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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 27, 2017 5:29pm-6:01pm EDT

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everything is going to be ok for real i lucky seriously cosmopolitan magazine out publication that has built its reputation and being raised he now says that rachel maddow saying everything is going to be all right is hotter then sex hotter than sex being reassured by a lefty t.v. host reading a teleprompter that everything is ok that's supposed to be hotter than sex so to me that's just the most ridiculous lee obvious proof of what's supposed to be cool and edgy these days and it's clearly being as lefty as possible the writer of this insanely stupid article is just trying to be cool that's what's trendy right now so that's what they'll do never mind if it's excruciating li embarrassingly stupid as long as it's cool that's all that matters this article should have never made it past the editor's desk but the fact that it did it speaks volumes about how low the
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media is willing to think just to pander to the left the hive mind and to me there is nothing hard about that. but since we don't. have the experience. you get out of the old. according to. the. problem for the. most people thing to stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top
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of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in truth to stand the losers and you just the dance the right questions and the right answers. welcome to redact the elite camp tonight be tearing up the propaganda put forward by usa today one of our country's most read in the newspapers but before
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that i'm talking with an excellent reporter jordan cheriton from the young turks he did a lot of on the ground reporting at standing rock in flint michigan and many other places now he's releasing a new book entitled corporate con job how mainstream media aids the oligarchy he pointed out chapter by chapter and so far the first two chapters are available here's my conversation with jordan sheridan. jordan thanks for being there. a late thanks for having your book is the first two chapters actually you pointed out chapter by chapter i like that in your first job you talk about interviewing people outside the democratic debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton why did you think it was important to talk to the dead try this the mold the scum you know the left overs knowing known as the american people why don't you do like the rest of the journalists you stay in the press van where it's warm and there are sandwiches. you know. you know pays me
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a billion billions of dollars so i figured i'd go talk to people no i mean i've always thought and i always got pushed back when i worked in corporate media why are we like just relying on pundits and all these out of touch people why don't we go talk to people and that's more expensive to do it that way it's less sexy but i always thought like how my going to report to my viewers what's actually going on if i'm not actually talking to real people and i'm not connected to what's going on so throughout the campaign whether it's at the rallies it was almost like i was like a very very. on a different on a different planet i'd be out at burnie rallies the rest of the media would be on stage where the media set is with their cameras and this and that and i'd be the only one out in the crowd actually interviewing voters before bernie spoke or after i was just in kentucky at a bernie rally same story two weeks ago i would all the time be the only person speaking with people and that's why i think i had the knowledge to know oh well i
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don't think hillary clinton's going to win because i kept talking to people person after person and that's what makes silver and these geniuses in the ivory tower in new york and d.c. don't do they look at their algorithms of the data and the spreadsheets but they don't actually talk to a living breathing human people yeah and it's incredible that it's gotten to the point that talking to actual americans is almost something you don't see very much . you know i got the pleasure of getting to know a great journalist jimmy breslin when he was still around and he's he coined the phrase or was it was the reason the phrase was coined find me the grave digger at j.f.k. funeral because he was a young reporter and up talking to the grave digger and it was that story got a lot of a lot of coverage because it was the story that wasn't being talked about well now the american people or the grave diggers they're the ones that no one's go without to talk to you know that would. and so great about your reporting i think why
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a lot of people are drawn to it since you've been out there talking to these americans do you feel like they're more informed then i mean i realize you weren't a reporter twenty years ago but maybe you have a feeling as to whether people are more informed now than they used to be i mean there's a subtitle of your book has the word oligarchy and it and i feel like just a few years ago people didn't even grasp what that was or why rule by an elite class was you know well why that was even possible in our country. i think it goes by age group to be honest with you i think that young people are actually more informed than they've ever been large parts because they watch things like the young turks or leave camp or actually do research not just because like i personally support bernie but at rallies his his voters would always be the most in the know about policy the most in the know about history whereas whether it be a trump rallies or even hillary clinton rallies people i interviewed would have their facts wrong or be misinformed so i think younger people by and large are very
