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tv   The Big Picture  RT  August 3, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like we're back it's a night is where attack. oh i'm telling hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture that monsanto collude with journalists to mislead the public about its weed killer roundup shocking new documents suggest it may have more on that with america's lawyer might happen tonio
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in just a moment and special prosecutor robert mueller has reportedly in an old a grand jury in the trump russia investigation if this is the kind of scandal we get with an oligarchy in the white house why would anyone want another plutocrat say mark zuckerberg to take his place as dave mccullough and i see a pool and its big picture. monsanto appears to have been caught red handed series of documents released earlier this week as part of a lawsuit show that the company has been colluding with both journalists and government scientists to spread positive misinformation about its weed killer round up which can sainz glyphosate a chemical that the e.u. says causes cancer for more on this big big story i'm joined by mike patton tonio host of america's lawyer right here on our t.v. host of ring of fire radio app is also the author of the new legal the legal
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thriller law and disorder and its forthcoming sequel law and vengeance which is due out in september after welcome back. some good to be here great to have you with us pat tell us more about what these documents exactly say or show. they're amazing there's no question that these documents show that munn santa was actively working with scientists journalist and people directly being paid by the e.p.a. and working for the e.p.a. at the time to undermine the science showing that roundup was clearly linked to cancer is like lymphoma other very clear communications between people of months in the scientist and the journalist where they tried to find ways and actually had a journalist if you can imagine pimping this story to find ways to discredit specific scientific papers showing a link between roundup in cancer they go out and they hire journalists who will
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write anything that they want for the right price they go out and they hire scientists that will say anything they usually get him from universities pay him three hundred thousand dollars ask him to write a paper ask him to tweak the science a little bit they also talked about suppressing information that talked about this link and promoting their own faulty studies that were totally flawed they were totally incomplete they were totally fraudulent they were nothing but phony material at some point in one of the documents one of the months on his own scientists says that it's impossible this is their own scientists it's impossible to claim that round doesn't cause cancer because the tests that the company ran only used a tiny amount of life to say well below the actual active ingredient levels we see we see them doing this type of thing companies pharmaceutical companies do this all the time chemical companies do this all the time so the study should have been
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dismissed from the very outset instead monsanto wanted to push that story without ever letting the e.p.a. know that it was completely bogus but that doesn't let the e.p.a. off the hook tom the e.p.a. had all kinds of information suggesting that they knew there was a quick met effect in the eighty's the e.p.a. declares. glasses say it will cause cancer they it's their own words and then six years later they change it out as some fantasy argument that gee maybe we got it wrong incredible story this story is a remarkable story tome how did how did they get away with this all this time i mean this is not life if it is not a new product. how did this happen. well money talks that's the simple answer listen this is monsanto has captured the leadership of the democratic party i mean to you i know you follow that story with hillary clinton's relationship to the to the company and. really
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a big part of the of the democratic leadership where actually had this very cozy relationship with monsanto sort of the republicans i don't i don't mean to say it was just the democrats but usually we think of the democrats trying to protect our interests this is just the opposite that this is a company that clued with government agency to hide scientific findings that should absolutely be illegal but the part of the story that rarely garners any coverage is that it is illegal and it looked the d.o.j. has these facts the d.o.j. could have could it could have issued subpoenas they could have issued indictments in this case and you watch they won't do it they may get a slap on the wrist in the form of a fine but that's about all this going to happen in months and in this situation we've seen it again and again and again we've seen it with g m o's we've seen it now the only reason g.m. owes it ever had to be invented was because of because of the round up glyphosate
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issue so this story again if you take a look at the coverage that corporate media his getting has given this story it's almost nonexistent is a matter of fact corporate media has tried to spin this story to point out the better angles about why monsanto might have been right in gee whiz maybe they just missed it and oh golly gosh maybe they should have done more sun to more scientific studies but they just what we needed that we needed this product so badly you don't even need this product that's the interesting thing about the story too well apropos of the product you know for people who may not know what roundup is or what life is it is you want to give us a just a short summary of what this product what this chemical is where it came from how long it's been in the market how it's been marketed what what the uses of it are that sort of thing. yeah glyphosate let me put it in perspective you can take you can mix vinegar with soap suds and put it on put it on weeds and
