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simply as well and what is interesting about the result yesterday gave millions the fact that the opposition claims to have eighty ninety percent of the population support and here you have you know that this is not the case that the in fact if you were to look at the place beside the point position open eyes and sequence of you like they claim to have brought seven hundred votes by that measure the government actually got eight million so therefore they are a minority and don't need the majority what the woman got to do with this and they made it very clear whether the city again and again and again what he wants is to stop the violence and bring the opposition to a dialogue so that actually peacefully but why would you need a new constitution to stop the violence can you answer the question why do you need a new constitution to stop the violence it doesn't make any sense then really don't really want to eat of the vine is the asian answer the needs of your people it doesn't make any sense i mean we're talking about constitutional law and custom low requires the primary constituents which is the people to write the constitution and
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for call for those elections it is clear that in a smaller there is not a majority of the people who won this new constitution and we also know by constitutional law that there has to be done by dorothy claiming i'm asking for the new constitution you can not just unilaterally as a president tell your people ok well i don't like that you've got the constitution i want to write a new one so that i can decide who stays in power i can decide who i appoint to the high court and i can also decide what goes on in congress that is not a democracy if you want to call this professor was not which i he surprised we want to call this a mock received because it is not a democracy and you cannot interpret that in those articles of the constitution it is clear that when you go to a constitutional plebiscite or election you have to have the majority of the people calling for it you can not just unilaterally say well i don't like it i want to right now you want a moderate i want is not what i'm thinking yeah i'm going to. make it a christian if you could just give francisco a chance to respond to the points he made that. i hope interrupted again. the
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basic position is it can be called. and there is no reason for for anybody not to call it and the reason why maduro's called for these constitution. simply is in order to empower the population and to get a mandate so the through month that mandate they can actually begin their wishes the position of the government has been a strength and regarding this the government is seeking in two thousand and fifteen when the national assembly elections took place the government got five point six million now they got a million so they increase by two and a half million votes compared to two thousand and fifteen therefore and these insistent it even has somebody like pressed former president of spain supper table actually revealing two days ago that they have been conversations within the opposition section the position of the government and it seems to me that there is one section of this and that is totally the cultural and there is another one is
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prepared to talk these a million votes out in the facility the possibility of bringing about peace which is through the local smugglers of again and again and again christian i want to bring to you now the point about who is on the list it seems to me that one of the issues one of the major ones is just exactly who will be elected now the accusation that the president has pretty much chosen the people he wants to be in the same way by putting them on the list was the opposition representative or not. well we saw that the opposition did not want to participate in the elections they decided to go ahead about fifteen days ago and have their own plebiscite consultations of the mass population in order to get an answer as to whether they want it or not this constitutional calling by the president so i mean what i what i don't understand from your guest is the idea that how would that new constitution resolve the issues in minutes well it doesn't make any sense this same speech was
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given about ten years ago by which i was when he said that they needed a new constitution apparently then you're going to dish and that was written and is the current one written by chavez and his friends associates it called for the need to solve many social problems that they had at the time did they solve the problems clearly they did not and the issue is not about the constitution the issue is not about the law the issue is about the leadership in the government at this point and how the opposition can relate to this government so in reality when you have the country divided when the people do not approve of the current current government even prior. have said that men of a stated that they are not happy so why just don't go to a general election submit your name sumit you're working you're in your government and let the people decide if you want to stay or if you if you go but don't rewrite the constitution and say that that's going to be a way of solving the mass unemployment rate the inflation rate the economy going
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into shambles and also having people standing in lines asking for food that is completely ridiculous that a law will fix that only true leadership will fix that and that is not the way to do it and i don't know what type of constitution they're going to write all i know is that it's probably already written already ready to destroy the opposition which by the way has made a terrible job you know doing what they have here which is i may. get democracy back in venezuela but as a different story yes bring francisco in go ahead you respond. i don't think anybody has ever said that the new contagious embrace can't resolve all the problems is not going to but they did say that he will create a frame of we're certain there is going to result without the recall truth of the position come bring round to the dialogue actually people want if you were to compare the election yesterday a million totally auditable because all the information all the data everything is there the politicized actually claim to have seven will now go beyond all of you.
