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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i'm going. and salyut ation who is a big week here in washington d.c. hawk watchers in fact if you listen closely if you really listen you can you can hear those busy little foreign policy bees on capitol hill buzzing as congress looks to pass a new round of sweeping sanctions this tuesday bringing the proverbial hammer down north korea iran then of course russia and yes those you know those three favorite monsters that we are told over and over and over again are hiding under our beds by politicians military industrial types and american empire cultists who would rather
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lead through fear and innuendo than rationality are good policy these sanctions are particularly curious in their approach to russia and president donald trump as the new york times reports that defying the white house argument the president trump needs flexibility to adjust the sanctions to fit his diplomatic initiatives with moscow the new legislation would sharply limit the president's ability to suspend or terminate the sanctions and one of the biggest cheerleaders of these sanctions is chairman of the house foreign affairs committee the republican out of california one. recently at a breakfast meeting at the ripon society informed everyone how all the anti u.s. and u.k. sentiment seen in central and eastern europe is of course connected back to russia and that r.t. sputnik and russian directed social media is why putin's popularity in the region is rising saying quote it is successful not only because they are putting a billion dollars a year into it but also because the k.g.b.
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has become so damn affective at it. you know i'm just going to come right out and say it i agree with representative royce the k.g.b. is effective of propaganda it is or rather it was effective because like the soviet union the k.g.b. doesn't exist anymore but behind bother with the details when there is a boogeyman to prop up and sanctions to be passed which means it's time for us to start watching honks. you know that i got.
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we. welcome on the water in the tight rope and joining me in the sands was this is the one and only stone. oil boy saw on. sanctions coming down this week on iran and russia and north korea and then you've got you know representative royce who's who's you know just making speeches over the last two weeks talking about how dangerous russia is and they're meddling and now we need new cyber security what do you make of these sanctions and what's going on. well i guess russia as you play has replaced iraq in the new axis of evil and that's what we're essentially looking at here is you know the old formulation from a dozen years ago has come back and essentially it's i think you know you guys covered last week at the pentagon report itself describing the u.s. empire is crumbling and i think that's really what we're looking at is that this
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notion of us empire we are the inheritors of it the british empire and taking on this mantle we have to basically. troll probably the entire planet and so we have to lead the charge on these sanctions because as we know the e.u. certainly is not too pleased for example on the russian sanctions because they're getting so much of their oil and natural gas from russia that they're saying wait a minute if you guys do these sanctions we're going to take a huge hit on this and our companies will will have you know will suffer consequence so how much of these sanctions are really really north korea's side about oil and gas and trying to roll up and control those essentially those markets and that there is distributors and suppliers because iran or russia natori slee major suppliers in that field that's a certain certainly something that should be looked at that's not really a lot of this kind of posturing smells like to me i mean you're seeing a lot of different people who you know in positions of power influence who you know boobs them to have a bad guy you know especially boobs and they have a giant nation state bad guy like russia and you know that's an easy target because
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you know we're not that far removed from the cold war and you know those feelings from our parents or grandparents you know what's interesting to me sean is is you know the angle of these sanctions to where it's their boxing trump in essentially by saying that he is president they pass this bill as boxes him in that he can use those sanctions whether you know making them harder or easing them off as a negotiation to i mean does that not cripple the president his ability to negotiate or do diplomacy with other countries we're guard most of who's sitting in that office. i think it could be argued both ways on one hand constitutionally obviously the congress has the ability to oversee foreign treaties and things of this nature so because it has to a foreign affairs person to oppose the idea of congress having a say i think it's actually more interesting just to simply point out that congress is under republican control of the fact is there publicans are basically you know
