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animosity and overhaul in the white house donald trump replaces his chief of staff with the current secretary of homeland security we look back at all the turbulence and infighting in the current u.s. administration so far. also like living in hell human rights watch say police are abusing migrants in the french port city of cal a while authorities say they're struggling to cope with a new influx of people our crew go there they take a look but opposition protesters clashed with police in venezuela a lot of trouble there again this weekend ahead of a crucial vote on who's going to be involved in rewriting the country comes to choose we break down the situation in the crisis torn country do you come down
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those horrible political lynchings there if you can down those horrific political assassinations. or our own people that's really rovers and i think it's very unfair to say. hello good morning just turned eleven am this saturday morning the twenty ninth of july my name is kevin irwin this is out international hope your weekend is going good thirty minutes of news to come in first this barely a day seems to pass in the white house these days with new controversy new upheaval and donald trump now has announced that his chief of staff runs priebus is going to step down and be replaced by the current secretary of homeland security john kelly is just the latest in a string of course of high profile officials to head for the exit over the last six months just a week ago that guy when the press secretary sean spicer no great surprise. there
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may be many thought that he hadn't appeared at some briefings for some time however the dismissal of the f.b.i. director james komi back in may no that did come as a shot even a cost to that guy one of the reasons trump gave for the decision was the intelligence chief handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's use of course of a private e-mail server before but then there was the national security advisor michael flynn forced to resign over alleged ties to russia jacqueline next that looks at how relationships in the white house are starting to resemble one particular t.v. series. between senate investigations and twitter wars the current us presidency has barely gotten the ball rolling but there has been plenty of drama we are strongest when we're unified. this is a bunch of scumbags. president was being small president it's not presidential at all. we've organized in rowdy this country.
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mr speaker to call for the impeachment of the president or have they tried i mean every single thing but i'm. here. when i'm finished i think they will absolutely. lately the bipartisan tug of war has shifted to being on the lines of the enemy of my enemy is my friend take attorney general jeff sessions not long ago he was considered one of trump most trusted allies whereas democrats were less than impressed he's a man of integrity a man of principle and a man of total utter resolve because the department of justice should be above reproach for the good of the country attorney general sessions should resign in just a couple of months trying fluffer sessions has turned sour and lo and behold under chuck schumer is suddenly coming to his defense i am disappointed in the attorney general he should not have recused himself even if the president has disagreements
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with him which i think are real found self-centered and wrong. you don't ridicule him in public apparently there's a thin line between love and hate and that line is basically just a few mean tweets and it works the opposite way as well let's look at former f.b.i. director james comey when he spoke out on the hillary clinton investigation praised his valor while the democrats were far from fleet it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made it light of the kind of opposition he had. the f.b.i. director has no credibility oh how the times have changed since then he's a showboat he's a grandstander the f.b.i. has been in turmoil you know that i know that the reason that tony was fired was because donald trump wants to cut off any investigation and it's not just
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politicians who are easily swayed the media follows the changing tide as well george w. bush was rammed by the press and seen as one of the worst american presidents toward the end of his time in office he leaves office the most unpopular president in modern history this president performed so poorly we have a president to transcend at least stupid he is the worst president of my lifetime but a few well aimed comments in an interview turned him into a white house favorite i consider the media media to be indispensable to democracy we need an independent media to hold people like me to account it's very funny to the sense of humor is coming well he said oh well respected mr president we want to thank you. even former white house press secretary sean spicer who was one of the media's favorite punching bags for some time is now feeling the love following his resignation rumor has it he may even become a reality t.v. star the political positions are breathtakingly incoherent their scripts are frantic with all due apologies to schizophrenia what is trump saying we were
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against it it's like that groucho marx songs is whatever you're for i'm against it it just depends because this isn't about platform it's not about conviction it's not about ideology it's about personality we have two parties in this country drama and. so it seems the rule of thumb in washington these days is to keep your enemies post and your friend in me is even closer at least until it's more beneficial to turn on. our t.v. washington d.c. . police in the french port of color accused of abusing migrants on a routine basis human rights watch report says quote. like living in hell for some of these asylum seekers the rights group says that pepper spray is being used on migrants in circumstances where they pose no threat police are also accused of confiscating sleeping bags and clothing from the migrants or disrupting access to him a humanitarian aide turned authorities say they don't want to return though to that infamous refugee camp known as the jungle which was dramatically dismantled last
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year. but we don't want the jungle to reappear we don't want people to arrive in station here that's why we've been added to the six police already here sudanese court grants in order to prevent the inflicts we've seen over the past few weeks from continuing to grow. to compound those fears migrants are still arriving in cali human rights watch says over four hundred in there with another estimate as high as six hundred about half of them are unaccompanied children too says the reports police are warning that the growing numbers could lead to a repeat of the violence that that time saw earlier. ah. was.
