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tv   Headline News  RT  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the opposition in venezuela calls for yet more protests following sunday's controversial election which has already sparked violence. and prosecutors say the suspect in friday's stomping rampage in. self or rather the life of islamist who wanted to die as a martyr. damascus urges the u.n. to help end the. u.s. led coalition against syrian civilians.
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around the clock across the world this is our team international from the team and myself you know neil welcome to the program our top story this hour clashes in the venice willing capital continue following sunday's vote for a new constituent assembly president maduro branded the result a victory for the country but with only a forty one percent voter turnout the opposition said it would continue protesting the results of controversy over the election has sparked a deadly wave of violence across the country.
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i. as we're seeing the protests have frequently. turned violent an explosion on a street in caracas injuring a number of people including seven police officers half a dozen others were wounded when a grenade was thrown into a polling station but the opposition which slammed the election as the legal has called for more protests.
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is you know that if we don't have a republic we have nothing we may have a home food we can start a family raise children die so there's no need if we don't have a republic that's why we went to vote. this is illegal you know when they ask people where they live wanted or not i don't think you know you know people are tired of they can ask the government to fix the things that should be fixed but basically we need peace. where president nicolas maduro cold venice wayland's to throw their support behind the new assembly which will be formed in the near future it will be tasked with rewriting the constitution and will have the power to dissolve the current parliament the. opposition has to find a ban on public protests and denounce the election as a power grab by president maduro well over the last four months more than a hundred people have been killed in the violence let's take a look at how that unrest has actually grown at the end of march the powers of the
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national assembly were seized by the supreme court which first triggered public anger then in april the court revised the decision but that did not come the tension the national guard was sent to the streets as the protests turned violent next president maduro annoyance his plan to change the constitution sparking further often deadly unrest the u.s. the e.u. and several latin american countries have already rejected the election results but the venezuelan president hit back at the criticism. we have the constituent assembly now. the spokesperson of the emperor donald trump said they didn't recognize the election results how the hell did it matter to us what trump is saying it matters what the people of when israel are saying. well local journalist in caracas carlos commercial describe your unrest and explain how the president's coping under pressure from the opposition well led less nad he promised
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more measure of self. should call it force he promised to dismantle the existing national assembly he promised to this mantle. of is and his and he told the opposition well they best to set these measures or else so he's not compromising he is putting a brave face i must say this for him he's trying to look very strong even if this war that's been challenged by the gulf contras the opposition are still defiant a ban on. it supposedly and sort of moral. there are road blocks there are people on the street corners waving banners people will tell you that they don't recognize the vote they have on record as a result the opposition at least publicly is committed to peaceful protests but we have we are beginning to see i.e. these i hope that's not a new trend and i really hope this year some one off their way or even our rules from sections of the government that want to portray the opposition as biol and.
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moving on german federal prosecutors say the suspect in friday's stabbing rampage in humber get appears to have been a self radicalized islamist who wanted to die as a quote martyr let's force live now to our key figure in berlin who is following developments hi there peter so federal prosecutors who of course take charge of terror cases in germany they're not humbling the investigation what more are we learning. well yes the federal prosecutors have taken over this investigation now and they've been speaking to journalists giving us an update on what we know about the main suspect the only suspect in friday afternoons knife rampage in a supermarket in homburg they describe a who was arrested nearby the scene is a twenty six year old failed asylum seeker they also say that he acted on friday on
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islamist motives according to federal prosecutors investigating this case they say that he'd given long thought into extremist ideologies and in the days leading up to him carrying out this attack that he had started to add here to a life coherent with that ideology is how they put it they also say that he intended to die as a martyr at the scene of this attack well friday afternoon on a busy street in hamburg the northern port city here in germany this man went into a supermarket took a knife from its packaging there and then once removed that kitchen knife we're hearing around a twenty said to me to kitchen knife from the authorities he then began a brutal attack what's been described as a really horrific attack on a fifty year old man who died later at the scene there he then wounded a further two people inside the store before fleeing now this is where witnesses
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who were nearby reported to that he was shouting allahu akbar god is greatest in arabic he wounded another four people while trying to escape the scene he was eventually detained by passers by and then arrested by the authorities but this is the latest of a lone wolf attack because it seems to have been put by the prosecutors back in twenty six in the summer we saw a number of incidents that were put down to these type of loan. wolf attacked swear by a self radicalization as it's termed by authorities are taking place and that is now what they're saying was behind the attack on friday evening in hamburg a self radicalized lone attacker who wanted to die as a martyr while he left one person dead many more actually were needed now in police custody as this investigation progresses with the latest details about what we know
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from germany thank you very much. syria has called on the u.n. to help end washington's quote must occur against its civilians. the u.s. led international coalition continues to commit massacres against innocent syrian civilians but conducting systematic and strikes those attacks contributed to the spread of chaos killing and destruction but damascus presented this letter to the united nations essentially calling on them to dissolve the u.s. led coalition in syria pointing out that they feel it is responsible for a large number of civilian deaths now this letter is presented just after we hear about an airstrike in which six civilians were killed now according to some estimates in july as many as four hundred fifty civilians were killed in u.s. coalition air strikes in syria let's take a listen to some of the reaction we've heard. there was no more
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water for irrigation land has been in record province and there is no harvest and if any crops did remain we were not allowed to use them to hurt if one of them did of the coalition strikes on schools so children in studio anymore many more civilians were injured when the coalition hospitals as well. and the dust so i'm now in for the green. jets bombed our school so we stopped there most of civilians were killed in that airstrike as they were sheltering in fear at the time now the letter from damascus was expressing concerns about those very things that we recently heard about about civilians being killed about chaos in syria however back in may we heard from secretary of defense james mattis who said that he felt that in the fight against terrorism the deaths of civilians were inevitable casualties or a fact of life in this sort of situation now it's important to remember that the u.s.
