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i secretly promised to never be like it's a one does not leave the funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this reply to. the speech you just don't know whether takers. claim that mainstream media has met its make. i've got to do just that but you're watching three of us swash jake both. play.
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lists. greetings and salutations. hark watchers it appears we have got the makings of what could end up being a fantastic political thriller that would make even tom clancy himself jealous it involves accusations of exploration b. and c. hacking political corruption and our old friend the representative out of florida and former d.n.c. chair of the one the only you know are you a lover debbie wassermann scholz yes she's back but this time it's not to attack bernie sanders or blame the russians once again for the die. starfire that was
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hillary clinton's campaign no this time she's back in the headlines for her rather bizarre ride or die style loyalty towards a former capitol hill staffer and i.t. experts in iran are one who was arrested on monday while attempting to leave the united states for pakistan charged with bank fraud one was arraigned on tuesday pleading not guilty to one count of bank fraud he was officially fired from his position as an information technology staffer for wasserman schultz that same day is. depressing for him but our story doesn't end there you see why was allegedly a very naughty naughty naughty naughty naughty little congressional staffer because it isn't just bank fraud he was under investigation for no he along with his wife two brothers best friend and who knows who else are also under criminal investigation for wide ranging equipment and data theft directly related to their ip work for numerous high up democrats on capitol hill including members of both
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the house intelligence and foreign affairs committee s. and this is where they say the plot thickens because the political report's most democratic lawmakers cut ties with the one in his family after the criminal investigation came to light back in early february but one continued to be employed by was women sold although it's unclear what is the job duties were given he had been barred from accessing the house i.t. system for months. so after all the rest of the chickens when running for the hills at the slightest whiff of controversy as they do on capitol hill want to made goods and trouble debbie wassermann stay the course going so far as to sensually threaten the cheap of the capitol hill police for not giving back a laptop that was part of the investigation curiouser and curiouser let's all go down that capitol hill investigation rabbit hole with debbie wassermann sultan start watching the hawks going to be able. to.
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get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you know that i got. this. week so. welcome everyone watching the harks i am i robot and on top of the list debbie is in the news again is out with i'm not the least bit shocked this is one of the most bizarre intriguing because this is one of those cases on capitol hill were nothing quite makes sense given what we know about capitol hill right and what we know about sort of standard procedure which has been the problem from the beginning with debbie wasserman schultz the d.n.c. not opening been an issue. and they don't have
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a good way to answer it and once again here she is in this really it's just bizarre i mean it's like normally when there is a scandal on capitol hill and like an aide does something wrong well if he's under investigation for bank fraud and data everyone goes running for the hills i don't want to be associated with them and say oh i barely knew him he kind of worked way over here in the argument and you know it but she stood her ground and was like defend the rights guy to the to the day he got to rest of the dulles international . airport tonight as you know was brought up and you know it's going to be up you know so according to like forbes and other media apparently allegedly still hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from house offices and even allegedly pulled some sort of congressional data off site and what some are calling a massive cyber security breach again this is all alleged we don't know how what is the condition it played out and what you know and how much was actually taken if some sort of data was was taken out we don't know and blood on sort of data just to
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be clear not to like conflict anything because there's no information nobody you know just to be sure that we know that there is no way now to tally of this has anything to do with the d.n.c. have or the pedestrian e-mails or anything that we don't there's no but that's the problem there's very little information for something that happened at the same time right and the daily caller is reporting that the f.b.i. has mashed hard drives from a woman's home in virginia that apparently was renting it out and a former. marine spam only had moved in and found a bunch of you know i did see equipment and smash hard drives they recognize it as congressional they you know the stamp of congress was on a we need to call the f.b.i. this is a little weird not like the n.c.a.a. wouldn't bother to call the f.b.i. when apparently russians got into their servers well the other kind of weirdness about this is the money that these people made with massive there is no way that there's going to be a really good explanation for this because nothing about it seems quite right so it
