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tv   Headline News  RT  August 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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headlines on the international. new sanctions targeting russia saying that the. clearly unconstitutional provisions of the new sanctions hinge not only u.s. russia relations but also pose a threat to washington's ties to europe. businesses. deescalation zone is about to come into effect in syria the moderate rebels committing to.
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welcome to the program here on the international we have. donald trump has signed a new sanctions bill targeting russia however the american leader branded the restrictions as flawed and signaled that he was reluctant to approve them. i favor tough measures to punish and deter. and the stupid lies in behavior by iran north korea and russia this legislation is significant you fool it's haste to post this legislation the congress included a number of clearly i'm constitutional provisions a number of provisions purports to displace the president's exclusive constitutional authority and those comments live a lot of questions and the way the president states that even though he stands for legislation that's unconstitutional he signed off on it as president trump swore an
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oath to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states but he seems to be openly doing the opposite upon approving the sanction this bill of course is it is a terrible bill. it benefits the people of no contrary not the united states not germany not all three or in a way not russia not syria not not any of the people is the constitutional crisis our government is set up to where there are three branches that constantly struggle one against the other. so that in itself is not totally unexpected but i do believe that these side shows are out of heaping with the traditions of the united states and how our government functions but what looks like a constitutional crisis brewing in the u.s. that is not the only problem trump is facing sanctions that hit russia's energy and
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defense sector are infuriating america's partners in europe those who work with moscow and those areas so these things can seem to be leaving hardly anyone happy trumps being forced to go against its constitutional beliefs yes washable ations take it further head america's closest european allies go on the defensive to counter what they see as measures potentially in violation of international. statement i made with the president claiming that he could make far better deals with foreign countries than congress but with measures such as these being passed he may be prevented from doing just that. washington d.c. one way congress can check the deal making potential is by stopping him from lifting restrictions the new law requires the president to obtain congressional approval for any such move moscow says the new sanctions do any possible progress in already poor relations between the u.s. and russia correspondent brings us the russian reaction. so when it comes to the
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hopes that russia u.s. ties could go back on track it looks like we have reached the end of the line here at least judging by the three points that were made by the russian prime minister dmitri medvedev first there is no hope for any improvement of our relations with the new american administration second the total trade war has been declared on russia the trumpet ministration has demonstrated complete impotence and the good of all executive power to congress in the most humiliating way this changes the political balance of power in the us what does it mean for them the american establishment has definitively beaten trump when the u.s. congress initially approved a new round of sanctions even without the signature by donald trump moscow already head back we know that more than seven hundred fifty american diplomats will have to leave moscow and also in retaliation to similar measures by the u.s. government american diplomatic property in moscow has been seized but perhaps
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new measures could still be following and that warning has already been received you can read through the latest statement by the russian foreign ministry but if you look at the effects of all that i guess it is fair to say even in a historic perspective when donald trump replaced barak obama in the white house the u.s. russia relations never really got off that rocky road but yes there have been some moments when the arrival of donald trump brought some hopes we've seen some moments when there was light at the end of the tunnel we were a member of the rex tillerson visits to moscow then of course the many phone conversations between donald trump and vladimir putin and finally their face to face meeting in a hamburg of course that resulted in the syria cease fire agreement but with the
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latest developments with that donald trump signature and with the very strong response that we saw from the russian prime minister dmitry medvedev it looks like at the end of the day things are getting pretty bad. and a former u.s. congressman and former presidential candidate polled believe the new sanctions are a big mistake and old players i don't think on the long run this benefit i don't think it benefits america certainly doesn't benefit you know peace in the world between europe and russia so i think it's a terrible thing to have happen but there are some those who koch qualified to be her participants in the deep state they are determined they are determined almost obsessed with making sure that there is no friendship between the united states and russia between putin and trump i think that is tragic you know even when the russian the soviet union existed we actually were quite willing you know when
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necessary to talk and work out some problems and i won the project of the new sanctions target is the north stream two pipeline this is due to start pumping gas from russia to europe in twenty nineteen it is regarded by europe as key to its energy needs more of a european have invested some five billion euros in this project now the new sanctions are regarded by some in europe as an intrusion into in tunnel of us and some european officials furious hater all of the reports. these were never anticipated to be populist sanctions and well the bill being signed has proved exactly that extremely unpopular amongst the upper echelons here in europe because the simple thing is if you target russia's energy sector then ultimately you're going to end up targeting those businesses that deal with the russian energy sector and supply an important some cases a lot of that energy from russia he it to the european union and we purge from
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senior figures in the e.u. saying that if this happens in the interests are targeted there will be repercussions we will defend ourselves against an american first industrial policy masquerading as sanctions in any case the law stipulates the u.s. holding preliminary consultations with us europeans before this can happen we understand that the sanctions were softened somewhat before they went through congress but they haven't been softened and nuff for senior opinion figures young claude young the e.u. commission president saying that it's if there was any any impact on european businesses that there would be a response within days now what type of response is still unknown at the nuclear option could be the one not many people would want to go down would be the implementation of sanctions by the european union on the united states or on u.s. interests but a lot of this comes down to gas and energy supply and the amount that europe relies