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coalition in syria is there without the permission of the internationally recognized syrian government at no point have they ever given permission for the united states and its allies to intervene and set up shop in their country and they have now called on the united nations to take action to stop the activities of the united states in syria. to another big stories of the day lebanon's hezbollah fighters have recaptured the last stronghold of bail newser terror group in the country the r. cell montanus are located in eastern lebanon right near the syrian border now the area has been a hotbed for extremists since the start of the syrian war six years ago are to travel to the newly liberated territory. these are the ourselves in the east of lebanon it's the latest scene of the victory of hezbollah the lebanese resistance groups who have defeated the al qaeda affiliate.
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and not so ended just a few days ago and you can still see the remnants of that with bullets and shells all strewn across the floor and we've seen burnt out. up here and got victory against hezbollah managed to capture this cave which was used by terrorists as a base and we can go inside and have a look around. inside the cave we made a shocking discovery what appeared to be prison cells it's unclear why exactly elements were needed prison cells in this isolated area. of punishment. to prevent their own fighters fleeing in the middle of the night these are some of the weapons which was captured from japan and we've got these. rockets lots of
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tactical vests. and there are rocket launches. guns and all sorts of all tillery which were abandoned by no so when they were defeated and they left this cave there's even a room where battle plans are drawn up where fights is received instruction and they take their seats and listen to the commanders ninety militants were killed in that battle and those who survived many of them fled to infighting continues between different rebel groups but some of them remained and just a few kilometers away behind these mountains behind us pops more ominous to me many more of them decided to defect to the so-called islamic state and summit. hezbollah come on to tell me that they're only four kilometers away from where we are now. in august he said lebanon. america's ambassador to the u.n.
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issues one of her strongest threats yet against north korea we have more plus plenty but sites out there this. seems wrong. to me. to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. make it is leave that he's just a faith seed. you see. so if you can be this is going to come in the peace and this is not just to get you ready but.
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that's going to be things that are. a quarter of an hour into the program you're welcome bok the high court in london rejected an attempt to prosecute former prime minister tony blair over the iraq war with the story here's our tease to see a church in a in london. well this is a highly anticipated decision as the high court here in the u.k. blocks a bid to prosecute tony blair for his role in kick starting the iraq war back in two thousand and three now this is a case that was brought forward by an iraqi general who accused tony blair of quote
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a crime of aggression but the justices here in london did rule that because no such notion exists under domestic law in england and wales this case is not going to go forward they also said that this is a decision that is not going to be reversed by the supreme court we have to say that the defense team did argue that the chilcote reports the massively controversial report published last year justified bringing tony blair to justice because if you remember this is a report that underscored the questionable intelligence used when it comes to the issue of weapons of mass destruction in iraq as well as brought to light information on not all peaceful alternatives having been considered before the iraq war was launched let's take a listen in the house of commons on september twenty fourth two thousand and two mr blair presented iraq's past current and future capabilities as evidence of the security of civility of the potential threat from iraq. the judgments
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about iraq's capabilities in that statement and in the published the same. we're presented with a certainty that was not justified. despite the fact that tony blair is not going to clearly be appearing in court in this particular case the issue of the massive death toll as well as the consequences that this war has had for the region and the rest of the world and the fact that the families continue speaking out about the need to bring him to justice it doesn't seem like this issue is going to be going away anytime soon and this one terrorist in this world that the world needs to be aware of these names tony but we were proud of the students so it was signed on to sort of a comfort but we can be proud of the way on. the street. so it's obviously clear that despite the fact that this particular case has now been dropped that families are going to continue to hope for justice for the ones that they lost in the iraq war on us the so you know well the former you can boss or to
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libya told us blair should be prosecuted but probably never will be. of course opinion in britain is divided but now i think the majority is very much a critic or condemns the war on tony blair's role in the war i think i think i'm right in saying that and no doubt lots of people will have examined the story to see whether there is any legal recourse but i think the truth is the version i am on record of saying that i think tony blair is a war criminal but then of course so is george w. bush. in the sense that it wouldn't be very satisfactory if tony blair was to be brought before a british court but nothing was to be done about america the fact is we don't have a world government we don't have an international criminal court which is fully effective we do have an international criminal court but a number of countries america russia israel have declined to commit themselves to it so we're stuck with the fact that this has to be dealt with politically the only way that this could change in britain and in my opinion as i said i'm not
