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leaked memo suggests that brussels is preparing retaliation if washington pushes ahead with new anti russia sanctions that could hurt european businesses that says an e.u. delegation holds top food u.s. lawmakers. iraq's vice president says that baghdad needs russian political and military presence in the country to restore balance to the ridge. u.k. straight secretary accuses the b.b.c. of biased coverage of the break the process of ignoring positive stories about leaving the european union. i cannot. recall a single time in recent times when i have seen economic news that the b.b.c.
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didn't describe us despite rick's it i. get evening and welcome my name's neil harvey you're watching r.t. international now an e.q. delegation is currently holding crunch talks with u.s. lawmakers this comes as a leaked memo suggests brussels is preparing retaliation if washington pushes ahead with new anti russia sanctions that could hurt european business is a part which has the details. this is all about an internal note which was which has been leaked from the european commission which indicates just how unhappy the brussels is over the prospect of new sanctions against russia because of the implications that they have for the u. and what the nie says is that the european commission is prepared to and i quote is hit back at the u.s. within days if this agreement goes through and also if it leaves european energy
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and other companies' bondable to u.s. interference and let's look at the range of what the sanctions will affect we're looking at a g. which is the big one really but beyond that there's also the financial industry there's also railways the shipping there's metals as mining but the big beef here is all about energy oil and gas but in particular gas and the way that russia supplies lots of energy gas to central europe and in particular to germany and we've heard before from europeans about they they're not happy about the prospect that these sanctions could go through because they control effectively how europe does business and also with whom as we can hear the colonel's accept the u.s. route to impose sanctions that violate international law and afflicted european companies involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply europe the supply is a matter for europe i'm not the united states of america it's up to us to decide who supplies us with energy and how according to rules of openness a market competition that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial fact meaning and impact on third countries if heard from the
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kremlin spokesman dmitri prescott who also concurred to that point of view that says that these sanctions her third parties so we're talking about countries other than russia we consider that continuing sanctions rhetoric counterproductive it is damaging the interests of our two countries and also potentially damaging the interests of other states with which russia has trade and economic relations developing despite all the negative tendencies well in the meantime we've heard from european commission your highness holland who says that there's a european commission delegation in washington right now talking with the house of representatives because they'll be voting on this issue on tuesday so that just shows you how seriously how worried europe is over this new set of sanctions. when asked about u.s. russia relations the russian foreign minister said that what is happening right now bring joy. with us a view of the world what's happening right now in our relations of course can bring joy with heritage a lot of problems from the previous administration of barack obama a lot of delayed action minds and but the citizens that were made in the period of
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agony when the living in the ministration well being already completely derailed by the election results decided to spend its remaining time in the white house doing ugly things and first and foremost the decision to undermine russian american relations we understand how difficult it is now in washington for those who are trying to display common sense under conditions of a complete paranoid enthusiasm for it's a phobia without any investigations of a months or even a single fact that could be shown as confirmations of russians meddling in american affairs normal people are struggling there i never suspected that american politicians could be prone to such must insanity i met lots of them while working in new york now i'm very surprised by what's going on maybe many of those who secure to this of normal by the u.s. policy now realize just how abnormally trees and want to stop it somehow unfortunately they've driven themselves up a very high wall and it's hard to jump down from it it's important that this campaign loses its passion i don't think there is anyone able to influence it
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artificially but it will lose momentum just because i shall repeat myself no fact has ever been provided all the speculation or newspaper pages or the t.v. screens in the us is far fetched. iraqi vice president said the baghdad needs russia to broaden its involvement in iraq daniel hawkins has the story. russia has of course had close political economic ties to iraq since well back into the soviet era but what maliki was talking about here was more than just a close diplomatic presence he meant specifically an economic and a military presence as well something unprecedented really at least in the modern history of russia iraq relations model for. iraq has historic ties with russia and now we need russia's political as well as military presence to restore balance in the region in the interests of the countries and nations living there now what exactly does maliki mean by restoring