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the police admit they're struggling to cope while the migrants say they feel abandoned by the authorities. to spend my six month intelligence came and did this it to all the people you'll stay in france we'll give you paper. work you have to build your life then the it separately in the us enough to know we aren't in the streets. for us. we have about six hundred migrants here now and we're expecting more there's a zero tolerance policy towards the settling of migrants and the reconstruction of the jungle the mission of the police is clear that migrants must be prevented from sleeping in certain areas and from forming groups there's more and more tension including between the migrants themselves we also have difficulties with the far left choice to promote a world without borders and without police they are particularly nervous about the
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actions of the police they try to film in attackers that creates tensions now that we have more work to do we've asked for reinforcements and it received them from the interior ministry our job is not at all easy it's difficult to stop migrants from gathering in certain places. meanwhile reports of dire conditions are coming in from a migrant camp also in the north east of from charlotte do burn skiis there. alcohol of violence and reports of rape that's the reality in this migrant camp that's being dubbed a humanitarian slaughter here in metz. if. there is a problem with alcohol and violence even us and they do work our face problems they don't have food but they manage to get hold of alcohol we don't know how to handle the situation there is not enough security of her the number of people here the
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camp is been dismantled several times but every time it's taken down the new people come and the camp is reformed locals ferments are concerned about its impact. this problem has to be a true. quickly for their sake as well as for us their suffering. the city of metz was not prepared for the count there thought it is empty but now there are seven hundred refugees back there again it's becoming a second we return to the camp after dark on route our taxi driver tells us about some of the problems. there are a lot of home break ins a lot of aggression they snatch women's handbags but no one talks about their own c.v. the migrants are everywhere in metz. at the camp we find out my quince apparently facing aggression as well from certain community within the camp. where not.
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only. the problems why in the world. fights yes they take your money. as we speak with another man we're told to stop filming by security guards. people here are hiding from those who are looking for them in their own country. if you show their faces on t.v. you're putting their lives driscoll we don't want journalists here. despite the worsening conditions and other issues both in and out of the camp more people continue to arrive showing that even ski r.t. mets. are more troubles in venezuela big problems there again this weekend violent clashes are continuing to rig work ahead of sunday's crucial vote on who's going to be responsible for rewriting the country's constitution the situation is in fact deemed so serious by air france at least that they have no council flights
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to caracas this weekend. only. with the country falling is so facing a constitutional crisis president duros called on venezuelans to elect a new body that's going to be tasked with rewriting the current comes to choose south out under the former president hugo chavez over five hundred representatives are said to be chosen from key groups in society but the initiative angered a lot of the opposition they say it's simply a way of extending the president's powers we have from both sides of this big divide. the purpose is not all it's a right there comes a douche and the purpose is to get rid of the nationalists on the we're to war with two thirds of the bo does precisely the reason and they have five percent of rejection of the regime sold the resources to the c.b.
