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was that was. that. the monarchy america as congressional leaders reach a deal on new russian sanctions backed by the white house unlikely ally is emerging on the side of the kremlin. and the investigation and she russian meddling and the u.s. presidential election continues with president and son in law and white house adviser good question are meeting with senate leaders on capitol hill before addressing the media earlier today. and at least ten people are dead as a result of a horrific human trafficking crime in texas that story and more coming up right now .
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it's monday july twenty fourth four pm in washington d.c. i'm matusz suite and you're watching r.t. america and e.u. delegation is currently holding crunch talks with u.s. lawmakers it comes as a leaked memo suggests brussels is preparing to retaliate if washington pushes ahead with new and she russian sanctions that could hurt european businesses are to use kate partridge has the details. well this issue began over an internal notes that was leaked from the press from the european commission indicating just how unhappy brussels was over the prospect of new u.s. plans to impose sanctions on russia and the implications that it could have for the e.u. well the night said that the european commission was prepared to hit back within days if the u.s. agree to these new sanctions and also if they had an effect on european energy and other companies and they were vulnerable then to influence from the u.s. but what is it that the europeans are so unhappy about well the key point here is all about energy but there are other deals that sanctions could affect as well
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we're looking at the financial industry we're looking at the railway as shipbuilding and also metals and mining but the key point here is all about energy oil and gas and in particular gas that russia resupplying to central europe and in particular to germany and we've heard before from europeans who are unhappy at the idea that the u.s. could influence european ways of doing business and also with whom journals accept the u.s. to impose sanctions that violate international law and defect european companies involved in the expansion of your energy supply. europe's supply is a matter for europe i'm not the united states of america it's up to us to decide who supplies us with energy and how according to rules of openness a market competition that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial fact meaning and impact on third countries ok i'm a spokesman dmitri peskov says that sanctions could hurt third parties by that he
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means countries other than russia. we consider the continuing sanctions rhetoric counterproductive it is damaging the interests of our two countries and also potentially damaging the interests of other states with which russia has trade and economic relations developing despite all the negative tendencies when meanwhile european commissioner your highness han has also said that there is a european commission delegation in washington having talks with the house of representatives to discuss the issue of sanctions an indication of just how seriously and how worried europe is over this particular issue with kendall over team trump's alleged collusion with russia is not running out of suspects the latest in the firing line is jared questionnaire the president's son in law who declined any links and a closed hearing on capitol hill today before getting remarks from the white house artie's jacqueline booga has this report. as questioning is being conducted behind closed doors but he did put out an eleven page statement before him and in that
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document he outright denies all accusations of colluding with the russians or of having any knowledge of others in team trump having done so along with denying having any improper contact with foreign officials jared cushion or decided it was so important for him and other trump transition team officials to have secret communications directly with the kremlin not just the russian ambassador in washington but with the kremlin bush outlined each interaction he had with russians including the now infamous meeting with a russian attorney that the media has painted as no less than a kremlin agent cushion or was being invited to meet with a russian attorney and it had been promised she would deliver dirt on hillary clinton and now kirshner himself explained how insignificant that encounter was i arrived at the meeting a little late when i got there the person who has since been identified as a russian attorney was talking about the issue of a ban on u.s. adoptions of russian children i had no idea why that topic was being raise and quickly determines that my time was not well spent at this meeting that statement
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goes on to describe any and every interaction he had with a russian or someone who could possibly have a russian connection at the same time christian or also drew attention to the fact that his job during the campaign was to be the point of contact with foreign countries and therefore the four times he did encounter russians was well within his scope realistically not having any to report would have been more concerning given the amount of foreign contacts he had during the campaign which he outlined as well let's take a listen i had incoming contacts with people from approximately fifteen countries to put these requests in context i must have received thousands of kools let's isn't emails from people looking to tool kmita on a variety of issues and topics including hundreds from outside the united states well i could not be responsive to everyone i try to be respectful of any foreign government. so questioner stressed the fact that he had only limited contacts with russian representatives but is likely about the hunt for wrongdoing will continue
