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the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't necessarily making. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism work this is our car but lose one goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. after yet another round of musical chairs at the white house the media starts to question president trump's honesty. these insane tweets or some of donald trump's most insane tweets you know trump is completely insane a growing number of democrats are openly questioning president trump's mental health. meanwhile the french government is to open to new migrant centers near the port city of cali this comes less than a year after the infamous jungle camp was cleared. and three members of an a tourist street gang have been killed in a shootout with police at a moscow region court.
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and the welcome to the international coming to life from moscow. the white house is facing claims that it's in meltdown softer trump's new communications director was the latest to fall on his sword after only ten days in the job the constant hiring and firing by the president has prompted speculation of chaos in the cabinet there might be another reason behind the changes or explains. the never ending drama coming out of the white house has recently been bolstered by a number of shake ups in the west wing staff and each time another employee bites the dust the media cries that chaos and disaster are reigning in the white house the turmoil inside the white house is real and on full display the torrent of profanity obscenity and humiliation this is
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a recognition that six months into this presidency it is a feel of a failed presidency we've been seeing trump repeatedly attack members of his own staff often on social media causing headlines to erupt questioning the president's sanity these insane tweets some of donald trump's most insane tweets you know trump is completely insane a growing number of democrats are openly questioning president trump's mental health and listening carefully to donald trump and i think he's a narcissistic maniac but man this though it may be is there a method to it garcia says that mainly. it's no secret that democrats hate trump he ran on the republican ticket so frankly one can expect no less but the thing is the president's own party also fosters a fair amount of opposition to him what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for i worry about the president's understanding of some of these issues. he's a race baiting zina phobic religious bigot and i am not going to get it done
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a. lot of the future on the other hand continues to defend his administration and the choices he makes the with the democrats against him and his own party is not exactly solid support term seems to be trimming the fat leaving only those he can rely on reduce warren general kelly he will do a spectacular job i have no doubt thank you president elect for the confidence that you have shown in donald trump understands the problem was readiness of our military and is committed to restoring that readiness to have someone who's never done. this was actually created real jobs donald trump is doing just that he speaks from the brain he speaks from the heart i mean all these trump insanity claims perhaps the president is simply used to running himself with those very few he truly trusts. r.t. washington d.c. well earlier my colleague neil harvey gauge reaction to trump's decision to sack
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the man known as the. the law the ridicule all mind of this but should we be more serious about they switch talking about the people who are basically running the country here we've been distracted the last forty eight seventy two hours by you know the the arrival and departure of mr party and i think it's really important that we get promptly back to business and we've got a north korea exploding we've got you know lots of things going on here it's not as if our relations the u.s. and russia are going that well at the moment i mean there are a lot of problems much bigger then you know converting about you know. temporary decision to let somebody who probably would have been more comfortable the bot of being called you know the soprano's in there as a communications director what we really need is a silvertone order. we're not even talking about that north korea russia china we're talking about potential theoretical world war but now we're talking about anthony the move c.n.n.
