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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 2, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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training to survive an obama administration jail sentence from the headlines well review some of the banking baloney when azeris a get out of jail free card for tony blair again the civil war coming up in today's going underground but first there's often violent uprisings in the east end of the british capital continue to protest the perceived injustice of the death of twenty year old black father russian charles at the hands of metropolitan police the city of london has been eagerly awaiting today's results from weapons dealer be a systems it's a taxpayer funded arms company tendering for contracts with london's police and the way the bailed out city of london's favorite channels have covered be systems goes something like this area searching for be a systems after the company find a three billion dollar deal with saudi arabia to supply thirty more hawk jets the deal which includes related to the poor and services along with the jets will reportedly help saudi arabian pilots learn to fly the euro fighter typhoon jet the
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country already ordered from the company more and more that b.a. systems contract meant for ordinary arabs in a moment but mainstream media continues to avoid mentioning that maybe forty thousand civilians were killed in the u.k. deployed be a systems war planes in iraq perhaps no surprise given that this is what teresa mayes government released to the public complete with accompanying music. followed by silence maybe to mourn systems being excluded from the development of a new french german war plane in the pipeline. silence that just as there is silence about veteran journalist patrick coben claiming forty thousand civilian deaths in the u.k. campaign from mosul but there is this silence now even from some mainstream media sources that have campaigned for isis linked so-called rebels in syria about being a systems involvement in yemen over those contracts with saudi arabia we heard about earlier. dozens have been killed in as strikes on civilian homes
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schools factories. and hospital in the north supported by the charity doctors without borders. in a year and a half at least six thousand people have been killed with saudi forces using billions of pounds worth of goods jets and weapons. it is only discovered last month the destruction of infrastructure and food supplies has caused humanitarian disaster as for be a systems u.k. government sanctioned sales to israel in violation of countless un resolutions of a palestine the magazine aviation week has reported that some of its products have been used to defacto aid isis linked groups in syria well one person bringing a lawsuit to the united states against u.s. weapons sales to israel is the son of an i.d.f. general in the grandson of a signatory i mean israel's declaration of independence his name is inigo pallid and he served in the go welcome back to going on the ground so how is the israel palestine situation become normalized now here in the west certainly in nato
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nations horrifyingly it's horrifying it's probably one of the most if not the most horrifying aspects of the conflict. two million people in gaza without water without electricity in this horrifying heat nobody cares nobody talks about it palestinian children and youth being shot almost daily by israeli soldiers nobody says a word it's nothing during the weekly protest in the west bank the soldiers are shooting people they're firing tear gas rockets into families homes you know children being targeted it's nothing it's normal nobody nobody bothers to. there's anything wrong with it anymore when i stand up and i talk to you know i face the soldiers i face the officers they look at me like i'm out of my mind why am i even bothering you know this is how things are in this country we invite the israeli ambassador to london only never comes on the show we'll go and respond to those but we didn't that normalisation go into its natural then for the u.k. prime minister theresa may just say. britain should be with this year's
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hundred year anniversary of the balfour declaration the press is the creation of israel well if she considers colonialism racism apartheid and genocide something to be proud of then yes that that was really the buffer declaration began this process of one hundred years into it in which the palestinians have been the victims of dispossession of forced exile of genocide this really genocidal policies living under a brutal apartheid regime if this is something that she feels proud of the then by all means i would recommend that the british parliament begin a process of attracting the balfour declaration and doing everything they can to help the palestinians and they're sending forces to iraq and afghanistan and all these strange places they should send an aircraft carrier to force the siege on gaza to be opened you know and to give people water and to give people medicine at will before the britain's aircraft carrier the new queen elizabeth sales there are others that activists are using you're wearing the b.d.'s badge they're. just tell
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me about how the boycott divestment and sanctions campaign seems to be gaining strength. in american university campuses yes it's gaining strength on the one hand and israel is becoming more and more paranoid about it anybody who looks like an activist is being denied entry paranoid who are actually well i think there is no i mean there's no question that the big the b.d.s. movement is having. a strong effect but their response is this proportionate i mean they're treating the b.d.s. mood as though it is some kind of anti semitic plague and when you look at the demands it. the b.d.s. movement the really quite benign ending the occupation which the whole world agrees upon. allowing the refugees to return to their homes again it's already been enshrined in international law and united nations resolutions and equal rights for palestinians with israelis what could be more benign than that it's all remedial and it does nothing to harm the jewish population felt that surprised the resume was called upon to by the recent one of the one of the world's largest palestinian
