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tv   Headline News  RT  August 2, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the interim signs approval of a new sanctions bill against russia despite claiming that it's significantly flawed and that it contains clearly unconstitutional provisions. the us condemned the sanctions and is threatening economic retaliate against washington fearing europe's economic interests will be hit. because it would destroy north korea's program and north korea told me that in my face while the united states is preparing for war with north korea that's according to one senator it comes amid rising tensions between washington and pyongyang.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching r.t. international. president donald trump has signed a new sanctions bill against russia or it comes in response to alleged meddling by moscow in the u.s. presidential election. has the story. president trump has rather reluctantly signed this bill into law released a statement saying that while he favors tough measures to deter aggressive behavior by foreign powers the bill is seriously flawed and he only signed it for the sake of national unity the president noted that he expressed concerns from the beginning about a number of points within the legislation but congress included a number of quote clearly unconstitutional provisions and its haste to pass the bill but due to the landslide votes that came out of both the house and the senate last week the president didn't really have a choice but to sign off on the same sions on tuesday secretary of state rex
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tillerson also commented on his and the president's dislike of the new measures but seemed hopeful that russia and the u.s. could move forward despite them and other action by the. congress to put these sanctions in place in the way they do i know the president nor are very happy about that we were clear that we didn't think it was going to be helpful to our efforts but that's the decision they made that made it a very overwhelming was a rose the exception. of these new measures hit russia's energy and defense sector and also affect iran and north korea today a statement from trump ended with the president noting that he can make far better deals with foreign countries than congress but if measures such as these continue to be enacted he may be prevented from doing just that. well the e.u. has been voicing its disapproval with washington's new anti russia sanctions claiming the they could harm the blocs economic interests of the peta oliver has more never anticipated to be populist sanctions and well the bill being signed has
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proved exactly that extremely unpopular amongst the upper echelons here in europe because the simple thing is if you target russia's energy sector then ultimately you're going to end up targeting those businesses that deal with the russian energy sector and supply an important some cases a lot of that energy from russia he it to the european union and we purge from senior figures in the e.u. saying that if this happens in the interests are targeted there will be repercussions we will defend ourselves against an american first industrial policy masquerading as sanctions in any case the law stipulates the u.s. holding preliminary consultations with us europeans before this can happen but we understand that the sanctions were softened somewhat before they went through congress but they haven't been softened and nuff for senior opinion figures young claude younger the e.u. commission president saying that it's if there was any any impact on european
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businesses that there would be a response within days now what type of response is still unknown at the nuclear option could be the one not many people would want to go down would be the implementation of sanctions by the european union on the united states or on u.s. interests but a lot of this comes down to gas and energy supply and the amount that europe relies on russia for that of course it's also raised questions over the reasoning behind these particular sanctions because one of the alternate main supply is could of course be imports of u.s. gas. business leaders and officials have also voiced serious disapproval with what's been perceived as washington ignoring europe's economic interests. it's not excluded that they also follow that they also follow their economic interests. we don't complain about that unless it does not affect our own interests
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but right now it really affects our own interest negatively impact of the searches though it's a very negative form. especially for the energy sector because of the threat of shrinks and especially energy exports from russia. a correspondent joins me the studio now to bring the latest reaction and there has been a development has now been the reaction from russia feel good evening well when it comes to the whole that russia u.s. relations can go back on track it seems that it is the end of the line at least judging from the latest statements by the russian prime minister dmitri medvedev he made three points in his latest facebook post that see it all first of all he's saying that there are no more hopes that the new us administration new u.s.
