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tv   Headline News  RT  July 27, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the. government started to have control of price discovery. this i was top stories germany's economy minister warns of possible countermeasures if the u.s. goes ahead with its harsh sanctions against the russian energy sector officials fear that european businesses will also be. a longtime aide to a number of high profile u.s. house democrats is arrested on charges of committing financial fraud trying to leave the country but that's only one of the many. opposition back national strike brings more violence to venezuela we speak exclusively to the country's president.
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around the world this hour. germany's economy minister says there's a possibility that the will use countermeasures against america's anti russian sanctions bill the proposed restrictions are aimed at punishing companies with ties to russia's energy sector this is raised fears of disruption to a major russia joint project the north stream two gas pipeline. that's it is it bad that the u.s. has left the common line it's had was europe for sanctions against russia there is a possibility of counter sanctions against the guinness we heard from the german minister of economy and energy there. but she's not alone in those that have been critical of this latest round of sanctions that's been proposed by the united
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states we've also heard from the austrian chancellor christine care he posted online saying that these were on acceptable he said that politics and business should not be mixing when it comes to making decisions like this such as putting sanctions in place on another country we've also heard from unions as well who are concerned about potential impact on their members that work within the energy sector there's been a meeting a conference taking place from the german committee of e.u. economic relations that they've described the sanctions as they're written right now as unacceptable and fact the managing director of that organization which represents german business interests throughout eastern europe spoke to r.t. he had this to say that impact of the plan sanctions notice a very negative form. especially for the energy sector because of the sanctions under the threat of sanctions especially energy pipeline exports from russia over
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in the united states we understand that serious players serious big multinational corporations were lobbying representatives before they went into vote to try and convince them not to support this bill that didn't work but the names on the list include of course energy giant such as be an exxon mobil but also other big multinational search is ford and boeing as well so i think it stands we're still going to have to wait to see what the ultimate reaction will be from the european union if the sanctions go ahead plus hours. and could the nuclear option be triggered which would be the e.u. placing economic sanctions on the u.s. business it's certainly an option it's still on the table if you take what the german economy minister an energy minister had to say earlier on on thursday we're keeping an eye on this of course. however u.s. sanctions haven't always proven effective let's take north korea for instance last
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year the u.s. imposed its first standalone restrictions against pyongyang however that asian countries economy grew at the fastest pace for nearly two decades of sony according to estimates from south korea's central bank north korea's also boosted its exports and continues to develop its nuclear capabilities of course and it's not just p.r. nyang that seen a degree of economic success in spite of u.s. sanctions iran has been forced to diversify its economy finding new trading partners as a way of coping with the measures kalam open explains more on that the new sanctions targeting russia north korea and iran are not exactly a big here in europe the head of the e.u. commission decided to give the world a piece of his mind the u.s. bill could have unintended unilateral affect the impact that you use energy security interests america first kind of mean that europe's interests come last yes everybody has their own agenda and right now the usa is having
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a hard time getting everyone else to play ball take a look at north korea right now their economy is booming the best it's been in seventeen years at least that's according to estimates from the south korean central bank right now their g.d.p. their imports and their exports are rising despite international sanctions now donald trump decided a long time ago who he thinks is to blame for that. trade between china and north korea grew almost forty percent in the first quarter so much for china working with us but we had to give it a try and iran is a similar story even before the nuclear related sanctions were lifted under the iran deal india and china were buying their oil in your imports one hundred ten million tons of crude per year we would not decrease imports from iran iran is an important country for india despite u.s. and european sanctions on iran. china will import crude oil from iran based on demand and will not be influenced by the edicts of any country can america impose
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sanctions on other countries outside of the us the answer can always be no because the post world war two author of a us dollar germany right out of washington d.c. the so-called washington consensus is disintegrating it's falling apart and that the u.s. doesn't seem to want to take on reality they want to live in the past or they want to believe that they're the policeman of the world and they're going to impose sanctions they're just pushing germany into the arms of russia and then you've got an enormous axis of power in germany russia and china and they're going to get out of the u.s. dollar how's that going to help the american economy if the u.s. dollar loses its position as world reserve currency us leaders love capitalism in economic freedom but in the twenty first century global economy just because u.s. leaders don't want to trade with somebody doesn't mean that everybody else has to
