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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 31, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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it's consumed with this. speech. you know it. seems that mainstream media has not make. other news tonight president putin takes action and gives the food to over seven hundred american diplomats living in russia and north korea successfully test fire is its newest i.c.b.m. as china showcases some of its latest military hardware and anthony scaramucci is out as the white house communications director and john kelly is sworn in as the new white house chief of staff. reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching our team america. good evening friends we start tonight with world reaction to the most recent
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sanctions the united states congress has imposed on russia the sanctions are being met with resistance worldwide causing a possible diplomatic problem for america meanwhile the stock market is hit record numbers only employment is that a seventeen year low the car industry and the housing market continue to be strong been strong it's all good news here's the bad news the congress can't fix health care although they have plenty of energy to impose sanctions and cause economic issues for other countries the starter in the backdrop of all of this is alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and the trump russian collusion which nobody can prove russian president vladimir putin has responded to the sanctions for more on that tonight we turn to manila chan mandela and we heard from the european union last week our european allies they're not too happy with this move on their russia sanctions we know little impact they're not gas security
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but the man at the center of all of this has been silent for almost a week until now lattimer putin said this to russian media. america has taken a step to jeopardize u.s. russia relations and the important thing is that that step wasn't triggered by anything this is a move to impose a legal restrictions to attempt to influence other countries including u.s. allies which are interested in developing ties with russia over the weekend the russian president expressed plans to expel seven hundred fifty five american diplomatic technical and other support staff from moscow by september first that will bring the number of american staff to just four hundred fifty five people who may remain in moscow and that will be at parity with the number of russian personnel working here in the u.s. the kremlin is also seizing two u.s. embassy compounds in response to these new sanctions imposed by congress but some moscow washington watchers say this may be
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a very delayed response to then president obama's seizure of two russian compounds here stateside and the expulsion of thirty five russian diplomats back in december of two thousand and sixteen. we've been waiting for quite a long time so that maybe something would change for the better we had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change and it won't be in the near future i decided to do is time for us to show that we will not leave anything on. it appears that vladimir putin might have been playing a wait and see game ever elations might be mended what the incoming trump administration but now six months in congress has effectively tied the president's hands with this veto proof sanctions bill president trump has yet to make any comments or put out any tweets on the matter instead leaving that messaging to the veep mike pence who is touring eastern europe right now and he made comments while in a stony as saying quote as we make our intentions clear we expect russian behavior
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to change so as it is unclear at this time what that all means coming from vice president pence but we've seen this before from the white house they're kind of light on details but we do know that president trump is still interested in warmer ties between washington and moscow and there was no word today from the white house about whether he's going to sign these sanctions or not which of course is more that out yet thanks monella and of course european union leaders have reacted angrily to washington proposed new sanctions on russia they say that their economic interests are simply being ignored peter oliver has that story tonight. well it's the potential impact that these sanctions could have on both the the business and energy sectors here in europe that has e.u. officials hot under the collar there are potentially huge fines for e.u. businesses that would enter into energy projects with russia many of those blue
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chip european companies of course are heavily involved there what we've heard from the german foreign ministry is them saying that it can't be accepted that the industrial policy of another nation be passed off as sanctions while the german government spokesperson also came out saying that e.u. industry can't be targeted and if there will be a response if the sanctions or when the sanctions go through it's not just the germans though the french foreign ministry issued a statement saying that well they believe that the sanctions impacted upon the rights of private individuals as well as corporate entities to an extent that they believe may go beyond international law the austrian chancellor christine care he posted online he said that politics and business should not be mixing when it comes to making decisions like this it's not excluded that they also follow that they also follow their economic interests. we don't complain about that unless
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it does not affect our own interests but right now it really affects our own interest negatively impact of the planet so you just notice a very negative form of especially for the energy sector because of the sanctions under the threat of sanctions especially energy pipeline exports from russia so what options remain for the european union when these sanctions or if these sanctions come into being the european union could decide to impose sanctions of their own on the united states now this could take the form of e.u. . bank suspending u.s. company's ability to take out short term loans but let's be realistic this would be a nuclear option for more on this let's go to former u.s. diplomat jim jatra soo nice to have you on leaders today and tonight first of all are these sanctions internationally legal. short answer is i don't know