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administration sorry can do something to restore those relations between moscow and washington to dimitri medvedev is saying that the u.s. is starting a fully fledged trade war with russia and his final third point is that the donald trump and ministration has shown complete impotence and simply lost to the entirety of the u.s. establishment so words come from the establishment isn't just rhetoric though is it tell us about the actual physical countermeasures that have been employed by russia what when this new world of sanctions was initially approved by the congress even before getting that donald trump signature moscow already hit back we know that more than seven hundred fifty u.s. diplomats will have to leave moscow and response to similar actions by the u.s. right now to diplomatic compounds. u.s. will have to give that up in moscow but we understand that more countermeasures can
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still follow that's been warned by the russian foreign ministry if you read through their latest statement but if we look at what this means in the even i should say historic perspective i guess that ever since donald trump replaced obama in the white house u.s. russia relations never really got off that rocky road but at least the arrival of draw had brought some hope and there were moments when we saw a light at the end of the tonal we remember when rex tillerson visited moscow and they discussed syria on further progress and that the many phone calls donald trump had with a lot of our putin and then of course there face to face meeting in hamburg the serious cease fire but by the looks of it now with donald trump putting that signature on the bottom of the sanctions bill and also the very harsh reaction that
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is coming from moscow in particular dimitri medvedev in that facebook post things are getting pretty bad when it comes to moscow and washington ties into the two looking particularly at the moment thanks for bringing us up to speed. well i can continue to discuss this story now we've done kovalchuk he's a human rights and labor lawyer expert is also the all for all of the plot to scapegoat russia how the cia in the deep state can spawn to vilify food to good speech. didn't want to sign this bill particularly if you go by his comments that it is significantly flawed in his opinion so why did he sign it. well clearly he signed it because he has been basically russia baited by the democrats as you know since even before he won the election but that russia baiting has only increased in pitch since he took office and i think he was painted into
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a corner he felt that he had no other choice but to sign that document in terms of the sanctions who do you think will be affected who will be hurt the most by them. well you know in general the people who are hurt the most are your you know. your every day person in russia will be her we know that the sanctions that obama imposed in response to the ukraine crisis is cost russia one point five percent of its g.d.p. . and that is going to you know that. these were impact the g.d.p. even more and again that's going to hurt your everyday russian. it's also going to hurt the iranians you know the sanctions already imposed on russia iran have hurt their economy by twenty percent and really devastated life for average iranians and i think that often gets forgotten when we talk about these types of sanctions tax
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the president said that this bill was clearly unconstitutional do you think he had a point there and if so then is there a constitutional crisis in the system. well first of all let me start with the premise that it's clearly violated international law this sort of measure i believe can only be done by the u.n. security council which of course that was not even attempted and of course the u.s. . under its constitution does accept international law and so in that way it would be unconstitutional i think there's also the question here that congress in passing these sanctions bill which prevents the president from lifting the sanctions has taken away power that the president does have under the constitution for foreign affairs and so in that way it may also be unconstitutional in previous sanctions
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against russia the u.s. and e.u. of of move together in unison not based on that it could even be retaliatory actions coming from europe why didn't the u.s. listen to them on this. well again i think that the russian. foreign ministry has. suggested and i think it's correct that this may have more to do with economic maneuvering in the guise of sanctions in the sense that i think the u.s. powerful sectors of the u.s. economy in the oil and national gas markets would like to muscle their way into the european market and so this the sanctions are a way for them to be able to do that and i think that is what's going on here where is this road going to lead we would have the russian response are we going to see yet more sanctions where we're heading. well i'm afraid that this could
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escalate you know i mean when you threaten a country's economic well being is the u.s. is doing to russia and to iran answer north korea. there will be countermeasures and then there will be counter countermeasures and i fear that this could escalate in some way into some sort of military conflict between the us and one or more of these other countries i think it's a very dangerous situation that is being set at this moment is there any way back could any of this be reversed that this this point over the past the point of no return now. well obviously there's always a chance to pull things back but again the way these sanctions were sanctions bill was passed it was passed in a way that the president could not on his own
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a lift the sanctions in the future you would actually have to repeal this law which is a very hard thing to do especially in a congress that has a hard time passing any legislation so i have a very pessimistic view as to whether this can all be walked back at this point down appreciate you coming on giving as you have used on kovalchuk is my guest human rights lawyer. meanwhile the united states has carried out another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that's in the pacific ocean it's the second in less than a week and it comes to mid rising tensions with north korea while the secretary of state says that washington won't tell i log of all signs a military option could be in the offing. we do not seek an excuse to send our military north of the thirty eighth parallel we're trying to convey to the north koreans we are not your enemy we're not your threat every military expert says there is no good military option they're wrong. to destroy north korea's
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program in north korea itself he's not going to president the ability of this madman to have a missile that hit america if there's going to be a war to stop and it will be over there thousands die they're going to die over there and they're not going to die here and he's told me that my face may be provocative but i really don't judge politicians by what they say judge them by what they do and by all appearances donald trump is ready for war he's seen the pentagon's plans for north korea and the likelihood they've already selected a battle plan is are in motion and what senator lindsey graham has said only goes to reinforce that if millions have to die then so be it are you saying it's ok to use a military option that immediately endangers the lives of millions of people in that region. north korea changes if you have any doubts that the u.s.