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abandoning their own president here that's the more interesting angle in this whole . situation the fact that he's in that job is not in the support of his own his own party and perhaps showing the fact that yes there are hope republicans are truly divided over this issue of russia and you know frankly trump i think would go his own way if he was free to do so now the other day should the executive have that level of power i mean that's that's ultimately got to be debated i think there's a need for checks and balances certainly so i'm not going to say that i'm opposed to congress being able to pass this bill because there are more voices in congress ultimately but they really interesting issue is how damaged how how much damage will this create for the public and party future because of this inability to cooperate here one of the interesting things like i was saying one of the big proponents of this bill is you know representative roy c. and one of the injured you know is looking at the speech that he gave over breakfast at the ripon center and report committee and what was interesting to me
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is he also threw his support in that speech to you know separate the cyber command elements you know in retaliation for the alleged russian meddling and make you know cyber command have it's own to beijing at the pentagon led you to get the air force the navy in the you know the army and then cyber command be only wants to follow at least in the speeches that he wants to follow israel's cyber unit eighty two hundred as a model roy said quote many of these kids are still in high school that they have the same kind of reputation as our marines except they're known more for their brains than their brawn what i suggest is that we set up the equivalent of the system apollo alto so that these sons and daughters of our i.t. greats and other americans can join a unit established to keep america's cyber network secure to me i don't know that just seems really bizarre to me the guys saying oh it's so like you know high school ways and young twenty's kids should be like you know involved in the military you know in high school fighting and hacking and doing all these things
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when that's our big complaint is that we're getting act i don't know i mean it just seems like all types of nuts to me. he was throwing it out he was to get any idea to counter i think it was because of trump talking with putin and basically saying there's an opportunity for us to cooperate in cybersecurity which again i mean when it comes to the international issues that we have that we face globally whether it be terrorism state sovereignty and ability for you know for no one power to dictate as we've seen obviously the us do for the majority of interventions not only during the cold war but even after the cold war in particular you know the idea of not having one nation really being a global policeman you'd want to see more russian u.s. cooperation on every level of defense and security and so because trump and putin talk about cyber security as a joint issue i think this was his sort of you know hey let's throw up this idea instead let's have high schoolers in america doing cyber security absolutely crazy all right let's jump over the next topic guard as congress and the foreign policy
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establishment call for a new set a new sanctions regime on russia how is this new cold war playing out in the war torn lands of syria well according to unnamed government officials not well at all as reported by the washington post the white house is apparently putting an end to the cia's support for so called moderate rebels in syria as mainstream media accuses president trump of once again doing the kremlin's bidding artie's alexei you are just takes a look at just how effective this covert adventure turned out to be last week when news of trump attention to stopping cia program of training and arming rebels in syria surfaced in the washington post the overall narrative was quite easy to predict the move sought by moscow said it's had line some pundits and commentators went even further from suggesting that from caved in to putin or that it's old treason you know the usual putin puppet thing but does this move really benefit russia fair enough putin himself as well as other top officials in moscow have been
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on record implying that u.s. strategy in syria with a. arming the rebel forces and then seeing those weapons in the hands of had shopping jihadi s. may not have been the best one but here's the thing u.s. failures in syria have been acknowledged on the highest level even in the obama administration as of july third we are currently treated about sixty five years this number is much smaller than we were this point fact d.o.d.'s much anticipated program to train rebel fighters in syria was scrapped by obama and replaced with supplying the existing ones with weapons and why well because the health a billion dollar a year program managed to produce only a handful of fighters for fire at first and then only sixty while expectations of fighters trained by full twenty fifteen was in the thousands the cia plan of arm and train rebels when separately from that of the d.o.d. and the very same washington post revealed that it had twice the pentagon's budget