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work artless last week president trump reportedly pulled the plug on the cia's program to arm and train rebels in syria it's been running for several years now with a billion dollar budget yet producing questionable results could be a very pragmatic decision to save money has received typical overtones in the media that this represents some sort of victory to russia are. reports. last week when news of trump attention to stopping cia program of training and arming rebels in syria surfaced in the washington post the overall narrative was quite easy to predict the move sought by moscow it's had line some pundits and commentators went even further from suggesting that trump caved in to putin or that it's all true you know the usual putin puppet thing but does this move really benefit russia fair enough putin himself as well as other top officials in moscow have been on record implying that u.s. strategy in syria with arming the rebel forces and then seeing those weapons in the
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hands of had shopping jihadi this may not have been the best one but here's the thing u.s. failures in syria have been acknowledged on the highest level even in the obama administration as of july third we are currently treated about sixty five years this number is much smaller than we were at this point in fact d.o.d.'s much anticipated program to train rebel fighters in syria was scrapped by obama and replaced with supplying the existing ones with weapons and why well because the health a billion dollar a year program managed to produce only a handful of fighters for fire at first and then only sixty while expectations of fighters trained by full twenty fifteen was in the thousands the cia plan of arm and train rebels when separately from that of the d.o.d. and the very same washington post revealed that it had twice the pentagon's budget there's a billion dollars a year which made one fifteenth of cia's overall budget and effectively meant that
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every rabble trained by the cia cost around one hundred thousand dollars and some actually believe it was all worth it as we can leaks founder julian assange pointed out one washington post reporter from. fired shots at also those rebels actually killed or wounded one hundred thousand syrian government troops one may ask when and how did that happen especially can. that there have been cases when the rebel supported by the cia collapsed with those trained and armed by the pentagon l a times reported that in february last year the deal would be backed syrian democratic forces were kicked out from one of the towns near aleppo by cia armed. militia but when has this kind of mishap stop the funding off regime change now that trump has seemingly decided to put an end to this one of the commanders admitted to the financial times that not only his forces the syrian rebel forces
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surely received arms from the cia but were also on their regular payroll yeah the salaries to syrian rebels which were essentially floated by the u.s. taxpayers which may explain the real reason why the program was curbed and that statement by top u.s. army general raymond dahmus head of special operations command has said affirmatively that it was absolutely not a sop to the russians but in the world of today never let facts and called blood of decisions get in the way of the russia russia russia narrative alexi russia reporting from washington d.c. . iranian new iraq signed an agreement yesterday to step of military cooperation in the fight against quote terrorism that's according to the official iranian news agency i r and a iranian defense minister along with his iraqi counterpart signed a memorandum and have been seen in border security just sticks and training u.s. president donald trump voiced concern over what he sees as growing iranian influence in syria yemen and iraq
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a while the commander of the islamic revolutionary guard corps called iran's missile program quote non-negotiable and highlighted the importance of using the missile program as quote deterrence power well this all comes in the face of possible u.s. sanctions against the country eight correspondent from russia's news agency has been caught up in a gun battle in mosul iraq while she was filming a mine clearing operation in historic part of the city she managed to escape unharmed and shared her video with us. about it. just a thought will come out of cold looking from from a comment about the. how you were once all but such an eye on who you got there you go fight them and.
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i gather you before you were there you often know how did not come from the rest of us. and also one of them happened in the world. view. this gunfire started when sarah reading was filming in a residential area next to the great mosque noori the attacker was hiding in a small room in a primary school the journalist believes it was a sniper we spoke to say we're after the incident and we want. a court. order. before noon more. and all. one hundred so. all the police.
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out. there. in the. world or your lot. is on the ground no one will know. what happened in the morning i did all the while. as the u.s. led coalition has been pushing to defeat isis in iraq and syria the number of civilian casualties continues to rise according to the u.s. central command as of july seventh washington officials to mark one hundred nineteen unintentional civilian deaths however air wars estimates closer to forty five hundred deaths and nearly one thousand of those deaths were reportedly children for more we bring in activist david swanson author of war is a lie thanks so much for joining us. david you may recall there was an investigation into a u.s.
