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hell that's what german investigators want to know as a string of car manufacturing giants in the country are caught participating in very similar diesel emissions scandals and the labor shortage remedied by robots we hear that all the time but now we had to california to find out how this affects farming there and my guest takes us deep into the dark web he investigates it for a living and he shines a light on what actually goes on there and what is ahead standby must start right yes. european central bank is pushing to boost inflation and it's doing it by keeping bond yields low and governments are liking what they see and since two thousand and eight euro area governments have scooped up one point six trillion dollars in interest payments but germany's central bank is warning heavily that interest
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rates will rise among the one nine hundred and they better make arrangements for that rise italy just to point out here has benefited the most with savings hitting over ten percent of its g.d.p. it's also the world's third most indebted country and at the same time the e.c.b. may reverse some of its stimulus programs but the international monetary fund is urging a pause on turning away from its so-called easy money policy citing a lower than hoped for rate in a rise of consumer prices one point six percent inflation is projected by the i.m.f. in its annual report on the eurozone with a slowdown of one point five percent in two thousand and eighteen. and german car manufacturing giants are accused of colluding to cheats emissions tests and then put millions of their vehicles on the road with full use of the fuel according to german magazine der spiegel it may have gone on for decades and what began two
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years ago as an accusation against volkswagen emissions test cheating has spread now to die more b.m.w. . audi and porsche brands the german cartel office has said in a statement that it can't actually comment on ongoing investigations like this the industry is one of germany's largest employers and it's a representative of the country's impeccable engineering shares of b.m.w. v.w. and fell on this news billions have been paid in fines to the u.s. and european authorities for this scandal and last week audi voluntarily recalled eight hundred fifty thousand of its models which carried that software used in the cheating. canada's economic growth will surpass that of the u.s. this year and it will top all other g seven nations this is the prediction from the
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international monetary fund according to its latest world economic outlook artie's allison heil which is center on to with the story to talk about this this outlook alex but the downturn in the real estate market and these low oil prices we're saying everywhere what's canada doing right. well yeah canada's been doing pretty hard with the real estate market oil prices a lot of people were complaining but not so much anymore when you see that the prediction now is the g.d.p. will grow by two point five percent and back in april they said it will be one point nine percent or according to the i.m.f. this growth now already the new prediction has been spurred by population growth here in canada a lot to do with immigration jobs also the job numbers are great and also the stability of oil prices so maybe they're not were a lot of people want them to see or want to see oil price right now but it's at a place where it's at least it's kind of stable so the canadian government the canadian industries know how to deal with that so this is helping the engine move
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along also if you look at the canadian dollar for the first time in a long time it's hitting eighty cents u.s. and this has a lot to do with the way a bank the bank of canada that is actually we have a graph for you which basically brings out the past seven years interest rates have not been touched until just this month but been bumped up by the bank of canada from point five two point seven five percent this is also a positive indicator to many people say that interest rates will probably go up again one more time this year the bank has just been doing a fantastic job and the i.m.f. says that not only this but just the way the the country's been working the economic engines been working that things are looking very good for canada good news so how are other nations performing on this last well if we look at globally we're talking about growth for two thousand and seventeen of about three point five percent two thousand and eighteen the prediction is three point six percent and really the battery i should say the lesser performer out of the bunch right now would be the united states just because the numbers have been dropped if you look at what the i.m.f.