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began working for debbie wassermann schultz back in two thousand and five so you've got a fairly long time that she is like oh it just works for me for like twelve years this is a pretty big amount of time so what happened was he was soon followed by his two brothers two younger brothers. two of their wives plus two of his friends and altogether when you add up all the jobs they had which were above the median amount for. staffers though. they were paid total about four million dollars since two thousand well that's a lot of money it's taxpayer money money so one collected one point two million in salary since two thousand and ten so a lot of money his brother and wife you know of you were each paid more than a million each so we're talking about millions of dollars and like i said the median legislative assistant salary is about forty three thousand dollars so were
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they all these computer experts were they all these people if they were working for the d.n.c. and then you have to ask yourself well then why weren't they working on when the d.n.c. had their problem if they weren't worth this kind of money why weren't they as i don't know their lawyer representing them is like deeply tied to bill and hillary clinton so we will definitely continue and follow this case wherever it leads us. it's hard to be seduced by the promise of jobs especially tens of thousands of new jobs in one congressional midwestern district wisconsin governor scott walker vice president pence and speaker paul ryan strolled up to a white house podium to tempt wisconsin taxpayers with this announcement about taiwanese manufacturing firm foxconn alleges plans to build a factory in wisconsin. in the state of wisconsin tomorrow in our state would enter into a memorandum of understanding by which fox will invest ten million dollars to ten billion thank you. i'm glad to see paul ryan is keeping track of millions of
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billions. math is hard reality the factory which foxconn and walker claim will be completed in two thousand and twenty will only produce three thousand full time skilled jobs in the factory worker claims the factories construction will require another ten thousand jobs which is great for wisconsin if wisconsinites will have a chance at any of those jobs but the reason apple went to foxconn in china in the first place for i phones was their skilled labor. they now have two years to train thousands of people for jobs they currently aren't qualified for and considering walker cut higher education funding those hoping to get the skills for the well paying jobs promised may be locked out due to personal finances but it's fox conn's reputation of empty promises that should be their real concern to wisconsin taxpayers in two thousand and twelve foxconn also announced gleefully that they intended to invest thirty million in a new pennsylvania factory that would create five hundred jobs that factory while still being used by state officials for bragging rights has never even been built
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the jobs never came through foxconn has a habit of making promises like this mainly because these announcements are for the pump and street cred not because they actually have a deal in place. oberto myle a senior analyst with bernstein research in hong kong told the washington post that quote companies tend to view these announcements as an opening bid in a negotiation making us all just pawns in the game a game that centers around a company who plans to automate over thirty percent of their workforce with what they call box bots which they manufacture by two thousand and twenty but most disturbing to wisconsin residents was governor scott walker's statement that this will help attract talent from across the country and around the world one has to wonder if wisconsin voters will end up footing the bill for jobs they won't have access to so people from out of state can make a good living at a foreign owned factory so is that america first or america when we get here
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or think it's america when we get to you and that's the bus was so fascinating about those stories it isn't just a wisconsin story because this is duplicated in every state is new i'm still going to have world record anywhere where you have corporations looking to kind of build the government. or a good moment and you know you see this happen over and over fox does a really good example of that i've been you know it's it's it's really interesting just how much of a show this all is to oh it's completely a show it's like i said it's like we said in the in the thing it's they aren't done deals it's like you say goes we have a memo to talk about it has to be voted on by the wisconsin legislature the state house to these people have to decide you know the people in the state of wisconsin have to decide if they want to spend three billion dollars in free tax giveaways to this corporation that may or may not come through with jobs and that's sort of where it is it's the long lead time means they'll ignore you know the press will ignore it if the deal falls apart they'll blame it on somebody else and then
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suddenly you know the president standing up and saying we're going to get thirty thousand jobs becomes like oh i would kind of remembers those in true you know it's kind of why they do that kind of like marketing and p.r. . stuff like that is because it could put it out there so that where you kind of get the headline and then there's no ever follow it steve dollar university wisconsin madison proposed cultural political nomics he actually told he was quoted so i hope the cooler heads prevail when putting these and packages together sometimes states get so caught up in playing the game that they lose sight of the cost these incentives incur wisconsin has historically played the game soo government incentives that generally always leave the taxpayer in the so there's no way out of the way side birdlike left in the dirt and it ends up being kind of a wash if not totally in favor of the corporation all that is out there where they're not paying taxes they're not paying and just getting off the taxpayer dime
