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tv   Headline News  RT  July 28, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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our headline stories this hour a knife attack in a supermarket in northern germany leaves one person dead and four others injured. police continue to work out the scene. tells washington to reduce its diplomatic in russia after the u.s. senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new sanctions. human rights watch claims that american trained iraqi army units has carried out extrajudicial killing animals.
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around the clock across the world this is r.t. international from the team myself you know neal hello and welcome to our top story a stabbing attack in a supermarket in the german city of hamburg has left one person dead four injured with what we know so far here. the suspect to speak for who carried out this attack is in police custody however as of yet police haven't spoken about any motive behind the they have said that investigating all possible motives including now some eyewitnesses at the scene said the man shouted bar god is great in are a big before carrying out his attack however the police spokesperson didn't comment further on that what we are seeing though is around the area where this took place it's cordoned off by police very heavily armed police presence on the scene there
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we also understand the. units of the german police force the scene as well this attack on friday evening in hamburg leaving one person dead four others have been wounded in a knife attack at a supermarket the police have confirmed now. moscow has told the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in russia and is not ruling out additional country measures announced after the u.s. senate's approval of a new anti russia sanctions bill artie's kate partridge explains the reasons behind the move. look at the context of where this all started there actually began back in december when the u.s. expelled some russian diplomats and confiscated some diplomatic buildings basically some compounds and what's happened is that russia has effectively responded in kind it's saying that the same number of diplomatic staff or so technical staff that the that they have in america must respond in kind with the americans across the whole
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of russia this is not just moscow so we're looking at four hundred fifty five people by the first of september what they've also said is that they want to stop the americans having access to certain warehouses and also what they call a diplomatic compounds now that's not an embassy or anything like that it's effectively a leisure complex at out in the in the forests near the city well let's look at the breakdown of those four hundred fifty five. people back in december the americans expelled thirty five russian diplomats but to even up the numbers to make sure they are exactly the same in the two countries the americans would have to take out over two hundred fifty of their own diplomats this is all come about i mean less than a day as we said over the fact that the the senate had voted on these new russian sanctions and then in these donald trump's signature really summit to make it go ahead president putin said that russia had been patient for long enough and if he felt that it was about time that there would be a response and their response would become pretty soon to the news of the sanctions are completely illegal they go against international law and the rules of the world
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trade organization with being very patient and very reserved but at some point we will have to respond because we can't endlessly tolerate aggressive behavior towards our country actions can be perceived as aggravation and i would even say exceptional cynicism meanwhile there's been a response from the u.s. ambassador to russia john test who said that he was deeply disappointed about the new measures after meeting with russia's deputy foreign minister said get up cough but rob says this might not be the end of it if he doesn't see what he calls the end of russophobia mayhem on capitol hill we. are not ruling out any steps so to say to bring those presumptious russophobe to their senses who are setting the tone on capitol hill today however russia is not rejecting dialogue with the us where possible we don't let our emotions run high and we'll continue to fight for interests and search for solutions. in
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a phone call with his american counterpart russian foreign minister sergey lavrov highlighted that moscow was forced to reply with countermeasures to protect its interests he told rex tillerson that russia trying to do everything to improve relations but how to react to a number of hostile steps on provocation from washington. the response is adequate and in line with international practice. meanwhile many see president trump as being in a tough position either he must take a hard line in the kremlin or let down his party and try to go against the will of congress political commentator john bosnich told us he thinks trump should veto the bill in order to exercise his off already you know in my estimation of donald trump i don't think he cares that much about what an opposing senator in opposing congress thinks about him his votes came from the american people he is the head of the executive branch of the u.s. government the executive branch leaves in foreign policy under the supervision of
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congress and what's happening here is congress is attempting to take over presidential powers and as the president the president must veto this if he wants to retain his full hours it's possible that somebody might be advising trump to let them play their game a little bit but i'm relatively optimistic in another aspect to this there are fears in the e.u. that the proposed sanctions would hit european companies the german economy minister has criticized the u.s. over the plans she say is that washington has abandoned a shared position on. even should just the hunter measures and asked people in new york how much they know but the mystery. the economic minister of germany wants to put sanctions counter sanctions on a country in coordination with the world trade organization. crash maybe do us