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it seems to me that we can certainly govern how our own companies act and if we say you can't do business with us european company and they do business with the russians i suppose that's legal but most clearly companies are multinational with as they are all their global companies look at the size of these companies that are really thrown up the red flag on this and if they're illegal or to be challenged is internationally illegal what would be the platform to to do that there is no recourse really i mean look at the united states has not been particularly fastidious about extraterritorial laws over places we don't have jurisdiction and there's not much they can do to us i don't think any court is really going to touch that what do you make of the putin reaction well first i remember he was reacting to this bill he was reacting to obama's sanctions at the end of last year and had withheld action pending to see what the trump people would do and i think this bill now tells them look mr trump is not in control of his own administration he's not
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in control of foreign policy at least as it pertains to russia so he's done something on that we don't yet know what he will do about the sanctions in this piece of land is in a big deal that that many american personnel are being expelled from russia not really let's keep in mind add that a lot of those people to be russians that are thrown out of work is that unlike our embassy here the russian embassy here where they're all russians including support staff a lot of the support people now we have in russia are actually russian employees and they're likely to be mostly the ones thrown out of work ok so the world reaction germany very strong here this this is when you get into somebody is going to get book and somebody is economy those problems can snowball what's next year funny how the germans didn't think that way when they shut down south stream when it was gas going to greece italy and the balkan states but when it's their gas they get all exercised i think two things one is i don't believe that they will tally it against the united states because a they don't have the courage for it be there
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done much they can do to us i do. i think they will try to find some way to work around the sanctions so you don't think that there would be any sanctions placed on the united states in retaliation they may take some small little tokens but i don't think there's much they can do and i frankly i think they're terrified of us and ok and of course this russian phobia that is permeated throughout the congress. we really don't have any conclusion on any of these investigations in this vote took place no no it's not it's very little fear isn't it is just a litmus test of your loyalty as an american unless if you even doubt that the russians hacked our election you're presenting some kind of a kind of traitor that's what it's come to when i ask you about north korea tweeting out we will handle north korea what does that mean i don't like the sound of it i've been pointing out that either north korea or iran you know one way that trump can escape from this conundrum given that he does get praised by the very people trying to bring him down when he acts in the bellicose fashion like he did when he hit syria with cruise missiles is
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a splendid little war and i do worry about that is the seeming exit hatch for him ok jim jeffords thanks for joining us tonight jim thank you the president as i mentioned said that he will handle north korea despite spiraling tensions in the asia pacific region meanwhile china has showcased new military hardware equipment following north korea's launch of its second intercontinental ballistic missile r t correspondent ashley banks says the latest china's two point three million people liberation army showcase ballistic missiles strategic nuclear missiles and new aircraft during a massive military parade in beijing on sunday the new aircraft included j. sixteen fighter jets and why twenty heavy transport aircraft both styles making their debut at the parade the army also showcased three sophisticated types of ballistic missiles and clipping ballistic missile dongfang twenty six this missile has a two thousand two hundred mile range and can be fired at
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a short notice and hit it. with a nuclear warhead now and twenty one d.l. land base anti-ship ballistic missile it's described as a carrier killer sending an unpleasant signal to the u.s. and then done things sixteen g. which is a conventional missile designed for precision strikes against key enemy targets this comes right after north korea tested its second enter continental ballistic missile this time it flew straight up for about forty five minutes reaching a height of two thousand three hundred miles before crashing into the sea of japan so far this year north korea has launched a total of fourteen ballistic missiles experts say if the missile were launched on a normal trajectory it could have possibly reach a cargo or even new york after the launch president said in a statement quote by threatening the world because of weapons and tests further isolate north korea weaken its economy and a private people north korean president kim jong un said quote the latest tests
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proved r. and took intercontinental ballistic rockets reliability and the capacity to launch it and the surprise manner at any place and time the u.s. mainland is within our striking range experts say this is alarming as north korea continues to show technical progress however it is still unclear whether these missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warhead whatever the case with the complicated u.s. china north korea triangle the situation in the region is extremely volatile and washington actually banks are to be just past midnight on friday the senate finally killed the so-called skinny girl on health care republican senators mccain murkowski and collins joined with democrats to stop the bill from passing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell look defeated after the vote suggesting it was time to move on. american people are going to regret. that we couldn't
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find a better way forward and as i said we look forward to our colleagues on the other side. just doing what they have and. so now mr president it's time. to move on for more on health care we're joined tonight by our political panel for the saving we've got conservative author dr gino loudly and also pamela hayes democratic strategist nice to have both of you with us tonight well we've got this big problem in america we have to fix health care and the republicans are ready to surrender so what does the president do on saturday he tweets elfin calls the republican senators quitters jeana why not just go back at it and get this done ok repeal and replace failed repeal it delay failed the skinny bill failed so was it all over with after seven years that we're our way
