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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  July 27, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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very complimentary diplomatic but i think the the defining issue is a very important one and that i think we can see that from the statements of the top u.n. officials that they are extremely concerned now of the largest cuts i expect it's just sad the peace keeping budget and according to the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley those cards would not harm peace and stability but should encourage the united nations to lose as she put it some fat around the edges do you agree with such an assertion that the united states may the united nations rather has become a little bit too overweight and needs to be shaped up. only they did to continuously review what the methods and for example even before the current peacekeeping budget for they approved the secretary general my boss asked me on pinterest of the employer to review the overall cost of aviation of the united nations peace and security which is roughly about eight
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hundred million dollars. well it's true that they talk about optimizing the spending was there or done a tons of office i know that you were also in the process of withdrawing some of the you know drawing mak on some of your missions but. the this extreme cost cutting that witnessing right now would have been in place irrespective of who is in the white house or was there indeed i don't know chump factor that i would come in to one individual countries i would comment upon the u.s. administration but the general assembly in its latest proposal did approve budgets with this substantial diminishing from the amounts which were put forward by the secretariat and we think that. while these cuts are substantial it has only encouraged us to do more. if it's so encouraging you to do more and we are now
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talking about around five hundred million dollars cost on the year's budget do you think more cuts are necessary to provide even a bit more impetus to improve yourself no i don't think so i think what is required the vehicle along with if you each and every operation. with a very careful line for example as you're going out our operation in could be closed on thirtieth of june our operation in haiti is undergoing a significant downsizing and will be replaced sued on fifteenth of october with the new mission which will be focused more on rule of law and promotion of. justice and we are going to have the clues of our mission in liberia you said before that you're not going to comment on individual countries and that has been a longstanding year in the role and yet your own boss mr gutierrez has me the number of political comments and recently for example he said that if the united states or its you continue to cutting back on its leading role that it would create
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a geostrategic that that could be filled by other players which in mr gutierrez you would not be good for the world and i think that's a questionable proposition in this capital and perhaps in some others don't you think that. the united nations has also become too reliant on one player on one major funder. on one major funder just because it is what we call assist contributions rich amongst all the members do you not according to an accepted scheme of assessment but for me every contributor is important and i think our budgets sort of operate by the general assembly in which only the countries are indeed to present i come every second year to a better because they believe that russian federation and the permanent member of the security thompson have the really critical role to play in shipping of the members and it really could play
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a role to play as the fine ensued of the opposition which it was and finally a very important role to play in providing us and advice when it comes to. the general assembly zone absolutely but i think. the russian suspicion and perhaps also the chinese suspicion would be that this is devised that this coming from this capitals is not always deemed as valuable as the advice coming from for example from washington a western capitals and. one thing that i think many observers noted is that. the un general secretary mr gutierrez has become far more. diplomatically he's in gauging in far more active diplomacy do you think there is any chance and would that be a good idea if this funding challenge also made the united nations a little bit different in the way it makes decisions including the decisions behind the scenes. well the trigger for me to comment on my own boss and i would not do
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that but what i would certainly say that. the united nations under his guidance the then that structure has become more a john more flexible. europe has a less american centric view i think it has become a structured rich identifying with the needs of all one hundred ninety three member states mr good terrorists from the bill he took office has insisted on seven words movements effectiveness efficiency flexibility transparency accountability and pragmatism and i think those are the words will guide us well in fact you almost quoted my next question because isn't it said that the united nations needs to be in limbo efficient and effective it must focus on delivery and last on process more on people and less on bureaucracy do you have an understanding on how to achieve that how to shift the focus because it's a major challenge yes it is a major challenge and i think under his neighbors you really have to do that here
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point we've been implemented to people in management reform and i'm grateful for the confidence which pleased to me that i only did that internal review team on management reform along with my colleague with a spirit of secretary on the economic commission in latin america and the caribbean museum is about cinema and we are going to come up with some ideas some of them implemented within the target people disagreed to gender and others which would require discussions with member states which we. now i heard some professional say that one way optimize the spending is by making field support accountable for outcomes rather than compliance with it all some of those rules were drawn decades and decades ago when the main mission of the united nations was perhaps a little bit different but there's also a con counter argument to that that they're obviously as much as we deplore it has a. certain protective and well it is because it ensures neutrality it ensures or