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meetings. took place and i think it was i think it was actually the largest event there over to ten thousand people in attendance right here q e two center in central london over ten thousand people attending an event for palestine i've never i don't think there's been anything like it anywhere in the world before it's an enormous accomplishment i think it's enormous i think there was little coverage in the mainstream media of this i'm shocked actually that there are certain social coverage i'm shocked that the mayor of london didn't show up i mean ten thousand people come to a conference in the center of london people coming from all over the world all different religions all different political backgrounds and you think the mayor would come to greet them or send a letter or something you know it's such a you know just think of the economic benefits that come to london from ten thousand people coming and participating in something like this. and i was shocked at the media the local media image of the mayor of london he's a muslim laborer. at the moment labor politicians about to be
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increasingly careful about what they say about your record and is dedicated his life to palestinian civil rights and this is virtually nothing about to say gaza which you just mentioned what advice would you give him i would say stick to your guns i would say continue supporting palestine. associated to cool we are increasingly being used which is we know that the zionist lobby has wanted to get rid of corbett for a very long time i mean this whole anti semitism all these claims of you know waves after waves of claims of entity being anti-semitic and his people being anti-semitic we know it's nonsense it all has to do with the fact that he is known to be a supporter of the palestinian cause of the cause for justice in palestine so might as well embrace it and come out and say yes i do i do believe in justice for palestinians i do believe that what israel is doing wrong this is nothing secret about this everybody knows this you know i just been to you know an extended tour in europe and i'm here the halls are for people coming to listen people participate
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in the conversation the constituents know that what is happening in palestine is. deplorable and has to be stopped when you do all these to israel in the world in a new forthcoming book the general sun has done very well violently. if not violently i am denounced by the other side but at the same time the halls are full people come to listen and it's not just me you know and there's this gap between the constituents in the politicians and i think a politician like jeremy corbyn that has so much admiration and for good and for good reason it's time to for somebody like him to embrace the cause and lead the cause and say yes this is wrong and here's what i think needs to be done ok you've filed suit and using a law that came in to. all the books in the united states congress approved of the u.s. justice against terrorist acts you tried to stop us and geos. raising funds in the united states and sending them to groups that. are against international law when it comes to u.s. the law was designed of course to fight against so-called terrorism the sponsored
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or so-called sponsored by saudi arabia and or others in the arab world so you know i was i was asked to join this lawsuit. and it basically identifies not for profit organizations call five one c three is that millions and millions of dollars both to the i.d.f. the israeli army and to settlements in the west bank knowing full well the money is used to train them militarily to buy weapons for the settlers in order in other words this is this is the sponsoring of terrorism of the highest degree that cannot be any more clear now number one they are violating u.s. law number two they're getting tanks tax exemption for these millions of dollars that they're sending supposedly to charity which is. a life not charity so there's been a lawsuit or several there's a couple of different lawsuits that touch on all of these. presidents from son in
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law is named david friedman the u.s. ambassador is named these are people whose you have to do is rely. on the filing because they have their families and they personally have been donating millions of dollars to the most extreme violence settlements in the west bank always in the way every single allegation or well they're trying to throw their supporters of terrorism but i mean where where is that case going it's takes time because you file the suit and then a few months later their lawyers come and they say it's nonsense and they want to throw it out so then the judge has to decide what to do with it and then they come up with a claim that the palestinian plaintiffs have no addresses so you can't file suit so it's all this nonsense that we have to go through in order to get to the end but i think it's important to raise the issue i mean even if we don't win the lawsuit it's important to raise this issue so people realize how many millions of dollars go to the violence the most violent aspects of the israeli occupation privately through private organizations to private not for profits. the billions that come from the u.s. government so would you say that our high street shops many of the franchises in