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me they burned all the little material there is no way to confirm that actually these were seven million but even in on the town they are a minority in that sense and it seems to me that these are created from sections of the position really said that they want to have a talk and the complication here is this the united states has taken extremely aggressive stance against the government of venezuela and this entire age by the opposition and the government of the united states encourage encourage the opposition to continue with the violence and this is part of the problem who said that the united states isn't title to actually tell venezuelans who to elect how to like them went to the what kind of editions to establish otherwise you know there was silence all over the r.c.s. is this going to these are these seeing this is completely unacceptable in the thirty first century we thought that those those things actually are gone but i guess they're not and the opposition are openly and deliberately asking people in
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marco rubio people like donald trump to actually intervene in terms of venezuela is up to the venezuelan teachers simply exactly contribute it doesn't resolve the problem contribute to the frame without any question at all francisco i just want to pick up on what you said do you have any fears that the u.s. interference will actually be grow given what has now happened. well we have to wait and see whenever the united states intervene into the intel affairs of any country only does it create anti american feelings and support whoever is on the receiving end and in this case maduro is going to benefit out of this the opposition has never been able to this last is from these pro american pro u.s. imperialism a book called it stands and they are you know been openly calling for this and i think the more the united states intervene the more mother is going to be supported the best thing will be for the united states to a hands off and as well i love innocence to this by themselves and the only way
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even the silence can buy themselves instead of organizing the overthrow the government which is explicitly called by the position organizing violence burney things even people in the street is to actually come to trial and then try to address the problems you know all of the nation we should cause and this is actually what mother is saying and their position instead of accepting these they're saying that they're going to go for more violence and they're going to go for more united this is completely unacceptable let's get your response to that christian should the u.s. be getting involved what some people are calling interfering with. well of course the u.s. has to interfere because in a way this crisis is also affecting the u.s. and at only the u.s. but the whole atmosphere when you have millions and thousands of men as well and leaving their country not only that creating a big economic issue in the region so it's not only about one as well as about the whole region that affects the stability of the whole hemisphere so i disagree with the other guys and also i mean q what has been dictating the venezuelan policy for years already so what's the big deal that the u.s.
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will intervene to save democracy when cuba has been intervening to destroy democracy in venezuela so let's let's tell the people the reality of the issues here and i think that is that i don't think the opposition has been calling for violence on the street the total opposite the opposition has been very very reluctant to go ahead and try to remove the duro by force they have been calling all the time for the past i would say seven years they have been fighting even more fighting to get. out of the government by democracy not by by violence that we have seen all of these militia who are funded by the government killing people in the street when these people are only protesting would flying's with i don't know with their own bodies and we see it on an everyday basis the facts speak for themselves we need to recover democracy in venezuela and is not by writing new construction that will destroy the institutions of this deal keep in this well as a very weak democracy but they still keep it in place so the idea that this
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constitution will solve problems is far from being the truth and it's very far fetched i think that hopefully we can get you know some dialogue going on but it has to be a dialogue that is based on the truth honesty and the initiative to resolve the crisis in venezuela and not how it has been done for the president by the government by manipulating the lying and destroying the opposition which is something that they have been very effectively yeah and sadly more protests are expected coming up today many thanks to both guys in favor of to call it a day for now christiane chair who had speaking to a lawyer and political activist director of the tribune online magazine and also francisco domingo is head of latin american studies research group at middlesex university in the u.k. gentlemen a pleasure thanks for both of you coming on r.t. . thank you. you can join the conversation on any of the stories that you see here on our challenge and it's all web site called the new content being added that every single minute to check it out if you want you know r.t.
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international back with more news for you after this short break. that. what politicians do you shouldn't. put themselves on a lot. to get accepted or rejected. so when one of the first century.