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go for the unconstitutional there's a presidential election in two thousand and eighteen were made during is going to be up for a vote the opposition is going to run for president regardless of the outcome of the constituent assembly it's an open democratic process the opposition can run their own candidates and they can participate in it but they have called to boycott it instead of taking part and if they have the majority as they say they do pick it easily run with a majority of constituents and change the constitution how they want to see a change instead of opposed to democratic process and called for violence in the streets of the response this is not of them. and we're just not trying to legitimize it for a little and. cia has been uncovered saying that they want to determine the outcome of the political process in venezuela they have long been funding to the tune of new orleans and millions and millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars to opposition parties to opposition movement no one wants us intervention even people members of the opposition that i spoke to do not want the us to intervene this is precisely they were. going to what you called intervention
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is that only the united states now makes it go announce that the united kingdom the parliament why. last summer than twelve days. and seven minutes so that's a lot of the lives that it is people about fifteen hundred be wounded and we have almost two thousand people in jail the husband the price of a civic but it's this is just another lie that it's just a hunch certainly to justify foreign intervention in the country the vast majority of those deaths that over one hundred deaths are caused by opposition violence over a dozen assassinations by opposition protesters against. people first of just for supporting the government i mean do you condemn those horrible political lynchings third you can down those horrific political assassinations we are. the whole world. is not only the united states.
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the people are. being killed by the by our own people thanks for watching out internationally it's not exactly fifty minutes past eleven in the morning here in moscow coming up after the break with iraq investigate claims of war crimes if the u.s. led coalition applies pressure we've got live reaction from a guest lined up for you to talk about. the past twenty twenty five years the smartest people in the world their industry and their discipline. wall street. traders or.
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the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has been rewarding for delaware being coastal waters from little let me jersey defend island delaware now twenty nautical miles until five fifteen am it's four thirteen am showers were located along a line extending from near sea island city to near keeping loop and moving east at forty five knots answered we've got thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact small craft could be damaged in briefly higher winds and certainly higher weaves. locations impacted include ground might be key to point my mom like great grief rain the wind chill light ocean city indian river in bridge over falls show cross slide atlanta exit the reef fourteen for light great king live bowers beach rehoboth beach keep me point while and for task beach. to
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safe harbor until hazardous weather passes. rocky soldiers lead for naked men down an alleyway after which they heard multiple gunshots. through the doorway of a damaged house the bodies of a number of naked men lying in the doorway they said one of the dead men was lying with his hands behind his back and appeared to have been handcuffed and there was a rope around his legs to sixteenth division soldiers to school did one observe and show the seven head of what the soldiers said was an american female isis sniper whom they had decapitated it was not clear whether they decapitated her alive or after her death. is a member of the security committee for the baghdad provincial council has taken the time to join us now below for this either very good morning thanks for your time this morning i see that was just a tiny snapshot there are a couple of cases of some awful reported events
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a believer you can hear me say. you live on international love me can you hear me i think we've lost the sound connection to you at work just now before we spoke but now we'll come back to me in just a second. ah sir. working well but you can hear is. a member of the security committee for the baghdad provincial council can hear me sir. i think some of us turned your volume up very good morning a live on air can you hear me. kevin oh i can hear you being with us again just before we came to the false start we heard just a snapshot of some horrendous cases allegations of human rights abuses in your country so we've been hearing serious allegations from rights groups do you think there is a thorough enough investigation into what's going on in mosul or not there is an investigation but is it thorough enough is the question why didn't of deep
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enough that you know what that is exactly that is the question because we still state of war the. sixteenth division which we're talking about was bailed out of mosul people from people who were prosecuted by isis so if there are any personal vendettas or knowledge of who ices were there was a payback even a violent fay back some people may understand that but as a state that is definitely rejected and should not take. personal vengeance would you like this is here. well we we would like to see more state control more legal
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presentation and a better. transparency in dealing with such issues but at the same time there must be furnace. to be fair. with the ex ice's components of course there are some allegations some people here that have been accused of being supporters of the members of isis themselves if they haven't been given fair trial before they've been tortured before they've been abused there are also cases that we've heard of more reporters saying that witnesses have been afraid to come forward and if they're afraid to come forward again how can you have a trial fair to process of people who are afraid to come forward what are you going to do about. well for all witnesses the state will provide. safe gods but the problem is that we are speaking of
