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tv   Headline News  RT  July 29, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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this news live from moscow i'm or is on a lot couldn't you're watching international. donald trump has dismissed his chief of staff writes priebus in the late to shake up of his white house team as usual the president broke the news on twitter and mounting the homeland security secretary john kelly now house the job a week ago the white house press secretary sean spicer also abruptly left his position although that have been widely expected as he had not been appearing at briefings for some time however the dismissal of the f.b.i. director james comey back in may did come as a shock one of the reasons trump gave for that decision was the intelligence chief handling of the probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state and before that national security advisor michael flynn was forced to resign over his contacts with russia jacqueline do the looks now at how relationships in the white house a stall to resemble a notable t.v. drama between senate investigations and twitter wars the current u.s.
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presidency it has barely gotten the ball rolling but there has been plenty of drama we are strongest when we're you know. this is a bunch of scumbags. president was being small president not presidential all. right so good we've organized a rowdy. writes today mr speaker to call for the impeachment of the president or have they tried i mean every single thing but i'm. i'm finished i think they will absolutely love donald trump lately the bipartisan tug of war has shifted to be on the lines of the enemy of my enemy is my friend take attorney general just said not long ago he was considered one of trump's most trusted allies whereas democrats were less than impressed he's a man of integrity a man of principle and a man of. total utter resolve because the department of justice should be above
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reproach for the good of the country attorney general sessions should resign in just a couple of months trump's love for sessions has turned sour and lo and behold thunder chuck schumer is suddenly coming to his defense i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself even if the president has disagreements with him which i think are real found self centered and wrong you don't ridicule him in public apparently because that's the line between love and hate and that lying is basically just a few and it works the opposite way as well let's look at former f.b.i. director james comey when he spoke out on the hillary clinton investigation praised his valor while the democrats were far from pleased it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made it light of the kind of opposition he had. the f.b.i.
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director has no credibility oh how the times have changed since he's a showboat he's a grandstander the f.b.i. has been in turmoil you know that i know that the reason that tony was fired was because donald trump wants to cut off any investigation and it's not just politicians who are easily swayed the media follows the changing tide as well george w. bush was slammed by the press and seen as one of the worst american presidents toward the end of his time in office he leaves office the most unpopular president in modern history this president performed so poorly we have a president to transcend at least stupid he is the worst president of my lifetime but a few well aimed comments in an interview turned him into a white house favorite i consider the media media to be indispensable to democracy we need an independent media to hold people like me to account it's very funny to the sense of humor is coming well he said oh well respected mr president we want to
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thank you even former white house press secretary sean spicer who was one of the media's favorite punching bags for some time is now feeling the love following his resignation rumor has it he may even become a reality t.v. star the political positions are breathtakingly incoherent their scripts are frantic with all due apologies to schizophrenia what is trump saying we were against it it's like that groucho marx songs is whatever you're for i'm against it it just depends because this isn't about platform the sort of my conviction is not about ideology it's about personality we have two parties in this country. and. so it seems the rule of thumb in washington these days is to keep your enemies post and your friend in me is even closer at least until it's more beneficial to turn. our to washington d.c. . the french president has unveiled an ambitious plan to rid the country of its makeshift migrant cabs and better accommodate refugees by the end of the.
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the first battle is to house everybody in a dignified manner by the end of the year i want no more women and men in the streets in the woods last it's a question of dignity a question if humanity but also the fish and see everywhere where the emergency housing is built to welcome them i want administrative steps for their cases to be examined last year french police dismantled the country's most notorious refugee camp the so-called jungle in cali but human rights watch says more than four hundred people are still there living out in the open about half of the mall unaccompanied children there is used as a launching point for crossing to the u.k. . we were.