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through check us out and then it's way and i probably united states on the united states all why do you know well and how do you feel about that i fake our trade policies under the present current administration it's got a right i can't believe it because the president we're trying to protect themselves with trouble being president you've got to expect a lot of crazy things not good but we have to stand out it's not good for us and it's not good for the world we think that we can exist by ourselves we can the world is a much bigger place now we're becoming less and less important it's a trade war a trade war between us and europe and the germans so the rest of the world it seems the fact that the measures where not discussed reviews the extent toward what to which europe lost seriousness and standing in the eyes of the u.s. there is a certain feeling of shock among german politicians that the law that was. that
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was voted for explicitly mentions u.s. energy interests and economic interests now it is clearly out in the open that europe does met a much less than she would like to. know weeks after the city of mosul was finally freed from islam exchange in iraq more details of the liberation are now emerging a new report from human rights watch suggests one iraqi military unit executed dozens of suspected members of isel without trial this is how international observers describe what they saw in mosul. a group of iraqi soldiers the naked men down an alleyway to which they heard multiple gunshots. through the doorway of a damaged house the bodies of a number of naked men lying in the doorway they said one of the dead men was lying with his hands behind his back and appeared to have been handcuffed and there was
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a rooper around his legs to sixteenth division soldiers the school said one observe and showed the seven had with the soldiers said was an american female isis sniper whom the high decapitation was not clear whether the decapitated her alive. this is one of a series of reports that human rights watch has issued on the final weeks of the battle in mosul against isis and in these reports what we have seen is numerous extrajudicial killings by iraqi forces of men they say more linked to isis without any judge without any file simply executing them on the battlefield really all the iraqi forces that are involved in this fight against isis has been committing rampant abuses including war crimes we have yet to see a single incident be properly at investigated by the iraqis or any commander to be
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held accountable well the report claims the executions were carried out by an iraqi unit played a significant role in the liberation they had received american training and assistance while fighting eisel in twenty fifteen vehicle from human rights watch again ses there's no indication that washington has halted its support to the vision. the the u.s. has publicly for a long time publicize the work that it's done training the iraqi military sixteen division that it calls on its own website has press releases up highlighting the training and support that the us has given to this is a big division now we have human rights watch do not know if support to the sixteenth division is ongoing but we have not seen anything thing to suggest that that support ended in the recent past of torture and killings allegedly carried on by the iraqi army have previously been documented by a comer mon embedded with one of the units and warning some of his photographs are
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disturbing ali our cabbie claims to have filmed abuse extrajudicial executions some of which he said were courted by the officers themselves r t v of spoke to the camera last month. i understand the dark background is intended to conceal the way you walk how serious is the threat to your life after you made these revelations about all this torture and wrongdoing in iraq. my family received many threats from the especially from captain mourns our she wrote to my father on facebook he said they would come in the night and kill them they can contact me because i was in hiding of course i understand that my life is in danger you spend a lot of time embedded with iraqi forces and i know i spent some time in mosul i know how hard it was to you know get in touch and embed yourself with iraqi forces
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and especially difficult to gain their trust but what was your position with the emergency response division that on your army men have to work together every day we all slept together i spent more time with them than with my family i thought they were heroes yes they were so brave fighting on the frontlines every day but then i saw the other side the torture the raping the killing first they didn't want me to film the torture and other bad stuff but eventually they relented and gave me permission how did you feel when you first with this these two which is seen said how did you feel as time went on and as they got more brutal and violent and fatal . i know that first it didn't register during the second week i went home and my relatives asked me what was wrong with me after that it all changed it affected me my psychology i kept thinking about the torture of those people and their suffering it got worse and worse and after five weeks it became so horrible that i decided to publish everything. i know
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it was unbearable but i made myself continue to film because they knew it was important to torture people and kill them over and over. as i remember it happened on december twelfth katz an insurgent hider came back and started to show us the video we saw how sergeant hyder started to shoot he shot a man six nine times and we heard the voice of no more fight or stop the sonos want to talk to him then he shot the man three times and so. another photographer also recorded the devastated city and its residents during the battle from mosul and after the city was liberated and the last couple days we witnessed there were.
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tional weather service virgin has issued a special new warning for chesapeake bay from north beach from point zero and chop tank river to cambridge maryland in the middle child ten river eastern until free forty five pm. to eleven pm of the storm but will produce water spouts located near the beach movies that and its. waters bounce and wind gusts thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact water spouts can easily overturn boats and create only hazard to seize boaters and small craft could be thrown overboard by splitting higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations impacted include chop tank river tillman island blackall mid-point chesapeake beach there's beach james island knapp's narrows bridge north beach and taylors island this part until hazardous weather passes.