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follow their lead cable mop and r t new york. next an i.t. consultant and aide to some of the most high profile congressional democrats in the u.s. has been arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to leave the country enron worked for the house democrats for over a decade alongside dozens of officials he reportedly had access to some of the d.n.c. chairs personal electronic devices aunties jack and google takes a closer look at the case. a former congress i.t. aide was arrested by the f.b.i. on monday when trying to board a flight abroad that was for alleged bank fraud and well possible bank fraud in fleeing the country doesn't look good for him on the one his case gets more interesting the deeper you look i. i
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. i . mean one family has a few skeletons in their closets back in february they were accused of charging congress workers double the actual cost for i.t. equipment and pocketing the profits and other reports suggest that they have been stealing and exposing sensitive data to outside sources and some people on the hill fear that the group may have been blackmailing house members i don't know what they have but they have something on someone something is wrong to them mark interestingly enough they remain on washington's payroll and despite the accusations the ones enjoyed an unusual amount of loyalty from congressman one even saying the claims were based on his lawn
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a phobia i wanted to be sure individuals not being singled out because the nationalities of the religion they provided great service for me and there were certain times in which they had permission by me to access some of my dates among the family patrons with debbie wassermann schultz including when she was still democratic national committee chair she gave them wrong a one direct access to her i pad which contain e-mails which infamously appeared in the d.n.c. leak schultz also reacted badly when capitol police attempted to search one of her laptops is a member loses the equipment is free and it is found by the. and it is identified as that number members of that mean it is supposed to be returned yes or no depends on this for. under my understanding the capitol police is not able to confiscate members equipment when the member is not under investigation i think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business. interests there that there would be consequences surely that warrants a bit of attention however the story never made it to the headlines of any major
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outlets in theory this story should be huge it's got all the right ingredients politics hacks sensitive data leaks and even blackmailing but of course it's missing one very popular trend a finger pointing at the kremlin. r.t. washington d.c. . next a man was killed in venezuela on wednesday during the first day of a national strike called by the country's opposition the protest comes in response to president duros attempts to redraft the country's crisis and constitution.
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he's been speaking exclusively with the venezuelan president he told us that the opposition that has been attempting to undermine the socialist government for years . i think the opposition has been doing this for eighteen years first against hugo chavez and for the past four years against me there's no other way to resolve conflicts in the country than through democracy and elections in may for three and a half weeks i tried to establish direct dialogue with the opposition i wanted to include them in parliament but they refused it's a period of political isolation they drifted into right wing radicalism they were imprisoned by a strategy of violence and ignoring those who voted for them. but i've been as waylays ready for any scenario i think is insane for the extreme right
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in the us to be talking of a blockade against venezuela in fact they've already started an indirect blockade against our financial system this was the cause the crisis over the past three years that we have economic strength in venezuela always pays what it shows and fulfills its responsibilities in two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and nineteen our country will continue to fill them. i.v. suspected brains behind illegal operations with the virtual currency bitcoin alexander vinick has been arrested in greece on a u.s. warrant without daniel hawkins it's got more on this financial scandal than no one of the specifics that we know about this arrest so far was really like something out of the film ocean's eleven call and when you look at all the details really quite astonishing v we're talking about a pretty serious allegation here four billion dollars in law that over the course of six years by this man vinick he's a russian national in his thirty's now the warrant for his arrest was actually
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issued in the united states he's been charged with twenty one counts by the u.s. attorney's office in california now if extradited and found guilty of course he could face up to twenty eight years in prison the accusation is that he laundered money for people and groups involved in crimes ranging from computer hacking drug trafficking or somewhere fraud identity theft public corruption all very serious here using. and to cover up his tracks and avoid detection now why did he use the big quote and what is it well it's similar in some ways to usual currency but it's digital and it operates completely online so it's not controlled by any government specifically it's a crypto currency making it very hard to regulate now there's a number of online exchanges where people can buy and sell as well as speculate on the value of bitcoin the value of bitcoin actually has gone up just by seventy five dollars just to days it's becoming very popular very much in demand and vinick is suspected to be involved in that one of the largest of the exchanges one called b t
