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tv   Headline News  RT  August 2, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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breaking news u.s. president donald trump has signed the new sanctions bill against russia ensuring it will become law. there is no truth to the story of north korea's program and north korea told me that my face meanwhile trumps prepared for war with north korea that's according to a u.s. senator it comes amid rising tensions between washington and pyongyang. germinal storage is admit missing a deadline to deport a man suspected of committing friday's deadly knife attack in cumbered.
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following cate blanchett can thank you for watching r.t. international coming to you live from moscow and we start with some breaking news president donald trump has signed a new sanctions bill against russia ensuring that it becomes law they were approved in a landslide voted by the house of representatives on the twenty fifth of july by the senate two days later the moves are in response to alleged u.s. election meddling by moscow the sanctions will affect numerous sectors of the russian economy including energy and finance i would have more news on that as it comes. well meanwhile the u.s. has carried out another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile in the pacific it's the second in less than a week comes amid rising tensions with north korea but it's well the secretary of
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state says washington wants dialogue there are signs a military option could be in the offing. we do not seek an excuse to send our military north of the thirty eighth parallel we're trying to convey to the north koreans we are not your enemy we're not your threat every military expert says there is no good military option they're wrong. to destroy north korea's program in north korea itself he's not going to president try the ability of this madman to have a missile that hit america if there's going to be a ward of stop and it will be over there thousands die they're going to die over there and they're not going to die here and he's told me that. that may be provocative but i really don't judge politicians by what they say judge them by what they do and by all appearances donald trump is ready for war he's seen the pentagon's plans for north korea and the likelihood they've already
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selected a battle plan is are in motion and what senator lindsey graham has said only goes to reinforce that if millions have to die then so be it are you saying it's ok to use a military option that immediately endangers the lives of millions of people in that region. north korea changes if you have any doubts that the u.s. is preparing for war take a look at what's happening on the ground on the korean peninsula u.s. troops ships jets forces are arriving there in a ceaseless stream. blanketing the airspace there are endless simulations war games exercises this isn't about scaring north korea no this is about putting all the pieces in place so when the final go order comes they're ready to move trump the rule promised to deal with north korea aegis didn't
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say how. well handled we're going to be able to handle it will be it will be handled we handle everything oh they aren't barbarians they won't rush into a war where potentially millions of people are going to die in the first few days alone. you have rex tillerson the secretary of state running around talking about diplomacy negotiations talks and sanctions a diplomatic effort to dissuade north korea and to stop its nuclear program. unclear whether he himself believes that's possible a breakthrough now when it hasn't happened in decades but donald trump is on a different path and the white house is much more blunt and they're happy to tell you nothing the president obviously has been very outspoken about how he feels
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about north korea we're weighing all options keeping all options on the table and as we've said many times before we're not going to broadcast what we're going to do and tell that happens when chinese international relations expert says this push for war is criminal and will cause mass casualties this very critical moment in the war mongering and the threat of war as it means to kill let's say millions of people is a very big mistake and it's time to walk around the united states really need to calm down and pick up its acts and devote to the most effective way that is joint efforts of diplomatic. to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula it is time for rationality to grow but bill it is time for diplomacy and dialogue to reveal it is time to stop the united states of talking
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or killing millions of people. the man suspected of a deadly knife attack in hamburg on friday was supposed to have been deported long ago that's according to the german media which claims berlin missed a deadline to return him to norway where he first applied for asylum we contacted germany's migration office for comment well we're starting to unravel what is then a tangled web of of mistakes bureaucratic mistakes that led to our mayday the main suspect in friday's spate of stopping even being here in germany we know that he arrived in germany back in twenty fifteen he had no identification and was clearly according to authorities suffering from mental illness or mental problems he couldn't be deported at that point back to norway his fingerprints were checked they revealed he was that he'd applied for asylum in norway that he'd been rejected
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he could have been sent back immediately he wasn't he missed that deadline and norway effectively said he's your problem right now the federal migration authorities they've said they were overwhelmed by the numbers at that time we're also hearing from the federal prosecutors not in the time he was here in germany was able to self radicalized that he did tended on dying as a martyr in that attack on friday afternoon in a supermarket in hamburg he took a or it's he's the main suspect me only suspect in taking a knife from the display in the supermarket removing the packaging and then launching a brutal attack against a fifty year old man who died at the scene seven of the people were wounded as well it's raising a lot of questions over the what the regulations placed on migrants and knowing just who is where and who has the responsibility to deal with whom. and earlier we spoke to former m i five intelligence officer and he may show he says the rise in
