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yeah exactly it's not that event it's the response to the event over the course of a lot yeah really for sure. was family member of. the family plus. two other boys. to some time not a slap in the wrist was telling us. this morning that. we need those stories because people don't understand that you know no you know i don't think well as an event it can get all. over again. and i wish it was that easy i had so many people come up to me parents and stuff talking about it say them you are awesome what happened to all these waiting for that trauma story and suzy exactly so soon as you hear that story then you see them. like completely numb you know they don't want to any part of reality
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you know and that's really what it's all about so you got to get to the area through the trauma though the words that my mother's knows what i told her it's what. it's all right. and i sold the first person about what i. saw through me for. the power of opening up and sharing is incredible a conversation with a trusted friend can bring us back to center and help us move forward. healing is never easy and only begins when someone is ready to get honest and face their past. my friend baccy offers to share her story in hopes that others will show the same bravery and share their i grew up. in a home that had
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a lot of domestic violence when i was my uncle had done touching and stuff like that. and at that age you don't really realize that that's wrong. this three years older than me. was raped when she was nine years old. graduation night and i was accosted i just laid there i think i was just i was using a diversion so i honestly thought it was him and i didn't know until that person had left the room and i got out and looked out the window and the person who was driving the live for today. you know.
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i was tied up. for. saying. he let me be who i was. he. left. not only. really. help but some. people. but you really want to push her. you know.
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the. problem i think we should withhold this too much sexual abuse manual for a moment sounds like nothing but i'll bet you a picture you know like being and as the truth is what happens is for me it was eight years old. thirty years old i should been playing and seeing boxing and fun drawing life and watching this. until one all you know all of a sudden. in downing gordon brown. great wall what's it's rate as a child you don't understand. as a child. in here you die.
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you die early in the year what if that was your child. you know. and so many sit. in their little boy you know. your mouth you know. you don't do that force you to do threaten you threaten you family and those young enjoy all. you know to take your clothes on and to force you. to subject you. to be in. a toy you know it's. just a stop just nice to start you know. a lot more quiet for. about thirty years after sixteen. i realized. i was not happy. with most of my life.
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when i was thirteen years old was not twenty twenty five. first time i disclosed to my mom and dad they've come out of. a long time. probably. i don't know fifteen or not. but my secret for thirty years for you. when you show them. years. ago what three years ago. today i was in solidarity with those who feel isolated by the shame of being a victim of sexual abuse the shame that is not theirs to bare. their abuser with plenty of time for reflection they can't help but think of the penn state case
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involving jerry sandusky. if you know. how pedophiles get into organizations. then you automatically know. he was guilty you know it's that simple in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight a mother confronts you about taking a shower with her son and inappropriately touching him to detectives easy on her conversations with you and you admit that maybe your private parts touched her son what happened there. i can't exactly recall. it yourself in a position of authority you your self in this process and then this guy took it to the next level and created a charity of all these. damaged kids what about mike mcqueary the grad assistant who in two thousand and two walked into the shower he says in specific detail that
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you were forcibly raping a boy who appeared to be ten or eleven years old. what would be his motive to lie. mcqueary in the mideast or would you just describe the minute he saw it he should be going to the cops he was my god this is horrible i can't believe i've seen that then he allows themselves to be propagandized into the system you never ask a system to teach a values because the values of the system is always cover up to make the system succeed so what is the pedophile do goes in the showers them with love and takes them places makes them feel bored and then once that happens and it's you know are you sexually attracted to young boys to underage boys. am i sexually attracted. sexually attracted you know not i mean truly young people sandusky now says this
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almost thing they're saying a what world this question you know what was what you know. going to be if i say no good to boys. that's the truth because i'm attracted to young people boys girls. most likely sandusky's lawyer shouting in the background because we know all. on average once guys like jerry sandusky get caught they have one hundred twenty five victims for ten guys to come oh that's pretty significant but there's also a fifteen other kids that are still out there. when facing such grim facts it helps to have a montra. thinkable frog ever seen one hop backwards. or . to look to the left it can look to the right but it's always moving forward
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never going back we can learn a lot from the first. day seven of the walk brings us to the rural countryside of ontario a land where wildlife and trees far outnumber people. after racking up another twenty five miles of walking we decided to camp. next to a lake and enjoy some down time in the beautiful surroundings.
