes as a leaked memo suggest brussels is preparing retaliate if washington pushes ahead with new anti russian sanctions that could hurt european businesses well to discuss this further let's bring in kate partridge kate what's prompted this move by the
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e.u. well as you said there i mean this is all about an internal vote which was which has been leaked from the european commission which indicates just how unhappy the brussels is over the prospect of new sanctions against russia because of the implications that they have for the u. and what the nie says is that the european commission is prepared to quote is hit back at the u.s. within days if this agreement goes through and also it leaves european energy and other companies bondable of u.s. interference and that's the key point really so why do you think europe is unhappy about any new anti russians from washington let's look at the range of what these sanctions will affect we're looking at energy which is the big one really but beyond that there's also the financial industry there's also railways the shipping there's metals as mining but the big beef here is all about energy oil and gas but in particular gas in the way that russia supplies lots of energy gas to central europe and in particular to germany and we've heard before from europeans about they they're not happy about the prospect that these sanctions could go through
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because they control effectively how europe does business with whom as we can hear you cannot accept the u.s. route to impose sanctions that violate international law and affected european companies involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply. europe's supply is a matter for europe i'm not the united states of america it's up to us to decide who supplies us with energy and how according to rules of openness and market competition that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial fact meaning and impact on third countries so kate have we had any reaction from moscow yes we have we've heard from the kremlin spokesman to make your best offer also concur to that point of view that says that these sanctions her third parties so we're talking about countries other than russia. we consider that continuing sanctions rhetoric counterproductive it is damaging the interests of our two countries and also potentially damaging the interests of other
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states with which russia has trade and economic relations developing despite all the negative tendencies well in the meantime we heard from european commission your highness holland who says that there's a european commission delegation in washington right now talking with the house of representatives because they'll be voting on this issue on tuesday so that just shows you how seriously how worried europe is over this new set of sanctions so they look like it anyway thanks very much kate part of the. well we contrast this with nathan gale a member of the european parliament from the u.k. independence party who joins us live francs that joining us here on the program nathan now let's have a look at the issue in hand do you expect the european commission delegation to change u.s. lawmakers mind ahead of the voting of the new sanctions. no not really i mean what we're seeing here is some very jingoistic russia phobia. legislation that's primarily pushed by some very angry democrats and c.n.n.
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who basically are trying to through the fog of smoke and mirrors distract people from the real reasons why they voted for president trump in the election for the presidency and what we've got to remember is it hasn't really affected american business or industry the sanctions the recrimination that russia has put against american and e.u. countries and exports and imports and all the rest now the institute for the austrian institute for financial research they estimate that that has already cost the e.u. over one hundred billion euros up to two and a half million jobs and we know that thirty thousand german companies invest in russia already and they're finding it hard to bring their investments back in the money back it's costing them up to thirty billion euros but it's not really cost in the american so they're americans they're going to try and punish russia because
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we've seen this which runs against trump and against family for the so-called links during the election which is all smoke and mirrors the reality is the only people who are going to have the people form from europe will look at energy costs rising by at least three billion euros this is big money that we're talking about. they explained you said that the sanctions have an effect of the us much but they have affected europe enormously but if fresh sanctions all reprise what kind of right is going brussels applied to retaliate and defend its business deals with russia. well i think it's time for the e.u. to decide whether or not they want to defend europeans and european business interests and stand up against war the americans are trying to do and if they truly want to stand up and defend europe of internationalism then they will do that and
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they will say no we're not playing the games of washington any longer what can they what can they do if russia retaliates not much really over then to decide that they go to drop these sanctions because ultimately it's really only mean russia and european business interests not american they then very quickly i mean it's hard to imagine the u.s. didn't consider the ease concerns while they were working on these new anti of russian sanctions how do you explain that the u.s. might be willing to ignore effectively ignore their concerns. well i think this is more politics than anything else and it's the internal politics we have in america and we've been what's going on with i mean we see this a huge politics of buying a good they just can't seem to accept the five democrats lost the election seen all kinds of demonstrations and which ones after which and i think that this is