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a balance while the key bone of contention here is the u.s. military presence the presence of bases in iraq they've been there since the two thousand and three invasion for a decade and a half now and many in iraq including those in government have grown increasingly uncomfortable with this presence maliki has been one of most vocal critics indeed in reference to the opening of the new bases in iraq new u.s. bases he said many iraqis view them as occupants that their presence doesn't benefit anyone and effectively the sooner they leave the better all round so i told the americans it's not in your interest to return to iraq and build your bases you will get burnt again you will come as invaders and leave as invaders and speaking of closer ties to russia molecule so common that only importance of cooperating with russia on fighting terrorism in the region saying that without their contribution the map of the middle east may well have been withdrawn with whole regions and countries falling into the hands of terrorists it will be interesting
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to see of course with i so on the brink of at least battlefield defeat in both iraq and syria how that corporation develops in future. ok let's bring in a guest now peter ford former you can bust of the two syria joins me on the line very good evening to you peter we heard the iraqi vice president saying baghdad needs russian military presence in the country do you think what he's calling for is actually the position also of the iraqi government as a whole well council within dad will be divided. it remains to be fien with. the government supports what the q. thing although voices within the iraqi administration more lived through the risk of iranian influence and the big issue now the most so what will happen to the shiite militia the so-called hashtag quaver i am military forces which
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have very strong backing from iran i think what mali thing could be read as an attempt to triangulate. i think possibly he was trying to say we need russia to help with rebalance not only with the united states but also with iran we iraqis don't want to become overly reliant on any outside party and the russians can help both militarily with a great military presence on sales training and also political backing why in particular the use of the word military presence is this a suggestion that the americans of sort of creeping across the country and getting too much of a foothold. well russia is not in a position strong enough economic position to help iraq economically very
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much but it does russia have a strong presence next door in syria. it could. respond positively to requests for a greater military presence that actually i think russia is going to be rather cautious about having too big a military footprint in iraq but it does have to take into account the. great regional priority which you stable i think syria and it will therefore need to stay sweet with baghdad even though that means to some extent countering the u.s. military presence in iraq. other comments made recently about the defeat of islamic state for example in mosul talking about the fact that the u.s. shouldn't be taking the credit particularly for this suggest there's
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a whole there's a discontent with the u.s. policy that. certainly and the americans have a habit of throwing their weight around. not for the first time in iraq of course and the talk by general mattis the secretary of state for the fans about how being big bay through in iraq certainly. many iraqis definitely don't want a bigger u.s. military footprint and they would like that u.s. presence to be downsized very considerably. peter a pleasure to have you on with us this evening thanks so much for coming r.t. international peter ford former u.k. ambassador to syria thank you. moving on in the u.k. is international trade sexually and fox has accused the b.b.c.
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of willfully ignoring positive news on the brig's it processed that claim came in a letter to the broadcasters director general however fox has already voiced his concerns in the past. well you can a newspaper or listen to the radio t.v. the story is done very negatively it almost is going to be impossible for us to do these trade deals if you look we spoke of rome undermines the work he's doing. well mr speaker it does appear that some elements of our media would rather see britain feel than seabrooke to succeed. and i i cannot recall a single time in recent times when i have seen good economic news that the b.b.c. didn't describe us despite rick's. well he says that the b.b.c. is putting a damper on things economically he says that when his press team calls up the b.b.c. news desks offering positive stories about brags that they choose not to cover them
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and he says that that's hampering his ability to strike international trade deals with he's taken stock with a particular phrase that b.b.c. headlines often feature in these two words despite bragg's it suggesting an element of surprise from the b.b.c. team that the country hasn't been crippled economically by its decision to leave the e.u. we've done a bit of research ourselves hare and we've counted dozens of b.b.c. had lines online featuring this phrase of course liam fox he's one of the chief briggs it is here in the british government so perhaps unsurprisingly this letter to the b.b.c. has really riled up the pro e.u. camp one liberal democrat politician here has accused him of acting like a tinpot dictator they've accused him of trying to blame the b.b.c. for his own failures as international trade secretary and trying to strike those deals in folks isn't the first big politician here in the u.k.
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to express his dissatisfaction with the b.b.c.'s coverage of brags that issues andrea let's have a leader of the house of commons she recently said that broadcasters need to be a bit more patriotic. in the way that they approach brags that the b.b.c. has of course dismissed all of these allegations of bias they said that they don't recognize the characterization of the coverage outlined in this letter and perhaps explaining some of the gravitas with which they approach these brags that headlines they have said that no organization takes coverage of the economy more seriously. the scandal over team trump's alleged collusion with russia is not running out of suspects the latest in the firing line is jared cushion of the president's son in law and senior advisor he was called to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee over his contacts with russians during donald trump's presidential campaign auntie's jacqueline joins us live on the line now from washington d.c.