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very in the know and you know whether it's climate change or what the banks did or the endless wars they're definitely older progresses that also are intelligent i would say the people that i met at trump rallies at clinton rallies that cruz rallies definitely more uninformed misinformed or worse i don't lot of it to tell you the truth is when you're when there's a system rigged against you for twenty thirty years your paycheck is cut in half you lose your job or your paycheck hasn't gone up and twenty to thirty years there's kind of room for being sucked into the fox news fox news of the world or the cnn's of the world that are just either creating blatant propaganda or infotainment slush propaganda so a lot of the people that i would interview you know trump rallies let's say they'd be talking about his tax policy i'd say to them but you're aware is tax policy isn't for you it's for wealthy people i would literally re i would read the parts about how he's giving over a million dollars in tax cuts to like the point zero one percent and it would be
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like you know you just told them their cat died they wouldn't understand what i'm saying so there's definitely an age and age breakdown on one end as more informed the other not so much yeah there's definitely room to be to be misinformed in our current media culture i will get to the democrats in a second but i want to spend another minute on trump here when you were at these guys and by the way i know that because you're critical of the democratic party that must mean you're a huge strong supporter right clearly what that means but tell it talk about what it was like being at the from being president of trump rally where there is such a visceral hatred for even for you even though you're not the mainstream media. yeah i talk about it one chapter i think chapter two i was at a rally in burlington actually so trump because he's just so arrogant went into bernie territory it was literally it was like a mix of like this this really morbid nine hundred thirty s.
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likewise i fascist rally mixed with like the lion king when the hyenas pack i mean it was like ten degrees out trump is egging on his supporters to like point out protesters and get out of here he's screaming take his coat confiscate his coat and you have his supporters like screaming out check his papers check his papers and i'm sitting there like you know i've known a lot of grifters of my life i've not known a lot of phoneys so like i was less focused on the fact that trump was doing this and i was more just flabbergasted and disturbed that there were so many people so many angry people in the country buying into it and i think that's the real focus like our friend jimmy door says all the time trumps the symptom he's not the disease the the level of anger comes from that economic insecurity comes from that desperation a lot of it is racism too but i was really just blown away at a lot of these trump rallies not only by the anger and the hate but the stupidity i mean i talked to one woman in new hampshire said oh obama's part of the new world
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order he's working with isis i mean i can tell you that i could tell you one hundred one hundred examples of those kinds of things so the trump rallies were depakote definitely something i'll never forget you know a lot of people don't seem to understand that you can have both trump is a con man and the mainstream media is lying to you and pointing out the major media is lying in the media of pointing out your comment and both are drew both right. but the corporate democratic leadership and their mainstream media fluffers they they seem to have tagged after hillary's prophetic loss they seem to have attacked everyone except corporate democrat leadership and hillary herself they've blamed it on just about everyone they've even turned their sights on people like you and me and jamie dornan so many others talk a little about that. yeah i mean it's astounding i mean forget like what's ethically right first second and what policies are right and just like what would be politically smart it's very clear what the political trends are all you have to
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do is look at poll numbers and the electoral results the democratic party should be embracing a populist actual economically progressive tone if they would like to win i mean when polls are saying forty six percent of republicans are for single payer i mean what else do you need a new poll just came out sixty two percent of americans think the federal government should provide health care and we have endless polls on the endless wars then you know police brutality and all these things so the democratic party is blatantly ignoring the data the polls and the trends because they don't want to give up the money when you know when you're nancy pelosi or chuck schumer this is ingrained in you you know back scratching and more to these donors so when you when you don't just show a line and by the way these same establishment people like chuck schumer who famously said oh for every you know worker in pennsylvania we lose will get to moderate republicans in ohio or something like that these are the people who are so
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disconnected then that are now writing new york times op ed pieces today about how we need a fairer deal for the working class go look at chuck schumer's donor sheet and tell me that the donors he takes from and the money that the schumer's the palosi is and all of them take from tell me that they care about you getting a fair deal so the democratic party they have their head in the sand they're not they're not willing to said this they're willing they would rather lose to a cause a fascist than allow a progressive to leave the country. yeah i want to talk a little about the consolidation of the media which you talk about in your chapter of your book. something like ninety percent of everything on t.v. and radio is now owned by about five corporations a lot of that thanks to the telecommunications act of one thousand nine hundred six so how did we get here that the media landscape now looks like the landscape in mad max very road. well i think there was all these hot takes like how we got trump and
