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little i did while i looked i know do you. like that i'm going to take that to change it. but it. didn't kill only a leading voice here while ago i want to bang bang one weekend a week and. your painting minimum on our mob and i when we can all of them done anything to me it would have been me i may. need a. plan don't you think going back up. you know i don't want it. while i manage to be here for you and then we get them and yes awful. ok going to go. on that one. over you have been colombo you didn't. know you were looking to me.
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to go public in the. middle of it. on one of the nordic. you know when you put it in my book i don't. suppose i'm. moving. there's no phone coverage as often during a conflict because either the communication infrastructure was bombarded destroyed or the authorities in charge themselves shut them down to make sure that no military information comes and on the outside of the place the both sides understand that we're not here to support the position we're not here to support the government we're here to help the people during this difficult time. meeting and if we didn't you know they want to eat equipment and want him second. mate. women and men awoke to whether whatever the glove might i took the most by
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the deacon left media that day and meeting a bit that made them bob and i want them by me what that could mean a minute ten twelve and one quick and them up and make a half hour made by me of a map of the maze and it wasn't technically of an amenity bound. by democrat lee p.d. kelley game of them have been times when he. should . have been in the end with. the new. push with the. room. to tell him in a much time to keep the money because when we do i would have been. able. to gun down rough you know get one in a mail order near and there were no moving of us. with an order or no one of any given by you know it could be
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a look at the war been. big and been. there know of all the time what we were doing will provide you my dear mother i know because a. man of jim a boon tell a good deal about him. a blow to the other what about our band and good god i'm going to hire an i go me other than to jam. the lattice of the man i would. meet him in the gym give a full new girl and get a new thing. good the situation always excellent purpose there is no mood. to do with them they don't know would you when you could into the you do know would want. to see in prison children. go to which is no not good because you. you would just would do nothing
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but mean would be do would have been the next you did this another. it was him he demanded to be given so there's a beautiful. if . you're good she was. fair she was right. because most of the. fighting is the question. of. russian for the most part was more work.
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to. bluster and she should. really think if you're still coming in monday she'll be ok.
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oh. well you know. when. you take. your chicken needs from this you. fight. because this is. a christian or. that's a. major over and out. of some of us to. be just you know
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a little bit you. will suppose the only way to approach it was to see you. i promised him i said to you we did respond that we're pretty. much to doing all. the reading but. at least i know that every day you should improve something and not only include doing made me feel the way people think i'm trying to tell to my kids that you every day to be to be shaped to learn something new but to me today if you could begin to go to try to explain them. i mean this may you are feeling that you're doing it continuing something challenging and then you feel really like click we can look like we call guy queens who finished everything in a confused way. ok we'll start of this. missing. but i was.
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not the one to yours this morning i don't know what john or just a big thank you needed care. bill is going to begin the cure all for the pristine as. it is in your bosom good medicine . is going to see. there is. no baby. this will go the way that if. feel this what it is. for. the.
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good grief feel. good messages from outside you can grow see if you still are strong and weak from the side. in your joints. you could be of use and you can drive to see good people good enough you sent me to be. cool i should come to do and i am assuming that the body of knowledge of. how. cool. you know. your you. are supposed to be guarded. by. god to this my group we will strive not you.
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so there was the pressure is to do gooders. who you. know to do it because it would look useless injuries. fortunately. one feels. not is to be sorry to have to and. so you really need to get on if you think you can do that and go house to house on the side and i can do it jean. and i think. post thirty years back. so the last four years and the entire planet had all meant
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so it's the way of life. after every american nephew who can petition that him and you feel like you can do everything. you know you could. get a good look at so it's over to get right. to board and try to do more than the back . if. anyone.
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sometimes you feel like. you cross and you miss them. on the other side. the theme is not so big. but. it was. kind of it was. just sort of.
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where they blew you won't get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this has been a. while when i started no it. seemed wrong. home. to me. to shape out these days to come as a kid and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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make it as we've described it is that if a feed or a big mule is seeing your so if you had to be out of this city just go to the east of the state is not that just to get you ready but they feel that that's it's the big thing about the. economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we are on modern six point zero. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand
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times the average wal-mart is that. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is not just you know a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't necessary maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works but lose one goes hopelessly disastrously wrong.