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led coalition attack last march in mosul which according to the united nations left more than one hundred civilians dead injuring dozens more and it was reported that some civilians were buried alive under the rubble of their homes in west mosul so do you think this particular attack lacked specific details when it came to protecting civilian lives while taking out isis. well i think there is you know absolutely nothing legal or acceptable of about this operation in its entirety and i think those totals that are reported by air wars of some four thousand five hundred you know is a is a very low ball figure you know when scientific studies are done of war zones after the fact and doing comprehensive surveys. that the actual deaths are five to twenty times those deaths that have been reported and recorded with names known and so forth so you're talking about many thousands of people killed and as you've
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reported many more thousands and thousands of people made homeless and their homes destroyed and of course more people injured seriously then killed at a news conference and the tent generals even town friend said that the million death result from the fog of war and this is why it's not a work crime to accidentally kill three billion fail. i say that this comes out of the medieval just war theory of proportionality as we've seen the u.s. government reported calculating that you know in this operation it will be acceptable for it to have up to fifty civilians die as it's important to go after this place where isis is hiding its money or something you know is somehow measuring the proportionate value of that of the serious important military target with the damage that's going to be done but this has never been made into any sort of empirical system where somebody can say no actually only forty nine deaths are
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except of all for this targeting it's all just rhetoric it's all just a pretense of setting limits and accepting you know it's fine to be a war words nobody has claimed there was fog and then you can use fog of a wall of war as an excuse in other wars but given that every war does this and that every war is illegal under the killer prion act and under the united nations charter there's no way to make an argument that some particular strike in mosul is legal or acceptable or humanitarian you know you can touch on a point that i wanted to bring up there was evidence that surfaced last january that u.s. commanders were willing to claim fifty three casualties when targeting a three million five in mosul that the islamic state had been using to store money so what are your thoughts on this strategies said fifty of that too many is there
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a number that that's ever ok. well to my mind there's not and there's never as i said been established in any agreed upon system where somebody can prove that only forty five is ok or three hundred eighteen would be ok it's nothing but rhetoric it's not empirical it's not measurable there's no way to go out and say you know i've proven how many dead children will be acceptable but we it's become the norm in u.s. politics to the extent where you had the republican candidates for president in a primary debate on a televised on us t.v. last year asked would you be willing to kill innocent children by the hundreds and thousands as part of your normal duties as president i don't think that happens in debates in any other country on earth but this has become the norm in the united states and there's just rhetoric applied to to make it sound somehow acceptable or scientific and let's discuss a little bit more of the tactics the human recall the fan bring to you know how
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from the massacre back in twenty fifteen that left fourteen people dead and of course many people were upset that the family have paid for rupe wasn't also punished as you may recall and that also led in the same residence as the couple that carried out the attack so when her into taking out isis what are your thoughts when it comes to taking out their families as well as this near tactics or does this encourage more civilians that. will certainly if the united states have been elected legitimately or not a president who campaigned on i want to kill say families and i want to bomb the hell out of places encourages this sort of approach but it's generally a continuation of the the approach under the previous president and there is certainly nothing illegal or acceptable about taking out anyone civilian or non civilian it is all utterly illegal under the u.n. charter under the killer briana pact and under any basic understanding of human decency or strategic approach to the. it is counterproductive it is illegal it is
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doable. and you know labeling people non-civilian is not a justification for murdering them legally ethically or otherwise we really appreciate your insight david swanson author and activist thank you so much for joining us today thank you. on our team at least ten people are dead as a result of a human trafficking crime in texas and the whole story right after this short break stay with us. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell you know why because their advertisers won't let. you know in order to create
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change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when it's local ration makes a pharmaceutical big chill speed when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses and they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't so big picture. turn. stick here. and when you question find what you're looking for you see a. dog. will go deeper investigate and
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debate. all so you can get the big picture. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you pick up where she. was. what your biggest fear was the only way the way it's. going to show you. the. only topic. i believe you. were. in kabul this morning a taliban suicide bomber killed at least twenty four people and injured forty two during a rush hour attack police say the assailant reportedly rammed a car filled with explosives into a minute bus carrying employees of the mines and petroleum industry all the taliban