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ordnance from you know from airstrikes and it's just going to take you know decades to rebuild this city. to military psychologists regarded as the architects of the cia's enhanced interrogation program will discover today friday whether they have to stand trial over their so-called participation in acts of torture bruce jesse james mitchell created on personally tested harsh torture methods forming a company that profited from the program their techniques were used on suspected terrorists held at secret cia prisons when the country launched its war on terror following the nine eleven attacks but a twenty four thousand torture report released by a senate select committee found that some of those who were subjected to the brutal interrogations had not even been involved with extremist activities.
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michael kearns who worked with one of the psychologists have devised the program to help u.s. service personnel with stunning torture he sees his work on syria as it's known was used by one of the men to the develop newer and more brutal torture techniques. the resistance to interrogation program we don't actually use the word torture in the training however there are torture techniques that are used to certain levels during the training this is all part of a program that's called sere s e r e survival evasion resistance to interrogation and escape so what we were doing were protecting those operators those people on strategic reconnaissance flights doing operational work of around the world to collect intelligence and also those that were operational and working and counter
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terrorism how to resist enemy interrogation and those techniques were educated to fill a very precise and were not used to hurt or harm the students and every student had a stop code a code that they could use at any time to have all activity stopped so again torture in the mind of a student is different from being tortured for days and days and weeks which is what we're hearing about the bush she torture program all of the activities that went on by the cia were grossly beyond anything at the circe school standards for my opinion please understand that i retired from the us air force in one nine hundred ninety one only in two thousand and six or two thousand and seven did i even have an inkling that these people that i haven't seen for dozens of years were doing this roger aldridge bruce jessen and jim mitchell were the people behind the torture program it was the people that i worked with for several years that had
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taken and reverse engineer. the harsh part. and turned it into the te's the enhanced interrogation program. brutal techniques. the lawyers for the two psychologists in question say their clients are innocent one should be viewed akin to the suppliers of poison gas to the nazis in their words doing business in line with a contractual agreement one former cia analyst and whistleblower to list them the men managed who were in eighty one million dollars doing such business. the reason why mitchell and jessen were put in charge of this this terrible this important program was because the cia simply had no experience in this kind of thing nobody in the cia was trained in interrogation that's an f.b.i. job but the cia wanted to be the organization that did it themselves and it's because the cia blamed itself for the nine eleven attacks well because they had
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nobody internally who could do these interrogations they decided to hire mitchell and jessen at a cost of eighty one million dollars to come in and teach the cia how to torture people at the end of the day mitchell and jessen were the ones who flew out to the secret prison site overseas and actually carried out the torture themselves we know from the senate torture report for example that it was mitchell and jessen who were personally torturing these prisoners there was no discussion of ethics there was no discussion of morality and once the memo was signed by the president there was no discussion of legality it was it was as though the cia was just wringing it they were taking it one day at a time they didn't care if they were breaking rules they didn't care if they were violating the laws they didn't care about professional ethics when vice president dick cheney said that we were going to turn to the dark side they meant it they meant that the cia was going to go overseas and it was going to kill or capture
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everybody that it encountered and then just deal with the fallout later that's why guantanamo was created. north korea has conducted another missile test that's landed in the sea off japan the pentagon sees it registered the launch believes the missile to be a. japan says it flew for around forty minutes claim to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this month or russia's ministry of defense both the tests were in fact medium range this latest weapons test is the fourteenth pyongyang. this year in violation of the u.n. as for south korea to call for an emergency national security meeting over the incident. police in jerusalem are preventing men under the age of fifty from entering temple mount also known as
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a reef as paul asli reports it is a move likely to reignite the already tense situation at the holy site. the situation here in west hollywood a neighborhood of arab east jerusalem is extremely tense this has been a flashpoint of violence in the past and police have fought in additional reinforcements there are heavy security barriers they've closed a lot of the roads into the old city and also have secured they checkpoints between east jerusalem and the west bank even more now the police have also threatened that they are expecting casualties today indeed if islands explodes and there has been violence here in the cost was. was ok. i got was it was thank you thank you. thank
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god i thank you i believe it or not i was ok on tuesday night dozens of palestinians were injured when caches broke out at the last the mosque several were arrested by the israeli police particularly off to a group of youngsters climbed onto the mosque and flew the palestinian flag from there was. i was the was. at the same time we are hearing that more than a hundred people have been injured the number of palestinians who've been killed in the last two weeks of violence has now climbed to six off to a youngster who was shot in the head succumb to his wounds overnight there have been three israelis who have been killed so what we're looking at really is two weeks of violence and hope that the situation will come under control soon but certainly the mood on the ground extremely tense particularly today as many
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palestinian groups call for a day of rage. the latest soyuz spacecraft has started its journey to the international space station the last thing off to the orbiting lab within the past couple of hours nicky are in is up the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan for us following the crew's preparations and keeping track of the launch . hear the baikonur cosmodrome we are just seconds away from seeing this rocket so into outer space it will fly over the western coast of peru is it makes a four thousand kilometer journey to the international space station which should take around six hours now we can only imagine what's going through the minds of those three crewmembers inside this story as capsule right now let's take a look this is now says randy bresnik this is the european space station. so.