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this makes what's called a truly. i wouldn't say call. it could have. been of a strip club or surprise like to. avoid
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. you guys want i owe you money today not yet ok. and one of the. i'm here looking for a cent there was a great sadistic they were very gunshot wounds. to the shoulder who was hit with. a lemon echo so come to see if i had they before it's that. blood for the. shit that showed up. in the night shift to try to pass i'm if you watch it if you don't run they're going to. show.
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you. that video or. that's. not. ok. to the m one song so. if you don't judge are going to. transition to a gauge. of any such trivialities that you get most of us medical ok got to go off. it's just. the conflict is not far away in the that and we don't rule out the possibility that could that be. it's been attacked as not as a possibility that we're taking seriously and we have to plan ahead of its.
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we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in production until the last moment and when indeed we did not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i treat also. just michelle so you're going to do to make it on the phone to me was more than usual but as usual they were going to move. this along with the door the only. one of them once when you could talk to more of them bush was appointed to the phone and just across from him and again we would be seated. by the moment i got i've been formed in the form of your posts be identified
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because you have. some patience oh so many vehicles oh yeah and i thought it was a story very simple some initial carrier they were answering. does what india has for done do the fish go to do grade meant for her and dr dre seem pretty. oh right knee has grown nerf injury or is it was a cool. soft tissue and so this on occasion next to just. because it's not penetrating they're going to be. a soft tissue on. the next one will be if you said. to his mates yeah let's let's play stay came out. why don't they when i'm not sure they're let's put this one i don't. know if you mean.
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like i felt good ok last ten dollars loan i made i went out and you know i try to help you but your idea. that i'll get one two three let's go to a come come come come come. come come come from i'll be an alcoholic you're going to come from ok. ok put him here on the ground this year there are. good things to come from now but we're falling into places for this treacherous and i was. so this is new on this one you know we're going to model the future and. if he's in pain i'll can give his. i imagine i go by that in the break. i make you some injection cue. so if you don't feel his legs you'll see think what i'd like more quiet.
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my friend was going to go to. some point painful dawns on me like. so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them no response you know yeah you'll be sitting so cool this thread just and that will go on the. swing of nights at this point correct. the it's ok to that's. actually we have so full house yet when it came time. to.
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take a. poll risk from the trenches first ok let's put this let's. first talk with him on the fly ok. how do you know. the one by one. but your head watch your head maybe when you look at what you ready for one more. ok one more so go to the marble six nine for the sake of mr.
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fish grammy and. police and shastri. course we are here to share it i mean if you look at me here easy anyone is in a meeting ok ok not only is. she going down
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a. tier i'm ok and that is you know. maybe because you think she is. the live and the name and yet again like ok. yes. the last. letter which didn't they don't usually do came a lot so she thought. that would totally. be tied. to. the late show. minibike they. must be put off
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so they survived in december and then they're back to ten overcome many many problems. i believe myself going to. you know just give them time with your time to recover. because they would go in the mines they recount the recovering the body so best to continue and never give up even in this situation it's desperately beginning.
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to. feel. so yeah. so. please. please get to all this is all the proof.
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of all. these. are not ones up. on the flu shot down one might have been a tough the definition is enough i'm back. when seeking out a new south. and. take them in equal city south. and then you're going to bring up
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how is that kind. of. movie it might not be. good if you know what that beach yeah he sounds out. into the mist just feel him if one means i love this that he not be deep but early on he said this one tokyo found it is going to happen going. to like. it is what it was because did a piece of dancing cultural shift from the premise. you can see the border from here by the. steel fence goes down this side goes all
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the way down. like i said this is this is all. and this is all. you have every right to be here have a right to call collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization called the arizona border recall that we or the stand a little into teeth. that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's millions of. bridges really good are great when somebody calls you know basically they believe that their ranch is there are areas and they don't believe the federal govt is taking responsibility for their security which we would for anywhere else treasury.
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are. the top stories of the week president putin orders hundreds of american diplomatic stuff to leave russia in response to u.s. sanctions. trump is expected to approve sanctions against russia after a near unanimous vote in the senate we look at why europe is warning of countrymen . so a journalist working with our channel is killed by mortar fire from islamic state in service. human rights watch accuses a u.s. trained iraqi army unit of executing suspected terrorists without trial.


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