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and that's been the difference as he said it's not usual for wisconsin this isn't how we do things historically which is why scott walker's sort of rain is rouge and wisconsin has been different even for a republican we've had republicans like tommy thompson and things before but they've never gone this route this sort of selling out is very old in a very way and there's not old for the scott walker's you know strings of i hope brothers you know sort of where soros on the left coax on the right you know that's politics today and the one thing to really be important about remembering is you saw obviously you know the mathematician in the group in the trio there. the speaker paul ryan the factory best magical factory going to bring all these jobs in his district a district that's ninety percent white and fifty percent white collar twenty seven percent white collar doesn't have a low i mean there are there are other districts in that state that need those jobs that have ten eleven twelve there are places that have twenty percent and thirty
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percent unemployment and your not putting those factors not putting the factory in a place where people need it you're putting it in this area which will be great for his leg was like politics and politics because people vote because he's going to bring in jobs. it's so it's so incredible how this kind of you know political two step occurs and like a sudden almost every state of the union and probably around the world you're always going to see this. name out there and we still have a season in the packers there that'll keep us i guess that's something to live for and describe such as the packers are out as we go to break aguado we're going to let us know what you think good topics we've covered up facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are to dot com coming up we head into space to talk the next generation of warfare with the space and physics columnist for the scientific american was for the stay tune to watch.
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the future we go. every the world. and you'll get the old the old. the old according to gesture. the modern world come along for the ride. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voices that's how we lose in the news culture in this country no that's where i come in. i'm michel martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroad
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to go get the straight talk in the straight news. to me lead. rejected tonight is a comedy gold i'm not saying by the corporate elite. you go after the corporations it's just more your life profit over people at every turn. redact it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at.
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for the past half century nothing has captured our imagination here on earth quite like the mysteries of outer space since your first space flight and apollo eleven moon landing the possibilities of regular space travel and exploring the final frontier have captivated everyone from physicists looking for explanations of our existence to sigh five fans dreaming of an. discovered life forms but above all it seems to have occupy the minds of our war hawks in the pentagon and their friends in congress with headlines announcing that space war is coming and all these reports mention congress looking to see if control of the process by launching a military base core to weigh in on this debate and provide us with some clarity on the issue we are rebuilding scientific american called american columnist and
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author of five billion years of solitude the search for life among the stars if humanity is inevitably headed toward a high tech arms race in outer space. i like to think the answer is no i'm afraid that the answer is yes and i feel like that's what is driving all of these policy moves in as well as a the move that we're seeing in militaries not only in the u.s. but also in china and in russia to make these sorts of preparations everyone i think hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. within you know with space with space where is obviously increasingly possible a minute i think it's going to happen tomorrow but down the road as you said it's sad but we probably well two professors recently wrote on space dot com that the nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty signed by lyndon johnson in the soviet union is clearly outdated and needs a great deal of work what do you see as the most pressing issues for nations to
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agree on when it comes to space exploration and military capabilities that's a really really great and complex question i think the one thing that's very important that folks should try to agree on nations try to rely on is minimising the creation of debris because we can talk all we want about weapons in space and what that means and what a weapon in space would be that's a very good discussion to have i hope we can have it perhaps even on the show today but while we have a conversation we have to remember that there's thousands of objects up there was in rome just obeying the laws of physics that aren't really weapons but they can see. we'll destroy satellites space stations and other space based resources so we need to avoid creating that sort of debris as much as possible for instance you can look back to two thousand and thirteen when china launched a very controversial anti-satellite missile test and destroyed one of their satellites that created a very large number of thousands of pieces of debris that are still up there and
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will be up there for a very long time and they threaten assets in space so the more that that sort of thing happens harder it becomes for anyone to use space for any purpose it's a kind of tragic the commons that we really need to try to avoid i think so and i have been i look i call me a piece of it but i kind of just want to avoid you know militarizing space as much as possible which which is why i want to also talk about some of the more amazing things that we're doing and some recent articles that you. wrote there's really you know some of the stuff even reads like five books for example is an article that you posted yesterday was about so-called sprites these postage stamp sized circuit boards of the russian or yuri milner and his company breakthrough star bench really planning on sending to the star with some tare could you tell us a little bit more about this project and the kind of remarkable most of it. sure well i think breakthrough star shot is a great example of