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is playing this do you think the hate each other missing the point altogether donald trump has been under intense media pressure he's been warring with them effectively for six months is the precious starting to show because we're seeing him now let go some of the people who got him into power the likes of ryan spree this shore inspires people you would have thought were trusted the being that being ushered out now is that the pressure starting to show or is it something else if we think through the campaign period right when trump trump announced the immediate reaction of the mainstream press was he's it's a joke he's never going to fill out his financial forms they have been wrong about every significant aspect of dollar trump's campaign his general election campaign and of his presidency today they haven't gotten it right so again i don't really put a great stock into what they're saying it's start from the morning and they just keep repeating this and it all it's tends to create its own path and pretty soon people say well you know there's there's chaos who says there's chaos you know during. or
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to george marshall one of our great generals fired people every week that was called leadership that's called doing what's right mindset of it is kind of doing his general flynn was fired jeff sessions is being attacked and now scary movie is out so if you are a person with considerable talent so the kind of people now who are going to be applying for jobs in the trump white house are going to be mediocrities they don't really have any talent they don't have much going on so they are they want to be close to power so they'll think oh i'm not giving up nothing if i get fired is this white house in chaos is this a traveling circus always this always how strong was going to roll it's classic white house a psych an emergency room emergency room seems like chaos but that's what it deals with it deals with chaos and when in rome do as well you know the rest of the story white house is relatively steady shape with a lot left to accomplish for the benefit of most americans of those people who
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cherish freedom and economic growth around the world well it's the opposite of business as usual trump is trying to change the system and he's being backstabbed by republicans i've long said the greatest threat to donald trump is not the d.n.c. it's actually the r. and c. so what appears to be chaos is mainly a civil war going on with republicans who want to put america first versus republicans who want to be globalists. well it's been a busy twenty four hours in washington along with the reshuffles in china's cabinets new sanctions were also imposed against venezuela's president nicolas maduro that's after he claimed victory in a controversial election for a new constituent assembly. as a result of today's sanctions all assets of the doro subject to u.s. jurisdiction are frozen and u.s. persons are prohibited from dealing with him. but i do know it's a big imperial militants i didn't have before and it is of government that today
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you know ever imperial orders i'm free independent president with the imperialist i'm against american imperialism. well the sanctions target. as well as those of top venezuelan officials they also ban u.s. firms and individuals from doing business with the president however those were economic restriction the u.s. seems unwilling to use in this diplomatic war is credible and explains despite the fact that madeira was democratically elected u.s. leaders call him a dictator a dictator dictator we will work with our partners to hold accountable all those responsible for the school leaving violence and ongoing human rights violations but one section of venezuela's economy which according to many reports and speculation is not being targeted by sanctions is oil ninety five percent of that as well as export revenue comes from oil resources they sell oil on the international markets
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and at this point u.s. treasury does not intend to target the oil sector of venezuela's economy with sanctions when they were asked about venezuela's oil exports this was the response from u.s. officials others for maybe making some changes in terms of our export of like whale oil or curbing venezuelan oil imports is that still on the table but let me just say we will continue to monitor all of our specific time when stations against oil i'm not going to comment on that what i will say is we will monitor all of our options it seems we all knew about this relationship. is a dictator who destroyed. guards the will of the venezuelan people not on the early stuff you tell me about your feeling that there are literally destroyed on the part of the of the not knowing what they mean but. if they put them into it probably did the government look there are is violating its own constitution.
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to live in a third. pump oil into the equation and politics is brushed straight under the carpet his facts of how black gold unites them. protect a discount american states being the third largest exporter of crude to the us and numbers are growing up seven percent to around six hundred seventy thousand barrels a day but will it stop then absolutely no the citgo petroleum corporation based in texas belongs to wait for it but is wait state owned oil company which means the country has access to these refineries the total capacity of about seven hundred forty nine thousand barrels per day so far the sanctions that have been a mention have been against refined venezuelan oil products and against individuals in the venezuelan government they have not been for the importation of crude the fact that they are not including crude speaks to that interdependence and the fact that us all producers and exporters don't want to up in the market and potentially
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that ten percent extraction of venice on oil could spike us gasoline prices as well so i think that that is the concern. francois life into migrant centers near the port city of cali after a court ruled the government must provide humane conditions for refugees trying to reach the u.k. the new migrant center set to be built in by a twelve zero both about an hour's drive from cali where the infamous jungle camp was located. reports. this comes after the french government seems to be backed into a corner by the french courts which had ruled that. decision to not provide clean water and sanitation facilities to the migrants in cali was wrong and they described that as degrading treatment now that's because the french government and the interior minister said they were trying to avoid the stain mistakes again we
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don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past but we also want to handle the problems in cali the reference there is to the new tourist camp in cali which was known as the jungle and when it started around a thousand migrants were housed there in temporary accommodation such as tents but it grew and it grew it became a mecca for people who mainly were trying to reach the u.k. from by the time the camp was eventually properly cleared around ten thousand people were living there in some really schooling conditions it was basically a camp that was out of control and when the authorities did to close it down last year there were violent scenes as ati's poly boyko witnessed this is the front line of the part of the jungle that's meant to be evicted today now we don't know how close we can get but you can see the riot police here in their shields with
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their mosques ready for any sort of action that might take place all of these settlements these hot say have been marked for demolition and the bulldozers just in the distance over there are making their way quite quickly through this part of the camp that you can see those fires burning and over there just in the distance there are a number of refugees who are stood on top of their tents they are refusing to leave and that's why there's a heavy police presence here as we know despite the attempts there to completely close down that camp it hasn't quite been. is there are still estimated to be around three hundred fifty to four hundred migrants who are living in cali and that's one of the reasons why they will be moved to these new centers the problem is though that there's no guarantee that these new centers were themselves become a mecca for migrants and that we could see some of the conditions that we saw in cali reemerging for example here in paris
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a center that was opened in the last year has become such a mecca for migrants that every night it's completely full and many migrants are yet again forced to sleep on the streets with every few weeks the police having to clear it yet again when they clear more migrants come and there is nothing to stop that from happening at these two new centers while there is also nothing happening to stop any migrants going back to cali basically this is a cycle that nobody seems to be able to break. the deputy america told us another massive migrant camp may spring up at any moment. a new jungle could emerge any time if we're not careful we refuse anyway what the courts are saying we should fix in cali because associations are claiming we should fix in kind of facilities the year off going as experienced already everything shy was toilets.