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one. as the refugees returned to cali human rights watch has accused people of appeals okies police of abusing migrants on a routine basis the rights group says the situation is quote like living in hell pepper spray is apparently used on migrants even when they pose no threat police are also accused of confiscating sleeping bags and clothing from the migrants while disrupting access to humanitarian aid or the police admit they're struggling to cope while the migrants say they feel abandoned by the authorities. my six month intelligent woman came and did this it to all the people you'll see in france we'll give you fair part. work yet in your life then separately in the process enough to know we are in the streets. for us. we have about six
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hundred migrants here now and we're expecting more like this this is zero tolerance policy towards the settling of migrants and the reconstruction of the jungle with the mission of the police is clear that migrants must be prevented from sleeping in certain areas and from forming groups there's more and more tension including between the migrants themselves as we also have difficulties with the far left which choice to promote a world without borders but without police they are particularly nervous about the actions of the police and they try to film in attackers that creates tensions now that we have more work to do that we've asked for reinforcements and of receive them from the interior ministry to topple our job is not at all easy it is difficult to stop migrants from gathering in certain places within the meanwhile reports of diet conditions are also coming from a migrant camp in northeast frogs altie shoulder to penske is that. alcohol violence and reports of rape that's the reality in this migrant camp that's being
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dubbed a humanitarian slaughter the problem down there is a problem with alcohol and violence even as the major were cafes problems they don't have food but they managed to get hold of alcohol we don't know how to handle the situation there is not enough security of or the number of people here in the camp has been dismantled several times but every time it's taken down a new people come in the camp is reformed locals formats are concerned about its impact. this problem has to be addressed quickly for their sake as well as their suffering in. the city of metz was not prepared for the count therefore it is empty but now there are seven hundred refugees back there again it's becoming a second kaleri we returned to the camp after dark on route our taxi driver tells us about some of the problems. there are a lot of home break ins
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a lot of aggression they snatch women's handbags but no one talks about our own c.v. the migrants are everywhere in metz. at the camp we find out my current apparently facing aggression as well from a certain community within the camp. not. really. the problems why. do you fight yes they take your money. as we speak with another man we're told to stop filming by security guards or. people here hiding from those who are looking for them in their own country. if you show their faces on t.v. you're putting their lives driscoll we don't want journalists here. despite the worsening conditions and other issues both in and out of the camp people continue to arrive showing that even ski r.t.
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ments. the suspect in friday's stabbing rampage in hamburg is unknown is limits according to german police the attack left one person dead and six others injured peter oliver has been following the latest developments or as we find out more information about what unfolded on friday evening in hamburg we've heard from the interior minister of that city states he's described the assailant he's in custody as a known islamised. the suspect was known to authorities there are indications of radicalization as for the motive there is a reference to religious motivations on the one hand and islamic motives but on the other hand there are also signs of psychological instability so. we do know though is exactly what he did he went into the store he took a kitchen knife from one of the displays in the supermarket opened it from its
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packaging and then attacked people who were there not attack led to a fifty year old man suffering injuries from which he died while i was drinking coffee when i saw a young man approaching the area he pushed one person off the bike and then stabbed another one near a car and then stopped three more people he was shouting. and brandishing a knife and after that he tried to run away the fact that this suspect was known to police was known to authorities as having connections to radical islamic groups is certainly going to raise questions if we cast our minds back to the end of last year and the horrific terrorist attack that took place in berlin whereby a truck was driven into a christmas market that the perpetrator was also known to police as well so questions are going to be raised over just what it means to be on one of these watch lists what we do know that the main suspect the person that was arrested at
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the scene is a failed asylum applicant which is in turn. turning questions again towards angola merkel's policy when it comes to refugees and migrants and seeing many people criticizing her government again for that policy. the u.s. secretary of state has explained the thinking behind the latest sanctions bill against russia that's after the white house said president trump is ready to approve the legislation the near unanimous vote for the sanctions legislation in congress represent the strong will of the american people to see russia take steps to improve relations with the united states we hope that there will be cooperation between our two countries are major global issues and these sanctions will no longer be necessary well russia hit back with counter measures on friday the foreign ministry told the united states to cut the number of diplomatic staff in the country by the first of september moscow also said it would cease to u.s.