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there's a billion dollars a year which made one fifteenth of cia's overall budget and effectively meant that every rabble trained by the cia cost around one hundred thousand dollars and some actually believe it was all worth it as we can leaks founder julian assange pointed out one washington post reporter from. fired shots at also those rebels actually killed or wounded one hundred thousand syrian government troops one may ask when and how did that happen especially considering that there have been cases when the rebels supported by the cia calash with those trained and armed by the pentagon l a times reported that in february last year the deal would be backed syrian democratic forces were kicked out from one of the towns near aleppo by cia armed. militia but when has this kind of mishap stop the funding off regime change now that trump has seemingly decided to put an end to this one of the commanders
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admitted to the financial times that not only his forces the syrian rebel forces surely received arms to. in the cia but were also on their regular payroll yeah the salaries to syrian rebels which were essentially footed by the u.s. taxpayers which may explain the real reason why the program was curbed and that statement by top u.s. army general raymond thomas head of special operations command has said affirmatively that it was absolutely not a sop to the russians but in the world of today never let facts and called blood of decisions get in the way of their russia russia russia narrative alexi russia reporting from washington d.c. . who. i'm happy i'm seeing this coming to an what you know what i really want to see come to an end is when we going to get out of the fairy tale the humanitarian intervention of the we can pick one side of the other and we do it properly and no one did no civilians don't get hurt we're always
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on the side of the good guys when we're going to actually wake up and kind of smell the real world around us and realize that there are no good guys in the combat really at the end of the day everybody's yeah especially as a jew asian like syria. when i didn't make it well we have every opportunity make up right now certainly there's been enough evidence for about it over the years we've seen how the cia our means what what kind of a move back to store rickly this is you know obviously this arming of the rebels in syria seemed to be along the same lines of arming the contras in the eighty's during the war there that was very destructive in decimating to not only nicaragua but also led to the selling of cocaine for example to finance those armies same with the mujahideen in afghanistan in the eighty's leading to a lot of these javascript's that developed over the years as a result and you're looking at the same type of forces being facilitated now with a not all these but rebels are not necessarily terrorists known all of them are or are evil and villain's but in the day it's creating that kind of stable destabilizing environment in syria that really only promotes more unrest more
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radical groups and really we've seen what's happened isis and news for. those are the groups of formed as a result of it so thank goodness that trump seems to be pursuing this policy of saying let's stop overthrowing assad let's work with the russians and actually stabilizing the country and then taking the next step forward towards peace well that's if you would think but i mean you know to me it's like either we're so in. what we're trying to do when it comes to foreign policy or we just have a completely by i mean i don't know if it's a combination of just you know this idea that like well we can get away with it and do anything like you said you know over the years you've had all of these actions take place where we kind of got away with it even though the blowback came it still wasn't as it didn't really affect our shores and so i guess someone with the case for like nine eleven. you know but but really at the end of the day i just i really i don't see our way out of this one sean i really think that we're stuck in this quagmire that even if you know trump stops funding the rebels you're still going to
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have so many parts of the government the want to go in the want to go hot that want to remove assad like remove hussein i don't see this and come in anytime soon but hopefully this is a step in the right direction all right who man we got to go to break don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered a facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our dot com coming up sean still brings us highlights from his in-depth interview on the with. saudi arabia with doctors hussein a spokesman for the bucky organization and then then i put a squash in this whole tale stay tuned for watching the. decade the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big.