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took responsibility for the attack in a statement to the media saying their primary target with intelligence services personnel according to united nations kabul accounts for at least twenty percent of all civilian casualties this year meanwhile officials say the taliban has launched a series of attacks throughout afghanistan in recent days prompting clashes in more than half a dozen provinces well there were new violence coincides with a pending decision from u.s. officials determine whether more troops will be needed to bolster nato led training and advisory missions all this comes after u.s. officials in the country say a u.s. airstrike mistakenly killed at least twelve afghan national police officers in the southern province of helmand friday. ten people died in san antonio texas in a quote human trafficking crime that's according to authorities who discovered the bodies in a tractor trailer in a wal-mart parking lot early sunday morning officials say the victims appear to have suffered severe heat stroke and dehydration that's all comes after
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a smuggler reportedly crammed thirteen. people into the trailer emergency crews rescue seventeen people who are being treated for life threatening injuries u.s. attorney richard durbin said police arrested six year old james matthew bradley jr of clearwater florida and connection with the quote smuggling venture gone horribly wrong refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services immigrant advocacy group organized a vigil for the victims on sunday and what. i'm. a little bit better but i don't want to. blow the. boom bust is coming up next right here on our team american lindsey france joins us for a preview of what's ahead lindsey hey there i've got two people ready to go head to head on tax reform the good the bad the ugly also the american mall is going to way of a dinosaur my guest offers an interesting perspective on that we've got new details
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on nafta trade talks very exciting coming right up right here thanks so much lindsey and that is it for now from one of the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america also check out our web site r t v dot com forward slash america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's tweets question more. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is already america play r.t. america much more american. and many ways. just like you really. good and bad actors i mean you could never you're. so much part of the world in the world all the world's
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a stage or your. what. were decades of the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big body. that's thrown out a lot of boys that's how we use them in the culture in this country now that's where i come in. i bet it's still on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to. i've got to get. your. question. john i thought all you're watching american. morning.
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if you haven't noticed the news media is talking about their favorite topic these days no i don't mean our president i mean them they just love talking about how awful it is for them being called big news these days they're reading lengthy articles and airing lengthy t.v. that meant all about their feeling about how horrible it is to work and news right now it's gotten so bad that an editor from a small news outlet has written a cleat to the bigger mainstream outlets than titled the media's martyr complex is embarrassing the editorial was published in the washington post actually which i found pretty surprising and they've been playing martyr since november their new
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tagline is democracy dies in darkness. meaning democracy will die without the media who shed light on things which couldn't be more egocentric whether anyway they did publish this editorial which gives me hope and for that i give them credit in it gary abernathy writes about how ridiculous our media has become and making everything about themselves to train themselves as martyrs for the first amendment he's currently the publisher and editor of the times because that in hillsborough heigho and he's there right now every time the media is criticized they react with public outrage which he writes there are popping veins nearly bursting through there it's thin. which is a pretty great description of how insane these journalists have become when they're talking about themselves and with glee he also writes even liberals can't argue with a straight face that the president is wrong about the mainstream media bias now i totally agree with him that it's ridiculously obvious to anyone with an ardent
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brainwashed mind how the bias against the president the media but i don't agree with him that people can't argue that point because they can and they do and they do it with their popping veins nearly bursting through their bins didn't they cry we're not biased until the criticizer just throws up their hands and walks away sick of talking to a wall abernathy wraps it up by a stain that big media could learn from how they do it in small media when someone calls you biased or fake or whatever and you don't why you prove them wrong through your work over all the article makes the point that i've been saying for years that when anyone in the media makes themselves of the story it's no longer journalism it's just a gross display of self serving promotion it would be great for our media to realize that in fact i was rooting for them to stop whining and get back to work is
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specially because right now there's a whole lot of work to do if they could just stop talking about themselves long enough to do it. i'm going to do just that if you're watching all the young. people who got to know whether or not fair presenter supply american people deserve to know your difference at this point does it maybe must guard against the military industrial war we shall never go.
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to war should know that. yes we do what we most want a. future. all the world the states and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part does our n.t. america play r.t. america offers more r.t. america all personal. in many ways the news landscape is just like the field of real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're on . so much parking all the world stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are deaf.


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