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it will kill the weed just as well as glyphosate will but again what we saw was we saw the industry inventing a need ok inventing a need and all of a sudden we have to do it there was a time in the in the united states or in fact around the world where there was this chemical revolution where we're going to solve everybody's problems with these new inventions these new chemicals this is one of those this is one of those chemicals not that there wasn't anything there that would have done the same thing glad to say did you can you can google right now and you will find at least two or three things that are completely safe that will accomplish the same thing that roundup will and these documents help to paint a very clear picture that monsanto understood that there were very clear alternatives and they understood the dangers of their own product otherwise tom if you think about it why would they why would they have gone to extreme lengths to
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try to undermine the science you realize when we do this story and it's posted on the post on the internet what we're going to find is we're going to find trolls that are actually hired by monsanto to discredit this story they've got a whole network of trolls that they've found doing this day to day and so after we post this story you're going to find these trolls existing with their comments underneath the story and so we already knew long before these documents came out before they became public that monsanto had created what they called the glyphosate task force which was just a propaganda wing whose sole purpose was to question the scientific links between roundup in cancer now they did that at a very high level to begin with they actually tried to influence universities they tried to influence a science. they try to influence corporate media by paying more money to corporate media for advertising dollars that's one way they did it and then threaten
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corporate media by saying gee whiz if you write a bad story about us we're going to we're going to sue you well there was nothing to sue about i mean it was would be a ridiculous lawsuit but they they knew the scientific links between round up and cancer and so these latest documents are really just an extension of this information campaign that we've known about for a very long time and as a matter of fact the new extension of that misinformation can fade campaign is to have these trolls i'm not kidding you trolls that monsanto pays for to go in to go to sites like we'll have up and go to stories like this and discredit the site or discredit the story call me you know misrepresenting the truth well you can't say that anymore because the documents show exactly what the truth is as a matter of fact go to levon go to go to the website of levon pap and tonio we're going to have these documents posted on that website and i invite monsanto to go read them again before you send your troll before they send their trolls out to say
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this stuff just isn't true wow i had a scientist and she was not a biological sciences person i think she was a mathematician or maybe engineer but she had done the epidemiology and came to the conclusion and is very controversial that monsanto i mean according to. life to say that it doesn't disrupt the metabolic processes of animals it does it plants and although it may cause cancer to animals this kind of a different thing but but it but it disrupts bacteria as well as plants and she was positing that it's just straw and it's just dropped in the bacteria in the gut and particularly in mom's gut when she's pregnant which might then dysregulation. the body in a way that can even produce autism did you come across any evidence of any of that sort of thing. oh yeah absolutely the short list is also in the short list in
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connection to this to say are the possibilities of alzheimer's disease autism birth defects a.l.'s parkinson's disease. it just goes on forever breast cancer but this is not new material look i'm going to be trying a lawsuit against full disclosure i'm going to be trying a lawsuit against this case down in st louis probably within the next eighteen months and these documents are going to be documents that they have to answer in court and you know what this is just the tip of the iceberg what we're going to find out is we're going to find documents that it was overwhelmingly clear because we see it every time we go to trial with a with the corporate thug like this this trying to cover things up and trying to keep the truth from the from the public we find it we don't sometimes sometimes it doesn't come from them it comes from other agencies that don't destroy documents don't shred documents it comes from other agencies that have possession of these
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documents so we go in through the back door to get this and we've we've already started that in the stuff we're finding right now is remarkable the tele these documents are only the tip of the iceberg tom you know it's remarkable and just we have just about a little less than a minute left. monsanto also manufacturers jim o's do they not i mean they modify seeds so that they can tolerate a life to say is there a problem with the g.m.o. as well or is that a completely separate issue. well there let me say their attorneys not so much in the united states there are attorneys in the u.s. looking at the g.m.o. issue but primarily we're seeing that come out of europe and asia where you have them asking serious questions about the g m o's look here it is trends follow companies just like a trend follows a person trends follow companies trends of coverup trends of deception trends that we're seeing right like we're seeing firsthand with life is that those same kind of
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trends we have to ask ourself any time it's represented to us that everything's safe on this company we have to really ask some serious questions to my pappa tonio thank you. thank you great having you with this by the way for all you mystery fans out there be sure to check out perhaps forthcoming legal thriller law and vengeance out in september coming up facebook founder mark zuckerberg is behaving like he wants to run for president but do we really want another oligarchy in the white house the last day of a call and isaiah poole in tonight's big picture panel right after this break. there's a real irony going. to play a responsible people and that's always well that's what that's always the next three. wholesale surveillance c.c.l.