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on russia for that of course it's also raised questions over the reasoning behind these particular sanctions because one of the alternate main supply is could of course be imports of u.s. gas are we now are joined by paul gunter of american businessmen and member of several russian border thanks for coming and joining us here in our international the studio today discussing all this and see russia sanctions are also to iran and north korea and so on and so forth trump himself called this bill significantly from. that's the case why did he sign it good question it's really an internal american affair. i'm sure you have his reasons you have his hands tied probably you're dead if you do need it if you don't some other sort of thing he was catering to the american public that they want they wanted to see him sign these sanctions well if that's the case it's a very statement of affairs of what is america sort of underlines an intolerance
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and a lack of desire to get at what the truth is in fact. what about the reaction we're getting reaction from some european leaders there's been reaction of anger frustration some even discuss discussing the preparation of counter sanctions against america why is your up so i want to happy with these and russia sanctions well again america is the band leader what's good for america it's do it our way or take the highway you know the world is much more multifaceted than just the view out of the beltway there's needs desires and. a perception of the future europeans that differ from america some might hurt some people saying that some of these sanctions are actually technically internationally illegal using sanctions as a political tool to further the u.s. energy industry is that accurate that has been served. if one thinks look at the
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blue to euro and some of the principles that are embodied in the world trade organization what we've seen since twenty fourteen is really counter to the spirit of free trade which i don't think we've ever really seen and when it comes to european investment for example the nord stream to a pipeline supposed to be pumping russian gas into europe within the next year old to austria italy france some of these countries have invested billions into the north stream too and now we understand that america in effect is saying don't buy russian gas you have to buy american l.p.g. gas is that right. that's one interpretation the other again is the perception of the ukraine situation but if you look historically all the times the valves have been turned on and off it's been by ukraine and suspension we've been holding your a pos the judge for higher rates for throughput of gas so directly from russia to a germany or to europe makes much more sense because it's business it's not
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politics who which is these sanctions the most they're going to affect russia iran china or even trump himself all of the above all of the above and more. we have left the era of even trying to trust there is a demonization of. intolerance but what about trump in office some people are saying that trump is under attack from all sides as these days are up and up in the white house is this how it's going to be for the next three years at least i hope not but i think that's what the cases look he was voted in to be someone different not to be a republican a democrat to be an american. to safeguard american interests not necessarily our interests in the persian gulf or in iceland or whatever in the u.s. this sounds i have been tied now trump was claiming throughout his campaign that he would be the deal maker here be the one calling the shots from the white house yet
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it seems that perhaps congress has has other ideas if you think it's going to be a frustrating time for the new american president yeah and if you look back during the obama administration it's a very similar situation it's a frozen government and that as an american i find that to be incredibly. it's a tragic state of affairs and with these and see russia sanctions and pointing in other countries as well the iran and china and so on there's a lot of talk about energy here using sanctions as a tool to achieve certain energy purposes here and before you and i came into the studio we had a quick mention about the petro dollar and you said to me that the petro dollar is on its way out well it's not going to happen tomorrow but the now there are deals between china and other suppliers in the persian gulf where the uighur rim in b. is being used where russia is accepting rubles for payment of crude export of gas
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so you know. the times when nixon won to saudi arabia and agreed with opec that this is the going to be dollar traded in exchange for water a number of defense for that part of the world water to safeguard american oil import interests will do strange. that we're no longer entirely dependent on oil in the middle east with sheryl oil and the states america's and other export. things change things change and so on some people say always follow the money if you study economics and politics. you know there's always money somewhere back there in the reason even her coop who are all so sure the. american businessman member of several russian boards a great pleasure thanks for joining us here on r.t. welcome. thank you for joining us as well in the meantime a new study into which country people feel most has found an answer that might
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surprise some research the researchers surveyed forty two thousand people across thirty eight countries and what had caused the as the story. of the world is a frightening place disasters war is terror and paul that seem make us a fearful people but fear can be measured who would you say people are most afraid of the usual suspects. who cheated but no none of the people in the thirty eight countries that polled feel most threatened by the united states this is pew research one of the most respected pollsters in the world doesn't seem to know it's doesn't
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seem that stable at the moment if it's a world war two the i do understand why they perceive the united states as well i guess this has to do with the tone of our political change and that doesn't surprise me it's very disturbing it's concerning it's scary sort of our image now a lot lot more anger towards us and within us i mean i guess that makes me feel better meaning that we have a strong military someone said it's better to be here than love so it's an old story big bad america big bad russia china we've heard before what's striking here is that it isn't a merry. because enemies that increasingly view it as a chief threat its washington's friends canadians for example now see the united states as more of a threat than either russia or china there is outright animosity within nato and among allies turkey south korea japan spain greece and
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germany will view washington as the most threatening state in the world that's as many as seventy two percent of respondents how's that for friends in europe you have. at least some understanding of the united states behaves in the world that you do not have in the united states you have germany now opposing u.s. sanctions on russia you have the public this is not the german government this is the german public this is not the swedish government this is the swedish public so you have people who are opposed to war opposed to militarism opposed to nato expansion of post to us bases in germany expressing their viewpoint and that's you know not typically in news in europe and especially not in the united states. you know you could say that over the last four years trump. helped make america