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minimize at least the influence of special interests if you put more emphasis on filled up rationed at the expense of the central office don't you think that you would rant until a whole new set of problems like the ability of local partners or regional partners to influence the decision making on the ground i think you've made a very good point thanks ana the challenges the dog and i didn't today is not the organization between stablished in one nine hundred forty five today ninety percent of our stanford deployed in the future they are not deployed in headquarters. close to sixty sixty five percent of our spending takes place in the field and not in the quarters and therefore we need to employ would this feel we need to make sure that the decisions are decentralized but we need to do that route i would say been reluctant of appropriate capacity in do local offices to undertake the decisions
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and the implementation after they have been empowered to take the decision and this is really speaking of the challenge you know to do work in a will not be injurious how to reach and wider men. as opposed to the situation let's say in one nine hundred forty five. secretary general has said this i repeat it if ever there was a conspiracy to paralyze the organization it would have resulted in the rules and regulations which we currently have we are not saying that there is a conspiracy but these within the relations which were meant for us and surely is static organization are no longer applicable to it's interesting that. it was you mr tears as speaking. or making. a statement that is very similar to something that donald trump actually said do you think he. said that they were going to say she was very. in. active that it was his ambassador put
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around the agist. without commenting on him individually don't you think that he may become that kind of actor that will dose you out of your complacency reach and the others in for just now i have a meeting with the foreign minister going to get them of who also asked for include effectiveness of peacekeeping operations and correctly so in my view and now speaking about ways countries can influence and contribute to the work of the united nations money's not the only way how countries ensure bit russia as you mentioned is the largest contributor of civilian aircraft in support of the un peace operations i've been looking for ways to increase this kind of material as opposed to a financial contribution is that a way to go there live on competence is rather than in fact. the competence of the provided very countries don't own the business of reimbursement
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of the cost incurred by them you know like for example groups provided by let's say african missions or by asian missions and their own to provide be on a pro bono basis. we have for example no. aircraft to deploy in our operations are provided by germany which are free of cost it's a problem written. and i think the future is to strengthen the partnership between the member states and the secretariat of course and this partnership to my mind has to be governed by one basic understanding or principle. there really limits disaggregate your trade had the flexibility to undertake the programs and to achieve results i am determined most demonstrative and young transparency and really a company people want all member states to the best of you know it's how open is the u.n. system at this point of time exploitation and manipulation because we we have heard
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. reports about certain missions being involved in arms smuggling and other last and charitable activities at this stage how open do you think the un is indeed to be interest lloyd it or not it would not open to being exploited but there are individuals who do not perform to the standards of the united nations inferred just not established website called conduct don't you in mission and g. which provides all the beauty of a.b. misconduct which has been carried out in a peacekeeping operation or in a special political mission and retain this website you know going to be about three months ago and we think that by being transparent in such a fashion we are able to remove. bad sheep from within ourselves and particular action against him ok well mr carr we have to take a very short break now but people are back in just
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a few moments states and. financial survival today was all about money laundering first to visit discussing the three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in their tough talk are saying we just have to deal with all it's a pretty good. do some serious wounds are ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal. much keyser of course. what politicians do something
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to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more so more want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. first of all. it's a very rough terrain you swords rough climates and you have to win fights to be able to live in a flat. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends ok what happened in the morning and i've been even not. don't let me back up but. you know i don't want to see a better body in this world and is ready to participate in the good is both to me
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a good mood and. you don't think about these three of these so good on no you've got three team played and you know there's another patients. welcome back to worlds apart that told conrad here and on the secretary general for . mr carter you mentioned before that the nation of peacekeeping operations has changed dramatically the four peacekeepers were expected to operate in post conflict zones to monitor the peace process now they're increasingly asked to operate in high risk environments with violence still raging why do you think that is isn't because you intervene earlier or is it because the nature of the conflict