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or something wanted to reach. out to the right to be closer to see what before three of the more people get. interested in the waters and. they're sure. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one is a speech here because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. welcome back german federal prosecutors say the suspect in friday's stabbing rampage in hamburg appears to have been a self radicalized is the most he wanted to die as a quote malta all these peter all of a has been following the story. federal prosecutors have taken over this investigation now and they've been speaking to journalists giving us an update on what we know about the main suspect the only suspect in friday afternoons knife rampage in a supermarket in humbug they describe a who was arrested nearby the scene is
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a twenty six year old failed asylum seeker they also say that he acted on friday on islamist motives according to federal prosecutors investigating this case they say that he'd given long thought into extremist ideologies and in the the days leading up to him carrying out this attack that he had started to add here to a life coherent with that ideology is how they put it they also say that he intended to die as a martyr at the scene of this attack well friday afternoon on a busy street in hamburg the northern port city here in germany this man went into a supermarket took a knife from its packaging there and then once removed that kitchen knife we're hearing around a twenty said to me to kitchen knife from the authorities here that began a brutal attack what's been described as a really horrific attack on a fifty year old man who died later at the scene there. and wounded
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a food the two people inside the store before fleeing now this is where witnesses who were nearby reported to that he was shouting allahu akbar god is greatest in arabic he wounded another four people while trying to escape the scene he was eventually detained by passers by and then arrested by the authorities but this is the latest. wolf attack because it seems to have been put by the prosecutors back in twenty sixteen in the summer we saw a number of incidents that were put down to these type of lone wolf. attacked swear by a self radicalization is determined by authorities had taken place and that is now what they're saying was behind the attack on friday evening in hamburg a self radicalized lone attacker who wanted to die as a martyr while he left one person dead many more actually wounded needs now in
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police custody as this investigation progresses. syria has called on the u.n. to help bone washington's quote massacres against its civilians. the u.s. led international coalition continues to commit massacres against innocent syrian civilians but conducting systematic and strikes those attacks contributed to the spread of chaos killing and destruction damascus presented this letter to the united nations essentially calling on them to dissolve the u.s. led coalition in syria pointing out that they feel it is responsible for a large number of civilian deaths now this letter is presented just after we hear about an airstrike in which six civilians were killed now according to some estimates in july as many as four hundred fifty civilians were killed in u.s. coalition air strikes in syria let's take a listen to some of the reaction we've heard. there was no more
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water for irrigation. and it's been in record province and there is no harvest and if any crops did remain we were not allowed to use them to hurt if one of them did of the coalition strikes on schools so children in studio anymore many more civilians were injured when the coalition spittles as well. and i had to just sign now and for the green. jets bombed our school so we stopped going there most of civilians were killed in that airstrike as they were sheltering in fear at the time now the letter from damascus was expressing concerns about those very things that we recently heard about about civilians being killed about chaos in syria however back in may we heard from secretary of defense james mattis who said that he felt that in the fight against terrorism the deaths of civilians were inevitable casualties or a fact of life in this sort of situation now it's important to remember that the
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u.s. coalition in syria is there without the permission of the internationally recognized syrian government at no point have they ever given permission for the united states and its allies to intervene. and set up shop in their country and they have now called on the united nations to take action to stop the activities of the united states and syria. lebanon's hezbollah fighters of recaptured the last stronghold of their nose for a terror group in the country. mountains are located in eastern lebanon that's right near the syrian border areas been a hotbed for extremists since the start of the syrian more six years ago and these are the travel to the newly liberated territory these are the our soul mountains east of lebanon it's the latest scene of the victory of hezbollah the lebanese resistance group who have defeated the al qaeda affiliate.
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and that's about so ended just a few days ago and you can still see the remnants of that with bullets and shells all strewn across the floor and we've seen burnt out vehicles on the way up here and during that victory against hezbollah managed to capture this cave which was used by terrorists as a base so we can go inside and have a look around. inside the cave we make the shocking discovery what appear to be prison cells it's unclear why exactly needed prison cells in this isolated area perhaps punishment or perhaps to prevent their own fighters fleeing in the middle of the night these are some of the weapons which were captured from ships and we've got these. rockets lots of tactical vests.