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a really wild idea this notion of we could send small payloads to nearby stars that it's time may have come but it's not the kind of thing that you're going to get federal governmental funding for from nasa or from the n.s.f. or i think really from any other government or nation on earth so it took the leadership of someone in the private sector like yuri milner to make it happen to throw his weight his financial weight behind this the idea in a nutshell is to over a period of decades develop the capability to send these payloads to nearby stars and it involves building a very large laser array on earth. that can emit giga watt class pulses of laser light that's not something you want to put in space by the way because then it becomes maybe a weapon on earth it's a little safer so you develop this ground based facility and then you launch these pulses of photons these very very tiny craft kind of like the sprites that were that i wrote about yesterday that are attached to these big light gathering sales
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maybe something about a meter wide that can perhaps get to maybe twenty percent the speed of light which would allow them to reach something like alpha centauri. i think in what is it maybe about twenty years so very exciting stuff the idea is you send a lot of these out and this also has applications for exploring other things like the distant solar system right here you know things like pluto or the moons of jupiter and what happened yesterday was reported about six of these little tiny sprites these nano satellites that were launched back in june that have now been shown some of them to be functioning up there so again it's about the size of a postage stamp but that's enough to contain microprocessors sensors radio and solar power panels and they can operate and transmit signals and do some science of their all in the size of a little postage stamp and i would cut down on the debris you mentioned earlier. on the debris but it's also it is also a debris of threat you know people have to worry about if you can just send hundreds or thousands of these things up into orbit what happens to them right now
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they're restricted to i think no higher than about four hundred kilometers above earth which is really pretty low as far as the big enchilada is concerned that means they can reenter over a period of weeks or months and burn up in the atmosphere harmlessly where we really have to worry and getting back into the idea of weaponization of things in space and militarization of space we have to really worry when things get much higher up on the order of thirty five thousand kilometers above the earth's surface that's where we reach what's called geosynchronous orbit that means that a satellite up there will essentially hover over one spot on the planet and give constant surveillance. that's where we have a lot of things like very important weather satellites early warning satellites that the military uses to make sure that no one's trying to shoot down the little intercontinental ballistic missiles to put nuclear weapons at them so when you get up to that height that's that's when you really have to worry about debris it can disrupt those resources and it also lasts much much longer of their interesting
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interesting it's one of those strengths that people think you know you just go up to space well there's no one there was an answer i heard it's safer to have warrants space because there aren't as many people there unfortunately think we forget how interconnected by satellites and what we need those spoke are here on earth one of the other things that you talked about in another recent article was developed some major developments the chinese have made developing quantum internet in space and we've talked a little bit about you know quantum computing quantum computing and the possibilities of that from what's been reported that the great promise of a quantum internet is the idea of total security from eavesdropping and surveillance to do you think this is something we can expect to see rolled out in the first sample future or is that really science fiction though i think it is something that will be rolled out in the foreseeable future. i think it's unquestionable there's already ground based networks quantum communications
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networks in china in the u.s. and other places to demonstrate these ideas and the trouble is that on the ground you're limited you're limited in how far you can transmit something transmit something securely. in space you can you know use lasers for instance transport of a much larger distances and that's essentially what these satellites are about the notion is that if you can develop obviously you essentially have an hackable communications channel that's a very valuable thing to have geopolitically and strategically which is i think why china is very interested in it and other governments the u.s. . included are also interested in this but they haven't been as public. with what they're doing and frankly i don't know what they're doing i don't think many people do you know aside from writing for the scientific american you've also written a book five billion years of solitude the search for life among the stars in the media you tend to appear pretty divergent accounts of where we are in the process