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great again or at least a great. well thanks for joining us here not international so far for the program today a new deescalation zone in syria will soon come into effect. joining us live. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the. early show i go out of my way to. the really. the john oliver of party america is doing the same. apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of redacted the night president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail. what politicians do something to. put
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themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be this is what before three of the people. i'm interested in the water. could have you with us for the program today to syria now where a new deescalation zone is about to come into full that's according to russia's defense ministry. but a little bit about it was according to the agreement today on the third of august
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starting from midday local time moderate opposition forces as well as government troops will cease fire from all types of weapons. joining us live with more details on this new deescalation zinedine so what does it mean for syria. well this latest the escalation zone is the result of intensive talks in asked the other. and also incorrigible for deescalation zones discussed in total two are already in operation in southern syria this is the third one put in place it encompasses around eighty seven towns and villages in those areas of syria one hundred forty thousand people living there so a very substantial progress indeed now while the ceasefire covers effectively all sides and all weapons as we mentioned just there of course. exempt from both internationally recognized terrorist organizations and will be fair game for parties as always the rebels the moderate rebels in these areas they will be tossed
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with actually pushing them out as a general question cough said let's take a listen. to what is this. according to the agreement the moderate opposition assumes responsibility for pushing eisel and really it's out of the areas it controls. not only has russia played a key role in the negotiating table bridging these very major differences between these opposing sides that are all on the ground russian military police will be observing the cease fire really closely they'll be separating the warring parties as well as controlling some crossings and checkpoints that also have a very important humanitarian role in making sure humanitarian aid medicine etc gets through to the areas where it's needed and facilitating the evacuation of wounded civilians they will also have the chance to be treated in russian field hospitals in the area to ensure they get the treatment they very much need now the opposition has also agreed to open
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a key road between holmes and how my two major cities which was previously a stumbling block in those negotiations in total allowed there's over two thousand two thousand and ninety five in total to be precise towns and villages covered by these deescalation zones when the fourth one comes into play there will be even more so very much substantial progress here in facilitating a cease fire and what's been some very difficult negotiations on these opposing sides all right i know thanks for that. a journalist who worked with r.t. arabic became one of the latest casualties of the war in syria. died last week in shelling near homs province while filming a story on the syrian army's operations against islamic state we can now bring you his final report and the testimony of his dedication to shutting light on the horrors of war as told by his camera about who was also caught up in the crossfire . do you see this ridge built on the left no the big one this round see if it means
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we're filming. oh. we came to the eastern countryside of homes called beggarly a with the army it was a place of direct confrontation with i still as we arrived the army was ordered to deal with the terrorist forces facing us the first show hits i still fight is then another one was fired shortly. after the second show i'm not really sure whether i still fired a missile or a more tough but it was quite accurate hits a group of people khalid was there and the brigadier who was killed and the driver who was with us and is still in hospital was critically wounded we tried to do our best to help each other by all means and those who were not injured took us in pickup trucks to an ambulance on the road we didn't exactly know what happened at
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that cal it was dead we were praying for him not to die hoping his injuries weren't serious. i had known him for a long time but it felt as if i knew him for more than ten years and his personality he was gallant and courageous he had many plans and desperations for the future he wants to do something for his country. an explosion and i mean nation depot in abkhazia has left two people dead and around sixty injured. dead found only after the fire had been extinguished a search was launched after three russian nationals were reported missing it's been confirmed that the two dead were among the missing russians one of whom still has yet to be found a twenty seven of the injured are also russian nationals. more if you're well but headlines about.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you've never heard of love redacted
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tonight president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. with cole make this manufactured sentenced to public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one. making the whole middle of the room sick.
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my. goal. was a bit of cut a lot of b.s. to study well at the kind of mushy finality and i don't want to let the your talk about how much more i'd let her be honest and the half of the fish emily i shall get a letter i learned to whom i had that that that's not to be a story. so it's not so much so much so that. he. was before this was useful to you but the law to be sure he doesn't feel that. they've been released and until we documented sentencing we don't want to do with it if you are moving the body is for your friend just obviously i told you.
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i learned what had. the popular which was not have you sit up yes it's b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that i wish i had that would be when i say that i love the idea i came i thought the human is more out of that have you done with an a ha. i don't mean. but these are a little how do you have. thought how do you. have a better feel comfy method i know if i can i'll let me off well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm going to feel we'll sort it out then said. can was off with len for the betterment of the whole to. be the full measure.
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of another bit of confusion with a good deal. of us of all your love. of your corps left us a little on the small. a saudi and. families. around here and also he was a he had to have moved multiple injuries among ten have to sell them that keeps a few. shells e.l.o. here marzano. and if you can be a political philosopher see say you also. get them to step aside for the. if you howard.


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