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boy that's how it is in the culture in this country now that's where i come in. r.t. america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get straight talk in the break . saudi arabia has been a frequent topic of worldwide headlines in recent months from hosting president trump spurs to foreign trip two leading a coalition of gulf states and blockading neighboring qatar to securing host status for a future g twenty summit the middle eastern kingdoms appears to be involved in nearly every major foreign policy discussion but as its clout appears to be on the rise many critics are rightfully pointing out the numerous areas of concern that a biome when it comes to saudi arabia earlier we are joined by so i knew by hussein
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a spokesperson for the our buckey organization a group lobbying the saudi government for minority civil rights and the preservation of heritage sites here or so dr hussein characterized her group struggle. that is so shameful the country that is supposed to be the head all. the human rights council of united nations is the one that causes the most amount of human rights violations fourteen of these people that are up for exit cue sions out of them while. they are juveniles and this one of them much the he was arrested when he was seventeen years old a juvenile a minor and the other one was a disabled person he is i think many are he is half blind and half deaf these people i mean that this is common common state for them twenty sixteen fifty three executions. one hundred fifty three i take that back executions and twenty six to
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one hundred one hundred and fifty eight executions in twenty fifteen they started the year of twenty sixteen by executive forty seven people that was how they celebrated the new year in saudi arabia. well seems a little vicious forty seven people to celebrate the new year and it's interesting sean her take on this you know what did you gather from hers as you know where did you feel from her like what their end game is as an organization like what are they what are they really fighting for their. key as an organization surnamed their stat their standing up to say look this is not we are not living in a world where islam is properly represented you have over a billion i guess it was a close or a billion and half muslims in the world and so the number of terrorists that were actually that are actually you know engaged in real terroristic acts is probably
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like one percent of the population if you know it's such a minor percentage but then you get countries like saudi arabia and others that really are so undemocratic obviously clearly tyrannical and these are basically put out there as the as examples of islam and they're about he's been saying we need to as muslims protests against terrorism need to protest against regimes like the saudis and really show that that this is not a good representation of islam well yeah and it's really disconcerting to think about ok we're also going to have you know a future g. twenty summit there you know and we kind of see what happens to protesters in that country sort of you know would this be the first g twenty summit without any protests in the streets quite possibly maybe. oh i had to laugh about it but it's true you know and then you know you know you see the treatment of women you see the treatment of other religions and you know it just begs the question is the only reason that they have prominence i guess is i guess anybody with a common sense would see this but i mean the real the only reason there are problems is because of the royals but because of our reliance on fossil fuels
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correct. well historically they have they exactly we develop that relationship we frankly the british put them in power the saudis it was oh it was not always saudi arabia is the arabia the british really back that regime the saudi regime who are from this you know who are basically participate as well hobbist version of islam which is. it's almost like you know the mormons or something it's a particular group and the mormons are much better by the way the obvious but the point is it's a very particular group within islam and the saudis have been our allies presumably since the one nine hundred forty three or four i believe and precisely the will take it is now the other big one is that is the recent you know kind of crisis with with qatar qatar and saudi arabia's involvement there you asked her about crisis in saudi arabia let's take a listen to what you have to say. how do you perceive this conflict between saudi arabia and qatar currently is it really about terrorism or is that a facade. absolutely and added to the smoke screen as you know
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that is being portrayed to us at this point if you see you know they aren't they weren't happy with al-jazeera. speaking up against and there's a lot of conflicts there but definitely not i mean all things are for terrorism point toward saudi arabia if you kind of look at it if you if you look at nine eleven fifteen out of nineteen hijackers mostly saudi citizens if you look at this funding the propagation and everything all terrorism the key leaks everything point to were saudi arabian links and so that saudi money is most definitely involved in the propagation of terrorism. where you know you know it's interesting you know in the brain she lays it out so beautifully there are about the kind of fingers at
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least sections of the kingdom either their fingers in terrorism around the world but it's also interesting to recall that you know when the crisis began the mainstream media and a few in d.c. were quick to you know kind of put all the blame at russia's door and fake news and manipulating that and she was mentioning you know push back against al jazeera you know it's fascinating sean to see this idea in like countries that proclaim you know first amendment rights and freedom of the prouse are so quick to criticize press around the world that might go against the narrative that they want it's very fascinating to see this taking place today. right precisely well i mean i don't know is that every bit different from what's the freedom of the press that ever claimed who i mean i mean with our country i mean you know with our country saying oh you have freedom of the prospect then were quick to blame you know any other president just agrees with us and now you see saudi arabia going to be taking that lead you know. going to go after them because we don't like what they say well they