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diplomatic properties that includes a warehouse in the south of moscow with an area of more than two thousand square meters u.s. diplomats will also be stopped from using their riverside retreat located in one of the capital's parks it was used by staff members for leisure a barbecue get togethers. meanwhile the russian embassy in the u.s. is puzzled by secretary tellus and statement on the sanctions it's a case that washington has failed to realize the pressure isn't working in relations with moscow former british diplomat craig murray thinks it's a bizarre attempt at sending a positive message it's not the most logical thing to say we want to improve relations therefore we are imposing signs of it to be thirty two to listen he's slightly less crazy than many of the people involved in american politics at senior level that's not a very high bar but he is slightly less crazy and i think he his statement was trying to be diplomatic and lessen the impact and be less insulting to russia than
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the he might otherwise have been so i think that's why you have that part of it logical statement explaining these sanctions to which was not really any sensible justification at all. and intense battle has been raging between armed groups in lebanon near the country's border with syria he said early is there forty. the operation to free ourselves which is the mountainous region of eastern lebanon from the control of terrorists was concluded just a few days ago and the operation was conducted by hezbollah the lebanese resistance group in coordination with the lebanese army who took a back seat to that operation. operation which wasn't without some control to see the lebanese prime minister saad hariri describe the operation as illegitimate leading critics to say that he was sheltering terrorist groups and
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a terrorist group with links to al qaida we also managed to speak to some hezbollah and they told us that they managed to kill around ninety minutes and and take a hundred kilometers squared of territory as the militants as they said exhausted after months if not years of fighting in the region and the bottom of the line this is what may have been many of them away. and this is the last area of knows that a how long did that battle take to free the whole area. area of just a few suburbs of the city without need it between forty eight hour to seventy two hours not more now what remains to be seen is whether this victory will be permanent or whether the terrorists will come but what we heard today though that many of them are joining the so-called islamic states getting ready for yet another battle. for the u.s.
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led coalition is urging iraq to investigate claims of war crimes committed by its military there and been consistent reporting of allegedly of armed conflict violations recently any violation of the law of armed conflict is unacceptable and should be an investigation in a transparent parent manner we meet routinely with our partner forces to advise them on the expectations for throwing transparent investigation and accountability for anyone found responsible for abuses in public disclosure findings and actions taken earlier human rights watch made some detailed allegations against an iraqi unit the report says suspected members of his law mcstay were executed without trial during the liberation of mosul a number were found by hated with children among those killed some of those some observers say the iraqi army used bulldozers to bury the bodies on the rubble. well
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we put those allegations to a member of the baghdad region security committee we should warn you some of the images you're about to see are disturbing problem is that we are speaking of a close knit society people know each other and city is a large city but those who were and role devices are very well known within the city the people who were prosecuted by isis now are leading the sixteen division and basically they see it as a payback time sixteen division was formed by the united states trained by the united states and controlled by the united states. so definitely if there is any human rights violation. it's very obvious that those who controlled or formed this division must understand all must pay some type of at least moral responsibility because i mean nobody here sympathizes with isis supporters
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or eyes in numbers so but from a legal point of view yes this is an issue that needs to be looked at. a huge fire has broken out of most and i can sit in barcelona for some twenty two thousand people to flee the place started on the main stage at the tomorrowland unite festival in the spanish city a few hours ago no injuries have been reported so far faulty part technics are believed to be the calls the festival organizers have promised a full refund for the concert goers. in other news this hour the streets of east london have been hit by all the rest over police brutality. crowds gathered on friday night to demand justice for rush on charles a black man who died after big apprehended by a police officer in a shop
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a week ago a video of that incident in which an officer can be seen pinning the man to the ground in a tight headlock has caused widespread outrage an independent commission is investigating the case. well staying with news from the u.k. for a moment prime minister to resign may has lost yet another top breaks it strategists she was also recently voted britain's most unpopular leader ever at this stage of a premiership none the less the spike the turmoil at home she's enjoying a three week break in europe and the media has been rife with speculation of a plot to replace her polly boyko takes up the story the prime minister was meant to be getting away from it all but back in london yet in no. the member of her senior team has gotten away from her downing street now former director of strategy chris wilkens has quit this follows four of the resignations of may's closest aides the prime minister has now been abandoned by the very people that helped set out
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a vision for brags that the choice is becoming ever more clear. with our eyes fixed on the future strong and stable leadership with me as prime minister to see as through brics it and beyond or a coalition of chaos but with the plans architects no longer in the picture to reason may is short of advise is at a time when she needs the most critically wounded prime minister she either disastrous election campaign an election campaign that she won since a twenty four percent or has. this latest resignation of chris wilker is just no good example of part of the disastrous to go since the election rolling off the ship like rats i think the. government or the wounded prime minister britain has less than two years to negotiate bragg's it on its current course but brussels is still waiting for clarification of the u.k. stance on key issues and to resume
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a struggles don't tend with brags that the scandal over the grenfell fire disaster rages on london's metropolitan police have now announced that local authorities are under suspicion of corporate manslaughter meanwhile to resume a has admitted the party has been wrong on gay rights in the pasta with may now being urged to compensate tens of thousands of men who had been convicted in the u.k. under anti-gay laws decades ago to reason may is now the most unpopular british leader one month after a general election opposition leader gerry corbin's fortunes have gone the other. the way his popularity is now soaring but despite talk of cabin it with disagreements publicly to resume a senior minister is a putting up a united front at least for now she goes into the election and we didn't get the
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majority she won suit but she won the most seats she won the most votes i think she will last they see no need for any more political coup for what the british people want to see is a government that gets on with the job and they've got that with treason but in a sign that the policy could be seeking to disassociate itself from its beleaguered leader to reason may's picture was removed from the conservative website although with the next two years expected to be dominated by tough talks with brussels perhaps the only thing keeping to reason may in that job is that no one else one set. r.t. . donald trump's decisions about transgender people from the military has sparked a huge protest outside the white house the president said the move was due to high spending all medical bills but the pentagon has plenty of other non-combat expenses as caleb maupin explains. trump recently announced that transgender people will not be able to serve in the u.s.