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and we see all the time it's a disaster. on our cousin of before when he was. mr said that. there would be no way to accept you comes we know that all the experience you've been. by the past. of not being successful. migrant aid groups all furious a new italian code of conduct more details on that after the break. with more make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. but the fight. certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the
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room say. you really. welcome to go there are already out. there for that. welcome back aid groups operating migrant rescue ships in the mediterranean have been outraged by a new code of conduct being forced on them by italy. goes against our mission which
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is to save lives it goes against really goes against the heart of what we are as a medical and humanitarian work and it's not something that. well if he says those refusing to sign will no longer be covered by the system of sea rescue and will face the consequences well let's take a closer look at the rules under this new code. first it obliges groups to allow police officers or board. aid boats must also take migrants to safe ports themselves rather than transferring them to other vessels and phone calls or flares from n.-g. o. vessels and now bound as they could signal to human traffickers when it's safe to send a boat to sea well let's speak live now to jet out cannot spot a lot from the spanish and geo proactive open arms thank you very much indeed for joining us well as far as we understand your group has agreed to the conditions of
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the code why is that whether because there really. seems to be acceptable for us that. was not so we made the meeting and we sure now remember some of them and they were right. but at the moment even it is for us not the only thing is acceptable so that way with the. well let's have a look at those that have refused to sign it or five of those they've refused to sign up to the code what do you think their concerns are well they're going to terms and now we're at the same goal is not very specific in many of the points. you want to read your me there one thing or another so we decided to. look at the you know and not to be wrong on these well i mean do you think that the code will actually help with what is the big migration crisis. no not similarly not. that
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there was not a need for these gold we are all the organizations that they not out operating under all the laws on the legal framework. which is. the solace can mention that because of that if he is so we've followed all these laws so there is a pyrrhic legal framework for a what actions but even telling womyn things that it's better to improve our partnership to set up these court of we are not against the we are actually saying if we show article we'll and we improve the cooperation let's also look at some of the other consequences i mean some say that this will only lead to more deaths in the mediterranean i mean what's your view on that. well you could not actually when you're ready to go most of the things that they're written there are the company.