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but you know as an expert could you tell us what where do we stand in the search for. extraterrestrial life in space and every intelligent bit of space in your life in space. had to get a little dickensian but i guess you could say it's the best of times and the worst of times we know now of more than three i think at last count more than thirty six hundred planets orbiting other stars that's mostly due to one mission the nasa kepler space telescope which is found thousands of them we know they're out there we know that even some of them seem to resemble earth if we're looking for things like earth and things like us we probably want to start with planets that we really understand and know like earth so some of them seem to look like earth in terms of their size and their distance from their star we can imagine there being oceans there or even little green men or people who knows what we don't have is a very robust capability to follow up on those detections so there is a telescope launching next year from nasa also from the european space agency and
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partially the canadian space agency the james webb space telescope and that will be able to give us some very preliminary very sketchy early looks at some of the most promising tantalizing potentially have a ball planets around the very nearest stars to us but if we really want to get a better sample we're really want to be thorough in our search we need to look closer than just a handful of stars we need to look at stars that are within one hundred light years or a thousand light years of us in a much bigger bubble of space to do that you need a much bigger and more sophisticated space telescope that's probably going to be. expensive on the order of how much web costs which at last i checked was on the more than eight billion dollars so. it's not sure there's the money or the will to to build those sorts of things in the in the near the near term time frame so that's kind of depressing but you know maybe we'll get a signal from some star some planet via radio or laser pulse and then we can go
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right to work and just start talking to folks. it was three for three this week when nasa successfully tested a mega rocket that they hope will power deep space exploration this santa space center in mississippi paid host to the milestone making test of nasa as last or space launch rocket engines system rocket engines which will launch crew in large amounts of cargo to deep space including the long planned missions to mars known as the world's most powerful rocket it is actually based on the r s twenty five engine which we use for thirty years to lift space shuttles and orbit the rockets engines will provide more than two million pounds of thrust and when combined with a pair of standard solid rocket boosters could get up to eight million pounds of thrust this marriage of something old something new something borrowed and something blue surely shows how looking to our past could hold the key to our future and truly wish to visit again we were talking with billingsley earlier today
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as the reason we do these stories on this show is because we want to show people that look what happens when everyone gets along and you put great minds and living together human beings can reach for the stars and defer and it's in no it's space stations from around the space you know groups from around the world all of these different departments and there's just there's no borders there's no nonsense there is no religion it's just this beautiful science that that can open up our world and that i would look you know it's not a joke when we're standing at the precipice we're talking about you know weaponize in space. that's work it's really frightening to me you know it's like no we shouldn't we shouldn't be weaponized in space we shouldn't we shouldn't we should let space be what it should be the final frontier you know the last frontier for humans to find a little bit of hope you know all one going to have that right you know what's out there we know that there isn't space we don't mind as
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a matter of. a lot of space on the show today from the empty space inside scott walker and every wasserman schultz's had to outer space to the rocket engines that can give us their good show and that is hers over here today remember everyone in this world we are told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tired robot and on top of the wall watching those hawks in the great day and night everybody. most people think to stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. to stand the news business you just need as the right questions. the right answers. the.
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question. i. welcome to redact is i. believe the camp tonight's i'll be tearing up the propaganda put forward by usa today one of our country's most read in the newspapers but before that i'm talking with an excellent reporter jordan cheriton from the young turks he did a lot of on the ground reporting at standing rock in flint michigan and many other places now he's releasing a new book entitled corporate con job how mainstream media aids the
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oligarchy he pointed out chapter by chapter and so far the first two chapters are available here's my conversation with jordan shared. jorun they remain there but they lay thanks for having your book is the first two chapters actually and put it out chapter by chapter i like that in your first job you talk about interviewing people outside the democratic debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton why did you think it was important to talk to the dead try this the mold the scum you know the left overs knowing known as the american people when you do like the rest of the journalists you stay in the press van where it's warm and there are sandwiches. you know. you know pays me billion to dial billions of dollars so i figured i'd go talk to people no i mean i've always thought and i always got pushed back when i worked in corporate media why are we like just for.


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