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all of them were talking about you know blaming us or whoever was to blame but they didn't really look at like the profit motive that created trump so like i tried to write it in an entertaining way and not give a history lesson but the bottom line is the media used to be more tightly regulated in one nine hundred ninety six bill clinton deregulated the whole thing and it essentially removed quantity of microphones and consolidated all into like six multibillion dollar conglomerates owning everything so essentially in the past you would have networks like n.b.c. c.b.s. they would have their entertainment division their sports division their news division and it was just known within these networks all right we're going to lose money on news but that's just how it is because it's a public service but because clinton just allowed it to become the wild wild west casino game or like nuclear nuclear power companies like g.e. . then you have viacom i mean now time warner that don't particularly care about
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informing the public they care about yielding yielding profit for their shareholders and themselves so the profit motive that got invested into our news so you have someone like donald trump that comes along whether it's c.n.n. m s n b c they've been bleeding viewers for years especially younger viewers they need a sugar high to get their ratings up you have a circus animal like donald trump coming down the escalator you know mexicans are rapists this and that so who's what's going to make us more money and get ratings well showing bernie sanders talking about the fact that our our networks and our parent company is are part of the reason we have such income inequality or let's just show trump and make it a reality t.v. show so the profit motive that was allowed by clinton and others deregulation allowed someone like trump they trump tweeted something at seven am that was what they did all day on a loop on c.n.n. say that with the new york times washington post so blame blame not just. bill clinton but blame the fact that we don't we don't have
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a media that's out there for public information anymore maybe you are maybe i am other independent people but the corporate media their main goal is not to inform you or to activate you or to protect you it's to make money yeah you've also talked about not just this the cable news thing but you were going to lot of different outlets and they've all kind of fallen into this to that is where the money is and they're covering the i call it the soap opera of politics the soap opera of nonsense and nonevents a trump tweet gets a twenty four hour cycle and meanwhile there's so much deeper news that's going on even if you agree even if they're saying look trump's a moron and his tweet is idiotic even if they're saying the truth on that thing that thing is still covering it's a deluge of nonsense that is covering what people really need to know about climate change and everything else the bottom line is you know people in this country are starving literally starving for real news coverage because it's life and death for
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them so when i go to flint like i just was there for my ace time two weeks ago and i'm covering the fact that the state of michigan and the city of flint are placing tax liens on the homes of poison citizens who refuse to pay for still poisoned water i'm the only one covering that that's not on c.n.n. and that's on the new york times because it's not trump has nothing to do with that even though some people want to make every story and try to frame it as trunk when i go to standing rock and you literally have fascism happening in america the intercepts great reporting that came out that the f.b.i. was essentially working with this blackwater type group to rough up people exercising their first amendment not a story in our corporate media and it gets to a point where people smart people older progressive young young people they they could smell a mile away absolutely and as long as i have you here can you give us an update on . and iraq is there the continuing court battles and even though there's now oil
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running through the pipeline is there any chance you could still be stopped there is still there's actually two lawsuits out there but one with actual momentum a judge believe month and a half ago ruled that the army corps actually broke broke the law and granting the permit after trying to put a gun to their head but they said well they broke the law environmental justice laws and other things like that yet we're not going to like stop temporarily while we sort that out so it's still it's still in motion but the judge asked both the standing rock sioux tribe and the army corps slash dapple side to send in their arguments for why the pipeline should continue or be shut down that court case is supposed to be heard in september this judge has kept like kind of kicking that kicking the can down the road for you know they come to court and then they you know there's another hearing two months from now but supposedly september is supposed to be the final decision like i said i mean i don't want to speculate we
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don't we know that this is never happened before that they shut a pipeline down but the judge actually saying they broke the law was like the first actual positive and fat fact based decision that has come out so we'll see what happens of september i keep updating the audience well great job great job with you or with your journalism the book is the corporate con job how mainstream media aids the oligarchy thank you so much. thankfully for we go to a quick break but i have a live comedy shows coming up in seattle chicago and washington d.c. you know redacted tonight at r.t. america dot tv for details and tickets i'll be right back with much more. you know what would you treat the. real with you would.