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you have all meanwhile those who intend to do so since the instructor has used to sell stuff you. know there's garbage real. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell me you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting
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a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. you should. put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject. so when you want to express. some want to be rich. to do it for us that's what. you get. interested in the way. i should. so like a valley has given us the personal computer the i phone and the gig economy could
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also give us our next president and if so is that really what's best for the country that's tonight's big picture pail. with me for tonight's big picture panel are dave mccall a partner capital media partners and i say a poll communications director at people's action thank you both for being with us tonight it's not very good started in a move that has virtually everyone thinking presidential run facebook founder and c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has hired pollster joel benenson the chief strategist for hillary clinton's presidential campaign to work as a consultant for his personal philanthropies zuckerberg recently hired former obama campaign manager david fluff to work at that same charity as october has also been traveling across the country in recent months to talk to average americans so the question do we really need another oligarchy presidential candidate i mean just the scandals the financial connections of trump have given us have been just mind
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boggling well i would say flat no. no more billionaires no more oligarchy no more billion there is no more oligarchy. mark zuckerberg is not what we call a real person. we we all like facebook we all get a lot of joy out of that service but that's where you know he did that we actually have a big problem in that space with facebook amazon google they control so much of the economy now that you know we really ought to be looking at asking serious questions about whether we ought to rein these companies in somehow. i don't know all of the answers but having the creator of facebook as president of the united states will not get us to answering those serious questions about the power of these corporation europeans are talking antitrust actions against at least one of them you know please see my big question
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would be about whether i've been all dark successful or rich or whatever it is it's about the media i mean facebook itself is a platform for people to be able to say whatever it is they want to say offensive or not and for him to potentially have access to the controls to to figure out what you're going to see what you're going to see what you're not going to see that's a bigger question i think that's a really good point it is a good question and that was huge in the last election and now that we know now that we're looking back on it we see that the company the robber mercer have you know who the billionaire who is funding trump he had some sort of a data operation or his daughter did rebecca did. that was like doing a deep dive into the into the facebook day i think it was the facebook data might have been somebody else was doing this but but. both sides but particularly effectively on the republican side they were getting psychographic information about people based on what they like to what they didn't like on the pictures that they clicked on and things them and then using that to advertise to them in full disclosure this is what i do a lot of for a living i do
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a lot of guys in on facebook i know how it works i know how it doesn't work and i know how you can you can target things that certain people get and how granular is it it's kind of scared to be honest really and really is an example so i can take for instance i could take email addresses or phone numbers or address of people actually like real address. people and i go after i can specifically go and look at you based on research that maybe someone provides me some of reminds me a little affirmation about what they're what their magazines are that they subscribe to or polling data then we can do different ads based on different we know about the right so you can develop fifty different ads for the same candidate one leans toward people who are angry one leads toward people who are happy one leans toward people who are freaked out this is not on the left in the right and everyone in between is the nonprofit organization this is this is really advanced technology that people are going to bend it's nothing new but it is scary what you can do some is ever ties and that's why we ought to be asking serious questions about public policy in this sphere. you mentioned that you trust and i know that
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the washington post profiled a woman whose whose name i can't remember but steven pearlstein wrote a very lengthy profile in the washington post about a legal expert who is now raise some very provocative questions about how add truslow deeds to come into the twenty first century to ask serious questions about how these powers are used they can be used for good but they can also be used for ill you know this is this is a and finally just to wrap this topic up a grand jury was impaneled today in the trump russia investigations and you know it's got to have trumped freaked out but it seems to me that much of what you know what's there to the extent that we know what's there with regard to trump is probably tied up in his taxes his finances you know whether it's with russian oligarchs or whether it's with american billionaires or whether it's you know running scams and some in the philippines you know he's got a trump otel to charity every but i you know i was also curious about what role
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russia played in our election that's all i want to know that's you know what definitely what i want to know it would be nice to have an impending independent nonpartisan investigation of that but the point i'm making is that you know billionaires have tangled finances and those tangled finances. not always pretty in fact i would say probably with most billionaires they're really not pretty which isn't is that another reason not to have another billionaire running for president we'll see what he has the soon we'll see what platform is because all we know at this moment is he's hired some pollsters he's hired some pure clearly hired some p.r. people to spin this into a talking average americans when we run the d.n.c. we really need you know the ethics laws that were supposed to be of place to prove you know to separate private interests from public interest really need to have come into play under trump and they really need to serve as a barrier for the next person who comes in in line who wants to in tangle his private interests in the public sphere and it's up to the people because the voters
