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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 31, 2017 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's building. bridges really good are great when somebody calls you know basically they believe that their range is their areas and they don't believe the federal govt is taking responsibility for their security which we would for anywhere else. fleur used to be a professional hockey player won a stanley cup and a moment the girl who was living the dream but his success had a dark side. in the time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times by a coach of mine i was molested in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes i can sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other things so you are going from toronto
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to. walk and walk and the victor walk is to create awareness and promote healing around the subject child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely acceptable because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system . hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle i suppose it's time to speak the obvious cold war two point zero is officially on this cold war is different and possibly far more dangerous these are uncharted waters as the trump white house. attempts to find its footing and.
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cross talking sanctions for sanctions i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have and were he is the president of the american university in moscow and we have blood on your goldstein he is an associate professor of slavic studies at brown university right gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ed let me go to you first you're the greatest booster for u.s. russia relations that i've ever met in my life and you continue to do it now we have sanctions for sanctions we have once president trump signs that means when we all assume that he will he is essentially handcuffed himself when it comes to relations with russia under these sanction bill he has to go to congressional committees to move forward his agenda in russia with it which seems extremely unlikely where are we and are we in
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a cold war two point zero zero zero minutes or are you always trying to find some positive so that i know you're really well known for other words reduce the terms are right you know this is the bankers so i get mine. so if you're positive signals first of all what you want to avoid of course it's military confrontation. with russia it's not talking to syria. pretty positive is the u.s. stop this crazy cruise maybe dangers or even criminal support for so-called moderate rebels because we know once your view for reference to moderates some powers this goes for some power it up and so it's not so moderate and you know i mean cynics would say that was in part of the plan it was intentional they are they are literally allied. with al qaeda who are that is there's no question about it now it's all off. i mean that's what i said last week you mean the u.s. the u.s.
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still has a really meaningful military footprint in syria just because the cia operation were officially told i don't ever believe anything official or unofficial come to cia and it's very nature let me let me go to you let me let me read something that secretary of state tailors and said about these things here the near unanimous votes for the same actions legislation in congress represent the strong will of the american people really do see russia take steps to improve relations with the united states it's a very strange sentence i will continue with in the secretary of state we hope that there will be cooperation between our two countries on major global issues and these sanctions will no longer be necessary i have no idea what he's trying to say here well i think he's trying to get diplomatic you basically says don't pay a big despise the sanctions where we're going to or. big deal but you know i
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suspect that both. are kind of scandalized by by this you name it over a quarter gross and then we do over there you know the fact that you know this they decided moralists to restrict the power of only a well i mean you know how unanimous is it of the american people i take issue with what i wouldn't take issue with there's a unanimous view in the liberal mainstream media and the political classes of both major parties that seems clear to me mark it's very interesting that there's no sense of causality here russia is reaction to sanctions that the u.s. put on russia and we had seven months. there where the russian side looked at the u.s. would have a change of position it didn't it lost patience and under diplomatic rules russia was supposed to retaliate if we have to keep rounds of sanctions in getting water here because this this latest round of russian counter sanctions is. the response
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to obama's last sanctions on his way out the door in order to try to end that tie the hands of the trump regime when it comes to cooperating or detente with russia now when these new sanctions imposed by congress over donald trump's heads russia will have been in a new and different reaction to that which will not be small but you kind of scoop my own notes out and it's a ridiculous statement out of such dichotomies and tautologies coming out of someone's mouth i don't think anyone's heard it since maybe torquemada was sitting next to the people he was torturing as he turns the screws i'm only doing this to improve our relations but. remember you know. pretty damn. borders police are now we have sanctions it's positive thinks it's for its future but gentlemen i'm
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what i think is interesting in the. there's always the lack of trying to understand the other side during the cold war there was that effort to put yourself in the other guy shoes this is not happening right now the fact of the matter is vladimir that russia will blow all. these sanctions like they did once before and really act accordingly this perception in the west that russia is i fully isolated is nonsense it is not isolated it is looking it will looked for new places for new people and new relationships and that's how international relations work i think. i would spend some time with it because basically the sanctions we view them as does russia but. try and do those kind of scandalized by that they basically say that we have as good as we're going to tell the president of the united states what to do in terms of foreign policy and this is kind of outrageous so he's trying to sort of square this circle he's tried to say we're still. we will be in charge who has who
