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are we going to avoid a ship would rush to tell me i had to be that's all meant sincerely displaced persons that flee that you were recently from clashes that have been. a lot of good people separate across front lines and they can cross the front line a lot of the people that fled without knowing where it has been where the child the child or dead that mother is. where they are were even if they were captured or they are alive most of the times we live with look to look for them it's very difficult actually i read if i family's. so we've got three sets phones but because you do we're just going to you're going to do it again it will be ok i will make it short three minutes per person so if we
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have the most people possible can be able to make a phone call and then or if you don't manage today tomorrow we coming back with a team all day again and you'll be able to make phone calls tomorrow too for those who couldn't today and only four million years to hear from is right well in the third eye but most up up. i know. i know how do you. dan that i need. i'm going to be all. i know. my little i do i love i know do you. like that i'm going to think about it and it was. funny but. do you think a lot i mean a leading voice here little while ago i want to. thank you. we kill them
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a. year by ending minimum on our montana when we can all of them done and giving me it would have been me when i met you don't. know i think going back a. you know i don't want. one like i manage to be here and you haven't and we get them and yes that's. going to go. on that one. over you have been calling well you didn't get the new little upward junk along with google been going to me. but i can. go public in a. minute that google the image among one of the nordic. yeah you know when you look at my super. bowl he. has no phone coverage as often during
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a conflict because either communication infrastructure was bombarded destroyed or the authorities in charge themselves shut them down to make sure that no military information comes and on the outside of the place the both sides understand that we're not here to support the position we're not here to support the government we're here to help the people during this difficult time. when. they meet him and if we didn't you know they want to meet equipment and want them second. meeting and i meant a lot of whatever the flow of money i took the most why they didn't come left media that didn't meet any of it that made them buy been done one time by me what that could mean a minute ten twelve and i wasn't going to end them up and make a half hour made by me as a member of the maze and it wasn't nuclear fundamentally be bound with me but i must i believe he'll get a game of them have been done will soon be. and
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then i am not out in the end with that and. i know i don't call it. quits with the. decision. to tell him in a much time to keep him on hopeful that when we do i'll go to him and i thought i'd better. gun down. you know get one in the mail order any and who are now moving a vest. with no one up when you get banned by you know what could be added to the would been good guy big and been. mad of all the time what we're doing will fight him on the mouth i know guys that. i know him a boom tell a good deal about him. i blew together what get back out and get. i am going to go me out and it's. going to isn't really the lattice of the man i
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would. meet him in the gym and give the phone to cal and get a good thing. to say good the situation always excellent there's no mood. to do with them they don't know what you would do you could into the you do know would want. to militarization prison children. go to which is not in a good because the would just work on doing that mean would be do could have been next year this is nothing. to still be demanded to be given so this is the informer .
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you're good she was. very. fair she was right. because most of the. fighting is the question of. russian. must must must more work.
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to. bluster and she should. really get used to coming in monday she'll be ok. oh. no. i don't like.
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your. chicken he just wants you to. fight. because this is a. racial norm. that's a. major over and out. of some of us to. be just you know a little bit you. just feel some of the only approach to this is the new piece which. i promised him i said do you read it piece my mind i'm a pretty. much to doing all. this time reading but. at
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least i know that every day you should improve something and not only include you in maintaining every field of the way people think i'm trying to tell to my kids that you every day to be to be shaped to learn something new but if you can get the kids to go to try to explain them. i mean dismay you're feeling that you're doing it continuing something challenging and then you feel really like click we can look like we call guy who finished everything in a confused way. ok we'll start of this you know. somebody was. you know. he was explaining i don't know what john i just don't think you need. i bill is going to spin that you don't think because. it is in your bosom good message.
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strawberry it's going to be. there is. no baby. will go there if. that's what it is. for. this is. good grief feel. good that's all this from outside you gross you think you still are strong and weak from the side look right in your joints. maybe you could be yours and you can try to see the good
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because the been not to be penetrated because. it's cool i should go with you and i'm assuming that the body of knowledge of the vehicle it's. cool. you know. here you. are supposed to be guarded. by. god to do this my group we will strike not you. we are still there with the pushchairs to do gooders. who you. know get your book on google to look at you send you to.
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culture. here in one field. is not easy to be so western and. so you really need to get on if you think you can do such and go house to house on the side and i can do it jean. and i. post thirty years back. so the last four years i'm doing typed on a high demand so it's a view of life. after every my. nephew who could not imagine you feel like you can do everything. just.
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you know the. good good look it's already it's right. more to try to do more than the fact. any one. of the. family and my family's in. the same times you feel like i'll name them these things you crossed and you miss them but on the other side the theme is three and i and. the theme is not so big here in two thousand. social
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life. of the past twenty twenty five years the smartest people in the world have left their industries and their disciplines and join wall street as quantitative analysts traders or money managers there is a pool of intelligence in wall street that is unparalleled big coin is marching into that pool of intelligence. that is to face feed the. baby you see. so if you have this is just going to be these and this to this to get you ready but they steve that's just to beat.