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now where the white house is concerned certainly sounds like the president wants to try forward on this and i think that the american people add recognize that. that the president is definitely trying to this is a man or a problem of the swamp and the problem is that the people want real transparency they want to know for example what they're being charged in in their medical treatment and they're not allowed to know that right now could work hours it was the accountability on the republican leader mitch mcconnell to say it's time to move on you know he's eat talks about how americans are getting butchered by obamacare but then if he can't get something done well it's just time to move on then what your thoughts on that. i think basically that is the big fallacy that the american people don't want health care that they don't want obama care most of these senators and districts with there was really an issue where people were
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protesting decided that it would be better the vote the way their constituents wanted them the boat and this whole thing with the president now trying to concoct some idea where he's not going to pay the bills is this going to lead to district court and he's going to suffer another defeat it's going to be even more embarrassing and it's just better like you said ed to sit down both sides of the aisle and crank out a bill which is going to work for the american people what's mcconnell's best move dr. i do agree that both sides need to sit down the democrats bear some blame because they haven't been willing to come to the table they want a single payer they've made that perfectly clear and that simply will not work for conservatives but republicans also bears some of the responsibility as you pointed to add in that they've had a long time to come up with a bill that was agreeable and they haven't done it i think the president is the
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ultimate winner either way it goes because if obamacare is left in place and the system implodes as it will the president has definitely done everything he can do i don't think it looks good for republicans in twenty eighteen but at the same time if we can get something done on this matter i think it needs to be much more private sector and it certainly can't be single payer so if the democrats are willing to talk about that i think it would be great animal or if obamacare is going to explode implode or explode or whatever term you want to use fall apart it's common knowledge that some twenty million people are not going to lose their insurance now that obamacare is going to stay in place it needs and it needs some fixes what's the democratic responsibility right now i think the democrats responsibility is to sit down and work with the republicans and find something that will work i don't agree that the democrats are for used to come to the table it was
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obvious that mitch mcconnell did not want them at the table did everything not to include them in anything held no hearings look this is something for the public for the american citizens for the american people you cannot deal with it as it is as if it were all private health care we're just going to give it to people who we like people who could afford it there has to be some type of. dr loblaw give you the last word on mcconnell's best move right now does he go back to health care because if he doesn't it could be a political tire around the neck or republicans. he better go back to health care and they better do tax reform at the same time they're republicans are going to need this in twenty eight teams it would be great because it was if i think president trump a supermajority and meanwhile i hope the president continues to drain the swamp and get rid of the p.r. kratz who are willing to play well in the fan box all right dr gene allow. thanks
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for both of these being on tonight very shit thank you anthony's car mucci is out as white house communications director just over a week after the president appointed him according to the white house the president and john kelly came to a mutual agreement the president was disappointed with scar mucci but did not remove him for recent comments to a reporter. i think anthony wants general kelly to be able to operate fully with a clean slate build his own team while at the same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate and those two things are mutually synonymous meanwhile general john kelly was sworn in as chief of staff the small inning less than a week after ryan's priebus was removed from the position the president expressed his full confidence in john kelly general kelly he will be chief of staff as you know we all know him we respect him at myra what he's done and at home and what he
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has done has been nothing short of miraculous i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff one of the great ever. always promoting for more on all of this we're joined tonight by holland cook media consultant survival speech dot com is where you can find a lot of his work alan nice to have you on you know generals are used to given orders not taken up how's this going to work out we do know that donald trump loves generals he loves money he loves power but this is a shift if this doesn't work out with kelly then what there's so many questions here but how is this good you know work with kelly go out on the shots. well he's made quite an entrance by causing the mooch exit today and it's another day another trump issue that has rocked washington but let me tell you how this plays out here in america you tracked me down tonight in providence rhode island where we have
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a sizable italian american population and they're all saying don't let the door hitch on the way out because for all the snickering we do about saturday night live and joe pass she and the godfather and goodfellas there is tremendous resentment among americans for that indescribable the yorker interview in which. validated the most unfortunate caricature so certainly the distraction has ended and it seems like a condition of employment for the general i say watch twitter and late this afternoon after the move exit was announced i checked and i couldn't find any tweets from the president since the twenty eighth the silence was deafening and then one came across that said great day at the white house so if anybody can put the president on a leash it's going to be a marine corps general and if he can't i don't know what happens next so it's got