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oh i have too much to do to part service nor to. welcome. both of us but to have that then all of us then good luck. all over the year. ten zero children. are very good to go over this i both have good job it shows search tool abuse others sure. for our service too far
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for those groups who go over there was a third who far who would do her oh our citizens do so would the world her stern we're there to go to the lose our voices are part of still our very closely for. during this walk and this journey i heard so many stories some old children being abused you know what. right now i would like to go home and be with my kids and just under them and protect them. no make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go
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round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million more you'll need to. make it as we described it used to be for a feed or a few you'll see you are so if you let me have this it is not to be he's just not that this to get you ready but they seem to be that's just a big thing about being the leader of. the not one's up. enough lives up to let down one by its nature the definition is enough i'm back and the. one seeking i need south.
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taken in equal city south jessa. the band and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. young right now i think. i'm going to know will not be yeah sounds out. in this debt ceiling if one means a leftist i know better than this one tokyo fund it is going to keep going. up. his look was because did a piece of. you
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know everybody. just wanted to go for a walk. we all know. this is the biggest epidemic on the planet. and these guys in here. don't believe us. they don't believe this. because it doesn't
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make the money it doesn't make money and i wish you guys would give the opportunity . to hear the stories that i've heard no justice no nothing under stand the next election is in two thousand and fifteen so you've got a couple of years to build up the momentum. again you really want to be tough so what is the sex offenders in the pedophiles we're getting to a point therapy while they're in jail so when they get out there won't be a friend. i know what. it's like. to be between ten to fifteen years for us to accomplish. what addictions is a boss. products try that right sort of the same deal with the trauma. the cycle will never stop and if we don't deal with the full circle which is the kind of
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falls if we can help them and get the help that they need then why not receive survivors of child sex abuse and if we all voted for none of the above. we would win the election right. and the same frustrations with the right this is not. going to pay them wisely acceptable to us no no you here you go but you're going to get rid of it again as people look to you guys for leadership because you're in that position right and so if you talk talk talk talk talk and you don't do any ox and guess what no leader progress is not always at a rate that anyone was. going to but i would say there's serial progress toward what i see and what i know just well the wheels of justice just the wheels a wall to squeeze sure slow sometimes. we put some for missions in place to do it through the roof rocky industry do try to give it plenty for good races is
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a matter you can do all that or i can the verdict means you know what i mean you can do all that stuff and you can sugarcoat it anyway long prison judges are accountable it's never going to change. it is frustrating. it's important to heal yourself first i cannot tell you how important that is and you heal through conversations. we've got. all these people here. and for the last ten days. we've all made our own personal conversation he. as too many of us have lived half of our lives we've lived our lives. we can certainly make the second half of our lives in the second half of our journey very deep full. and
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purposeful one by sharing. and having more her say she was thank you again. you're the first man ever held as an adult. so the people. that. have those kind of conversations with you. go home and pray for them and pray for their light bulb moment. my pleasure much for you something that you enjoy will surely and i want to see think you're an inspiration or face a leave you with this if you willing to stick your neck go. make a lot of noise and shell the top of your lungs there's really nothing that can stop you because there are people going to do us that we haven't already been through before right. so
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we all got stories we all that skeletons in our closets we're not perfect we're human beings we make mistakes but i can tell you next year when you're talking about victor walk it doesn't necessarily need to be somebody who suffered sexual abuse we can all go on a walk and how moved now with the safety of. seventeen months after the walk ended a rare victory in the judicial system came in november of two thousand and fourteen when canadian attorney general peter mackay not stood in your shoes but i've stood next to the fiercely. sponsored the passing of bill c. twenty six the tougher penalties and child predators victims of crime.