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this with me and many. of whom was. there was a problem but i just sort of kind of it was. just he refused. to. wear the blue he won't get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this has been a. you
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know. when i started no i didn't.
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these knights was called a truly. i wouldn't say call. it could. put up a strip club or sir like to. party . like. you guys want to i owe you money today not yet ok. and one of the. i'm here looking for a place since i have heard there was a parade said yesterday were very gunshot wound. to the shoulder who was here but.
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lemonick oh so come to see your father yeah they did for it's the. same old blood for the. should it showed up. in the not sure but i try to ask i mean if you watch it if you don't run they're going to. show. you. that your. if that's not. ok to get off i'm on the phone so. if you don't just want to. drink it should be a gauge. of any such the idea that most of us needed to go off and. say it's just.
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the conflict is not far away in the that and we don't rule out the possibility that could that be. has been attacked as not as a possibility that we're taking seriously and we have to plan ahead of it's. we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in production until the last moment when indeed we did not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i create also . just a show for you on the day to make it from the phone to me was more than usual but as usual they were going to move. from all new to the door the only. one of them
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once and if you took more than the motions of forty two to just across from him and again we would you steve. by the moment i got i've been formed in the form of you're going to be identified because you have. some patience for so many vehicles going to yeah yeah. what was the story there is super bowl some initial carrier there were three of. those who were in the house for a done deal the first goal would be to do blood meant for her and tracy. her right knee was grown nerf injury or is it was a home. so if the show and so this one occasion next to just. play. with. it it's not penetrating they're going to be.
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a soft tissue on. the next one will be you said. to his mates you know let's let's play stay came out. why don't they when i'm not sure they're let's put this on i don't. know if he really believes it but like i felt good ok ten dollars loan i made i went out and you know i try to help you but your idea. that i'll get one two three let's go to a come come come come come. come come come i'll bring alcohol if you're going to come from ok. ok put him here on the ground this for the. good thing is going to come. now but to me we've been here for only two places for the stretches and i was. so this is new on this one you know we're going
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to model the future and. if he's in pain and all it can can ask of his. i imagine i go by that even very. i make you some injection cue. so if you don't feel just like you'll see think when it's much more quiet. my friend was going to go to. some point painful on top of the. thought. so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them no response you know yeah you'll be sitting so too will the stretches and that will go on the. sewing of nights at this point correct. you just can't permit to
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that's how we got. action and we have so full house yet when it came time. to. take a. whole risk from this treacherous first ok let's hope this let's. first talk with him on
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the flight ok. how do you know. the one by one. but your head watch your head maybe when you look at one end of you're ready for one more. ok one more so go to the marble six nine for the sake of.
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grammy and it. can essentially be made up for you here and here to share it is a. look at me here easy anyone is in a meeting ok ok not only is. she going down on a desk here i'm ok that is here. maybe because you didn't hear. the live in the news yet again like oh ok. yes. the last. letter which didn't say a shooting game a lot so she wrote. that. you don't believe.
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to be tied. to. a. place. minibike they. might. just be put off so they survived in december and then they're back to overcome many many problems. i believe myself going to. you know just give them time with your fame to recover. because they really go in the mines they recount the recovery in the body so best to continue and never give up even in this situation it's desperate to be doing.
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fleur used to be a professional hockey player won a stanley cup and a moment the girl who was living the dream but his success had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped the hundred fifty times by a coach of mine i was mawson in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes i can sleep after many years
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of silence he speaks up and unites with other victims so you are going from toronto to ottawa walking and now walking to the victor walks to create awareness and promote healing around the subject child sex. this type of behavior is absolutely acceptable because the sentences that are handed down through the justice system. seem wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape out this day comes to educate and in. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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so yeah. help. solve please. please yes to all this is all the proof. these. are not ones out. on the fleas off let down one might have been a tough the definition is enough i'm back and the one seeking i need.
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to take in the eco see the. onion get ready for it. now is a kind. of. movie it might be. good if you know what that beach. sounds are. going to be just get silly me if one means i love to study not be deep but he's just numb tokyo find it he's going to have to go get. his work was because did it because it didn't seem quite a cultural shift from the premise.
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president trump finds his chief of staff in a major white house oval we take a look at the turbulence on infighting within the administration. the french president promises to rid the country of makeshift refugee camps while the rights group accuses police of the use of migrants. and german investigators say the suspect in a deadly stabbing in hamburg is a known islamist and failed asylum seeker. bringing you the latest news live from moscow i'm wears on
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a lot couldn't you are watching r t international. donald trump has dismissed his chief of staff writes priebus in the latest shake up of his white house team as usual the president broke the news on twitter and mounting the homeland security secretary john kelly now how's the job a week ago the white house press secretary sean spicer also abruptly left his position although that had been widely expected as he had not been appearing at briefings for some time however the dismissal of the f.b.i. director james comey back in may did come as a shock one of the reasons trump gave for that decision was the intelligence chief handling of the probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state and before that national security advisor michael flynn was forced to resign over his contacts with russia jacqueline booga looks now at how relationships in the white house are starting to resemble a notable t.v. drama between senate investigations and twitter was.


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