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already with with al-jazeera was the saudi arabia was an early proponent very much an advocate of al-jazeera benefactor for them and because qatar has basically fallen out of favor they split on syria you know presumably toppers prefers. the saudis prefer isis i mean it's these kind of these levels of quarrels but there's also a loyal factor because qatar is working with the iranians on exploiting more natural gas from its border region with iran and so saudi arabia obviously is by fighting with iran in yemen and in the region and the whole so qatar is basically now looked at as an enemy to the saudis and the judges here as one of the one of the issues that's coming up but there are a lot on the table. you can't talk about saudi arabia today without talking about what's going on in yemen in the in the war that they're waging there and you asked her about yemen let's let's hear what you have to say. a kind of bombing that is happening it is completely being missed i mean stream media more than three million
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people children are impoverished and there is a child dying every minute and you know couple of minutes it is said that there are call around the time when this country is the poorest country out there in the middle east and it is being bombed constantly cholera treatment centers are being bombed centers for the disabled centers for the blind hospitals are are being bombed the only place to visit. the u.n. and unicef could have sent their aid was the son of a port and that has been born and so un relief efforts cannot reach these impoverished people and people are dying of starvation and hunger and the worst was there they cannot even sustain their own economy because their fields are being bombed at this point how can they continue to sell arms to this particular
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country but just terrorizing victims across the globe. and that is the big secret behind all this is in the arms deals and money and that's really at the heart of most of these conflicts you see especially the tragedy you're seeing in yemen today and yet certainly one thing that she didn't mention is actually yemen's facing the worst cholera epidemic in in our recorded history of colorado there there about two thousand people have already died this year alone and so that's a direct cause of what she was describing as far as the devastation of this war it's not just being fought against armies this is live a bombing of hospitals ports we talk about famine and yemen all these factors and i'll call them to hospitals. yeah you know it's really it does you know really it is sean at the end of the day i think an issue and i'm happy that you sat down with doctors saying really i think she's out there is just simply just doing some pretty good work out there and excellent work and talking to her and then you know we'll keep on the saudi arabia story on the yemen store because we have to talk about
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these things in order to change the world and make it a better place you can also check out this interview in its full on you tube. and that'll be posted later on today on our you tube channel sharon stone thank you very much for coming on today and talking with us. let's move on to an internet tall tale whose reality inspired more dynamic and it's fiction i'm sure by now you've spotted in your social media feeds the uplifting tale of preservation that is the story behind the get to squash the story goes that this big old squash came from one it once extinct seeds discovered inside an eight hundred year old clay pot recovered by archaeologists want to dig in the menomonie nation in wisconsin and then miraculously the seeds were able to grow again thanks to preservation techniques of the ancient indigenous peoples. well sadly most of that story isn't true in reality the seeds were a gift to a professor at the university of wisconsin from the true heroes of the story the
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elderly native american gardeners of the miami nation of indiana zachary page of the white earth seed library states instead of being neglected for eight hundred years it was grown for thousands of years by the miami based steward of the sea year after year protecting it from cross pollination and modification sometimes sometimes truth. can be more noble than fairy tale. can't always trust god to do the extra research online folks if you see some god do a little bit extra research take the extra step but that is a passing still not a level one truth is more interesting than you know the the truth is more interesting than the story you're given the new speed that's just designed to get some clicks but later the gentleman that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world told the. man i thought was a but were not told about it let me tell you i love you i am tired old and keep on
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watching those who are great at it. and. report. it. safely everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation and.
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it's called the feeling of freedom and. everyone in the world should experience freedom and you'll get the old the old. the old according to just. welcome to my world come along for the ride. ever fascinating neil de grasse tyson joins us from norway i'm an educator so when i see people making decisions that under informed me then i say that maybe they didn't learn this in school and so if you're going to pull out of the paris climate accord it must mean that you don't fully understand the long term consequences at every moment where you see anti-science sentiment or science and i was there is a resistance movement that rises to confront so it's not going on answer and i
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think that's hopeful going forward it's hard to argue against the possibility that all of us are not just the creation of some kid in a parent's basement programming up a world. for their own entertaining thoughts do you have a secret town. you can do that. a great fan of all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king now when you to fold trondheim norway at the star most festival here in this fabulous city and so the third time we welcome the inevitable neil de grasse tyson to the show astrophysicist author of the great communicator of science and now the recipient of the stephen hawking metal.


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