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israel are also implicated in breaking international law un resolutions because they trade within israel i believe so absolutely i believe they're all complicit that's why the issue of the important book recognizing the palestinian call for boycott divestment and sanctions is something that people are going to look back at historically and say this was so benign how is it that didn't people didn't embrace it immediately and one of the things i always tell people in my in my talks is go to your local grocery grocer if he if they have products from israel tell them he should not sell those products and he continues to sell the products that you will not continue to visit their shop that's how it's done you know on a very personal level but that's how it begins and so it starts from the little shop that goes to the franchises but absolutely scotland reacted to this band radiohead that it would be playing in israel feeling a stadium full of palestinian flags as the music was what do you expect the music to progress i would certainly hope so yes i think it's all going to progress the question is how long how much time it's going to take how many more palestinians
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are going to have to die how long palestinians will have to live under this horrifying regime that is really the question whether or not it happens i think is not the question is just how long people are going to wait before they wake up to fight this. thank you after the break we speak. to save himself from he was jailed under barack obama for exposing us to. british banking hospitality fake spooks spying on the political groups. is an american inspired attack on north korea evitable one certainly gets that impression listening to washington's war north korea a growing military threat of course it is but he's also under threat is there still .
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it. seems wrong. to me the world is yet to shape our. you can't get out to. engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. welcome back with me now is broadcaster former liberal democratic member of parliament let the topic lembit great news venezuela dural got is a constitutional vote through another on things out though i saw some opposition
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leaders being arrested that was the b.b.c. take on it. and then the british isles if it happened in argentina which was from probably getting advice from not from the morning probably banking advice let's go straight to this room tell us your yes it's a banking story of sorts tell us a report starts argentina top bank ad says mockery fighting to silence dissent that's president machree in argentina but pedre biscay is the former head of the central bank in argentina and he says his firing was a political move why because and i quote he was criticized critical of mockeries normal effect of policies failing what he promised during his campaign so he's winning about this at a very interesting time because philip hammond is over there letting him cry on his shoulder by the looks of things i thought was sure that's exactly the story but yes
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it has an american backed government now allegedly cia involved after the kirshner's who are part of the pink in them a door on the charges is already corruption being being alleged here forty thousand bankers investment bankers from the city of london they may have to leave because of bricks it is that enough should have been more than forty thousand well apparently wasn't going to be any according to the brits to tears so it's forty somewhere between nought and four hundred thousand i think we can safely say we've got those figures roughly right within those parameters but who knows really on the one side we've never had it so good on the other side it's not going to make any difference bankers they'll survive wherever they after they've i think that's the point the people voted breaks it to get these bankers out and i did a lot of it out there is that you're probably be in prison. nothing here as an integrated i mean you want to see it's go to the independent where maybe that's way philip hammond is in argentina to sort this out or to get away from this problem the independent reports bank of england strike maintenance stop walk out to go
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ahead after talks break down we're talking about the people who do the security the maintenance and the hospitality and that's a very important moment we got off foreign guests here we try to persuade them to invest a look at the gold in the bank of england building and put some more in there as well presumably because that saw future now where when the prospects of environment or nearly when you're up against goldman sachs carney the bank of england governor who i think is releasing an inflation report tomorrow obviously they were going to go on strike why is it these workers didn't go on strike before i don't think they've got political timing on this i think they're frustrated they don't think that these talks of taking them seriously there are four thousand staff and also it's not very many but these people have a big impact because of the jobs that they do but stepping back from it it's a little bit politically embarrassing not least because of course hammond's over in argentina talking to banking people that's another bad example industrial unrest at the heart of one of the icons of british politics and british finance and indeed
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the bank of england good terms to the gold obviously we're not telling anyone else and you know we should also say of course the independent where this story was from the new investor the saudis so maybe we'll have interesting news from. the independent let's go do that great friend of the bankers himself in the daily mail the mail online the high court the blocks private prosecution bit by former iraqi army chief against tony blair over the iraq war yes folks we're talking about whether tony blair will ever end up in court as a result of calling that war and it looks like he won't is going to get out of jail free card here some specifics here the justice and senior judge mr justice who's they dismissed application that it's not about whether he did it or not they just say no point in in part pressing this case because it's not going to go anywhere and tens of millions of injured or dreading it's only millions.