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a continuation of perpetuity of. initially german the campaign the president when he was before he became president he said that he wanted to forge closer links with the. with russia and what's happened is the the democrats would be in congress and the republican some republicans as well have joined with them in trying to stop any links be. for star in the fluorine of relations between america and russia and europe the e.u. is just a sideshow and ok nathan gale member of the european parliament from the u.k. independence party thanks very much for your thoughts on this issue. now emanuel micron's being accused of authoritarian rule with some party members now demanding legal action claiming there's a lack of democracy within the party from or not his artie's shallot do bensky. but this is another headache for president matt corn as these grass root members of the
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party say that the ruling top the elite the hierarchy of his party la republica almost are actually acting democratically and the gossett members say they fear that they will have no power and no say in that party in future the proposed members to the role of a supporter and exclude them from government from both the local and national level well this is all over the new statue of the party and the members say that they were involved in creating that statue it was written too hastily too quickly they're not clear on what it means and they feel that it's being imposed on them yet again on the high comes off to an unprecedented spat between president matt gone and his now former head of the french armed forces general de ville is general de villiers had criticized him for proposing military cuts in two thousand and seventeen responded to that by completely demolishing the chief of staff over the
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french armed forces saying i'm the boss you just give it a shot if you're near for the gun didn't place you made it a new government day many people in front saying that they now unhappy with the leadership style of the president describing it as being all right terry and a recent poll shows that he his humble down in the approval ratings here in france losing ten points since he was elected in may that is the second largest decline so soon often being elected in france of course my home was elected on this and he was going to be a different kind of politician but he was going to change politics fronts and people now here are saying that yes he is different but he's different in the sense that he's channeling the style of the former french imperial past a not france's democratic president. the italian prime minister hits out european
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states for what he sees as the mishandling of the migrant influx after this break. with manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling closest project himself. nor middle of the room sit. room. you can revolt against the dictator but what about the day after i think we as
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libyan people did not give much thought about ballots and so the way the old fashioned off the resolution does not build nations. and certainly does not build states. welcome back to the program italian prime minister has hit back at neighboring countries for their handling of europe's growing my current crisis parlow gentle ernie added it won't be intimidated by criticism from other member states for his decision to take in more refugees. we will not accept lectures and still less threats such as those we have heard from our neighbors in recent days we are doing our duty and expect the whole of europe to do the same alongside italy the warning
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comes after austria threatened to impose border controls and deploy troops to cut the number of migrants crossing from italy austria defense minister stood by the news saying the country must be prepared to contain the influx italy has taken in almost one hundred thousand immigrants already this year that's over eighty percent of all migrant arrivals to europe rome slammed the e.u. claiming it's turning a blind eye to the problem and with the number of migrants expected to rise even further this year and anti establishment movement in the country has called for braggs it start referendum. west. but ok let's. go. at some italian man's have already taken matters into their own hands. protest has become a. situation that's going to continue to settle in the country is attended one such
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time. i've been travelling across rural parts of sicily for almost a week now speaking to locals various officials and refugees and i'll tell you what some people may not be willing to admit it but it has really been divided by the refugee crisis there are locals war ready to welcome migrants and refugees without any preconditions but there are of course others who are willing to put their livelihoods and their concerns first their lives have been hit hard by the economic crisis and they are the ones who now end up having to accommodate the refugees the most vivid example is the mayor of a small community. he told me how he started a protest in a place that has been quiet for decades when dozens of refugees and migrants were moved into an abandoned hotel the mayor along with the locals blocked the way for
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an alec generator that was being delivered into the hotel in an exclusive interview he explained to me why they did that. when there's no room there's no room we've already got huge difficulties here like unemployment issues with infrastructure and health care the community does not understand how we can accept more people when we have all these problems but. only disappointed with his own government just like pretty much everyone that's the impress. that i've been getting all the people are critical with the european approach in dealing with the refugee crisis the mayor told me that he believes the countries like germany and france are trying to keep up with the status quo whereas it is italy that is getting the first impact of the refugee crisis and it is being left alone in dealing with this. the e.u.
