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tv   Headline News  RT  July 31, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i don't believe. it is taking. responsibility for their security for anywhere else treasury. protests over venezuela's election for a constituent assembly. lives with one hundred people arrested the opposition meantime calling for a new day of nationwide. islamic state says it carried out an attack on the iraqi embassy in afghanistan's capital several explosions and gunfire have been reported . as a loser militants are driven out of a six year stronghold in the mountains of lebanon we travel to what used to be the terrorists in the caves. inside the cave we make the shocking discovery what
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appeared to be a prison cell still captured from this and the focus got these. kids got some tactical vests. and u.s. defense giants enjoy a significant increase in their share prices as president. as secretary. watching on t.v. international live from moscow from the entire news team here a very warm welcome to here. venezuela's electoral council says the turnout in sunday's vote for a new constituent assembly was more than forty percent though the election sparked a deadly wave of violence across much of the country.
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i. know. an explosion on a street in caracas injured a number of people among them seven police officers also six people were wounded when a grenade was actually thrown into a polling station procession is calling for protests that regards the election as illegal.
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if you know the police can we know if we don't have a republic we have nothing we may have a home food we can start a family raise children die there's no need if we don't have a republic that's why we went to vote. this is a legal you know when they ask the people where they want and are now i don't think you know you know people are tired of violence they can ask the government to fix the things that should be fixed but basically we need peace. well our president nicolas maduro called on the venezuelans to throw their support behind the new assembly which will be formed after sunday's vote it will be tossed with writing the constitution will have the power to dissolve the current parliament the opposition the meantime defying a ban on public protests and even denounce the election as a howard grab by president ma daughter now over four months we understand that more than one hundred people have lost their lives in the violence so let's have a look back and see how the unrest spiraled it was
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a at the end of march that the powers of the national assembly were seized by the supreme court which was the initial training trigger of public anger and in april the quarter of wise decision but that did not calm the tensions and national guard was sent to the streets as the protests turned violent and next president my daughter who are now at his plan to change the constitution sparking further often deadly unrest with the u.s. the e.u. and several latin american countries have already rejected the election results for the venezuelan president hit back at outside criticism. we have the constituent assembly. the spokesperson of the emperor donald trump said they don't recognize the election results how the hell could it matter to us what trump is saying it matters what the people of when israel are saying. commentators we spoke to say outside states should mind their own business. the past every nice day.
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election day. the people goes to exercise that role nothing. can stop the wave of the venezuelan people to go to exercise their votes and to apply the democracy the opposition choose to be out and to accept it to be out of this of this procedure what we have to wait. agenda of the opposition and if then we they will accept the result or not this is the issue right now. it is our international journalists working with artie's arabic channel has been killed by islamic state in syria. was covering a syrian army operation in homs province when his convoy came under mortar fire a syrian soldier also died in the attack three other people were injured including a cameraman khalid started working with r.t. back in april reporting on the plight of families caught up in the war he was
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twenty five years old. the. the head of oxy arabic has expressed the channel's condolences to holly's family and friends man a said in a statement we will support them in any way possible and we thank god for his courage and bravery here is a formal report from reporting on the plight of civilians from rocka. those who use
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the u.s. led coalition planes and those who give the orders to have a long think about the consequences of their actions civilians have been killed or forced to flee because of them and the infrastructure has been destroyed all civilians claimed that the pretext of fighting against terrorism and extremism is used to justify the actions of the coalition. but there was no more water for irrigation and all the land is burned in record profits and there is no harvest and if any crops did remain we were not allowed to use. to hurt us one of the coalition carries out and struck some schools so children don't study anymore many more civilians were injured when the coalition hit
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hospitals as well. and i can just say now we are going hellish and jets bombed our school so we stopped going there lots of civilians were killed in that airstrike as they were sheltering in fear at the time. lebanon's hezbollah fighters have recaptured the last stronghold of the al nasra terror group in the country i understand which i show you the map here on the program they also mountains for example i created a just an eastern lebanon here very close well along the syrian border this is the syrian border along with lebanon here but ultimately though for the past six years since the start of the syrian war this entire area here has been a hotbed for extremists but now. has traveled to this newly liberated region. these are the ourselves in the east of lebanon it's the latest scene of the victory
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of hezbollah the lebanese resistance group who have defeated the al qaeda affiliate . and not so ended just a few days ago and you can still see the remnants of that with bullets and shells all strewn across the floor and we've seen burnt out vehicles on the way up here and during that victory against hezbollah managed to capture this cave which was used by terrorists as a base so we can go inside and have a look around. inside the cave we made a shocking discovery what appeared to be prison cells it's unclear why exactly elements were needed prison cells in this isolated area perhaps punishment was to prevent their own fighters fleeing in the middle of the night these are some of the