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displace the ok gene i wasn't listening or that i was listening jerry corwin of course was always against the iraq war once tony blair to face justice he was under surveillance himself and i don't know what he's going to think of this story you got from the guardian media group newspaper jeremy called we might be even slightly surprised faces a bit of the observer which supported the iraq war by the way but anyway you know you're a bit of a rock wall roll today god is taking a different approach a got rid of it and there's some people do say that of comprehending undercover police spied on more than a thousand political groups in the u.k. the least surprising story of the day i think thousand political groups but we secret police force we known for years that this has been going on i suppose the numbers are quite surprising these fake spooks if you like ours and they've got fake identities i've traded various groups and the racist groups animal rights groups left wing parties they're obviously dangerous for the country and the far right across five years these people went undercover for five years anyone ever
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focused on the liberal democrat party undercover secret police action what's the point how do i know your secret police were thousand political give you bramble be maybe one reason is because i wouldn't feel too comfortable stealing the identity of a dead child that's the kind of thing they were doing to conceal their true identity is after and in fairness we've got some news about climate change in the forty eight hours about temperatures greenpeace always on about climate change surely undercover police should be in full training that organization to destroy it often they already have leverage over thank you. the prison officers association has been ongoing underground a number of times warning of violence in britain's austerity hit prisons prisons ironically bereft of the bankers who arguably catalyze the austerity in the first place well in the past forty eight hours prison officers lost control of a prison in the south east of england but even with privatisation and. thousands of
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job cuts britain has a long way to go before it can be compared to the us prison system the usa imprisons more per capita than either joseph stalin or mao tse tung ever did and cia whistle blower john kiriakou who was sent to jail under the obama administration for exposing us government torture has just chronicled his time in prison in the new book doing time like a spy how the cia taught me to survive and thrive in prison he joins me now via skype from on into the in virginia thanks so much of being on the show again outside of the prison system we often talk about plus and identity when the obama administration defacto sent you to this prison you rapidly realized this is about identity you end up with a white supremacist jews or with jews african-americans or with african-americans and then a myriad different hispanics correct i was surprised it was like walking into america in the early one nine hundred fifty s. everything was racially segregated whether you liked it or not i tried hard to not recognize those those racial bounds but i was generally.
