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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 30, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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president trump his chief of staff in a major white house over. the french president meanwhile promises to rid the country of make sure that makeshift refugee camps while the rights group accuses police of abusing migrants. german investigators say the suspect in the deadly stopping in hamburg is a known is limited and failed asylum seekers. but for me for now in around an hour's time kevin i will be bringing you around all the stories that shape political news over the past seven days until that is the cause report.
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this is the guy's report look i've got the evidence write it check it out to this man spreading can you believe that this is what the global media is obsessed over. while my guts max we are at freedom fast in las vegas welcome back from summer solutions we hope you enjoyed it yes the media is obsessed in the united states of man spreading i see so many articles here about that but you know what else the media has been obsessed with over the over the past few weeks and months is russia here's a headline which shows you why we focus on things that the american audience we believe is interested in what americans care about vs what the media cares about this guy went through bloomberg data they just did a poll asking americans what they care about and looked at media research center
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a study which studied all the major news networks in america and how much time they devoted to various topics and what you see is that despite american people caring far more about health care than any other issue the media has swapped the airwaves with trump russia conspiracies to the detriment of nearly everything else and the remarkable one is russia only six percent of americans even care about the story but seventy five percent of the air time on cable news focused on that so the audience doesn't care about it but they are focused on it yet well this is what the great ratings grab is all about twenty seventh day and it's all about conspiracy theories that the ideas trump one because of conspiracy theories so the left the democrats see n.b.c. of the world the rachel maddow of the world they're trying to emulate the michael savage is the alex jones and the rush limbaugh of with their own can spare. series
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and it's working people are tuning in to rachel maddow not because she's informative but because she's a frickin a lunatic that's more entertaining than watching even more downy from the nineteen seventies one nine hundred eighty s. martin downey jr and downey jr this woman's become work down in georgia with a skirt also while we've been gone over the past few weeks of summer solutions jamie diamond was in the news. i'm jamie diamond. in the bank ground now when our last apparently jamie diamond was crying again about how embarrassing it is to be an american overseas not that he's the biggest embarrassment about being an american overseas and his big bailouts there is that but there's no crying here at freedom fest everybody has been talking about bitcoin in fact this has been the biggest topic gold silver and bitcoin. this is birth of a financial terrorist coming out of the vest of a wall street banker the one nine hundred forty s. as jamie diamond spur of. this is mother who didn't have to find.
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any. kind of jamie diamond i'm a parasite i still people's money every day i want to waste i don't think janet i think there is jenny that. ok now max you do talk to jim rogers in the second half and he's also a good investor a famous investor former partner of jim with soros and big hedge fund guy travels the world he's he's not he's not a big crybaby like jamie dimon but you know while we've been gone as well there was a big story about wall street's diena valuation says digital currencies are replacing gold this is a swath of damage darren he's a professor of finance at n.y.u. stern school of business he is widely regarded as the foremost expert in valuing companies says it is often referred to wall street as dean of valuation and he predicts do. little currencies will eventually be as important as the major paper
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currencies he said cryptocurrency have already replaced gold for younger investors quote all currency is based on trust if you don't trust paper currency historically what you've done is you dumped peeper currencies and you bought gold he said cryptocurrency have taken the role of gold at least for younger investors because they don't trust paper currencies that was a big story in the past week while we were doing summer solutions a big important moment well if you look at the timeline that was set up by barry silbert over there in new york's you know silicon alley and leader of the g b t c group he put out a timeline a chronology and at some point and right about this time wall street would embrace bitcoin and the world would change fundamentally and this is exactly what's happening now you know my point has been from day one that if you offer billions of people a currency without a flag that's
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a flag loose currency that has a billet each to be a store of value they're going to reject all of those flag currencies like dollars yen euro's accent or a that's that's an unstoppable force that will take the price to five thousand and ten thousand and fifty thousand one hundred thousand is our longer term projected price for bitcoin and that's happening in real time to gold to gold people rare freedom passengers you can't swing a dead cat at freedom festival hitting a gold bug i can tell you that right now and they are still hesitant they're kicking the tires they're not sure about bitcoin they need to embrace this bitcoin are going to lose an entire generation they're going to lose the millennial they will lose an entire generational to the gold bugs start getting crypto savvy two things first of all i just focus closure i have bought one charity just to see what it's like and it is quite palatal to so you now anyway. over the counter it is very
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volatile just like why and. also we've been here for a few days at freedom fest and i was backstage we were with peter schiff and george gilder maybe many young people might not know who george gilder is but he was in the reagan administration work with paul craig roberts father of reaganomics all that sort of stuff but you know him back from the eighty's all those famous books and and the tech industry during the ninety's and he's actually an older guy but very very pro bitcoin and i overheard a debate happening between him and peter schiff while we were waiting to go up on stage and i whipped out my i phone and grabbed some of the debates there is a little bit of interference at one point somebody had a mobile phone that made a little bit of interference but let's cut that clip to see their debate about bitcoin this point is a new. it's currently dominated by speculation and you're right. it's maturing into a current no it's not and never will be a crow will still could it ever be a currency the middle is not is the moment no it's not the forms unlimited will do
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shows you the current use of criminals you don't care about volatility because it's like it's like change to have your money want it well it's a specialist in venezuela they're using it is the currency i decided how does this leave when you have your values or your sense things over and over you could say how do you know what no one price system is how much actual transactions are you're just starting about the current spoke ill of the all look i suppose this is the way you do or i'll just begin however you're there raising more money for crypto currency there is nothing else i guess that substitutes dot com for the dot com well. you know bit of the value in the stock george. that's the top dollar part of town let's say there's listen you actually believe that the current sister network why would people be the one that succeed just because there's. i'm not saying it's necessarily going to be.