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is saying when it comes to the states the card the growth rate has been dropped down to two point one percent that's two points down from before so you know that's bad news really but again let's look at the graph of the g g seven nations give you a bit of a breakdown of what's happening over the next couple of years old now this year or next year here. if you still have that big of a deal the u.s. is going to perform better next year and if you look at other nations on that chart nobody is really looking like they're going down except for the u.k. a little bit these things are you know anything traumatic you're and the bigger outlook is when you take the euro zone when you take japan when you see china all the index itself the i.m.f. has changed things around to show more positive numbers there as well as the fact that the issues that are developing nations if you want to call that such such as brazil and russia inflation has decreased pretty much across the board we're seeing that so the outlook in general is pretty good for everyone i appreciate your
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sunshiny attitude on this alex cohen to hear much on the show or on many you know business around the world but i do appreciate this from you alex niall of it coming at us from toronto thank you thank you. over to california now farmers there are replacing workers with robots as labor shortages lee fields unmanned and millions of dollars in crops and harvest it a boom in the agro tech industry could make a low wage farming jobs obsolete now so artie's produce santos has a story today from los angeles plenty of time covering this story out in the fields here how bad is the labor shortage there in california's farmlands. we're experiencing a very serious and growing labor shortage and in fact in the last decade more mexican immigrants have been leaving the united states than been coming in and that's according to the pew research center which says quote as mexico's economy
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improves and becomes less reliant on agriculture mexicans are having fewer children and feeling less of a push to migrate north of course politics has also played a role in this growing crisis here and that's because tightened security at the us mexico border has of course resulted in the deportation of new. of undocumented immigrants and this dates back to president george w. bush who had deported about two million undocumented immigrants followed by president obama who deported about three million and in the first three months of president trump's term immigration related arrests have gone up by forty percent and it's unclear how many people have been deported under trump because they haven't tallied up the numbers yet but foreign born migrants in california are ninety percent of the labor workforce so this is a really big deal most of these people are coming from mexico and it's costing the farms here a lot in fact in santa barbara county they lost over thirteen million dollars in
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strawberries and other types of crops last year alone due to these shortages so it's costing a lot and now farmers are turning to robots to replace these workers to try to bridge that gap lyndsey right what kinds of robots are these and how effective are they it's hard it's hard to get a visual on this night imagine the visuals aren't easy to come by i mean this is pretty new. this is pretty new and companies are being really hush hush about the type of robots that they're using and they're not letting press take pictures however driscoll's is one of the berry farms here that produce a lot of berries in their farmlands here they have tested in agro bought and it was not very good the first generation robot very unsophisticated in trials it was only able to pick about half of all of the ripe berries that were available for the picking so they're not quite there yet but companies are trying to come up with better robots that duplicate human dexterity their ability to pick and differentiate between different types of crops things like that so that's something
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they're working on and in california there are over half a million different. positions available for these low wage workers that these robots may eventually be able to fill and you know i'd really like to know some wage comparisons there how much these migrant workers i. and expect as far as wages how much farmers are adhering to federal laws and how much these robots are actually cut down on that and you know one of the things you mention is that they're not letting us see visuals is it that the manufacturers aren't letting us see it the farmers who wants to keep sort of their market secret here i imagine that's the point right. yeah right now it's really the farmers and one thing that i also want to mention that i think is really important is that they do have all of these jobs that are available now but u.s. citizens are not taking these jobs at least not in california and a lot of that has to do with the fact that the farm lands are far away from cities they're not very close by farm workers on average are making about thirty thousand
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dollars per season or per year which is half of the median income in california so people are not taking these jobs maybe they're not advertised as well but mainly i think it's the fact that they are far away from cities and they don't pay very much lindsey yeah that's that seems like a very and one of the things also is that even when you're a young person you drive out to these fields to work good luck actually saving that money and seeing where it goes at the end of it all thank you so much for coming out us from los angeles. time now for a quick break stick around when we get back. sees the boom in shale production slow way down and investors shying away from those bad returns and it's time to take a dive into the dark web with my gas to get inside details on what they have now to go to break here's a number of. the
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republican controlled congress can't unite around trump's legislative agenda but with democrats they remain unison when it comes to punishing russia for alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election brushoff new sanctions as it did three years ago but the europeans won't. manufacture. public will. when the really close is the project. put the blame and. listen we don't want. to ignore middle of the room sick. to live in the real news is really.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like him it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters in mind it's consumed with this one quite
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different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. well it could be a turning point for shell production in the united states u.s. companies have aggressively drilled in the face of a massive global oil glut while hedging their bets on it opec cartel cut of one point eight million barrels per day but that could now be coming to an end the price per barrel. above fifty five dollars around the beginning of the year and it's well below fifty in the second quarter which was a lot worse than analysts had expected according to oil and gas company anadarko that the industry is pursuing growth without adequate returns and so it's not well received by investors on this one also the prices indicate the drillers financial
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cushion enjoyed through the beginning of the year with hedging contracts to secure cash for future volumes will just peter out right along with those oil prices and as arco stock hit forty four dollars ninety sorry ninety seven cents per share just before ten am new york time on this news. and gas storage projects may have ten million dollars sent their way if a bipartisan group of lawmakers can convince the president to go along with their plan it would take donald trump sparing energy department loan guarantee which he wants to kill this effort comes as the coal industry dropped through the floor taking coal jobs with it across the appalachian region of the united states gas from fracking displaced coal as a cheaper fuel for electric power where coal used to be king and natural gas climbed to the top of the heat for power generation last year to west virginia