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is preparing for war take a look at what's happening on the ground on the korean peninsula u.s. troops ships jets forces are arriving there in a ceaseless stream and see me sell shields up blanketing the airspace there are endless simulations war games exercises this isn't about scaring north korea no this is about putting all the pieces in place so when the final go order comes they're ready to move trump the rule promised to deal with north korea aegis didn't say how. we're going to be able to. it will be handled we handle everything oh they aren't barbarians they won't rush into a war where potentially millions of people are going to die in the first few days
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alone. you have rex tillerson the secretary of state running around talking about diplomacy negotiations talks and sanctions a diplomatic effort to dissuade north korea and to stop its nuclear program. unclear whether he himself believes that's possible a breakthrough now when it hasn't happened in decades. the national weather service in mount holly wood he has issued a special memory warning for upper delaware being until five fifteen am for fourteen pm a strong thunderstorm was located near crossness light moving northeast at twenty knots answered thirty four knots
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a greeter at mohill source there indicated impact small craft could be damaged in briefly higher we certainly higher waves locations impacted four task beach breeze ship joins you like often it's light in power's beach move to safe harbor until hazardous weather passes. cleared war and we kill a lot of people killed koreans kill a lot of americans are killed but we stayed there so the option that we ought to put on the table is what we just get out of there let the koreans deal with it we're hearing the same type of war propaganda and that feeds into the people who make a lot of money off a war not only the people who sell weapons but also the people who gather up the oil and the natural resources so it's a bad struggle is very dangerous but i think we could have a foreign policy if it were designed more for non intervention that we could
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contribute to a more peaceful world. ukrainian journalist who has been a vocal critic of his country's authorities has been arrested on charges of treason and terrorism russia has slammed the move claiming that it is part of an effort by kiev to silence the opposition media aunties and many see reports. ukrainian journalist visit a more of its you has been arrested and detained and being investigated for treason by the security services for articles and blogs that he's posted between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and sixteen and these articles and blogs are apparently critical of ukrainian government and after searching his flat the cranium security services claim that they found evidence of this he has been paid by so-called russian administrators to publish such material at the same time or a visit is being investigated for terrorism but really more of this case is far from the first example of what some would call the ukraine's continued crackdown on
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anti-government journalists this website called mirror to read which is translated as peacekeeper this one says launched back in two thousand and fourteen last year they cost global outrage when they published a list of four thousand journalists and media staff accused him of being enemies of ukraine and collaborating with terrorists for their reporting on eastern ukraine critics have this one narrative of rats as a witch hunt website but going back to more of this case well a lot of journalists around the world as well as human rights organizations have raised concerns over his case as well as the issue of press freedom in ukraine. the news media platform says it's outrageous that the ignoring suppression of media freedom in the country it's false and it's appalling but it's not surprising this ukrainian regime does all of the things western governments tend to criticize sometimes frequently frankly without evidence in many other places and so when we see journalists arrested for charges that are totally outlandish and void every
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convention of european international law it really ought to embarrass the politicians in the european union who want to drag this neal fascist regime into brussels except that they don't because they called for the bill because for getting the war crimes or getting the. crimes against journalists for getting the total lack of free speech and the e.u. doesn't want that millstone around its neck. a new study has found online searches for methods of suicide of risen and sharply following the release of the hit netflix series thirteen reasons why the controversial show tells the story of a girl who takes her own life and then points the finger at who's to blame but it's generated huge concern among parents and psychologists in new zealand the show was slapped with an eighteen city forget making it fit for adults only while in austria
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two schoolgirls there tried to kill themselves but their teachers managed to stop them at the last minute report suggests that the suicide attempts were inspired by thirteen reasons why. they attacked. can take are. settling because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. my specifically why my life ended. and if you're listening to this tape. you're one of the reasons why in the united states two families blame that series for driving their children to suicide we spoke to the father of a girl who hanged herself just before her sixteenth birthday he says that his daughter suffered from depression and the netflix show pushed her over the edge. this show acted. like there's a word in psychology it's called a trigger that means that you react to something in your environment and it
