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the headlines on the international. child. security forces. netflix series. a rise in suicide. after watching the program i think that there are ways that it can be done. but never in a way that betrays it. and desperate situation should be. i should be. the u.s.
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secretary of state says. about the new. follow through with the decision from congress. morning on wednesday. international a very well. the u.s. government's afghanistan watchdog the pentagon to declassify a report detailing allegations of child sex abuse by afghan forces. the report was concerned delegations of sexual abuse of children by members of the afghan security forces because it's classified much of the information on which the sego report is based the report is classified seger has requested that. the report the watchdogs
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report more generally concerns u.s. funding in afghanistan and whether forces receiving the money comply with human rights law it deals with how the u.s. military and state department are implementing the so-called leahy law in this prohibits the government from providing aid to another nation's security forces if there is credible information that human rights have been violated the watchdog also cites the state department as saying that the afghan government has failed to meet human rights standards and that afghan officials are complicit in the sex abuse of children by afghan security forces. now the u.s. government is accused of turning a blind diet to one afghan custom in particular it's known as. this involves the sexual abuse of an adolescent boys and has been a legal in afghanistan since the start of this year. re. yeah.
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they say. that they need to. leave a. little to go to see. the city. that was there. something that's there. not the first time such allegations of afghan soldiers were raping young boys have surfaced back in two thousand and fourteen human rights groups claimed abusers were often paying bribes to hide their crimes and in two thousand and fifteen reports surfaced that american military personnel were being told to look the other way in order to maintain good relations with afghan units allegations of child sexual abuse by afghan military or police personnel would be a matter of domestic afghan criminal law there would be no express requirements
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that u.s. military personnel in afghanistan report it one possible explanation is the leahy law process through which u.s. government that's foreign security forces as well as defense training programs to ensure recipients have not committed human rights abuses in other words break human rights laws and there's no more money and that could prove tricky in afghanistan where over the last fifteen years washington's pumped in over seven hundred billion dollars and they're not planning to stop any time soon twenty seventeen is going to be another tough year for the value of afghan security forces and the international troops moved good and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder i do believe it will involve additional forces to ensure that we can. make the advise and assist mission more more effective a presence yet to define his afghan policy many hope human rights will trump war. washington d.c. we discussed the issue with a number of experts they tell us that by keeping this report classified the
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information is in effect being protected the american people just turned away and as they have turned away what we are saying is various abuses various things sometimes just even is perpetuated if you don't uncover if you don't address those issues it's simply expands the potential for more crimes to be conducted against people and frankly when you see this happen when you see people being abused in theaters around the world and the americans are involved at least in the theater it provides the perception that the americans are responsible for it obviously because it would be embarrass the afghan government. you know this is. the u.s. government. this. story was covered up nobody wanted to admit that the afghan government doesn't want the u.s. doesn't want people to all the rules. these. crimes.
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and you study has warned that online searches for suicide have spiked this following the release of netflix's thirteen reasons why a series of controversial show tells the story of a girl who commits suicide and has generated concern among parents and psychologists and several countries in new zealand a special rating was applied to prevent people under eighteen from watching the series. in austria to schoolgirls tried to kill themselves but the teachers managed to stop it at the last minute reports suggest that the suicides attempt were inspired by thirteen reasons why. they. can't take her. family is about to tell you the story of my life. specifically why my life ended. and if you're listening to this tape. you know one
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of the reasons why in the united states two families blamed the series for driving their children to suicide we spoke to the father of a girl who hanged herself just before her sixteenth birthday he says his daughter suffered from depression and the netflix program pushed her over the edge the show acted. like there's a word in psychology it's called a trigger that means that you react to something by her meds and it triggers a response with you that left my daughter. feeling worse than she had before this is not the way it's supposed to be my daughter should be alive today i should be able to hold her in my arms should be able to care for her i should be able to hear her laugh but now i can't she's just gone she's gone from me forever. reaction to the recent study on the impact of the netflix series. nineteen days
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after the program was released google searches for suicide related topics increased by more than twenty percent that means roughly nine hundred thousand to one point five million more than usual from phrases like suicide hotline or teen suicide or more worrying phrases like how to kill yourself all of them are on the rise i've seen multiple psychiatric admission knows that it details the presenting problem of why the teen is is there being one a couple of times them saying that they wanted to kill themselves in the way that the girl from thirteen reasons why did suicide prevention experts are warning that the show is kind of romanticizing suicide and unhealthy relationships all of which could lead to copycat behavior among teenagers or teenagers who in general are still developing the ability to regulate their emotions and their desires for those
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teens and especially those who have already perhaps contemplated suicide a series like thirteen reasons why can be problematic let's ask people how concerned they are are you a parent if i am a part now would you allow your son or daughter to watch this this new program with a company of apartments where you know if you put something to somebody's head and they already had that thought it might be encouraging but you can't control what people are going to do they might hear it on the street they might hear it in school you know that you never know i mean just because they hear from you doesn't mean it's your fault if you were a parent would you allow your child your children to watch that show louie i would absolutely because i want them to experience well life is all about the ups the downs the ugly the good all records should show that i reckon that people should be able to handle those types of the experience to be honest ok are you a parent. now if you were a parent do you think you would allow your son or daughter to watch that show or have a different view if i was a parent the producers of these shows need to be socially and ethically responsible
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for what they're putting out and. bare minimum that means that for if it's netflix for example before and after each episode in the series they need to play places for where they can get help such as the suicide prevention lifeline they need to be doing that at a bare minimum so that if it challenged well there will child gets triggered during the episode that they know where they can go to turn for help we asked netflix about the study's findings and told us that the show was intended to promote discussion of very difficult subjects over the father we spoke who told us there are other ways to highlight this sensitive issue i think that there are ways to show that i think that there are ways that that it can be done in a positive note but never in a way that was that like this never in a way that richard is it is such a dark and desperate situation the fact is that netflix does not care what the
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medical profession has to say they don't care what educators have to say they don't even care what parents have to say on netflix cares about is making money from this show is not acceptable and this needs to stop we still have a voice as consumers are just as citizens we have a voice and we do have power to make change. with us the secretary of state says that both he and the president do not support the new sanctions against russia. so that action by the by the congress to put these sanctions in place in the way they did not do the president nor i are very happy about that we were clear that we didn't think it was going to be helpful to our efforts but that's the decision they made that made it a very overwhelming was a i think president accepts that now the u.s. congress voted last week by an overwhelming margin for fresh sanctions against russia but they also affect u.s.