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and the owners are the ones who voted in there although the people can be can be yours if you later i think they're very go there that's the problem over the next two days the thirty five hundred mostly black employees at the nissan factory in canton mississippi will vote to decide whether or not they're going to join the united auto workers that election is an historic moment in the history of the labor movement in the south and could lead to a region wide unionization drive meanwhile here in washington d.c. donald trump is doing everything he can to make it harder for workers to organize he's nominated two veteran union busters to serve on the national labor relations board the n.l.r.b. one of whom has already been confirmed by the senate so both these guys are confirmed republicans will have a majority on the analog be in will have free reign to got what remains of the labor movement how is this making america great again unions have always been the key driver of income inequality throughout american history and if trump is serious about helping workers why is he making it harder for them to organize because
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that's what conservative ideology dictates that. the you know businesses should have the right to do whatever you know pretty much whatever businesses want to do with. the heavy hand of government on them and when workers organize particularly when they are protected by government and you know it's regarded as a fundamental interference in how the market is supposed to work i don't think that's right i think there has to be a balance of power between workers and employers and it's got to be more than just this idea that i often hear that oh if the workers don't like it they can leave and get another job that's not always possible. there the
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national labor relations board was created to be an arbor ter between workers and their employers to stack the deck the way the trumpet ministration wants to do and the way the bush administration did in previous administration this is fundamentally wrong we ought to be fighting against that we really need to have someone who we can trust as a neutral arbiter of fair arbiter and i don't think that just because there's a more republicans on the board that suddenly all unions are just going to vanish one day and made my other question well they they largely have i mean we had about a third of america was unionized and when reagan came into office it's now six percent of the private economy and more war on labor has been working and more and more jobs in america are not labor union type jobs i mean and you know what you are what you are very very low blow moreover it's a labor union type job what does that even mean yeah i'm a member of a labor union. i'm not in the normal ever be but but that's fine but my point is
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though that as more and more people are in prison they gave cami their embracing independent employment there are less and less i would say needs for labor unions but at the same time you're seeing the desire to be in one shrink well we'll see it's going to be interesting. by the way. and others in the gig economy are looking for ways to organize themselves in the u.a.w. is trying trying to get the teamsters are trying to get in there and we'll see how that all plays out the end of the c.p.a. has issued a travel warning for missouri after that state's right wing governor signed into law a bill that some are saying turns back the clock to the jim crow era the bill in question also known as s.b. forty three makes it virtually impossible for workers to sue their bosses for outright discrimination in a travel warning also cited missouri's recent history of police violence as a reason people of color should reconsider visiting that state so we are involved in a long term sectarian wars in the middle east but isn't it safe to say that we've been
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fighting one of our own for the past few centuries right here in the united states i mean this is this is still the ringing echo of slavery and chattel slavery and all the horrors of that were associated with. it though it really does remind me of the days when african-american travelers used to have to we we had there was something called the green book and the green book was you know the the book that told you where the hotels where you could stay at the restaurants you could eat at it was a pleasant brat back in the jim crow era segregation yeah and it's all it almost feels like that in the sense that we know that there are places where black people you know i feel that there are places where i feel less comfortable. i'm less welcome in this era. this is not the america that we want everybody should be
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free to go everywhere and feel as if if they want to. plant their roots in a particular state that they have the full protection of their rights. and their liberties should be and i don't think that any of us would disagree that race relations in missouri let alone in the united states as a whole are there absolute terrible but before we even jump to that let's look at that as the forty three real quick before. basically it raises the standard up to. the exact legal language is but it resort to the national standard for discrimination if you had to prove that you were discriminated against as a result you were fired that's the national standard right. except that you know even to the extent that there have been courts that have been pushing in that direction the reality is that pattern in practice you can't do on individual level you know you have jack at the end and that's the over time where the day mccall
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isaiah paul thank you guys great appreciate it and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active take your. all the feelings go through. every the world experience. you get out of the old the old. the old according to just. come. long for there are.
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live. live live live live. live. to libya. and there are no welcome to redacted and i really i pay a dish and i'm late camp tonight.


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