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has changed in a way making it. perpetual come in in my view the nature of conflict has changed and peacekeeping health mean changing over the period of time initial peacekeepers for example when i was deployed in one thousand forty eight where peacekeepers from very father been there who were deployed between two very defined means to observe they were unarmed did not deploy in countries where the challenges are essentially that of protection of civilians and of internal conflict and this is most visible in a place called my lead where we see the challenges day in india in villages become the deadliest peacekeeping operations a fraud. but we have also some solutions and my own department supports the african union deployment in somalia and i think the future requires the development of instant and partnership between the african union nobody's the united nations so
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that we can take advantage of each other's complementarities when dealing with such problems of terrorism or of into speaking about africa this is where most of your missions have been elected and the u.n. was clear is to criticize very harshly for not intervening fast enough in let's say randa or congo but when the conflict in libya began it and supposedly acted swiftly but as we all know it at least didn't in moscow's you've made a bad situation even worse i wonder if you believe there is such a thing as the right time to intervene because there is always a discussion in the united nations whether you have to wait or whether you have to act this is possible. there will be the right time to intervene and there will be the right time to exit i want to really strongly believe in the brahimi principle
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that we should not enter into a country and. we know what are the benchmarks for eventual exit from a particular country because we cannot continue with the operations which last forever remember that is not the job of peacekeeping or for that matter of the united nations i do believe there really need to focus much more on prevention and prevention broadly understood prevention not only in the sense of mediation and conflict but prevention in the sense of probably gem of the required message in terms of live simply in water and you can. make an event i employed mean for young people and you do things are taken care off then obviously they risk conflict but when you talk about eventually. i mean i know that in your capacity you would know how challenging it is to stop the conflict after it already began and yet the u.n. and people like yourself still insist that no political commentary should be made
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because if we take the station in libya for example i think in the argument could be made that. the station we have in the country right now could have been prevented if the united nations did not intervene at that point of time do you think it's i don't want to get your political statement but just intent or do you think it's a good idea for the united nations to hide under this mantle of neutrality when you clearly see that certain political forces pushing the country towards. was a conflict. under the cloak of neutrality on. all countries. to make sure that the people there have a better standard of life the to the words of the u.n. charter which a court you know better standards of life and the other freedoms. and i think. which i to do our best in all situations but my my point i guess is that peace can
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be masher it tended measured in lives lost or in lives not lost in their well ability basic services are as once a force are you if you take a number of countries which have been pushed into the conflict over the last couple of years we can clearly see that the standards of living have deteriorated in riyadh. when those conflicts were in. still is all when they can not have been prevented the united nations did not voice concerns no i think you see it worsen public concern and doing something to my mind are two different things do we need to do board yes do newt need to do it better yes but. from there to believe that. all diplomacy all activity should become doctrine in the limelight i think perhaps may not be correct you know recently we had a situation in the gambia which i think where. the president who had who had lost
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the election was refusing to leave and i think in cooperation with the african union in cooperation with the regional countries particularly synagogue we were able to find a good solution and as you see it on the stoop that one country were such good solution could not be found is syria and i know that the united nations throughout the syrian conflict has been nurturing some contingency plans for syria some countries wanted and were active here in all some countries wanted to last active u.s. presence. those plans were never fully realized and i wonder if the fully fledged syrian operation is still on the cards do you think there is a necessity for the un peacekeepers in syria. i think there has to be a peace agreement before there can be deployment of peacekeepers and you know the special representative of the secretary general mr stefan mr keeps on trying to
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bring the parties together in collaboration of course with the permanent members of the security council. notably the russian federation and united states i was quite encouraged personally although i don't believe in this matter that it was personally encouraged with the limited ceasefire agreement which was decided in the meeting between him. it's meant to prevent revenue put them and prison. and i think there are some groups and. we hope for the best absolutely you know you do have the united nations i mean does have a political mission in syria and it just happened that as a worker spawn and i was often stationed alongside many of your stuff in damascus and. from a personal observations the limitations that are put on their. ability pretty harsh and they're pretty much irreconcilable but the. with the security on the ground don't you think that in order to be effective in places like syria the u.n.