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you pull out of. the like you like i got. three. weeks. people you know.
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welcome back to redacted v.i.p.'s i want to go through usa today here for a few minutes is one of the most america's most read newspapers eyes throughout the country knows what to do you know i just want to go through a show what a pile of trash it is so you've got your standard this front page this weekend from usa today you know you stand or o.j. simpson story some crap about trump and how he's an asshole and then you got the second half of the front page is now is about a lock so these are the smart home devices right alexa google home now now keep in mind our world is melting down. well i think the estimates are that by the end of the century seventy eighty years a lot of our world will not be habitable but we're talking about google on devices that's front page right here. so these are the big issues that really are not
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really in the front page anywhere around the world but beyond that alexa this thing that's been going on it which i i covered some of your attack tonight the other attacks and i talked about these google home and. resign devices smart home devices now this one this story that's been circulating and i don't know why it's bubbled up and become this big thing other than they're just pushing these devices into our homes you've got to get one you've got to run all right now you've got to be able to talk to your walls what do you want to be able to do and if you're not talking to walls and they say that a woman was in a distant domestic dispute and she yelled for the device for alexa to call the cops and the content and they save the day and i've talked about how ridiculous that is to some extent but this article is saying that these devices can actually do that they can actually call the cops yet but the article is saying but with the luck one of these days they're going to call the cops on you yeah they can't wait. it says.
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that. you know it's a quote from daniel riot writing berg the executive director of save suicide awareness voice of education and he says this is the future and we all need to just adjust to it and yeah ok great it's going to stop some suicides but a lot of people that are suicidal if they're going to tell alexa call the police they could also pick up the phone and call the police they being able to yell at your wall doesn't really change that unless these things are spying on us deciding that i think he's probably suicidal i'm calling the cops which is horrifying because you know cops show up and they often kill the people that have called them there i mean you know not too often but it's enough that it's not something you want and and i think this is a this is a thing of privilege to think that cops show up and it's just a wonderful thing all the time that's a privileged point of view i think people of color understand that it's not you it
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lets you really want the cops you don't want the cops you don't want a guy sometimes roid it up running in your house with a gun that's just not something to do or as a hobby on your sunday off. but in terms of stopping suicide you know what else would stop a suicide having a guy sitting on your caliber government just observer just sitting on your couch just being like what would he do no no no no no put that but i don't that that's her that's not no. wait what are you doing now don't don't don't no no don't do that ok don't don't do that that would stop suicide to a lot of things i'm sure as i don't know if you want. look this is all an invasion of privacy and we know that the cia will use any the cia the n.s.a. the government in general they'll use any aspect to get into your home that they can write we've already seen from the snowden files that they'll operate your people's webcams on their computers without telling them we've already seen from
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other lead files that they've been activating so many smart t.v.'s and just listening in on people's houses without the t.v. even being on so you've seen that they will use any aspect they can so so now we're being told that we have to get these devices because it's going to prevent suicide it's a load of of crap and by the way. little little snapshot over here and usa today in little tinkling in the corner front page says forty seven and a hundred u.s. renters live in a unit they cannot afford that jut that to horrify egg. american renters can overboard where they live something like forty percent or half of the country can't afford a five hundred dollar emergency there are critical things going on in our country that are all horrifying and these papers talking about you know o.j. simpson got paroled and. the. coverage of the deleuze of nonsense and