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triggers a response within you it left my daughter. feeling worse than she had before this is not the way it's supposed to be my daughter should be alive today i should be able to hold her in my arms should be able to care for her i should be able to hear her laugh but now i can't she's just gone she's gone from me forever. in the reaction in new york to the impact of the netflix series. nineteen days after the program was released google searches for suicide related topics increased by more than twenty percent that means roughly nine hundred thousand to one point five million more than usual from phrases like suicide hotline or teen suicide or more worrying phrases like how to kill yourself all of them are on the rise i've seen multiple psychiatric admission knows that it details the presenting problem of why the teen is is there being one
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a couple of times them saying that they want to kill themselves in the way that the girl from thirteen reasons why did suicide prevention experts are warning that the show is kind of romanticizing suicide and unhealthy relationships all of which could lead to copycat behavior among teenagers or teenagers who in general are still developing the ability to regulate their emotions and their desires for those teens and especially those who have already perhaps contemplated suicide a series like thirteen reasons why can be problematic let's ask people how concerned they are are you a parent i am a part now would you allow your son or daughter to watch this this new program with a company of apartments where you know if you put something to somebody's head and they already had that thought it might be encouraging but you can't control what people are going to do they might hear it on the street they might hear it in school you know that you never know i mean just because they hear from you doesn't mean it's your fault if you were
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a parent would you allow your child your children to watch that show i would absolutely because i want them to experience well life is all about the ups the downs the ugly the good all records should show that i reckon that people should be able to and all. those types of the space to be honest ok are you a parent. now if you were a parent do you think you would allow your son or daughter to watch that show or have a different view if i was a parent the producers of these shows need to be socially and ethically responsible for what they're putting out and. bare minimum that means that for if it's netflix for example before and after each episode in the series they need to put places for where they can get help such as the suicide prevention lifeline they need to be doing that at a bare minimum so that if a child vulnerable child gets triggered during the episode that they know where they can go to turn for help now netflix says they welcome more research as they prepare the next season but parents are asking themselves is there really enough of
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a reason that we wouldn't want our children to be exposed to such shows. r.t. new york. and this kind of mention that netflix responded to is about the study's findings it also told us the show was intended to promote discussion of a difficult subject over the father that we spoke to told us there are other ways to highlight this sensitive issue i think that there are ways to show it i think that there are ways that that it can be done in a positive note but never in a way that was. like this never in a way that protrudes it such a dark and desperate situation the fact is that netflix does not care what the medical profession has to say they don't care what educators have to say they don't even care what parents have to say on netflix cares about is making money from this show is not acceptable and this needs to stop. we still have
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a voice as consumers are just as citizens we have a voice and we do have power to make change. ok thanks for staying with us here on r.t. international from me for this evening did us all for a mole was here in this studio because we're going to have a break now and shed menton and to just fine tune some technical issues don't forget you can always stay in touch with the latest news by checking us out on facebook on twitter or just head to our web site that's called a live broadcast will be back up and running as usual tomorrow at ten am moscow time. you can. import healthcare from china it's all very local you have the case of.
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price gouging by monopolists in america and as a result people south us declining life expectancy is falling childbirth increasing because of these were not pleased with the lack of competition. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us especially with the long awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know the really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t americans do the same we are apparently better than too fast. to see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail.
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