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good even jacqueline what did jerry question have to say then testifying under oath presumably as he spoke to the. well we don't know exactly what was said given that he did testify behind closed doors but he did make a rare public statement on the white house lawn just after that where he denied again all accusations of couche and between team trump and russia let's take a listen. let me be very clear i did not collude with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so now those statements are likely in response to the media having more than once painted kirshner as having a list that connections with moscow. decided it was so important for them another trump transition team officials to have secret
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communications directly with the kremlin not just the russian ambassador in washington but with the kremlin cushion or was being invited to meet with a russian attorney and it had been promised she would deliver dirt on hillary clinton. now kushner outlined that now infamous encounter with the russian attorney who the media as you heard was almost accusing of being no less than a kremlin agent and he did that in an earlier printed statement but kirshner's explanation is much less exciting he claims that the meeting was about adoption and that he even had an assistant call him and get him out of it because it wasn't a good use of his time question or also draw attention to the fact that his job during the campaign was to be the point of contact with foreign countries and therefore the four times he did encounter russians was well within his scope realistically not having any to report would have been more concerning given the amount of foreign contacts he had during the campaign i had incoming contacts with people from approximately fifteen countries to put these requests in context i must
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have received thousands of calls letters and e-mails from people looking to talk or meet on a variety of issues and topics including hundreds from outside the united states well i could not be responsive to everyone i try to be respectful of any foreign government so workers question or has stressed the fact that he had only limited contacts with russian representatives and none of them were improper history has shown us that it is likely that the hunt for wrongdoing well continue and as of today there's a correspondent jacqueline verger with the latest live from washington d.c. thank you. and it's the documentary called risk on wiki leaks founder julian assange which was released today something that the film's hero though is apparently unhappy about risks producers say that the songs wrote to them in a bid to stop the release from going ahead we therefore demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution of for the images of the name but disciplined and
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that you disease from this or any other infringement of the rights of the name producer prince in the future the documentary that was six years in the making let's just take a quick look. they start behaving in a methodical manner. publishing wiki leaks and have repercussions write a clear we don't have a you have a. p.c. hillary clinton i'm calling from the office actually in asuncion syrian people. we discussed the issue with one of julian assange and his lawyers that's melinda taylor who says that the filmmakers violated copyright on content rights putting at risk those who appeared in the movie but they also failed to include a major recent development. where the content was selectively edited and taken out of context and it shows presents we never agreed to be in the film for example and
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it's not just leaks are put at risk it's also sources and present the way twitter for example you're up against speaking to people in tunisia about certain encryption issues but really showing it as a documentary about we'll be talking about it was protection she took you might government surveillance which was a real purpose of what they were led to believe that it would be about and will advance have not been captured and killed for example when you went decision in august of last year it's not really shown and it doesn't really do stand justice to the decision about which wasn't going to ask you to stop the investigation against them because of the lack of any evidence concerning there's a lot of. showing stars isn't there. the money or micron is being accused of or for a tarion role with some of his party members now are demanding legal action they claim that there's a lack of debacle see inside the party more and that is are the show that they've been skiing. this is another headache the president back on as these grassroot
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members of the party say that the ruling top the elite the hierarchy of his party la republica almost are actually acting democratically and the gossett members say they fear that they will have no power and no say in that party in future the proposed fine members to the role of a supporter and exclude them from government from both the local and national level well this is all over the new statue of the party and the members say that they were involved in creating that statue is too hastily too quickly they're not clear what it means and they feel that it's being imposed on them yet again on high comes off to an unprecedented spat between president matt gone and his now former head of the french armed forces general de ville is general de villiers had criticized him for proposing military cuts in two thousand and seventeen responded to that by
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completely demolishing the chief of staff over the french armed forces saying i'm the boss you just give it a shot if you're near fifty gun didn't place you would you do nuthin that day many people in front saying that they now unhappy with the leadership style of the president describing it as being all right terry and a recent poll shows that he his humble down in the approval ratings here in france losing ten points since he was elected in may that is the second largest decline so soon often being elected in france but of course my own was elected on this and he was going to be a different kind of politician he was going to change politics in france and people now here are saying that yes he is different it is different in the sense that he's channeling the style of the former french imperial past a not france's democratic president. italian prime minister