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the root source of all monetary you boys the government with money so many yes it could bear mental money yes but the kurdish issue. is a block which is the fundamental and but again it's a transfer so you can soak in any other digital currency that anybody wants and will create as long as maybe exists they're going to continue to create a new digital currency so every day and sell the most suckers who are most of us know there are only really two that matter and that's with corn why do so why are they why do they matter more going to the rest are all convertible to each other or in the token sort of derivatives. there. and it's just you know sea ice is you know the i.c.a.o. is the major way intrapreneur size here is that mines these schemes get enough
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george gilder and peter schiff it's a great match up george gilder as you pointed out a tech writer is a giant actually in this field and he wrote microcosm in the ninety's and is well respected any understands these new technologies and peter's come back to the arguments for bitcoin are always based on whereas gilder later said during the panel he said to shift you don't know much about what you're talking about do you peter and peter schiff uses comebacks like well it's a ponzi scheme which is by no definition anything near to a ponzi scheme that's completely false out a completely missed the boat on this and this is a great example of somebody in the gold business that should be embracing this cryptocurrency other going to lose an entire generation also a lot of these ice yellows that have been created they've raised hundreds of millions of dollars they're cashing out of their experience and they're buying and gold why why isn't peter schiff they are taking those goldwater's hundreds of millions of dollars. coinbase so putting on hundred thousand in all accounts of
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three months how many new accounts of the opening over their shift gold per month nowhere near that number these guys are blinded by their own legacy thinking they need to either change the way they think or get out of the business peter we're actually going to have host perhaps a debate between peter schaeffer and rockwell here in vegas if we can find them and put them together but i want to also turn back to the father valuation on wall street the damage there and because he also addresses some of these concerns these people the dissing of bitcoin and he defended digital currency use against skeptics who criticized queen mining as a missed allocation of resources such as computing power and electricity and his quote on this is he says if you think about it the printing presses that run paper currencies it's kind of a useless transaction you're just printing paper in
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a sense all currency creation it's not creating real economic growth by itself the only reason currencies exist is for us to transact if the digital currency can do it more efficiently than paper currency can i think there is going to be a digital currency sooner or later that competes with the major paper currencies whether it is one of the existing current crypto currencies i don't know let me explain something over the past twenty twenty five years the smartest people in the world have left their industries and their disciplines and joined wall street quantitative analysts traders or money managers there is a pool of intelligence in wall street that is unparalleled bitcoin is marching into that pool of intelligence and now what's happening is that all of those really smart people like josh brown the reform broker just bought his first big going i begged him to buy bitcoin a fifty dollars and under dollars he mocked me him and joe wiesenthal who blocked me and the other crew and you wouldn't move to. well one big claim
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reaches motherlode of a smart people then all these arguments for bitcoin suddenly become extraordinarily intelligent and they're no longer just cypherpunks saying that while they believe in the god of suppose you did they were unable to articulate the bull case for fifth the cypherpunk movement because their coders their geeks are not wall street professionals now many of wall street professionals pounding the table bullishly for a bit going that's how you get to five thousand ten thousand fifty thousand well in the last thirty seconds here i want to say that you know that that as he mentions there will be a crypto currency that competes in a world state as a sovereign currency and we do know lattimer putin met with. the media here did not cover that but i think it's going to be very significant in the future going forward it's all about man spreading if you can't do man spreading you're going to miss out on the trip the revolution was going to for this half state to have a second up a lot more coming your way so don't go away. with
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the with me and many of. those. with whom i was. not both it was a bit of but i guess what kind of the scientists you. see refused. to. get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this has been. so
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i. know. when i started no i. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to turn to jim rogers of rogers holdings a man who needs little introduction jim welcome i'm delighted to be here max it's been a while exactly so jim you've made your reputation really going back a few years as an international investor i remember back in the early days of the barents roundtable you always came in with these great ideas from countries around the world and this is really where you've looked at the book investment biker
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actually traveling around the world and looking for value so i want to talk to you about what's happening in the geo political front the world's scene. a headline from bloomberg news around the time of the g twenty read that china and germany step up as u.s. retires from world leadership that's the headline. your thoughts about this is the u.s. receding and china is standing and is there a relationship between china and germany that is emerging jim first. trumpets first they withdrew from t p p transpacific partnership which immediately threw from the pacific ocean area into china's hands when america basically left everybody had to turn to china and china of course turned to them so yes we're seeing that america is pulling out of the pacific in some ways at the same time america put sanctions on russia for a variety of reasons and that's pushed the chinese and the russians together so