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will want to talk to us so he says saying he's basically saying it's not our decision but we have to go along with. and this is. a great degree that the mystic quote of the that is exactly you know the interesting thing is again we try to step back here on this program. russia meddled in the american election russia hack the american election there are investigations going on now we have the public hasn't been given any kind of proof but the u.s. government in congress has already made its drawn its conclusions when we have no conclusions whatsoever i mean this is the folly of all of this here you again act before you know what the what the facts are on the ground and they're not interested in facts because none of them have really been produced the socks out from under my bed but the bottom line is all of these accusations there is no
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evidence presented there can't even be any evidence because neither the f.b.i. the n.s.a. the cia the office the office of the director of national intelligence no one actually looked at the purported scene of the crime that democratic national committee servers where e-mails were supposedly hacked by russia wiki leaks says they got them from a whistleblower and then these e-mails expose the the d.n.c. and the hillary can come main colluded to. break their own primary to have hillary clinton elected and that is what this is all about and since the scene of the crime was never investigated there can't possibly be any evidence but i think a lot of mayor is absolutely right that this is the russian government even referred to it said that this is an internal domestic strife in the united states it was and that donald trump is an effective captive in the white house and the way the foreign policy has outraged admitted. in the headlines what we've been talking
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about on the show for months the war over who controls us foreign policy has begun and that's elizabeth rosenberg you know what's interesting and you know you you have you live in the swamp if i can say that but what's really interesting to me is that like weapons of mass destruction in iraq is that even people that question the. the media approach the message of the russian conspiracy it's people have already absorbed it that russia did something against the united states in a bull and it needs to be you need a reaction to it and then in a sense the mainstream media even though they trip over themselves they make all kinds of mistakes they have to make retractions they say idiotic things but they have succeeded in their message it's really quite remarkable. you for your. approval rating for congress. it's now around twenty percent so it shows
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i think it's another positive sign the body reached for a thirty percent approval rating. over foreign policy which according to. the president and i don't know maybe you look at it considers a lot of should see if this is going to argue it's constitutional you know a bit about supreme court considering the way the president has to. be behaved these of the his attorney general i mean you would have you would have thought an ally like jeff sessions were able to say something like that and then talk about that later in the program here and we go from here i mean you know you're a person that was born in the soviet union and moved to the united states and you know who would have thought you know you were probably interested in here and. there how does that happen it's a way that. i recognize the. decline. which united states
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goes and i think they don't want to face it they don't want to come now is it that's why they created this cable so it's much better to do it much it isn't easy scapegoat to be easy and to kind of traditional it falls into the pattern you know there's been recent very interesting article by a great scholar. allude to uk who says that basically if you look at united states you know more the hope of religion can't afford a new car. defined by cars so yes it was obvious to everyone that they were not going to support such a school can do this they wouldn't go for two or maybe for bored me but you know democratic party establishment republican party they don't recognize so that i see is them a sick issue they're trying to divert attention they're trying to blame rush rush of course you have to walk kind of our lives so that was as they have probed have to realize that you know this is american domestic policy to pursue our own interests ok let me go to mark in thirty seconds here mark i mean where is this going and do you agree with cold war two point zero. well let me just say that i've
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kind of reversed the vladimir's i'm a dissident from the u.s. who immigrated to russia i'm the. new agey surge and we're going to be any cold war since probably since august of two thousand and eight possibly as early as back in two thousand and three two thousand and five with the color revolutions that failed in ukraine and georgia but i prefer to think of it not as an ideological struggle left to democracy capitalism but as a great power conflict hold on that we're going to go to a short break and after our short break we'll continue our discussion on new sanctions stay with r.t. . make it easily described that he's been if a seed or a seed. so you let me have this is
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not to be he's just to get you ready but. that's just. me or. the not one tough. enough loser don't want to have snakes on the definition. i'm. taking the city. and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. going to let you know well that. sounds our. next guest feeling if one means. just that you know. them tokyo found it.