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global terrorist attacks mean europeans are learning to live with a new reality. i think frankly germany was overwhelmed the authorities were overwhelmed and they couldn't keep track the intelligence agencies in germany is facing an uphill battle just trying to keep on top of what is going on in their country and you know there's a correlation there between the the welcoming arms of the german people people to the refugees which was a wonderful thing to do but the correlation between that and the increase in so-called lone wolf wolf attacks not least the the lorry attack in before christmas last year which killed twelve people is amazingly high so i'm sure the debate is going to go on in germany about this people do need to be vigilant and that is the new reality and it's very sad that we have to think like that particularly walking around wondering if there's going to be a lorry or a car plowing into a group of people and again you know there's been many many instances like this that are getting reporting from other countries across europe where people have
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just done that because of road rage or because they're drunk with their driving under the influence or ever but the automatic reflex of all our populations now is that is this a terrorist attack and there's that sort of kneejerk reaction that fear this is being created and that of course at least from an intelligence perspective is the pure definition of terrorism. and meanwhile a suicide bombers targeted a nato convoy in the afghan city of kandahar the nato led mission in the country confirmed the attack and that it had caused casualties a car packed with explosives was driven into the convoy outside kandahar airport which is home to a major military base for international troops no further details about the casualties have been released. well in a recent reports the u.s. government's afghanistan watchdog has warned that the security situation is deteriorating fast with armed clashes between afghan forces and taliban militants it also points out a recent rise in high profile attacks of the document cites figures released by the
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us secretary general in june of this year. well as a watchdogs urged the pentagon to detox to fire reports detailing allegations of child sex abuse by afghan forces but currently whatever's concealed in the potentially sensational report remains a secret as jacqueline to go explains the report was concerned that they gave of sexual abuse of children by members of the afghan security forces because it's classified much of the information on which the sego report is based the report is classified as requested that the declassify the reports so dark secrets will remain secret for now but it's not the first time such allegations of afghan soldiers were raping young boys have surfaced. yeah.
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they don't. believe. it was this is. a show that was there. and that's there there is unfortunately little proof for these crimes available back in two thousand and fourteen human rights groups claimed abusers were often paying bribes to hide their crimes but in two thousand and fifteen reports surfaced that american military personnel were being told to look the other way in order to maintain good relations with afghan units why does this truly explosive information remain classified by the pentagon one possible explanation is the leahy law the process through which u.s. government that's foreign security forces as well as defense training programs to ensure recipients have not committed human rights abuses. in other words break human rights laws and there's no more money and that could prove tricky in
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afghanistan where over the last fifteen years washington's pumped in over seven hundred billion dollars and they're not planning to stop any time soon twenty seventeen is going to be another tough year for the value of afghan security forces and the international troops move good and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder i do believe it will involve additional forces to ensure that we can. make the advise and assist mission more more effective the presence yet to define his afghan policy many hope human rights will trump war. r.t. washington d.c. . well we've discussed the issue with analysts who believe the information is effectively being protected. what we're saying is various abuses various things sometimes just even the lack of success that the united states has inside of afghanistan is something they did american people don't see i think the american people just turned away crying is perpetuated if you don't cover it if you don't
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address those issues it's simply expands the potential for more crimes to be conducted against people and frankly when you see this happen when you see people being abused in theaters around the world and the americans are involved at least in the theater it provides the perception that the americans are responsible for it obviously because we are there is the afghan government. you know this is. true u.s. government all of this. distribution this story was covering up nobody wanted to know that the government doesn't want the u.s. doesn't want. all the rules with these. crimes. and he studies found online searches for methods of suicide have risen sharply following the release of the hit netflix series thirteen reasons why the
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controversial show tells the story of a girl who takes her own life and points the finger at who's to blame but it's generated huge concern among parents and psychologists in new zealand the show was slapped with an eighteen certificate making it for adults only while in austria two school girls trying to kill themselves but their teachers managed to stop them at the last minute reports suggest that the suicide attempts were inspired by thirteen reasons why. hey. can a bakery. settle in because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. more specifically why my life ended. and if you're listening to this tape. you're one of the reasons why. well in the us two families blame the series for driving their children to suicide we spoke to the father of ago who hanged just before his sixteenth birthday he says his daughter suffered from depression and the netflix show pushed her over the edge the show acted.