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many people are getting very involved with it and the persians they have rain ians are also being forced into the arms of the chinese by by america so you have just about everybody on the eurasian continent turning towards the asian that towards china right now and yes everybody is. the with the u.s. is withdrawing or they're with. drawing from us are both valid i've said i've observed in your thoughts on this that it seems as though germany is being pushed into the arms of russia in can you speak on this a little bit oh no of course they got a trade with somebody and the russians are right there the russians have a lot of natural resources and china the chinese and the germans the german is the second or third largest trading country in the world so it's natural that they're looking for new partners and the russians are right there the russians need the germans the chinese need the germans the germans need them but that's an incredible rebalancing of nato potentially if he said i'm driving at their.
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max you go back and look at any period of history and you see that when these things start changing it snowballs and a lot of things happen i don't want to get too wordy but before the first war all sorts of changes started taking place which were revolution here at the time we want to rebel lucian who had a big war as a result and we're seeing a lot of changes like that take place again let's hope it's not a war i mean that jim a few years ago you got a lot of press you were telling hedge fund managers to trade in their lamborghinis for tractors and that agriculture would be a huge play certainly in russia that's been correct you want very long russia a few years ago that markets doubled that's been a huge winner and that's where the agricultural play is really blossoming is that still on the tables are still happening big time big time one of the best and i expect bad times to happen in the next few years two or three you're going to get
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to that but agriculture i am optimistic about agriculture no matter what happens in the world for a variety of reasons but especially in russia we put sanctions on the russians so they had to buy their food from themselves they couldn't sell it to other people so all this food in russia is now booming i mean agriculture as a hue is had a huge boom in russia which is getting. better but i'm a director of a russian ag of fertilizer company it's wonderful for them yeah i look at the russian economy and of course when critics of russia say that it's a gas station posing as a country i mean russia the energy sector something nine percent of g.d.p. . my numbers could be wrong you can correct me but if you look at the u.s. if you look at their health care industry which is sixteen to seventeen percent of g.d.p. i see you nodding your thoughts well i cringe because yeah we're health care in america sixteen percent of net gross national product we don't have the life
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expectancy in the top twenty five in the world we're spending far far away more on health care than anybody else in the world and we're not getting anything for it that's why i was cringing it's all going to lawyers and bureaucrats and who knows what we did you and i are not getting is somebody to subsidize ing a lot of people yet we are going full boat i'm not on medicaid you know and i'm playing the full obamacare rate and it's quite steep and getting hired up twenty four percent a year they say there's no inflation jim but a little i was a possible if these prices are up twenty four percent a year. not just health care entertainment and education if you tried to go to college these days oh my goodness you can't believe how much college costs now why are those numbers so misstated is a because the fed is trying to keep interest rates low to keep the bonds rolling on those insolvent banks max you believe governments what's happened to you. know you get your investment advice from the government oh my goodness poor guy what is
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after and you were going to raise you mentioned it's kind of tough times ahead for markets and i guess that the u.s. and you know eve we've talked many times with the dollar and the fate of the dollar it's it looks like a great short but it has been resilient are we now on the cusp do you think of more of a dollar a week this and kind of this new world. water emerging and market turmoil well i expect market turmoil in the next couple of years but one result of market turmoil is the dollar is going to go higher because people are going to look for a safe haven now they think the u.s. dollar is a safe haven for historic reasons and because there's not much else these days so i own a lot of u.s. dollars expecting the turmoil to drive the dollar higher i hope what i plan is when the dollar gets overpriced it may turn into a bubble binning will have bad the turmoil is and people flee to go somewhere my plan is to sell it and buy something else you see how easy it is to get rich just
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made your risk rise early if it's thirty years and you're responsible for my first million i think back my goodness i think you're ready when they say i didn't get any of it and i try to buy gated by bitcoin when it was five dollars if you recall . this i wish i were smart enough to have bought because i was trying to return the favor you wish i had been spoiling or dumb enough to buy because it wouldn't matter it's gone up a great deal well let's let's talk about china for a second of course you live in singapore you're in asia your daughter is an award winning. prize winning accomplished speaker in mandarin it's fantastic congratulations on that your thoughts on this chinese one belt one road policy the seems like they're investing in infrastructure while in america and then york the train system is falling apart there's no investment there your thoughts you fly into j.f.k. airport in new york you're a media in a third world airport and you get in a third world taxi and you're on