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a close knit society people know each other as city is a large city but those who were and role devices are very well known within the city the people who were prosecuted by isis now are leading the sixteen division and basically they see it as a payback time so it's a little hard to understand or to stand against them since now they have the guns and they have ices hostages or prisoners of war in their hands mismatched lobby i'm sorry we lost a bit of time trying to get a connection with you at the top there hope for the girls we'll talk to be on the scenes and get some more of your insight on what's going on there emotional but for now we're live in a program frank thank you. for. britain's prime minister through the mayor's last another of a top bricks of strategy as she was also recently voted the u.k.'s most unpopular
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leader ever at this stage of a premiership nonetheless despite the turmoil at home she's heading off to europe for a three week long break everyone needs a holiday polly boyd takes up the story. the prime minister is meant to be getting away from it all that back in london yet another member of her senior team has gotten away from her downing street now former director of strategy chris wilkins has quit this follows four of their resignations as may's closest aides the prime minister has now been abandoned by the very people that helped set out her vision for brags that the choice is becoming ever more clear. with our eyes fixed on the future strong and stable leadership with me as prime minister to see as through bricks edge and beyond or a coalition of chaos but with the plans architects no longer in the picture to reason may is short of a devises at
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a time when she needs the most things to critically wounded prime minister she either disastrous election campaign and election campaign that she won since a twenty four percent ahead and then losing this latest resignation of chris will cain is just not that example of part of the disastrous to even run though since the election rolling off the ship like rats i think that this is a wounded government on the wounded prime minister britain has less than two years to negotiate bragg's it on its current course but brussels is still waiting for clarification of the u.k. stance on key issues and to resume a struggles don't tend with brags that the scandal over the grenfell fire disaster rages on london's metropolitan police have now announced that local authorities are under suspicion of corporate manslaughter meanwhile to resume a has admitted the party has been wrong on gay rights in the ponced with may now
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being urged to compensate tens of thousands of men who had been convicted in the u.k. under anti-gay laws decades ago to reason may is now the most unpopular british leader one month after a general election opposition leader gerry corbin's fortunes have gone the all the way his popularity is now thawing but despite talk of cabinet rifts and disagreements publicly to resume a senior ministers approaching up a united front at least for now she goes into the election and we didn't get the majority she wanted but she won the most seats she won the most votes i think she will last they see no. need for anymore political coup for what the british people want to see is a government that gets on with the job and they've got that with treason but in a sign that the policy could be seeking to disassociate itself from its beleaguered leader to resign may's picture was removed from the conservative website although
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with the next two years expected to be dominated by tough talks with brussels perhaps the only thing keeping to resume a the job is that no one else wants set. the. it's twenty five minutes past eleven this sort of a morning or most will be talking more to. the member of the security committee for the baghdad provincial council we spoke to earlier on talk to be on the same bringing those clips throughout the day also following more something in venezuela as well as it can be a big weekend there more trouble on the cards. twenty four seventh's for all our news if your mobile number are up to. this which would make.
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your but i you. know it was but i guess sort. of this yes or no but if you don't pull out and just say your piece. where they boo you go get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is. you know. when i started to. like a leg. length. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around currency.
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from washington to washington post media. over to voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals. to bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. led a lead .
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's vote in bolivarian revolution revenge as well are held in the shadow of threats from washington of strong and swift economic actions coming up on the show stocks and they've broken economy we speak to actor and director they come around about his upcoming edinburgh fringe play performers written by of in welsh and whether the real gangsters are in the city of london and while britain's privatized british airways faces yet more strike action could we learn from iran whose national carrier just appointed a female c.e.o. we'll ask one of the islamic republic's senior clerics if western sanctions benefit the nations they target plus who is and he's going to move anyway all the simple coming up in today's going underground but first in the past twenty four hours donald trump and barack obama don't know chevron the oil multinational released results to the new york stock exchange the company infamous for allegations that it
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is responsible for water pollution soil contamination deforestation and cultural up evil allegations it is these pictures of the ecuadorian amazon told an emotional story and it's easy to blame a big oil company like texaco for images like this. there's just one problem texaco now owned by chevron already cleaned up its share paid by chevron to back up that claim with former u.s. trade representative mickey kantor or and former bill clinton chief of staff and even in the past few days a dutch appeals court has rejected claims against the company but to chevron's opponents just like the opponents of exxon mobil which also reported results yesterday with its c.e.o. rex tillerson now go on to become us secretary of state big oil will always be part of a class war and class war is arguably at the heart of a new play premiering at the edinburgh fringe festival next week based on the one nine hundred seventy s. film performance starring mick jagger the performers is a new play co-written by the and.


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