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they need to the confluence of the justice system. in january of two thousand and fifteen two months after bill c. twenty six passed a second ruling was made to retain a parson's case this twenty year old was fifteen when he shared the picture it was spread to classmates and she was bullied until she took her own life in two thousand and thirteen today a judge handed down a twelve month sentence. view is currently under way looking at why more serious charges were laid as well as how the justice and health care systems in her case are the reason. nothing was done when when it should have been done and why no special salt charges we look forward to seeing what the results are. while the canadian justice system remains in the state of disrepair those who focused on huling made definitive change survivor turn bet is found her voice in auto of the day it was there i actually for the first time said. i was sexually
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abused as a child. and my world. in fact it kept getting better and better and better after forty years. i was so tired. that i ended up reading the. thread in the same as just. another success story from the walk is only sixteen years old created a charity to promote healing for survivors i started. playing. i used to represent your daughters and i wanted to show the power of you know i sold them for five dollars apiece and over two years and raised there either. thousand dollars for a little work. not only given some points but it also gave us the. mike young who watched alongside theo sharing his own story of trauma has progressed an
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incredible rate gave me the strength to stand up in court and very tall in december two thousand and thirteen. views are guilty he was sentenced to fifty seven ones. and was registered as a sex offender for life so everything is finished with the courts for me no to be able to sit. the relationship with my wife is the. one thing for sure as i'm moving forward. feel has also been busy since the walk he teamed up with this therapist. to write the book entitled conversations with a rattlesnake this next one is called misery so. so also explodes or. writing and performing music has also been cathartic for theo with lyrics it tells where he's been and where he's going these songs are a blueprint for his healing. says.
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it's. a key thank you. it's still wide twenty fifteen walk in the victor walk to we're walking from edmonton to calgary this year the journey continues for theo as it does for all of us some days we are sore tired anxious depressed scarred it takes courage to keep pushing forward when you're facing so many demons. that's why the victory movement wears orange the color of courage we understand your struggle and celebrate your strength. and while we can't go back and fix the past we can always take heart in knowing we are not alone trauma in childhood effects everyone molding identity in adolescence and shaping our behavior
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throughout the rest of our lives for this reason it is critical to understand our trauma understand our triggers so we can learn to break free and find our inner peace. it's a spiritual journey in which there is no destination everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about this suffering may be easy to notice hidden completely or projected on to others but suffering is an aspect of human life that is inevitable which is why it's important to have the tools to adapt and persevered trauma is the string that ties. this all together. upon the culmination of the second victor walk we were allowed the privilege of taking part in an aboriginal ritual and a prayer. later that evening we were invited to witness the final day of their sundance ceremony it was here that he'll receive the title of honorary chief and
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member of six second nation. today i am on my healing power and living a healthy happy life. i am no longer a victim of sexual abuse or even just a survivor. i am a victor. first . please. look straight. he said. so that's let it fall. this is a shot. for you. lol
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it's too. cold. cold. it's not. a. strong military crosby and. this bird. carries.
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her. whole penguins. i suppose it's time to speak the obvious cold war two point zero is officially on though this cold war is different and possibly far more dangerous these are uncharted waters as the trump white house attempts to find its footing. you can see the border from here the. steel fence on this side. says this isn't this is. and this is. you have every right to be
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here have the right to call collect might be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization called arizona border recon we or the standalone into t. . that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the filings is escalating because it's. really good when somebody calls you know basically they believe that their range is there and they don't believe. that is taking responsibility for their security which we would for.
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any. that there already yes it will be in the thought of getting up there calling us implementing.
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the opposition in venezuela calls for get more protests following sunday's controversial election which has already sparked violent scenes. german prosecutors say the suspect in friday's stabbing rampage in hamburg appears to been a self radicalized these list who wanted to die as a martyr. damascus the u.n. and the crimes by the u.s. led coalition against syrian civilians.


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