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weapons which was captured from japan and we've got these. rockets lots of tactical vests. and there are rocket launches anti tank guns and all sorts of all tillery which were abundant by now so when they were defeated and they left this cave there's even a room where battle plans are drawn up where fighters receive instructions and they take this seat and listen to the commanders ninety militants were killed in that battle and those who survived many of them fled to infighting continues between different rebel groups but some of them remained and just a few kilometers away behind these mountains behind us perhaps more ominous to me many more of them decided to defect to the so-called islamic state and some of the . hezbollah commanders here tell me that they're only four kilometers away from
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where we are now only in august he said lebanon. several explosions have been reported near the iraqi embassy in the center of kabul islamic state says it's behind the attack live now to bill outside of what he in kabul for the very latest to touch through on this program here on the internet. below researcher here in moscow thanks for coming on with us what do we know so far about this potential attack in the capital. the attack is still ongoing afghan special forces from the crisis response unit an elite force that's trained to fight these complex attacks still fighting possibly against one or more attackers we're being told that the iraqi ambassador is deputy and a bodyguard for the ambassador wore a risk you'd this is an operation of nightmares because it's
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a building of many rooms many bathrooms in many doors so afghan special forces are telling us that they're trying to at risk you and protect lives but they're also trying to kill any or many attackers that maybe there this attack is now. into almost third hour or even more than that and the question is that how these attackers were able to bring so many weapons and ammunitions into the heart of kabul now we see this is a prevalent problem for the afghan national security forces that these militant groups can launch these attacks in very secure locations or in very central parts of the afghan capital in kabul. all right a local reporter. thank you. now since donald trump took office the share price of a number of military industrial companies has shot up among the companies which
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have seen their shares rise as boeing which besides civilian planes has a large range of military aircraft as well as lockheed martin a company famous for its fighter jets and missile systems and of course raytheon a major u.s. defense contractor. the top line defense discretionary number is six hundred three billion dollars that's a fifty four billion dollar increase. we must also ensure that nato members meet their financial obligations and pay what they owe. hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states.
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however there are growing concerns and perhaps especially ones that the president favors those companies who supported him during his presidential campaign. to santiago looks at the story. president trump has chosen raytheon executive mark casper to be the next u.s. army secretary now why should you care well first of all trump loves the military industrial complex will submit a new budget to rebuild our military we will give the men and women of america's armed services the resources you need beautiful new planes and beautiful new equipment you've been lacking a little equipment we're going to load it up but it's not like it really needs all that love i mean look at those numbers the love is all. they're already second dog there are a lot of the fans companies that want a slice of the pie and here comes mark asper a man who's clearly already had a taste aside from being raytheon's vice president of government relations asper also happens to be one of the main military industrial complex lobbyists in the
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united states and by the way the love is mutual apparently aerospace defense groups boeing and lockheed martin each donated one million dollars to trump's integration fund now they are enjoying the fruits of working with the new administration we have an administration that is significant and supports an international work for the domestic us in the street and that has opened several doors for us so what's wrong with this i mean everyone's happy right all the answer comes from the thirty fourth president of the united states white david eisenhower in the councils of government we must car guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or runs on by the military industrial complex. the but then show for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. we must never let the weight of this combination in danger our liberty or the democratic process
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let's wait and see if history really has taught us anything about misplaced power and unwarranted influence we got francis and jago r.t. a. lot of my putin says the time has come for russia to show that it will not leave us sanctions unanswered he explained moscow's response to washington's latest restrictions and then interview. so there would more than a thousand people both diplomatic and technical staff currently working in russia pushing seven hundred fifty five of them will have to stop their activities and that's painful. because they're not but america has taken a step to jeopardize u.s. russia relations and the important thing is that that step wasn't triggered by anything else because this is a move to impose a legal restrictions to attempt to influence other countries including u.s. allies cuba which are interested in developing ties with russia but on the us.
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and on long. we've been waiting for quite a long time so that maybe something would change for the better we had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change then it won't be in the near future quarter i decided that it is time for us to show you that we will not leave anything on answered he is alone there will be a political. opinion that of course we have more to say here there are fears that we could restrict use here which would be painful for the united states but i think we shouldn't do that and it's only going to harm us russian relations as they are but it's also going to affect us as well betty also russia ordered the u.s. embassy to stop the use of several facilities here we can show you some of them are new sanctions against russia are expected to be signed by president trump the document approved by the congress aims to target russia's and lucrative energy trade with european partners and washington claims the measures are all in response
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to alleged election meddling. well it's early monday afternoon here in moscow many more of your worldwide headlines and just.