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and. we have three major we're only instant change. two of them they were changed. that was acceptable for us you were building a boat that didn't shoot men that was one of the points of concern for them lifted it up to the. west changed and now this commission of the reality company great announced that was acceptable for us and we'll leave it there jed out canals but a lot made from the spanish and you know proactive open arms thank you very much indeed thank you very much. now three members of an a tory street gang have been killed in a shootout with police in a mosque a region courthouse the three were trying to avoid trial for ambushing robbing and killing drivers on moscow's streets around call sort of was at the same. shooting at sac has happened here in the moscow reagents a day when say gunshots were heard by one lawyer witness in this terrifying shootout right here inside
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a courthouse near the russian capital at two pm moscow assigned five suspects from the savage d.c. a street gang were being marched to the courtroom going all the elevator on the third floor when they suddenly viciously attacked the guards grabbed their weapons and began firing the lifts were apparently broken in that shootout says well but the suspects managed to pry open the doors and open fire on officers while trying to flee police fired back killing three of the suspects and the wounding of the rest but two officers sent one member of the national guard were also injured by the gunfire the grim g t a gang first headline says they sparked terror across russia viciously ambushing and murdering some seventeen people in moscow region motorways back in twenty eleven very few managed to escape their brutal tactics along. back in twenty four for the gang games full force arts. joined the vigilante raid with a local activist to catch the dreaded drug as they call it the killings happen in
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places like this i'm surrounded by forest trees in the traffic it's fairly quiet here at night the criminals spread spike along yeah then there's a loud bang and one of the drivers stop to change their tires the criminals go in for the kill. you may get into trouble i mean the kind of troubles of the last in your life i mean you make it kills i'm being open about it so please bear that in mind anything can happen where we're heading to right now the man behind me has given orders to the people who actually have guns with them there are ten to fifteen people with a real live ammunition so part of the plan is to watch out for cars parked on the side of the road but that doesn't bear any fruit vigilant is also think southern inspections could help find the killers traces they surround cars gas station people with questions. if i were
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a driver i'd be really upset at being like that. wherever we arrive i keep hearing all clear the leader looks a bit downcast innocent drivers being scared off seems like almost the only result of the sweeps but the hidden wrong killers are still at large. r t. russia's counter sanctions against the us take effect from this tuesday. moscow's ordered the us to come to its diplomatic presence in russia by more than seven hundred fifty personnel by september two diplomatic properties have also been seized by many sue is one of them and has more on the impact of the new measures. behind me is the summerhouse that the u.s. diplomatic mission must be kate by today as part of russia's counter sanctions against washington as you can see right here the property has been locked and sealed as of today and this comes just one day after the u.s. diplomatic staff claim that they were denied access to the summer house right here
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and according to sources from the russian foreign ministry they say that's because the trucks sent by the u.s. embassy did not request for permits in a fancy which is something that's required to enter a conservation area such as this and the russian deputy foreign minister today he said that nobody is trying to stop them from collecting their personal belongings here in this richest site retreat and that before this parties was sealed unlocked we did see about five or six u.s. diplomatic trucks large sized trucks leaving the area leaving the property to collect their personal belongings and that's because this summer house is one of the two diplomatic properties that moscow has announced will be taking back from washington as part of a reaction towards the fresh round of sanctions that the u.s. congress has approved to target russia earlier last week take a listen to what the russian president had to say about why such actions must be taken. thousands of people both diplomatic and technical staff are currently working in russia seven hundred fifty five of them will have to stop their
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activities and that's painful we've been waiting for quite a long time so that maybe something would change for the better we had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change that it won't be in the near future quarter i decided it is time for us to show you we will not leave anything on the u.s. congress approved the sanctions to target russia over alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election and in response to that well run. has announced the twelve hundred u.s. diplomats and technical stuff working in the country have to be cut down to four hundred and fifty five that's to mash number of russian diplomats currently working in the us and on top of that two diplomatic properties may be taken back including the riverside retreat and summer house right behind me. well last week the u.s. congress passed a bill imposing new sanctions on russia iran and north korea washington says the restrictions on mosco come in response to alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election where sanctions target
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a range of economic sectors including energy projects while the bill will punish any companies involved in developing or maintaining russian related pli appliance that therefore places a number of european companies in its scope one of the key projects affected will be the north stream two pipeline firms from germany austria france and the netherlands have agreed to invest almost five billion euros in it around half of the project's total cost was completed it's meant to substantially boost russian gas supplies to mainland europe via the baltic sea. well meanwhile the e.u. has threatened to retaliate against the u.s. moves if they threaten to harm european business interests the german foreign minister sigma's gabrial claims washington is using sanctions to promote its own business interests. we will defend ourselves against america first industrial policy masquerading as sanctions they managed our own problems and they are focused on themselves those sanctions are illegal and it's absolutely inacceptable that
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america is harming countries for internal politics so we don't expect a day look so much what the alliance in europe say but i'm quite happy that the your pains say very clearly what they think about sanctions. it is clear america is proposing to sanctions only because of internal politician a political issues and not because of real misbehavior by the russians. well for more on that story head to our web site called i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we
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are on one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over a twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just you know a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government tried to do both at nestle maybe. it might be making
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things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is our capitalism goes hopelessly disastrously room. to in. the area in the n.f.l. it would. be a it was. in the in the in. i am ask either this or the.


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