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like there's a word in psychology it's called a trigger that means that you react to something byrom it and it triggers a response with you it left my daughter. feeling worse than she had before this is not the way it's supposed to be my daughter should be alive today i should be able to hold her in my arms should be able to care for her i should be able to hear her laugh but now i can't she's just gone she's gone from me forever. kind of mope and gauging reaction in new york to the impact of the netflix series. nineteen days after the program was released google searches for suicide related topics increased by more than twenty percent that means roughly nine hundred thousand to one point five million more than usual from phrases like suicide hotline or teen suicide or more worrying phrases like how to kill yourself all of
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them are on the rise i've seen multiple psychiatric admission knows that it details the presenting problem of why the teen is is there being one a couple of times them saying that they wanted to kill themselves in the way that the girl from thirteen reasons why did suicide prevention experts are warning that the show is kind of romanticizing suicide and unhealthy relationships all of which could lead to copycat behavior among teenagers or teenagers who in general are still developing the ability to regulate their emotions and their desires for those teens and especially those who have already perhaps contemplated suicide a series like thirteen reasons why can be problematic let's ask people how concerned they are are you a parent i am a part now how would you allow your son or daughter to watch this this new program with a company of apartments where you know if you put something to somebody's head and
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they already had that thought it might be encouraging but you can't control what people are going to do they might hear it on the street they might hear it in school you know that you never know i mean just because they hear from you doesn't mean it's your fault if you were a parent would you allow your child your children to watch that show i would absolutely because i want them to experience well life is all about the ups the downs the ugly the good all records should show that i reckon that people should be able to handle those types of the space to be honest ok are you a parent. now if you were a parent do you think you would allow your son or daughter to watch that show or have a different view if i was a parent the producers of these shows need to be socially and ethically responsible for what they're putting out and. bare minimum that means that for if it's netflix for example before and after each episode in the series they need to put in places for where they can get help such as the suicide prevention lifeline they need to be doing that at a bare minimum so that if a child vulnerable child gets triggered during the episode that they know where
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they can go to turn for help now netflix says they welcome more research as they prepare the next season but parents are asking themselves is there really enough of a reason that we wouldn't want our children to be exposed to such shows. artsy new york. was kind of mentioned netflix responded to us about the study's findings but also told us the show was intended to promote discussion of a difficult subject however the father we spoke to told us there are other ways to highlight this sensitive issue. i think that there are ways to show it i think that there are ways that that it can be done in a positive note but never in a way that was. like this never in a way that retreat it is such a dark and desperate situation the fact is that netflix does not care what the medical profession has to say they don't care what educators have to say they don't
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even care what parents have to say on netflix cares about is making money from this show is not acceptable and this needs to stop. we still have a voice as consumers or just as citizens we have a voice we do have the power to make change. president trump signed a new sanctions bill against russia more on this after the break. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out. the ticket and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media. voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i. welcome back let's return to our breaking news story president donald trump has signed a new sanctions bill against russia it comes in response to alleged meddling by
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moscow in the u.s. presidential elections and we can now because live to washington correspondent checking the forum this does this come as any surprise. not really technically everyone did expect trump to go ahead and sign this legislation into bill into a bill given how last week the congress did approve them overwhelmingly with the house voting ninety eight to two and the senate four hundred nineteen to three the white house however has had very muddled messages on this front and in fact donald trump just came out with a statement saying that the bill is significantly flawed and hopes that congress were flying from using it to this legislation to hinder his presidential rights and that there are several unconstitutional provisions within this legislation yesterday secretary of state rex tillerson came out again repeating the fact that he and the president were against this bill from the beginning but after the
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landslide votes from congress they really were left with no choice. but the action by the. congress to put these sanctions in place in the way they did another the president nor i are very happy about that we were clear that we didn't think it was going to be helpful to our efforts but that's the decision they made that made it a very overwhelmingly was a president exceptional. so these sanctions hit russia's both their energy and defense sector russia has already reacted reducing america's diplomatic presence in russia by over seven hundred fifty members and also seized two diplomatic properties yesterday secretary tillerson did note that relations between the u.s. and russia are under considerable stress and it's just yet to see what will happen in the future if there is a possibility of coming back from this. yes indeed very got thank you very much
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indeed thank you. and meanwhile the russian defense ministry has rejected claims made by reuters news agency about the number of russian servicemen killed in syria. this is not the first time british news agency royce's has tried to discredit russia's operation to destroy islamic state terrorists and return peace to syria. it is a response to a warder's piece with the tag exclusive what you'll find in that article are claims that the real number of russian servicemen and private contractors killed and moscow's syria campaign in two thousand and seventeen is four times higher at least than the real number given by the russian ministry of defense that is forty against ten the russian army is pointing out the sources used there that is their biggest
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criticism rumors social networks and anonymous relatives accounts apparently the russian military is also very critical of the vagueness when the waters journalists are referring to actual servicemen and some sort of private contractors if you read through that ministry of defense statement you will also see that the russian military is very unhappy with the bias when it comes to the waters coverage of the anti terrorist operations in syria and in iraq one of the most vivid examples is the many differences in the approach that warders took up when covering the liberation of aleppo by syrian government troops assisted by the russian army and also the liberation of mosul by the u.s. led coalition. and if you'd like to know more about that story and any of our of us into a website called i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour. with
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