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restricted at the end of the day i ended up being in the beginning sort of adopted by the area and that was because i was not a pedophile and i was not a rat that is an informant on someone else and so long as i was white and not a pedophile and not a rat i was ok with the area and at the end of it my my only real friends became the italians and when i see a town ians it was representatives members of organized crime families and i spent most of my time with them i sat with them in the cafeteria i socialized with them and became closest to them they were very very serious allegations in your book as regarding a threat to your life virtually tell me about i understand that your hand is permanently injured and that they gave you drugs gave you drugs that if you had carried on continuing risk your life. would have. gilby i was
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incorrectly prescribed the drug lipitor for diabetes it was only when i threatened to go to the press which i eventually did anyway that i was taken off the drug that was very common in prison there were four people who died while i was in prison. completely unnecessary they die just because they were refused treatment until it was too late one of them from a heart attack and three from cancer you know if if you can't swallow over the course of months for example and you keep going to the medical office saying i can't swallow i can't swallow i can't swallow and you lose. thirty pounds or forty pounds then there's a problem and the problem in this case that i'm talking about was advanced through cancer well it could have been treated it wasn't treated and by the time that it was it was stage four the prisoner ended up dying and there are a lot of bad people in prison and i say this in the book but none of the people that i was incarcerated with had been sentenced to death and that was just not fair
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you talk about this is so widespread this kind of like a medical care but surely you being a former cia agent former counter-terror man the u.s. counterterrorism in pakistan the person on the some of the most important committees in the u.s. senate surely they would have protected you more of what if you died if only the above were administration would have had a few problems there was kind of my goal you know i knew i had a very unique podium in prison and that was my access to the press indeed you mentioned at the very start that i was sent to the wrong present my judge ordered that i be sent to a minimum security work camp when i turned myself in and that morning i was instead led around to the back of the actual present and i said no no i'm supposed to be at the camp across the street and the guard kind of chuckled and said not according to my paperwork you're not and they sent me into the actual prison which was a it's called a medium low security prison
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a real prison with the guard towers and the double fences and the concertina wire and such well i filed a freedom of information act request to try to determine how this happened why this happened and what i found were were documents mixed into two hundred fifty worthless pages of nonsense and these eight documents were very telling one of them had huge block letters and it says caution it made has access to the media and so that's what the problem was they determined early on that they were going to try to keep his far away from the media as possible well that energized me and i knew that i still had my constitutional right. including the right to freedom of speech and so i decided to exercise that right now if they had sent me to the minimum security prison i would have kept my mouth shut i would have quietly done my time and i would have gone on my way to try to rebuild my life but sending me to the real prison energized me and it gave me a venue from which i could try to expose the waste fraud abuse and illegality that
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i was witnessing in the prison system on a daily basis relatively nothing happened to the former head of the cia general petraeus who was disgraced through nothing out of the hollywood producers of a zero dark thirty or their informants i mean do you think there was someone in the cia you said let him rot maybe die for exposing to altoona oh absolutely in discovery which we received from the justice department during the course of my case we found several memos between the cia and the justice department one set one from the cia to the justice department said charge him with espionage and the justice department responded saying but he hasn't committed espionage and then the cia responded back say charge him anyway and make him defend himself so that's what i was up against it was unwinnable. so no surprise in your general. comments about the prison system that the european court of human rights have said in a celebrated case that other countries can extradite people to the united states
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because their penal system is clearly in violation of the convention on article three prohibition of any human and degrading treatment correct you know this is really one of the one of the great potter cities of the united states we like to think and we like to tell the rest of the world that we are a shining beacon of leadership and democracy and respect for human rights and the dignity of mankind and civil liberties and it's just simply not true we have so much to learn especially from our european allies on incarceration and on prison systems and we refuse to learn those lessons instead what we decided to do here is to run a third world prison system and to pretend that it's first world and i think that's it excusable not a trump of course is now in the white house his son in law has made some comments about the penal system what do you think he should be advising his father in law to do well as crazy as it might sound gerrard there is actually an ally to those of us
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here in the united states who advocate for prison reform jury questionnaires father served two years in federal prison in two thousand and five and two thousand and six for income tax evasion and so he knows firsthand the problems that we have in the federal prison system jared kushner over the last several weeks has met very quietly on capitol hill with leaders of both the democratic and republican parties who have jurisdiction over over prison reform issues as well as leaders of pressure groups on both the left and the right who deal with these issues i think that there's a real chance that we may see some sentencing reform here in the united states only because jared questioner is pushing it now the attorney general jeff sessions is against this kind of thing but a question or appears to have the support of the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and. i think for the first time in two decades we may really see some sort of. thank you for the show. political culture. best known for his work with journalists. to
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fight against. the fifty five day. of south african freedom fighter and leader of the doing the v.a. and see. apartheid south africa. on the.
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you can't import healthcare from china it's all very local you have the case of gouging of price gouging by monopolists in america and as a result people self is declining life expectancy is falling childbirth deaths increasing because of these were not pleased with the lack of competition. in. the local river going to the local. one of the local late
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yesterday. yeah. i think that there are ways. but never in a way that patrice. and desperate situation.


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