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senators introduced legislation to push for funding for the appalachian gas storage hub the house of representatives is the bidding a similar spending bill to accomplish that proponents argue that it will give out of work coal miners a new career path. ever since the world learned of the silk road marketplace a light has been shining on the dark web but that what exactly is the dark web and how far yes is it. explores that and more for us take a look the dark web usually doesn't evoke positive images for most people and there's a lot of confusion about what exactly the dark what is best way to understand it is you know the different layers of the internet the internet is essentially broken down into three areas the first being the surface web the surface web is the most
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understood part of the internet that's where we use websites like facebook or amazon and you can find each website on the surface web through a search engine like google but in order to get to the second layer of the internet known as the deep web you need special access the sites on the deep web including government resources and medical records are not accessible to a quick google search and then the final layer is the dark web in order to explore the dark web you need to have special software like tor which keep your searches anonymous and for good reason there's still a lot that we don't know about the dark web but we do know that it's become a virtual playground for criminals according to researchers at king's college london fifty seven percent of it is used for criminal activity ranging from drug and arms deals to money laundering and so on even though the software used to explore it is supposed to protect your identity hackers and security experts are finding new ways to deal and nonna my users that's why cryptocurrency like big coin
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has become a vital part of the dark web markets and it's no coincidence that bitcoin has soared in price as the number of users on tor has hit millions so even in the most volatile of periods digital currency will always have dark web consumers to rely on and considering. it's hard to believe that it was the us navy that created tour with the intention of securing internet privacy on top of that it's added another tier to the very contentious privacy versus security debate reporting in washington bianca sheeny r.t. . we're going to take this a step further now into that final layer my colleague bianca referenced the dark web my guest knows a thing or two about cybercrime and the dark web please welcome todd shipley president c.e.o. of fair software thank you so much for something about it to fill us in a deeper way about this dark web usually described as sites requiring tools like the onion router tor for access is that an accurate description of this oh
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definitely i mean people misunderstand they think there's they're going to just stumble upon the deep wherever they are exactly by going out on the internet someplace yeah and that's not what happens in the darkness is a set of tools that require people actually download install those things to be able to go out to certain sites on the internet through the use those tools through the use the encryption that those things offer so it's not something that the average person is just missed on the across and find out there by and by happenstance so as we just heard before pointed out from king's college london more than fifty seven percent of the dark net is used for criminal activity you think that's an accurate number well i think there's a lot of studies that shown conflicting amount of information we don't really know which of the how can you know right exactly it we don't really know and it depends on what you look at the darknet is used for multiple purposes there are legitimate reasons toward the union router as you mentioned earlier is one of those things that is being used legitimately by users in
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a press countries that are trying to get information out get information from the rest of the world about what's happening so there's legitimate uses for those kinds of things that are going on so we don't really know how much of the nefarious kinds of things are actually occurring out there we can speculate some of that we know that some of the studies have shown that a large percentage. of certain user groups like child abuse users are out there using these things terrifying numbers terrifying numbers and out on exactly but they're using these things to treat information because there is a certain amount of anonymity that's out there when they use these things come on now we could guys like you will crack that right if it can get created it can be cracked well if we look at what snowden released and how the n.s.a. perceives store itself they go it's not broken now the thing is there are things that can be done it just takes time to manipulate people in the things that are going on within these various environments to get people to break their own security to get them to reveal who they are what's the other half being used for
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like you mentioned freedom of speech issues in. you know dark countries countries that don't allow speech freedom of movement is that predominantly sort of the good side for saying that i was or is it is a people desperate for you know prescriptions they need and things like that i mean what's the upside to something like this what if if you're into privacy and there are a lot of people are particular in this country since we've identified that we don't have that much privacy when you go on compared to the e.u. and how on our information is handled a lot of people are concerned with that so a lot of people have moved to the anonymity of networks to try to hide who they are i've got a good friend that always communicates with me only in over an encrypted fashion because he's concerned about what the government's going to view our private conversations about i really don't care surely but what it is it is what it is how do you but that's what he believes and there's
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a lot of people that are concerned about privacy so there is a legitimate use for this technology. put level with me on this you think you're all anonymous are you really that anonymous if someone's really after you at the n.s.a. wants to get you they don't need the files a court anyone can go into this really get you wouldn't you say it's not going. take months of development to really find what you are. i can see you believe it's the same under the radar but someone can track you down yes or no i mean there are if you if you apply security religiously one hundred percent of the time. the government may not find you and i said maybe but it's one hundred percent of the time and that ends up being the problem we're human beings we can't apply security in these situations all the time and that's how people and getting caught is because they can't apply the security all the time in writing the situations so a lot of these people aren't the smarts the smartest folks in covering their tracks that's for law enforcement comes in with the ability to take down you know child abuse rings and all of these all of these terrible situations how can they approach