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betrayed italy with a problem that's not a talian per se actually it's totally european we are at the forefront italy is where they arrive first but the european community doesn't seem to care some countries even closed their borders more of that exclusive interview with the mayor and also my trip to the abandoned hotel that's now been turned into a refugee shelter. and the full report that will be aired on r.t. international throughout tuesday a number of rural towns across italy have become deeply divided over the migrants besides the question of where to house migrants integration has become a main sticking point we discussed the matter with a community in the town of reliance where authorities plan to put my quince in an abandoned school building. and also. putting migrants here into buildings like this is racism these kind of things make us racist the criticism from the community begins when locals realise that the migrants won't know what to
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do in this location so when migrants end up with nothing to do and there's someone amongst them inclined to criminal behavior it means they could start intruding getting into other houses and properties but the problem is not just this it's bigger it's about the lack of ability and opportunities to integrate so in these circumstances the refugee simply when blend into society this could lead to drug dealing issues and crime and that's reason why the community is being so critical. the risk is that the shelter could turn into a ghetto a kind of concentration camp because the migrants will have nothing to do here they can't go to the seaside you can't go to the beach gym or socialize with other guys that's what we'll be telling the government. a meeting of the opec group of the world's leading oil producers is wrapped up in st petersburg mancow thread has been following the event. plenty of positive reaction here in st
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petersburg is that it seemed to be a quiet contented with what have you done so far in this deal for example the kuwaiti oil minister as someone marzouk said that overall compliance of oil production by the cartel and other countries was good however he indicated that curbs were still possible now that was also echoed echoed by the russian energy minister alexander who said that oil producers have almost fully complied with a crude production cut deal over the last six months one of the documents of the initial pact is the declaration of cooperation which was supposed to last for six months however after careful examination the joint ministerial monitoring committee decided to extended by another nine months the results from that will be evident quite soon as that period had already begun on the first of july so we'll know some
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results by the next time the committee meets. don't forget you can find us all across social media on facebook you tube and of course all websites i'll be back at the top of the yeah. i mean. that's a very rough terrain you sort of climates and you have to fight to be able to them it's like. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends ok what happened in the morning and i mean you did not tell me why don't let me back up.
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you know i don't want to see a better body in the true in the city to participate in the good. old to me but wouldn't. you don't think about this if this soldier or not you've got streets like any other and other patients. out of there i met. saying. that it.
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well welcome to sophie and call me sophie shevardnadze muslim women around the world are involved in a struggle against male authority in islam questioning what they call outdated family values that guide their everyday lives activists are demanding gender equality and basic rights. will they be able to change the centuries long tradition used a co-founder of the libyan woman and a platform for peace who fought for the libyan less than woman's rights after the revolution how long he is with me today. after the spring revolutions in libya tunisia and elsewhere hopes for democratic. women only to be shattered by
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five years of instability war and the rise of extreme religious fundamentalists and the work of feminist. supposed revolutionary chaos what will it take for middle eastern women to shift the oppression of asian customs and how can i add to this fine balance between the lives of women and respect to their faith. the co-founder of libyan women's platform for peace an advocate for women's rights in islam's a how long do you welcome to the show it's really good to have you with us today so you're after the reformation the transformation of muslim minds you want muslims to embrace the idea of equality and that's despite centuries of scholars work on the koran and rejecting equality putting man woman so what do you hope to achieve. we've had throughout the centuries patriarchal and massaging mystic interpretations of islam and it's about time that we.
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own our faith and our religion and present more enlightened or what we call moderate on walsall to interpretations of islam that are. more for egalitarian views regarding women in their societies i want to talk a bit about libya because this is a topic that's very close to you libya's toppled leader moammar qaddafi did a lot for emancipation in libya whatever you like him or not but he rolled women and universities and the army gave them rights to divorce and so on so is the new libyan state going to keep this legacy or anything related to him is subject to destruction well first i would like to make a point. whatever women have been women have it cheve it has nothing to do with.


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