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staff will either have to take a much greater risk or not to go there at all because it's not a cheap mission to send people to syria who are. most of that time in a five star damascus hotel that is probably not the best spending of money or. you know for that we have deployed peacekeepers in northern mali. we are moving now they are trying to do but if for some reason they were to be restricted within their own them. it removes the pulp is why we are deployed there in the first place so i agree with you i think they're constrained by the security requirements that are you an officer i say even if they wanted to go to any given area they have to take that into conduct as you know as an arcane ization bear responsibility for the lives of course the center of the thing those restrictions security requirements have to be changed given how he said the nature of the gulf that has changed in
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recent land and that worked with be done you know not only the last few years we have been changing to what we call in program critically the assessment so at every point of time security is being assessed not by rem the u.n. staff should leave but by what that would mean should be mute for them to be. to be present and to deliver their program now. many young peacekeepers are doing wonderful and inspiring words with i know that the context of some especially in the african missions as as well as the mission in haiti has long been a source of and virus in reports our united nations there have been allegations ranging from sexual abuse to the failure to protect civilians i know you've been trying to address the problem but i just wonder how do you conceptualize it is it a failure of management a seller of training or perhaps something else. really.
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a combination of issues which we need to direct together. what do we need to do first and foremost we need to put the victim at the center of our concern that and that is a prison putting the individual in the center of content as a prison cross official in the country where the crime took place yes that would be my preference to have called mushrooms in the countries where the crime took place and recently in fact south africa did that in the democratic republic of congo i want to play that list in this regard russian federation we did not have any single open case. of such violations in fact have not had a case for the last more than a decade or so it's one of the rare countries which are doing when you know wanted to put victim at the same to the secretary general has stepped just a trust fund. we have now in this voluntary trust fund roughly about five hundred
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eighty thousand u.s. dollars contributed actually by five countries ranging from very small to look very large and that's why it's compensate the victims not to compensate but to assist the victims you know for the ample lives if we can comes forward sometimes you would they might require clothes they might require transport system they might require assistance of a medical nature including into that yes i was jealous instance. after written assistance i think we need to focus on accountability because for the movie it is impossible to make a victim who will again but it least to bring some sort of a closure of there must be accountability and accountability implies tremelo accountability in whichever country which had jurisdiction over that crowd. and i think there have been some progress which has been made in that regard but. i think we need to do much more toward this training and i think that involves an
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issue which you're mentioning and ford from my viewpoint. what can the secretary of do we can do a bit of risk assessment in order to ensure that we dig preventive measures so for example now i believe the deploying contingent only from one country in a remote remote location very far away with whom we do not have regular civilian contact is perhaps it is fact now can i ask you about a potentially another risk factor the fact that many peacekeepers themselves come from rather volatile environments in bangladesh and pakistan i think up here on the nigeria they send a lot of peacekeepers on a four point five percent of peacekeepers come from the european union less than one percent from the united states can you really address those changes without making the national composition of the peacekeeping force a little bit more proportional because we can all be politically correct but if
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peacekeepers kon from a country where there is an issue with gender inequality or domestic abuse. you can expect that some of those social problems well translate into the behavioral thing the vigil peacekeepers you know i do not like to categorize countries but haven't because i feel i'm asking you about the issue i don't know but i have seen for the sexual exploitation and abuse has taken place even with these keep us from developed countries you you can take a look at my website and there are concerns from them of countries which i don't know to be funded because the very individual colony national origin doesn't play any role in that national origin. so far as dreaming of peacekeepers is concerned and there i think all of us need to get together and just rolled out a computerized the learning program which i'm making mandatory for all peacekeepers and i think that should help what was a kind of this is all we have time for i really appreciate your being here and tell
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our readers please share your comments on our twitter for. he's looking at you two pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here in the worlds apart. this. was. it was. kind of a. sign of this yes. she refused.
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to say good for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is. when i sort of know i. feel. so. yes to all this is all the.
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