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armed forces in any capacity he says this is being done in order to save money now the decision has been widely regarded as controversial by some americans we decided to ask people here in new york city what they thought was a good way for the pentagon to save money and for comparison we have a few examples of how the pentagon spends its cash the military spending roughly forty one point six million dollars each year on viagogo number two million dollars on strip clubs casinos by personnel misusing their government credit cards and number three in uniform in afghanistan that does not match the landscape of the country and the last one hundred eighty three thousand five hundred dollars spent by the dip. fence department on birdwatching which one do you think is true the strip clubs agra going to go with the bird watching. for and so let me guess they're all true and all of them are true. really wall. shock i think that's why was when you said true it was like they all sound true to me yeah that's
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ridiculous by agra i come on the vagabond scary doesn't surprise me but a little scary when the one point six whole jesus sounds pretty wasteful i'm sure they could use that money a little bit better towards other things like fighting wars make use of the money go use the money just because there is wasteful it's absolutely disgusting i think they should be held accountable how do you feel about the decision to cut spending by banning transgender people while spending on these projects is ridiculous this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous but as usual what do you what can you expect. a sketch of the manhattan skyline by one donald j. trump has been sold open for twenty nine thousand dollars and the american president is not the first wildly did show off his autistic skills we proudly welcome you to a gallery of some of the most extraordinary pieces ever produced here you can see the new york skyline and in the center it's trump tower standing tall and proud
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like i'll let you interpret that one this is a classic example of the work of donald trump the original piece was sold for over twenty nine thousand dollars it's amazing that great is that god ever created by a genius next is a very reflective self-portrait by george w. bush you can visit an exhibition of his other works for just sixty five dollars it's a perfect psychological journey of self reflection a chance to wash away your problem historians look back and say gosh you could have done it better this way or that way. moving on to our next piece on a popular doodle by barack obama representing four u.s. senate says the piece was snapped up to two thousand dollars i. and finally the jewel in our collection purchased for over six hundred thousand dollars and if you fancy brushing up on your painting skills you can join an open class with the artist himself if you think.
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what. great place is that you're watching altie international with me where is out a lot quicker i'll be back with a roundup of the headlines in just thirty minutes time to stay with us. welcome to mexico as are plentiful survival. that's what the. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain at this. watch kaiser report.
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on the welcome to worlds apart from the kremlin baiting in washington has once again reached a scale where it mere contact with the russians is viewed as a shameful if not outright treasonous act and while the narrative is primarily driven by the democrats doesn't the trump administration allow itself to be cowed by it well to discuss that i'm now and joined by president transform advisor and he's passionate advocate rocher still exist and it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you so much for having me here now mr stone you've long denied having any contacts but the russians but now you are on the must
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go based network is that not enough to accuse you of subversion if not treason well sadly enough in washington that may be true on the other hand who would ever of thought that russian television would be less censored than american television and my previous experiences with r.t. i've been allowed to discuss any subject whatsoever without censorship that's not true of c.n.n. or c.b.s. or a.b.c. or the other major networks in the united states so i'm delighted to have this free exchange. completely uncensored dialogue well mr stone you know that russia has its own cold war hang out there is some degree of anti-american sentiment in this country there is also a history of american interference in our political process but i still cannot imagine something of the same scale happening here i mean all the allegations of russia's meddling into in.


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