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to be one of the missions to stop the leaks and it's going to be interesting to see if he's going to run the white house on a military need to know basis if you don't need to know you're not going to know and that certainly is going to be a different level of communication and possible discipline inside the white house the last time a military guy was in this position was alexander haig that didn't work out too well. you know what i meant charge here i'm in charge here that if i'm as gum it is kelly the reality is he the remedy. i think the president should hope so in the word that you hear from all the talking heads today when the scaramucci exit was announced is disciplined it is acknowledged that the president needs discipline and as much as he enjoys using twitter to weigh and run the big corporate media filter . they hold their breath on the white house every time he gets that smart phone in
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his hand and ends up having to apologize for so much look at just the last few days his remarks in front of that police group which the police chiefs lined up to discredit notwithstanding the nervous laughter you're heard once the last time the boy scouts of america had to apologize for a president of the united states at their jam parade if trump can be leashed it will take no less than a marine corps general but i say watch twitter to see if this discipline is imposed i want to get your take on this most recent rest musim poll that showed that congress pays more attention lawmakers pay more attention to the media then voters that's what voters think at the number of fifty five percent what do you think. i believe that and i'll tell you exactly what the members of congress don't want to see in the news media is angry town halls the republicans seem to be getting
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a louder ear full than the democrats too but for the last six months or so we have seen a lot of hollering about don't take away my health care and they need that on t.v. like a hole in the head think about the safest see you can imagine texas one louie gohmert of may as well be running unopposed but he announced about six months ago no town hall for fear of the safety of the attendees and as you and i know the two safest votes in washington are to vote for a bill that you know will fail or to vote against a bill you know will pass and i think people are catching on to this back home cook always a pleasure thanks hala in other news tonight the u.s. treasury department has slapped sanctions on venezuelan president nicolas maduro during u.s. base assets have been frozen an american citizens are forbidden from conducting business with the head of state treasury secretary steven chu announced the move
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from the white house earlier today by sanctioning the united states makes clear our opposition to the policies of his regime and the support for the people of venezuela this comes after venezuela's president declared victory in a vote critics are calling a fraudulent sham nicolas maduro is celebrating sunday's election of a new national constituent assembly artie's marina porton iyer brings us the details. as then as well enters a new legislative period the polarization violence and political conflict paralyzing the country is expected to only get worse allies of president nicolas maduro socialist party won all five hundred forty five seats in the newly elected national constituent assembly a new legislative body which will reportedly have the power to rewrite the constitution dissolve state institutions such as the opposition run congress and
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dismiss dissident state officials the election followed months of violent protests in venezuela which resulted in over one hundred deaths since april demonstrators have called for an early general election and an end to mature as constituent assembly plans that as well as a national electoral council says more than eight million voters went to the polls on sunday while the opposition estimates only two to three million ballots were cast countries across the americas as well as the european union denounced the creation of the assembly the united states the top market for the opec nations oil called the vote a sham and officials in washington said they were preparing or oil sector sanctions a defiant menorahs celebrated in caracas on sunday thumbing his nose to the critics is one of the sign of the venezuelan people have shown that when three challenges
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in the stateliest. challenges when imperialism challenges us it is when we make known the blood of deliberate or it runs through the veins of men women children youth. opposition leaders refused to participate in sunday's vote and called on supporters to protest in the streets at least ten people including two teenagers were killed in violent clash. as the attorney general's office said a national guard officer was also killed on saturday nights of pro medoro assembly candidate was reportedly shot to death outside his home now while the organization of american states deems the vote in venezuela illegal countries like nicaragua and bolivia came to caracas as defense insisting the international community should respect the rights of a sovereign country reporting from miami marina r.t.
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. islamic state rockets killed twenty five year old r.t. arabic journalists khalifa al ticket over the weekend in homs syria alcatel was filming a report on syrian army operations in the area when he was hit by a barrage of isis rockets according to the head of r.t. arabic spiro in damascus r.t. editor in chief margarita simonyan said this for the first time in artie's history a person who was working with our channel and hotspots has died i wish courage to colludes family friends and colleagues and everyone who knew and loved him we will do everything we can to help his family in this situation. and that is our news tonight thanks for watching here on our team america we're back tomorrow night.
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you know what most expedient street looks like a real bitch this would be analyzing the bottom. line with the like you not i got. the. limit so. i'm simone dollars aureole filling in for lindy france listen to boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up a constitutional crisis the us law.


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