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going. to like. this one was because did a piece of dancing coral cultural. premise. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the new section. ok marc let me go back to you and we opened up a can of worms is this cold war two point zero and i think it is and you were nuancing it go ahead yeah i think it's more of a great power conflict if we take a look at it. from
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a realist international relations theory paradigm because while all of this is going on we have to remember that these sanctions target not only russia countering america's adversaries through sanctions act russia iran north korea it actually sanction syria again as well it also sanctions the european union you have to actively this is affecting what effectively this is what it does in the sanctions and so there's multiple players in this while all this is going on the u.s. this week twice fired on the radio and ships in the gulf of mexico no that was not the gulf of mexico that was the persian gulf from here so here all persia they were playing games of chicken with the chinese in the south china sea were firing ballistic missiles. tat with north korea were playing these games in syria were a betting another. might die on revolution attempt in venezuela this is this is global great power conflict and it's the us who is ideological russia and the rest
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of the countries in the world i would fold them for not having an ideology i think that weakens them but they rely more on culture and civilization then this is the liberal ideology of the us versus the rebuilding it's old it's a liberal out of you know it is very aggressive you know let me weigh in on that because you know you left the soviet union when it was a very ideological place what it would have now of course had there with the collapse of the soviet union in use ideology came into being the united states this exceptional country you know little control of the wall. all over its head a higher than they were and we can see it was all we can should anyone want so there's you know a little approach but it was a very short person by the way i think it was and we seem to be in it's crumbling it's crumbling but we have this new plays. on the block from china to russia and they then i take it anymore and united states rather than sort of change in trying to deny sort of the you know that is that there is a multi. you know why it should be. a low and they persist in thinking let's
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let the ideology you know and you know you've watched this this bilateral relationship very closely one of the things that i find very interesting is that you have for political leaders in the united states and particularly the liberal media uninformed liberal media very bombastic statements about russia particularly in. president vladimir putin but you don't see the only other one on the other side you don't see that kind of bomb but basically from what i get and i'm paraphrasing here the russian foreign ministry they're waiting for the americans to come to their senses ok but i mean for you know a rival in an adversary russia is rhetoric is a quite mild in comparison to the american hero it's i mean it's pretty sad because for the first media who are goes over it's kind of a symbol you know of jurisdiction and or integrity and all of that now i think if
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you can see it. that the u.s. media mainstream lost its virginity if i can say it and. now russian media it was kind of belatedly i think mark could get the. russian media of course it's not solved but we were talking about leaders every russian leader whether it's pushing or lobby or any school for cross that you're the tough talk so you know some talk through this but they always say yes but we all can be open for cooperation we understand the world challenges on the show work together because here's this from us media or us politicians you only hear this from the russian side that's why i think russia is now this kind of advanced position it's going to be more. sympathetic to it should be to you going to american people the problem is the mainstream media they will never get that message that's that's the problem the filter. it is there and they do and they demand well thank you and they
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demand to be the filter ok i mean they are the. protectors of this ideology to make sure that the american people only hear one message here should be used what more are fighting it all for us let's let's take a look at what the us media is framing this ideological debate they are trying to say that trump in russia represents some kind of cobol conspiracy a international ideological movement that is reactionary against against liberalism against a liberal had germany and this is the political frame of reference for everything that the western mainstream media which is overwhelmingly liberal and the foreign policy commentary at the blog looks at it we no longer have conservatism we no longer have left is these have been really framed and reworded as.
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liberalism and authoritarianism and this is an attempt to de legitimize anything and everything in the political sphere except for a liberal it sounds very very soviet to me and i mean and how would we have a counter reaction to it i mean in the last few weeks on fluxes primary week they show now with tucker carlson we have seen him going back and forth with interviews with max blumenthal a lefty told gabbert a marine corps vet and congressman woman from hawaii who is it was a staunch left democrat with glenn greenwald who is basically going so in a few months ago and this is where this technocratic liberal center has forced conservative voices on one side and left the voices on the other they're having to reach around and suddenly we have more in common than we thought we did particularly on issues of foreign policy and military intervention in the that's.