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us how are they approaching this you're giving a talk here in washington this week talking to law enforcement out this is what the problem is this is how we're trying to attack it how how do they do that well i think it's like any other law enforcement vest geishas first of all they've got to learn the environment i mean you don't walk into an environment and try to police it without understanding who the community is in those kinds of things traditional community based policing this is no different you have to be out there you have to understand what's going on and you have to understand how the technology gets applied in these areas first and foremost once you're there and you understand this then you can start figuring out how to look at the situation look at the environment and use it to your circumstances and identify the people that are actually committing the crimes and then go after those people individually it's just straight police work going out there identifying the information and identifying the people who communicate and then finding a way to identify them within this environment and then probably saying perfect things you never thought you'd have to watch in your entire life major takedown
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darknet sites alphabet a happening earlier this month there's a huge get for the department of justice is this a major step in combating this sort of cyber criminal activity or is that just sort of paving the way for the next sort of new in the dark and well i think it's just another in a series. where law enforcement is doing the right thing and are able to get the information they need about the people that are behind it and take over these sites this is not the first one to the last one it's just the ongoing effort by law enforcement in an environment that they're beginning to understand and making that effort to be able to catch these guys through the use of the same technology that they're using to themselves. some of the big corporations. if you have. these big corporations. pulling pulling information should they worry about. is a combination of the two. teams covering this and how is it related
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it's got to be related to well in some respects it is certainly every. externally certainly there is a threat and we have to worry about those things because if we're not protecting our networks the problem is that being it may be an insider that doesn't do it on purpose because they open an e-mail that i got at some kind of there can be exactly and get sent through their computer so those employees need to be trained they need to be aware of the problems and you have to have also those things set up within the networks to prevent these things if you can but technology changes in the criminals are getting better at what they do but when what about the dark lab being deployed for hacking are you finding that just as much as what the dark labs became famous for which was you know weapons and drugs are finding happiness hiding in the
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dark lab and targeting these major corporations and then you go to find can't find them certainly i mean the commanding control of a lot of the the current ransomware is being controlled out of tor hidden services in those kinds of places and so it's being done very effectively by these these criminals and you've just we've got to find him and work on ways to shut them down but it's an ongoing problem it's a whack a mole kind of situation where you're hitting one and you've got to go find the next one and try to you know reduce their capabilities to you know attack the networks that we're trying to protect how much is a ground and you're and you're obviously got vast experience of cyber security let's talk about the dark lab its growth how prolific is it well i think that it's it's increasing because we're talking more and more about it and people are finding out about it and they're finding out if there's an advertisement exactly so we are advertising a great degree but those are not necessarily the bad people it's the good people start to use it for religious myths security reasons and privacy reasons because they don't want the government to deceive who they're talking to or where they're
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surfing because you look at google and all the. browsers now they track everything that we do and you can use these tools to not be tracked by those companies and so that you maintain some privacy so there are legitimate things that are done but the there has been an exponential use over the past we years because of the amount of people coming out to do the security concerns in still there's a lot of people around for bad things but you know there's a lot of people using it for good you know. sizing civil rights then you want to get the child abusers etc off the face of the the dark web and i can understand how be a difficult line to walk interesting how you're educating law enforcement on getting off their back foot and attacking this thank you so much you're this information tochtli present thank you. and you can catch more of bianca news reports on the dark web from the blackout briefings in las vegas throughout this
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week going to want to check that out. venture capital firms are looking to get a piece of the cryptocurrency action for those running into an unexpected roadblock cryptocurrency start ups are not rely as much for capital called an initial point offering or i c o new or tech companies are offering investors units of a future crypto currency in exchange for ones that already exist and have value like that coin this allows companies to raise capital without having to go this additional route with a venture capital firm how effective is this new form of capital fund raising after only making eighty nine coins sales so far this year tech startups have raised one point one billion dollars that's about ten times more than all the two thousand and sixteen combined venture capital firms have only raised about three hundred million dollars in comparison that's all for now from all of us here boom bust thanks for
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watching. the republican controlled congress can unite around trump's legislative agenda but with democrats they were in unison when it comes to punishing russia for alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election brushoff new sanctions as it did three years ago but the. europeans want. this. because it was well. it was a problem but i guess sort of kind of this side of this you. just see are.
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where they boo you go get a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. so i. know. when i started no i didn't. fleur used to be a professional hockey player won a stanley cup and the moment the girl who was living the dream but who sits in a dark side. the time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times
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by a cold one i was mustered in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes i couldn't sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other victims so you are going from toronto to ottawa. or walking the. walk is to create awareness and promote you here on the subject of child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable because of the same. says that. through the justice system. but. do you know.
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that new anti russia sanctions passed by the u.s. house of representatives will damage europe's energy interests. also the islamic state finances returning to europe and leaving authorities struggling for a coordinated way to deal with them. whatever reasons why they went if we can get them back into the movie educate them put them on the extremism courses. and i think they have an opportunity should be no difference whether it's woman or child fountains of jihad already ruled. by the government why do we need.


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