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c e as we say is one of the or the biggest in the world accounts for several percent overall of big quote exchanges in the world now it's alleged vinick also stole funds from one of the competitors m t gox that was an exchange based in japan it was a platform where real money could be exchanged for the digital currency and now in twenty four teen it was forced to declare bankruptcy after a hack in which about eight hundred fifty thousand koreans were stolen that was worth millions of dollars at the time and vinick is accused of being behind this plot now what we also know about bt see twitter statement you can see here today earlier that it would be back online in the next five to ten days or they should be offline now on the site maintenance this particular platform b.d.c. it's actually been banned in russia since last year since twenty six the local media reports say that greece when it was arrested will soon begin negotiations
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with the united states about his extradition with great police describing him as an internationally sought moss the mind of a crime organization of course the money itself will be pretty hard to track down of course as a digital meaning it could quite literally be anywhere back to court ok thanks very much for bringing us up to speed on that the issue of police brutality in the united states back in the media spotlight after new footage of a man being shot dozens of times it's moved more on that when we come back. for. the future to strengthen the proper mission retrieve the member states and the secretariat of course and this partnership tonight has to be governed by one basic understanding or principle that really makes this a great day to try to have the flexibility to undertake the programs and to achieve
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results and. must do most of trade. complete people once all of member states. if we take for instance the size large enough to destroy a city say forty meters or so of the million or so asteroids out there we have discovered perhaps a percent or so of that ten thousand of them. so in other words i means that ninety nine percent of them are undiscovered so you should expect that the great majority of asteroids it's come very close to the earth to come as a surprise. welcome back germany's media outlets are trying to report on the ongoing migrant crisis in
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a positive light according to a recent study but paying little attention to people's concerns over the influx of newcomers to the country up and to late autumn twenty fifteen any editorial was dealt with the concerns fears a new set resistance of a growing parts of the population. the report also reveals that on average news sources carried seventeen articles a day on the migrant crisis during the summer of twenty fifteen many promoting the success stories of those who came and settled it also states that dissenting voices were excluded from the discussion echoing the message from the authorities. it's come to offer and it's important for us not to follow those who would have called in us a hatred in the heart sick to exclude others while claiming german their identity for themselves a considerable part of the population believes that journalism is apparently forced to manipulate information. separately a recent poll shown that more than half of germans feel that they're being lied to
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by their media under around a quarter say they believe the government works with the press to manipulate public opinion political scientist verna told us he believes biased reporting is eroding the country's faith in traditional news outlets. germans usually trust the media and fear for it was quite an exception there they felt that there was a split between what they were observing and what the read in the newspaper during his month or so great influx of immigrants the media said well we have an educational function we really have to show the germans that things are different then both think but actually the media themselves were carrying their point too far and this came as a deception for many germans and we could measure in the polls of decline in trust to the media is a reaction on the side of the media journalist started to apologize for having not properly fulfilled their professional duty is during this migration crisis. new
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dash cam video footage has been released showing police shooting a man forty five times in america's atlantic city in twenty fourteen the killing took place following a car chase through four cities after the man refused to be searched by officers a word of warning though you might find the following video disturbing to watch it . was. up to the police officers seen firing as soon as the man who was armed and high on the drug p.c.p. got out of his vehicle and we can show you all of the images but the officers continue shooting long after the man stopped posing a threat we discussed what happened with a peace activist who told us the police can always find a way of justifying heavy handedness. actually the police in america are trained to shoot at the body mass to shoot at the to shoot for the vital organs and not to
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shoot in the legs there's always an excuse for using deadly force but let's be honest these kinds of excesses will continue to happen as long as we have persons who are teaching the police to be brutal and violent instead of training to treat american citizens as if we are people not combatants. officers in the us regularly accused of employing brutal tactics here's a look back at some other high profile incidents from recently is. the right. note you can see right here. we have this many show police shootings nationally it is irrational that
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america calls itself a human rights leader when the very basis of this country has been this systematic violation of human rights but it seems as if there's a conspiracy by the police to not shoot and if necessary kill violent dangerous. people criminals in our society and they kill people who are not dangerous. as a complex and technical boardgame on the market simulates all out war between europe and russia it's failed to sell many copies and those who have bought it a little confused by it all has been having a go to see what it's all about. hi gary pauly i'm going to be reviewing a new game that's come to our attention here who's in strikes very robust box it could be bulletproof but i'm going to be on boxing it and telling you all you need to know about it in order to find out what this game is all about.