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a lawyer is of parliament so decided. the u.s. ambassador to the un has warned north korea that quote the time for talk is over nikki haley added any security council resolution that does not significantly off the against the hermit kingdom is pointless it comes after north korea on friday test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile and additional security council resolution that does not significantly increase the international pressure on north korea is of no value the time for talk is over you know donald trump has accused china of being unwilling to seriously tackle the north korean issue the president valid but he wouldn't let the situation continue as it has been. on sunday the u.s. flew two supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula to be won't be lancer is it's quick it's plane and also was the largest internal in the aircraft flying by side three in fighter jets in what is being seen as
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a sure force in the wake of the recent missile launch by pyongyang. and with tensions running high in the region china has been flexing its military might to during a parade marking the ninetieth anniversary of the people's liberation army the country showcased some of its newest hardware china first specialist under lung told us solving the korean problem cannot be redirected to china as it's not beaching resulted in pyongyang. north korea have set a huge battery of heavy artillery aim at so the capital of south korea i mean you push comes to show. me that collateral damage is that the. entire korean peninsula. just by using military coercion is unlikely to solve the problem all these threats and also show military force is not going to solve the problem. and of course the problem cannot be all sorts of china because clearly
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. the g. is targeted america which is sees as a threatening change as a super secret agenda of. law and we're putin sees the time has come for russia to show it will not leave us sanctions on outward he explained moscow's response to washington's restrictions in an interview. i. think that more than a thousand people both diplomatic and technical staff currently working in russia for seven hundred fifty five of them will have to stop their activities and that's painful. because then that america has taken a step to jeopardize u.s. russia relations and the important thing is that that step wasn't triggered by anything else this is a move to impose a legal restrictions to attempt to influence other countries including u.s.
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allies q which are interested in developing ties with russia. but on longer. we've been waiting for quite a long time so that maybe something would change for the better we had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change then it won't be in the near future quarter i decided that it is time for us to show you we will not leave anything on answer to that will be a political. news night and of course we have more to say here there are fears that we could restrict use here which would be painful for the united states but i think we shouldn't do that and it's only going to harm us russian relations as they are but it's also going to affect us as well fatigue we know that also russia ordered the u.s. embassy to stop the use of several facilities here we can show you some of them new sanctions against russia are expected to be signed by president trump the document
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approved by congress aims to target russia's a lucrative energy trade with european partners washington claims the measures are in response to alleged election meddling. meanwhile the u.s. house of representatives has allocated over a billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the mexican border and it's after president made the wall on cracking down on drug smuggling a focal point of his election campaign however some including in the state of arizona still think that's not enough and are taking matters into their own homes. i built this basically myself one thing to over two hundred fifty volunteers in seven years.
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they understand that they will do it exactly how we tell them to do it and. very often that they can or you do something stupid will be the first persons to. tie you up and turn you over to the authorities. with politically correct. fraid of hurting someone's feelings. for you that's what they look like. that's twenty kilos. that's going north. we're down here another thing that
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separates us from militia is i'm down here most of my guys all come out here at least four types of yourself. but the militia will do it once a year. well critics all about approach say it won't work as people in some central american countries are simply desperate to escape the violence. the medical people across central america are facing harassment from oh sides the gangs and cottle's work together and make life impossible so the only option is to flee people know they're risking their lives to get to america but they draw the da evolving then sit at home and wait to be killed every time americans tighten controls on the border that means more business for organized crime it means more death and suffering for those trying to get across that this problem will not get better until
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a more rational approach is front. while that's the story shaping the global conversation this hour to join neil harvey in just over half an hour's time for all the latest things. thank you. thanks. economic development is all about numbers really important this quarter we are one
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hundred six morning. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. just tell a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society did phone the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't nicely mrs. markham a few things worse. by saying this is not work this is our
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capitalism goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. thing and. this is really going to tell you why i work for say mike's hospital i work in the area of addiction. and i've been able to over the last year. impress upon everybody the need to have trauma informed care yeah right time yeah we're living in our
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trauma yeah exactly a good thought that events it's a response to the event over the course of a lot yeah for sure especially in the interim. he was a family member of. the band. because two other boys. do some talking about islam and the rest was just most of. the stuff that. we need those stories because people don't understand that you know no you know i don't think all those that have been. made over it yeah. i was there was that easy i had so many people come up to me parents and stuff talking about this they say the mirror awesome what happened to all these waiting for that trauma story and suzy exactly so soon as you hear that story then he's.


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