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allies in europe the restrictions target mining metal and energy industries moscow has already reacted to the move by reducing america's diplomatic mission in russia by seven hundred fifty five workers and seizing two properties the secretary of state noted that relations with russia are under considerable stress however he remains hopeful all indications are he will sign that that bill and then we'll just work with it on that's kind of my view is will work with that we got it now we can't let it take us off track of trying to restore the relationship well i think it signals a dysfunctional president the president not only is that war with congress his own party has turned against him in congress the neo cons of turn him again against him in congress he's fighting is no he's old in this trade that the people that he's appointed to senior positions fundamentally disagree with him on foreign policy he should have what was so completely lopsided that his options are to look at stream of the week by vetoing it and having an override or to simply accept his fate and
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be boxed in by his own party in congress talk about humiliating situation that the president has and the new sanctions bill comes amid shake ups at the white house president trump appears to still be forming his team and working to pick the people most loyal to him. we could use some more loyalty. who is it that tells him the hard truth almost everyone around someone. serving the president has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime. he
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will do a spectacular job i have no doubt think we were in pretty good shape the. president has got to the right people that you have to carry out his vision of a strategy. human rights activists are calling on canada to review a multi-billion dollar deal with saudi arabia made allegations that canadian vehicles are being used by riyadh and a crackdown on shia militants in a saudi town here's how the canadian print prime minister reacted to the calls. we are looking at these claims very seriously and have immediately launched
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a review of. a saudi arabia's crackdown has taken place in a small mostly populated town in the east of the sunni majority country. it's pretty much every showing of the canadian vehicles being used by saudi security forces a local from the town affected told us how civilians are being caught up in the violence. or. the. war which. almost all. we should warn. you more it used to. be really hoping. that. the.
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saudi arabia ranks among the top destinations for canadian weapons and twenty sixteen the military purchases total about one hundred forty two million canadian dollars and one human rights activist told us his concerns it's more. rather than that it's what do you expect from the government are they going to buy the vehicle and put them in a museum for example of course they are going to use them whether inside or outside and unfortunately they are using than now. it is all to international thanks for joining us for your wednesday headlines. just. seems wrong. but. just don't hold. me. to
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shape out just to add to it and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart if we choose to look for common ground. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so what you want to present . to. us this is what. really. interested. you.
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could have you with us today for your news concerns of a police brutality in the us have flared up again it's off to a video where most of officers in tennessee repeatedly tasering a teenaged inmate in a restraining chair a warning you may find the following images distressing. that it was caught by a surveillance camera as can be seen the images tasered several times that despite being restrained and gagged. he was reportedly on suicide watch a teenager was jailed after being arrested on drugs and weapon charges last year his family is now suing the county jail claiming that excessive force was used photos taken off the road show right here appear to show the extent of some of the teen's taser burns he says that he was left with at least forty mosques across his
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body now after initially insisting that officers had to stun the teenager and local sheriff has now agreed to conduct an investigation three deputies have been suspended but one activist told us that most cases of abuse in the us prisons do go on reported. and people end up in the jail who've been brutalized and then that brutality continues in the jails and into the prisons it's kind of like the whole system from beginning to end that is dominated by brutality and the only issue is that in the prisons of the jails we it's not as visible we can't see it as well and so we don't typically get access to these types of videos jailers have enormous power the head jailer which is the sheriff in this case has to be a vailable watching his staff at all times he has to be monitoring their conduct because you know people with absolute power abuse it absolutely and so it's really he the that the sheriff is saying that he wasn't even knowledgeable about what his
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own staff was doing i think it's reprehensible he should resign. the french president's party shows released what it calls a some a notebook for the holidays his notebook includes all the main issues to be a part of my doctoral program such as they call it you get a test on how ecologically aware you are it also contains one of my favorite phrases make up that great again and if you know french you can test if you can speak the same language as the president has a shot to do you know hits the streets of paris. last summer is what if like. the politicians clique that he kept he's all the republican and manual. governing party but it's just the tip tease tough things to do some filming the history some of the parties that's published it's summer. including plenty of games and activities to keep them busy over the summer holidays eating
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a game. speak but. i don't know i don't know what it is now i don't know we asked people on the streets of paris today speaking to gain a space to build ice michel many sticky. to my mind this is something related to madame bovary. maybe this is related to madame bovary say that up until the pitch. i think this is a song or remarks. i think that's a french literature character this is a dessert something to eat going to get. good. service i don't know if the bird is whiskey does not speak to seem language he's adapted but he does not speak to seem ring which is this is very difficult for my generation to basically you didn't speak my call. i don't. know i thought struck
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oh i don't speak my poem. or the booklet course i quickly mocked online after it appeared.