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very interesting when i think you're absolutely right but these people are a lot of the people that mark just mentioned are very prominent well known widely respected but they become demonized as well for changing their position that is really quite remarkable when i think of the names that mark just mentioned there these people earned their good name for a reason and now they're being torn down this demonisation just saw that i would go back to the nazi when they came up with this kind of you know to do to scapegoat they came up with this sort of. judeo bushies on the one hand taking the group of people do it on the other hand is butchers somehow their moods what they don't like know this or that they don't they don't. so they try to merge it it's like to democratize it it's right to make it to the wall say to me it is despicable you know that if i recall a modern day liberalism is intolerance. i think it walks.
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the walk on do they have just the demise which is i had but but i know that it's a whole wall there's a big wall that india china they're not buying this stuff anymore europeans by and that's not anymore so i think it's pretty rare for local consumption or for local media which you know he was speaking earlier about syria there's a lot of international issues that major countries like the united states and russia. could work together on with this sanction new sanction bill here and this very odd statement that i read from secretary tillerson this is very rhetorical but at the end of the day think that they're going to get down and work together on issues of common concern this is just you know this is just for show it shows because we were talking before the program is that you know something must be done so it has been done now we have to move on. if i'm trying to be optimistic markets. i go i don't do but. if i read.
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through all those papers lately it's been saying to moni a little i can't believe this sanctimonious and i'm going to google language and sanctimonious is the way i see is going to authorize you to use those things implement a so it's not like there are demands. already adopted so it's up to trump to make a decision to dump them i think that's another positive you see we turn to find some positive signals so but if. they're in this unlike the europeans the europeans that it's a smart way when it comes to sanctions they they agreed to continue the medicine six more a six month interval in the u.s. case you have to have a vote in congress which i think will never ever happen i'm ok take it you're ok next and exactly but what we could see here mark is that if particularly the
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germans and the austrians if they see that their energy security is threatened by these sanctions and coming out of washington they didn't take in into regard their interest here we could see the europeans not only refuse but we tally eight we're going to see first what your side interest is that europeans will go all that we know and well i mean there were no i mean on a no no not with energy security they're not going to just give up and buy a very expensive l.n.g. from the united states no no no they're not going to do that so far we don't hear anything. on the other thirty nine going to some of the anti-american sanctions so far we don't hear what exactly they have you know we haven't heard any specifics but we have heard so words come out of younker the president of the european commission joint statements out of the the german and austrian chancellor's office they're all they're all concerned about their energy security because this bill because the u.s. and russia don't do a whole lot of business with each other this is a massive bill it sanctions my. energy banks defense
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intelligence shipping but russia and the u.s. don't do a lot of trade together so it's going to do with your target other countries and their business with russia and this is why europe depends for russia on over thirty percent of their energy supply and that's growing so this the house foreign affairs committee official statement on this ten reasons you should support this bill is it helps bolster europe's energy security and it does it does it just the opposite again improves cooperation with our allies or russian influence in europe the europeans while are screaming that you're infringing on our interns security you're trying to tell us what is in our own you know what you know the enemy has been doing this to russia first so that is why you know again it's not it's not presented honestly in western media that is why there and dish and all pipelines to germany directly from russia because the country that is the biggest risk to
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european energy security is ukraine and could be the last twenty seconds you have to a sort of realize this didn't sink in the you know when they had this. you know victoria knew it was their people so that's what you will think she was there would have say screw you this be you it's continuation over there. but they still think the us has they should sink in well this is what happens when you when you go down the postmodernists road and you give up your sovereignty when you're in trouble you don't have any recourse gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember.
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with gold make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts certainly the one percent so. we can all middle of the room sick. tomorrow the real news. flurry used to be a professional hockey player who won a stanley cup and the moment the girl who was living the dream but his success had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times by a coach of mine i was more us in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes or from sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other victims so you are going from
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toronto to ottawa walk in an hour walk and victor walks to create awareness and promote healing around the subject child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely acceptable because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system. the economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right.
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still a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devalued society from the whatever the government tried to do. might be making things worse. hopelessly. wrong.
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the opposition in venezuela calls for yet more protests following some. action which has already violence. been prosecutors say the suspect in friday's. islamist who wanted to die as a martyr. damascus urges the un to help end the. u.s. led coalition against syrian civilians.


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