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seems wrong. to shape out. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. nearly twenty past year and moscow thanks for joining us cold for independence all growing in southern germany where one in three bavarians now say they're in favor of breaking free from the country and the e.u. and those in favor of breaking away demand to have more representation on a bigger say over the future of their region. now explains why the cracks austar going to appear. every country i came to ask for video come from and out of
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a set of area michael is a third generation money maker but when it comes to the month of june many he'd rather have it redrawn he says but very is too important to be a nation in its own right and a recent poll shows that one in three bavarians share his view. needles in bison forced in off trouble fist strong images of germany but they're actually a very very a is a is a is a market it is a market a brand. on for me it's a battle brand the come from germany it tastes bad smells bad. while most of the german states are simply called the states all right somalia and right in line a lot mate very good speech three states very it makes absolutely no difference but it's a name that's
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a little different over the last couple of years but there is political focus is shifted because of the ongoing refugee crisis hundreds of thousands of migrants crossed into germany through the state leading to politicians here to challenge chancellor merkel's couldn't build policies. for them in our culture everyone needs to learn german it's vital to ending a living and maintaining law and order and it should be our own law and order not that of the arab world it's. i think the berkeley. such you already against splitting the fact there's only one fourteenth with an independent their real their manifesto the find part time you believe it should be not a very dominating state you know we believe that we want to be a state which is in a peaceful way to be of those and which decides his own. economic situation
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its own democratic situation its own code from situation and there is not just directed towards berlin now we are ruled by balloon we are ruled from berlin or brussels on the other hand and these people decide a lot of the people. we have no influence in the so called in the european parliament we have only thirteen members. for example greece which has less inhabitants. to. put the rules which while they may be submissive three brinker we their supreme court here in germany ruled earlier this year that any kind of referendum on the subject would be against the german constitution so for the time being at least the believe they will continue to rule over their way in life these are all of them.
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over to the united states now where the house of representatives has passed a spending bill with a whopping one point six billion dollars allocated for the construction of a wall along the mexican american border cracking down on drug smuggling was one of the focal points of trump's presidential campaign however some of the state of arizona still not content with the efforts made by authorities and n l taking matters into their own hands. i've built this basically myself a one man thing to over two hundred fifty volunteers in seven.
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we're too politically correct now we've heard some of these feelings. and that's what they look like. twenty. in this is. bill that's going on. this catchphrase the war on. whenever they put it in front of something else the war on drugs the war on terror all that means is there is no goal there is no objective there is no end game i have a saying you want some done wrong get the government to do. critics of that approach say it will not help as people in some central american countries are simply desperate to escape the. and don many good people across central america are facing harassment from oh sides the gangs in cottle's work together and
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make life impossible so the only option is to flee people know they're risking their lives to get to america but they draw the da is nothing more than sit at home and wait to be killed every time americans tighten controls on the border that means small business where organized crime it means one death and suffering for those trying to get across this problem will not get in but so until a more rational approach is found this is often international thanks for sharing it monday with us here for this program more of your world like news headlines coming up in a huff and out with my colleague you know neal but the talk before you know it going up the ground.
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but the. lead. i suppose it's time to speak the obvious cold war two point zero is officially on though in this cold war is different and possibly far more dangerous these are uncharted waters as the trump white house attempts to find its footing.
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tanzim we're going underground twenty four hours away from the expire e of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden's residency permit in russia coming up on the show treading the boards of power we speak to scotland's longest serving first minister alex salmond about his barrel performance at the largest arts festival in the world the annual edinburgh fringe festival in scotland which begins this week and there's thousands fleeing the fallout of nato wars in the middle east face death trying to cross the mediterranean we speak to award winning author lucy hughes hallett about how new inability to build walls to keep out economic and political transformation plus a good day to bury bad news what stories of fallen through the cracks in this week's buried news coming up in today's going underground but first today marks one hundred years since what is arguably one of the most useless battles in all of human history the battle of passion they all went off a million died or wounded in muddy ditches sixty four miles from where the european
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parliament in belgium now sits today remembering the dead is wrapped up in a cornucopia of commemoration and social media join us in commemorating those who fought in world war one in flanders fields. this remembered may be the fact that czarist russia really catalyze the slaughter with the defeat of the so-called korean ski offensive that czarist russia there was supported by britain and its allies against the bolshevik revolution that would take place in russia in a few months after passion dale the soviet union's policies would have the effect of reducing the number of dead and wounded of world war one but the battle itself was part of what u.k. liberal prime minister lloyd george at the time would call a senseless campaign and the shadow of the future energy of war was fought from lou . didn't continues to today he was a veteran labor m.p. tony benn mentor of current u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn put it in parliament ahead of the iraq war war is an easy thing to talk about not many people of the generation that remember. the
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distinction rajiv i never killed anyone but i wore uniforms but i was in london in the blitz and nine hundred forty living in the millbank tower where i was born some different ideas of commonsense. there laughing because the millbank tower in westminster was then the offices of tony blair's labor party i went out into the show two hundred thames house every morning i saw doc land burning five hundred people killed in westminster one night landmine it was terrifying i found out rips terrified countries rockers terrified to go into iraq or to iraq where me weep when their children die well we caught up with a tireless opponent of that war in iraq and subsequent was the former first minister of scotland alex salmond as he took a break from rehearsing in a theatre here in london for his edinburgh fringe show in scotland running at the assembly rooms from the thirteenth to the twenty seventh of august before we get on to your reading befriends.


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