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to speak. it's been to outer space is literally shaking but it might be right now to get a guy to following in the trails of say many incredible human accomplishments this started out right here with the baikonur cosmodrome from being first man in space you regard in one nine hundred sixty one to the first woman in space and of course the first space walk starting here at the very same sports now i had the privilege over the past few days of getting up close to the rocket that you see now soaring through the sky i also got to meet with space fans i got to meet with the families
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and the children of the crew members also got to chat to the cree members themselves and they told me that during that one hundred thirty nine days in orbit they won't just be enjoying the beautiful view of planet earth they have a whole list of experiments to get through some of them sound a little bit more peculiar than others here's my report. one of the most peculiar sounding experiments to be conducted on the international . spacestation this time in both testing sensitivity to pain in zero gravity i asked people how they think it will be done or you could do some tweaking it like that but just other the face but it's zero gravity i see punching you know because you know when you're in the gravity everything's very slow with imaginations running wild i decided to get the details from the crew themselves. there is a device you put your finger inside the small voice begins to squeeze as soon as you feel a little pain shot so there's also
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a thermal sensitivity tom you put your condom on the story. when it comes to what you believe once rich soup. over the years experiments in space have touched on everything from the weird to those wonderful but the questions that most people really want to know the answers to all relate to less complex. your future. the function that. what the species so i'll. answer all. or even must say that having to answer the same old questions that is a small price to pay for the incredible journey this is the key errand supporting for somebody to. closer to earth donald trump's new communications director learn the hard way about the meaning of the record after a reporter he spoke to revealed an expedient run by fellow senior white house staff
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are. in washington d.c. and how the story hijacking. dignified. and know and care which i have only been in this position for a week and we don't really know what he brings to the table but he's already now the talk of the town due to the harsh comments or less than friendly comments he's made about his own colleagues he. called one senior official a paranoid schizophrenic and another he attacked with such explicit words that they can actually be said on the air now this all stems from the fact that scare him which he believes that some of his coworkers are responsible for leaks coming from the white house and that one of them may have been responsible for telling any yorker reporter about a dinner he had with the president and others on wednesday night scare which he called allegedly that journalist after the tweet and demanded answers when the journalists and when the journalist wouldn't give up his source he threatened to fire everyone in the communications team and quote start over he later added that
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he wanted to kill all of the leakers of course he likely didn't expect and you have to stand up in today's headlines but alas it did scare him which he has since tweeted that he sometimes uses colorful language but we're freeing from doing so in the future he also added that he made a mistake in trusting that reporter but apologies to his colleagues for example were not made so for now it looks like the new communications director will have trouble communicating with his own colleagues. never a dull moment as there are teachers from washington d.c. . one of the world's most famous classical music festivals is underway in the austrian city of souls work for the first time in its history it was opened by a russian conductor more than two hundred thought is and people are expected at the event where they will have the chance to watch two hundred performances by artists
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every day salzburg the most famous venues will host all kinds of musical performances austria's president and his wife were in attendance at the grand opening as well as the foreign minister sebastian kurds the festival runs until the end of august. on earth to stick director in the famous conductor of one russian state opera ballet theatre had the honor of opening the festival for you. sure current night this received the order of friendship and is a five time winner of the national theatre award the golden mosque r.t. had the chance to speak to the so-called all official champion of authentic mozart in russia. it's a greater responsibility to all. sorts of first. it's of no child. the first. russian.


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