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very hard to unlock oh there we go face of the man himself very complicated instruction manual here you can't have a board game without a board the theatre of war the markers of nuclear strikes i am recruited in our office engineer bed i'm going to be an external conference room in order to give putin strikes its first sortie. where we go to your front of board games. this is the instruction manual. there are these markers the russian forces the nato forces it's one join. yeah i'll be russia obviously. i'm going to put the russian ones where i think the russian ones
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but you put your nato ones where using the nato ones going to get a. great . so you planning on taking crimea back so what's what's going on here now unlike most war games the movement from the units all depended on me to. i think you actually have to be a nato general or a russian in general to understand how this works you know this this game doesn't have to reflect reality it's going to pepper this with russian battalions do we have a new. truce is the only option ok thank you very very much ben. ok guys there that was a little taste of putin's strikes for you mr putin's pretty special it's probably the only one you're going to see of this game because the man in the specialist
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store where we bought this said that we were the last people to ever practice putin strikes if you will like it chained to restore justice to what order this is a pretty good place to start. that's the news for now stay ahead by downloading the r.t. out you'll find all tab and i'll be back in just about half an hour to update you again joining. us i. know. this.
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is the with me. the most get a little bit go by the. last of the millennium but i. know both of
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you wasn't it but i guess i kind of it was kind of this yes or no but if you dump out and just see your piece on the end it is the. where they boo you go get a good area for immigrants it's this we never really know for sure but this is been a active area. yeah. well when i started though i did. financials but i don't fly i put on a few. things on the flight. as a lesson about buying from the future. their
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. part of welcome to all the parts they trumpet ministrations promise to cut back on again funding has delta dourdan is a show like nothing before after years of talking about reforming it solves does your and went into an emergency cost cutting coupled with a more diversified fund raising ten day americans engine this make other nations indeed more united will to discuss that i'm now joined by. u.n. undersecretary general for still supports mr card's greats you see in moscow thank you very much for your time thank you now mr carr all five permanent members of the
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security council are required to pay a larger than average share of the un budget but the united states has long been the biggest contributor and it will remain the size even if all the promises. to cut back on funding a school i realized is the funding issue really as dramatic as it has been described in some western media i think more than the question of funding for me what is important to the view should be effective on the ground and we should be efficient so that needs and should be effective at the lowest possible cost and then i came here for discussions with the russian and service providers in favor of one of the best when it comes to imagining cost with efficiency well you're being very complimentary diplomatic but i think the the defining issue is a very important one yesterday and i think we can see that from the statements of the top u.n. officials that they are experiment consigned now the largest cuts i expect it's
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just that the peace keeping budget and according to the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley this cuts would not harm peace and stability but should encourage the united nations to lose as she put it sounds fat around the edges do you agree with such an assertion that the united states may the united nations rather has become a little bit too overweight and needs to be shaped up. what i would be reaping their billions over they'd be to continuously if you don't want to methods. for example even before the current peacekeeping budgets where they approve the secretary under my boss asked me on pinterest to review the overall cost of aviation of the united nations peace and security which is roughly about eight hundred million dollars. well it's true that they talk about optimizing the spending was there or don't and chances.


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