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is hit back at neighboring countries for their handling of europe's growing migrant crisis paolo gentil only added that italy will not be intimidated by criticism from other member states for its decision to take in more refugees we will not accept lectures and still less threats such as those we have heard from our neighbors in recent days we are doing our duty and expect the whole of europe to do the same alongside italy and the warning comes after austria threatened to impose border controls and to deploy troops to cut the number of immigrants who are crossing over from italy austria defense minister stood by the move saying that the country must be prepared to contain the influx well italy has been the focal point of europe's migrant prices for months now the country's taken almost one hundred thousand immigrants already this year that's one eighty percent of all migrant arrivals to europe and with little prospect of the number of newcomers actually decreasing any time soon italian cities and towns are deeply divided over this crisis our crew
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visited one such location. i've been traveling across rural parts of sicily for almost a week now speaking to locals various officials and refugees and i'll tell you what some people may not be willing to admit it but italy has really been divided by the refugee crisis there are locals war ready to welcome migrants and refugees without any preconditions but there are of course others who are willing to put their livelihoods and their concerns first their lives have been hit hard by the economic crisis and they are the ones who now end up having to accommodate the refugees the most vivid example is the mayor of a small community in the sicilian mountains he told me how he started a protest in a place that has been quiet for decades when dozens of refugees and migrants were moved into an abandoned hotel the mayor along with the locals blocked the way for
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an elegant generator that was being delivered into the hotel in an exclusive interview he explained to me why they did that. when there's no room there's no room we followed he got huge difficulties here like unemployment issues with infrastructure and health care the community does not understand how we can accept more people when we have all these problems but mr chief. disappointed with his own government just like pretty much everyone in italy that's the impression that i've been getting all the people are critical with the european approach in dealing with the refugee crisis the mayor told me that he believes the countries like germany and france are trying to keep up with the status quo whereas it is italy that is getting the first impact of the refugee crisis and it is being left alone in dealing with this. the e.u.
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betrayed italy with a problem that's not a talian per se actually it's totally european. we are at the forefront italy is where they arrive first but the european community doesn't seem to care some countries even closed their borders more of that exclusive interview with the mayor and also my trip to the abandoned hotel that's now been turned into a refugee shelter. and the full report that will be aired on r.t. international throughout tuesday. the mancs international show wrapped up outside of moscow with crowds does little by the riaa very about twenty five displays showcasing a huge variety of new craft the show ran for an entire week and more than four hundred fifty thousand people attended this annual event but being in a show it was also plenty of action on the ground though as seen untested by a road crew. let's see what happens
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i can't wait can you. with all the laughs and just to the right watching night we got about twenty minutes flat fee for there were harmful begins the first time ever in my life that i'm doing this. here we go. this is the primary reason people are coming here for a decade and all these sorts of fun times that they were told at the displays about for about six point five the skilled teams from the little. sleep it's a rescue helicopter. this mold you can be turned into
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a business jet like a helicopter. then just a matter of two hours that looks like a great seat where i can fully dedicate myself to business. we've seen some amazing planes and because the flying the sky like. the maze she really needs to take this point since this is true since the conflicts they can also drive and they conspire. against some of the firms that make that operate if you've got this big problem it's a bit like the fact that the. us is the sole like bunch of. little.
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now we're going to get a sky full of explosives see the flight suit. i'm going to make a slightly less glamorous departure but i will be back with the latest news headlines for you in half an hour. this is a real news zone today we discussed trump's decision to end cia operations in syria russia and the u.s. are working together but most players in this proxy conflict aren't happy about this and some surprising but expected developments in ukraine.
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time after time say we're going underground as in from is us about the national halliburton report results today while it activates oil rigs and water in iraq where forty thousand were reportedly killed in the months long u.s. u.k. back to fight for mosul coming up in the show. to raise them a speaking out the thirty four million in britain will have to work to be entitled to a basic income in the final years of life and is india prepares for a new president today one of jimmy corbett. why he's calling for an inquiry into an alleged. that may have killed thousands of civilians in the world's largest
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democracy from british backed wildfire on the border with tropical fungus storm threatening us we cover the diplomatic. travel as british politicians forty eight. hours a day all the symbol coming up at today's going underground but first what may be the most powerful company in the world announces its results today a parent company of google alphabet it's been in the news quite recently for allegedly abusing its market position and we start with the breaking news that the internet giant google has been hit with a record two point four two billion euro fine for breaching competition rules but what does competition exactly mean european citizens going to suddenly follow the orders of brussels and start asking ask jeeves the record fine by the e.u. is just three percent of last year's turnover of parent company alphabet which reports results today to the new york stock exchange only the present editor of a london freeze.


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