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nonevents that are covering up what's really going on and that's great dave the little snapshot in the corner but that needs to be the centerpiece of this stuff but when you've got a paper design for pure profit putting advertisements all over because they have to make whatever millions of dollars you are you become it's a reality show paper it's crap with a little bit of news and a lot of propaganda designed to just get people to snatch up papers because you know news used to be a public service and now it's not now it's a it's a game now it's a game for profit. the next page we have the standard mainstream media fawning on john mccain he's somehow a hero now because he got brain cancer i don't want the man to have brain cancer because i wouldn't wish that on anyone but that doesn't make it a hero ok he's a warmongering sack. over who wants war everywhere in the world if you
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look at the list of places he's called for war it's just about everywhere and the stuff he's voted for in his lifetime is whole horrific it's so you know he's a monster and i'm sorry he has brain cancer but that doesn't mean all the democrats have to get up and high five and decide he's some sort of hero now. back to back to the alexa device because it's on the same page as the headers i am but they the sheriff's department that that said this happened a domestic dispute was going on in mexico alexa called the cops saved the woman's life alexa and the smart home devices as of now can't call the cops they're not connected to it doesn't work like that so the quote from the sheriff is we don't know what call nine one one we just know that the female stated alexa call nine one one and something in the house called nine one one. something in the
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house the toaster was like i got to get on this what do you mean something in the house either alexi you know the woman asked allegedly told i want a did or there's no story here those are the two options. either this thing called on or was because it was in trouble and then we can talk about invasion of privacy and all those things or that didn't happen there's no story here and this is just a gimmick to make us by smart home devices from amazon and b. make us ok with just having someone. inside our home listening to everything we do all the time and that's a good thing because it stopped one domestic dispute. i got to wrap up here but you know this newspaper goes on to to have. the traditional propaganda about how trump ending they are cia's policy this is the only perhaps the only good thing
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trumps done except this and ending t.p. pay stopping t.v. pay all the hill have other horrific trade deals coming up but. he ended the cia's program of funding arming and training random rebels in syria and just sending them out into syria with our weapons to see what happened it's our media has acted like oh that's a horrible thought all how terrible we're not just feeling random. countries in the middle east with our weaponry and just why the death and destruction from a far it should be celebrated instead they're like this is a win for a syrian dictator you know they talk about how awful it is that trump is into this program says the the us government has accused assad of bombing civilians how dare hey that's our thing we we we have these he's trying to grab our first place
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trophy for bombing civilians a fair. anyway that's usa today that's what you get from our papers is this load of a combination of propaganda and advertising. anyway you get the point that's all the time i have for today but if you want to exclusive content i put out videos that are not seen here on redacted so you can just text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free and easy to get signed up to our newsletter also you can grab the podcast moment of clarity it's free on i tunes and stitcher lots of free content out there for you until next time goodnight keep fighting.
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i'm going to do just that if you're watching our trio. called the field we go through. every the pretty experienced in the field and you'll get it on the you'll will. according to josh feel welcome to the modern world come along for the wrong. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest greed in truth to stand the news business is just the dance the right questions demand the right
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answer. greetings and salutations. hark watchers it appears we have got the makings of what could end up being a fantastic political thriller that would make even tom clancy himself jealous it involves accusations of exploration d. and c. hacking political corruption and our old friend the representative out of florida former d.n.c. chair the one the only you know are you a lover debbie wassermann souls yes he's back but this time it's not to attack bernie sanders or blame the russians one.


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