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a third world highway to a third world five star hotel it's not often the geography changes max and when the spanish and portuguese started sailing around the world geography changed the railroad two hundred years ago changed geography well the chinese are now changing geography this is an unbelievably important and exciting thing some people are going to make bass fortunes some are going to disappear. yes ready you see it ok the one by one wrote it's a student for structure play you are the macro guy what do you when you drill down and it's like ok i want to be a i want to be a part of this working here how do you approach what do you look at give people a look at insight into your process well i own some obvious you people who build railroads and have trains are going to do well because it's all most of it's going to be on the railroad that's one way to play on some chinese railway companies but you look at a map if it's going to go to kazakhstan something's going to change in kazakhstan all the places where the trains are going to go are going to change dramatically
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you've heard of denver colorado denver wouldn't exist if geography had changed and they had put in the railroad that's going to happen throughout your asian is going to have gigantic changes where las vegas i was fast it's a learn that las vegas grew up in part because of the atomic bomb testing that took place there by any come to vegas to watch the mushroom cloud that was part of the entertainment oh really guess how i didn't. move it along so you have been vocal recently that you are looking for market turbulence and some. every four to eight years through since the beginning of the republic we've had problems in the u.s. economy it always has happened i don't know why does it matter it always happens and it always will now janet yellen the head of the federal reserve an american says it's not going to happen anymore everything is now but if you take your advice from her you'll think i'm wrong but my view is this been over
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a year since we had our last turmoil in america it's coming again there are many reasons it's coming in and then next time is going to be worse than anything in my lifetime because in two thousand and eight we had a problem because of too much debt max says two thousand and eight that debt has gone through the roof all over the world so the next time we have a problem and we're good. going to have one and the she believes it's going to be very very bad it's going i literally serve bank it's mostly the lender of last resort not the buyer first order right they buy stuff they buy stuff and they have said they can buy anything they can buy go buy stocks they can do whatever they want that's if i lick the stores who knows what they'll do to save us but that's a repudiation of their mandate in the strongest sense there are there become a rogue element in the economy they're undermining the economy they're dangerous jim you just notice that things are going wrong in washington d.c. max why don't you watch your show we're going to. hear things are going wrong in
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washington d.c. in many ways well let's talk about jamie dimon for a second over there j.p. morgan you know he said recently he's ashamed to be american. because the current administration and what's going on in america you're a world traveler he says when he travels this is a sentiment people have is this a common theme out there what do you think of his comments we love the bass jamie on the show because we think he's a charlatan and a crowd that's i don't know what i would tell you that everywhere i go people are very perplexed i've told you that america is pushing the chinese and the russians together and pushing the iranians and the chinese together everybody sits and says what are they doing why are they hurting themselves washington may not know they're already and so but everybody sees what's happening what's going on and everybody's perplexed i'm perplexed and i'm an american i don't particularly like you they're pushing the russians and the chinese and the persians together that's not going to
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help us that's going to hurt us and recently mr trump threw missiles at syria people went said why do you do that the reason he gave turned out not to be illegitimate he dropped a huge bomb in afghanistan the b.b.c. went over there afterwards and said what he said didn't happen you know they they sent their own reporters to check recently who went to so. and he said you can cut if you want to he did know that america's largest base in the middle east is in tatters so we're going to have americans fighting americans over things that are happening i mean this is all happening over to you like saying it as an investor you look at the risk reward profile you would say the risks of something going wrong are pretty high. i told that we're going to have very very serious problems in the world the next couple of years you should be worried you should watch t.v. all right jim rogers i go watch more of myself actually being on the kaiser report
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thank you thank you all right well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser at par with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank our guests jim rogers of rogers holdings if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us is it actually just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to. really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than booth. and see people you never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank a. seriously send us an e-mail flurry used to be a professional hockey player want to become
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a moment but he was living the dream but he still had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times but mine was more so than dark room and so you know every time i closed my eyes i couldn't sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other things so you are going. walk in an hour walk and victor walk is to create awareness and promote healing around the subject child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system. whether they are. left up.


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