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and there are rocket launchers anti tank guns and all sorts of artillery which were abandoned by no so when they were defeated and they left this cave there's even a room. battle plans are drawn up fights is received instruction they take this seats and listen to the come on just ninety minutes since were killed in that battle and those who survived many of them fled to italy where in fighting continues between different rebel groups but some of them remained just a few kilometers away behind these mountains behind us obs more modestly many more of them decided to defect to the so-called islamic state and some of the hezbollah commander to tell me that they're only full kilometers away from where we are now. in august he stood up in an. element putin hits back against a new round of u.s. sanctions that story and more after the break.
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extenders survival guide book stacie just want to start simply reading all these are. going to get. back to. good susan repatriations will get the rest in seven years. philippa said sky's report. one else seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to say proud disdain comes after. and in detroit equals betrayed. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point two. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think back that our c.e.o. mike du. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right i. just know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives free nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from
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the protests of the government try to do. might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is. hopelessly disastrously wrong. became us president the share price of the number of military industrial companies has increased significantly among the companies which is seen as rises boeing which is solid civilian planes also has a range of military action as well as looking in a company famous for its fighter jets and missile systems on rate the on a major us defense contract. the top line defense discretionary number is six hundred three billion dollars that's a fifty four billion dollar increase. we
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must also ensure that nato members meet their financial obligations and pay what they owe. hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs. jobs. but there are growing suspicions that the president favors those companies who supported him during his campaign. president trump has chosen raytheon executive mark aspirate to be the next u.s. army secretary now why should you care well first of all trump loves the military industrial complex will submit a new budget to rebuild our military we will give the men and women of america's armed services the resources you need beautiful new planes and beautiful new equipment be lacking
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a little equipment we're going to load it up but it's not like it really needs all that love i mean look at those numbers the love is all there already second of there are a lot of the fans companies that want a slice of the pie and here comes mark asper a man who's clearly already had a taste aside from being raytheon's vice president of government relations asper also happens to be one of the main military industrial complex lobbyists in the united states and by the way the love is mutual apparently aerospace defense groups boeing and lockheed martin each donated one million dollars to trump's integration fund now they are enjoying the fruits of working with the new administration we have an administration now that is significant and supports an international work for the domestic us in the street and that has opened several doors for us so what's wrong with this i mean everyone's happy right well the answer comes from the thirty fourth president of the united states white david eisenhower. in the
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councils of government we must guard guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or runs by the military industrial complex. the but enjoyed for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. we must never let the weight of this combination in danger our liberties or the democratic process let's wait and see if history really has taught us anything about misplaced power and unwarranted influence we got practice and thiago r.t. . living putin says that the time has come for russia to show will not leave us sanctions on and explain moscow's response to washington's restrictions in an interview. the suspicions that more than a thousand people both diplomatic and technical staff are currently working in russia which seven hundred fifty five of them will have to stop their activities
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and that's painful. because then that america has taken a step to jeopardize u.s. russia relations and the important thing is that that step wasn't triggered by anything this is a move to impose a legal restrictions to attempt to influence other countries including u.s. allies here which are interested in developing ties with russia. but don't forget that we've been waiting for quite a long time so that maybe something would change for the better we had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change then it won't be in the near future quarter i decided it is time for us to show you that we will not leave anything on answered he is the one that will be a political one. of course we have more to say that there are fears that we could restrict which would be painful for the united states but i think we shouldn't do that it's only going to harm us russian
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relations as they are but it's also going to affect us as well. so russia ordered the u.s. embassy to stop the use of several facilities we can show you some of the now new sanctions against russia or expect it to be signed by president on trump the document approved by congress aims to target russia's lucrative energy trade with european partners what it claims the measures are in response to alleged election meddling ok news on the move just a click away you can download our right now it's all free i'll be back in a few minutes time with the latest news headlines. no not once up. on a flimsy off let down one by its nature the definition. i'm by and the. one seeking i need south. and. taking the equal
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with no make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round me the one percent. with no middle of the room six. million more you leave room. i. feel.
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the position in venezuela calls for getting mauled protests following sunday's controversial election which has already violent scenes. prosecutors say the suspect in friday's stabbing rampage. in a self radicalized he wanted to die as a monster. damascus the u.n. to help. the u.s. led coalition against syrian civilians.


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