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the world aquatics championships were successful russia with swimmer you know your theme of winning four medals we spoke to the athlete who now dreams all fun and picked gold. i realized should have a different attitude this is just the process of training and participating in competitions i just enjoyed my coach used to tell me how much enjoyed the competition the reason you do all that and the reason you swim and train he said because you really like it and i've started to enjoy competitions and competing of course it's always better to win and then you have even more emotions but you really should be able to simply enjoy things enjoy your life your theme of those road to success has not been easy she was suspended for doping in twenty thirteen and tested positive for me and in twenty sixteen however the provisional suspension last only four months the international swimming federation banned her from the rio
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olympics by diffame of a one case but only off of the games had begun however she had to put up with a pretty pretty serious wave of criticism. you wave your number one finger and you've been called drug cheating i'm not a fan i think lily is right i think something needs to be done cheaters are choosers if you are has tested positive and she's gotten their way or is it that's just not fair well despite all the stumbling blocks are you really are your frame of us so she is content and will remain positive. i had my first olympic games when i was sixteen i finished in fourth and i suffered a real nervous breakdown i remember well how the u.s. team tried to comfort me he was shocked asking my coach what had happened he said i was that disappointed because i came in fourth and they were puzzled telling me that i was only sixteen and i had it coming for is that the olympics why she crying they asked me what it was because our sports officials were quick to criticize me
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for my results saying it was awful but now i finished third at the world championships and bearing in mind all that has happened to me and over hard training and everything i can say that's really great i wish everyone could feel like that and take the bronze that would be good i think i don't like to take revenge at all while my father always tells me that i don't have enough of the so-called fighting spirit and i should be more competitive and i've actually never thought about it i just know that the two hundred meter breast stroke is my thing i should be working on my one hundred meter performance though i want to have both of them that will be great as a joining us i thought here on our team international today nearly half past ten in the morning on wednesday we'll be back with more of your worldwide headlines in about an hour.
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you can see the border from here by the. field it's a good time this goes well we don't. like them so this is this is. and this is something. i have every right to be right to call collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started. an organization called the arizona border recall we are a standalone entity. that is doing. what these to be done in the five years it's getting worse while it's is escalating because it's. really good are great when somebody calls. you believe you good their range is
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there and they don't believe. it is taking responsibility for their security which you would for anyone else which. is an american inspired attack on north korea in evitable one certainly gets that impression listening to washington's warhawks is north korea a growing military threat of course it is but it is also under threat is there still time for diplomacy. i'm c modellers ario filling in for lindsay brand this is broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up rewriting the rules wall street regulators are looking to loosen risk for structure and on banks put in place after the crash and bit coin to break up its
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official one cryptocurrency has become to what it means for the market and how coins can play a bigger role and flight risk are smaller seats on airlines actually unsafe one quarter forces the f.a.a. to prove otherwise sit tight boom bust start right now. in a closed door meeting last week wall street regulators reportedly agreed to rewrite the volcker rule a remnant of the great recession the move plays to the trump administration's efforts to roll back financial regulations without having to consult congress since the white house has faced an uphill battle getting lawmakers to push through other parts of its agenda the volcker rule was first proposed by and named after former
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federal reserve chairman paul volcker who served as chair of then president barack obama's economic recovery advisory board from two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven the rule was meant to prevent banks from making certain types of risky speculative investments that volcker believes contributed to the two thousand and eight financial crisis specifically it disallows banks from making certain investments with their own accounts to increase profits which do not benefit its customers and it limits bank ownership of hedge funds and private equity firms the volcker rule is part of the much larger two thousand and two thousand and ten dogs . financial reform law on which president donald trump has promised to do a big number the five agencies that set the original limits of the volcker rule are reportedly headed back to the drawing board while the rule is meant to make markets safer keeping insured lenders from making big market bets that could go bust critics argue it's made banks too conservative resulting in lost profits and into.


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