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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the headlines on. russia for the current escalating diplomatic crisis. blame. relations with moscow over sanctions. the opposition in venezuela says it will refuse to vacate the country's newly elected constituent assembly prepares for its. german rescue boat with a legal. authorities.
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morning here in moscow thanks for joining us. the u.s. state department has blamed russia for a new low in relations with moscow following the latest sanctions bill that president signed on wednesday. so you are you saying that russia is to blame for the the low in relations right now. russia's been involved in a lot of activities a lot of activities that are very concerning i know to many of you and to many americans whether it is election related activities or their activities in ukraine they've also harassed u.s. diplomats there i mean there are a whole host of things a president trump himself tweeted that his country his relations with russia were an old time low but the reason he cited was the u.s. congress the legislation that imposes new sanctions on russia received overwhelming support in both houses that means that if even if the president had vetoed the bill
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it's highly likely he would have been overruled by the law because a new law also gives congress the pollard to block donald trump from easing sanctions on moscow journalist lou rockwell thinks trump should have been more clear about his opposition to the sanctions bill mr schumer resident i guess felt that he had signed that horrendous sanctions bill and remember sanctions are acts of war under international law however what he should have done is exactly what george bush i hate to recommend and then george bush did you should have said as he signed the bill he should have said i don't intend to enforce this of course because i believe it's unconstitutional so what trump should have done is just ignored it this is not unprecedented and there are plenty of times when congress felt the president was doing bad stuff and i must say i fear the most is a feeling you know has to become another war president and making war against many more different kinds of countries talk to think of trump in that sense he seems
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like such a powerful guy maybe they've got him on the ropes maybe this is who knows what's ahead i fear it's not good for americans for russians for the chinese people for anybody in this whole world russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections has been all over the headlines but new leaks suggesting. the united arab emirates has interfered in u.s. policy hasn't received similar levels of attention the leaks suggest the oil rich country has managed to buy the support of several u.s. think tanks. on u.s. foreign donors and their influence. that's interesting in a certain stories around the idea of foreign powers influencing the american democratic process and in an effort to help battle the threat such meddling poses we thought we don't like politicians as to where some of their favorite think tanks get their financial support institutions from which those very politicians so often get information to form policy opinions spoiler alert foreign powers are some of
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those washington based think tanks biggest donors let's start with an all time favorite the brookings institution this institution has provided a forum for ideas for thoughts and i think the country. specifically the congress is better off or for the great work that you do you're so well known all over the world that there are a lot of longtime friends and colleagues who perch here at brookings all of those defenders of democracy clearly put a lot of faith in the information that comes out of this building right behind me but perhaps they feel different if they knew how much foreign funding they get according to their own report in two thousand and sixteen the brookings institution received over two million dollars from the united arab emirates up to two million from the government of norway and between five hundred thousand and a million dollars from the embassy of the state of qatar and with that in mind perhaps these sorts of headlines coming out of here must be taken with a grain of salt. and the
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brookings institution is not alone in the story the carnegie endowment for international peace is a truly international institution working to advance the cause of peace democracy and the. it's an honor to be here. and to be truth it is for generations. has been training the foreign policy leaders of the future the carnegie endowment brought in significant cash contributions from the u.k. department for international development the embassy of japan the federal foreign office of germany and the norwegian ministry of foreign affairs and that was just last year and just naming a few about how do you guarantee those bags of money don't come with any influence whatsoever and these two aren't the exception they're the rule in this town the atlantic council the center for strategic and international studies the center for american progress all took a huge chunk of change offered by the u.a.e.
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and the list goes on and on so many think tanks so much international money perhaps a lot of us politicians will rethink how worry some foreign influence really is and where it's truly coming from. washington d.c. . venezuelan opposition says the country's parliament will refuse to dissolve even if ordered to by the new lead voted in constituent assembly which are set to hold its inaugural session on this friday the international community has also weighed in with its concerns of the u.s. has been most vocal branding that last sunday's vote as illegitimate and president of those leadership as a dictatorship. reports being deemed a dictator is easy to come by these days. little the jew know there is actually two ways to become a dictator there is the obvious way brutally oppressed your people crush dissent and rule with an iron fist method to annoy america
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yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm that madeira is a dictator who disregards the will of the venezuelan people that's going to hurt when the us brands you a dictator all bets are off even if you really aren't one and he claim of your crimes is taken as fact international law stops working or your enemies suddenly get a lot of money and in many cases shiny new guns to see of uncle sam in syria we have ramped up on military assistance to the syrian opposition remember what happened to saddam will assad blame them foot anything and it will stick the name of the game was regime change exporting democracy and that's a heck of a lot easier when you portray the other guy as the cartoon villain syrian dictator
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bashar. assad is a war criminal thugs and a murderer like bashar. it's already begun their equating to kim jong un that's crazy talk you might think there are no concentration camps political executions in venezuela there are elections which in the past of being somewhat fair right but dora himself he joins a very exclusive club including mr mcgarvie. and and and kim jong un in terms of the repression of his people what about this guy the king of saudi arabia is a. tortured and executed in public his family controls everything in saudi arabia he has deprived his people of freedom democracy choice
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talk about dancing with the devil. what does washington do sells hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia. how's that for double standards us foreign policy is entirely hypocritical i mean they only characterize government says dictatorial or authoritarian when they're not favorable to us interests us maintains close ties and supports the monarchy in saudi arabia that's one of the biggest abusers of human rights in the world when it comes to putting labels on governments and other nations it all depends on who's a friend or a foe of the united states sad isn't it you can rule oppress and kill all you want without repetitions but only if you bend the knee to washington
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will you can do none of that and still wind up being called a dictator. they are here at moscow the italian authorities have seized a boat belonging to a german group reportedly rescuing migrants we can show you footage released by the italian coast guard showing north or impounding the ship the vessel was intercepted on wednesday as part of a government initiative is designed to counter the surge in migrants mostly africans trying to reach italy from libya now officials claim crew members from the boat while working directly with people smugglers. the in several cases these interventions see going to be carried out not to save people who find themselves in imminent danger but simply to pick up people a schoolteacher by libyan traffickers and comes off to italy presented a controversial code of conduct to aid groups the code demands
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a police presence on n.g.o.s vessels and bans the transfer of refugees to other ships in fact phone calls or flares from n.g.o.s vessels are now forbidden if they could be used to signal when it's safe for people smugglers to send a boat to sea but six out of nine n.g.o.s operating in the mediterranean have refused to sign the document. my colleague discussed the issue with italian journalist. and. german politician. the moment europe is responsible for the destructions in africa a lot and look at that it's necessary to open legal ways for refugees but europe children people to countries like italy like spain like portugal with a problem but all european countries should take responsibility and so will the people who are. members on this ship and refugee headboards as well they just want
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to save lifes because in the last ten years several small than forty thousand people dying in the mediterranean sea and they just don't want to see people joy i see very clearly that this is not the you money to. help is not the money that an s.o.s. but it's helping those people arriving in italy and the refugees the. huge sums to human traffic us this is immoral and i would say that. the destruction of libya was a mistake of historical mistake but i don't see why contra single country like he thought he should pay the price for it so it's a huge problem neatly and finally the government decided to take some action to stop these kind of this one activist who was on board the impounded rescue ship told us what happened. i would need to get all this interrogation started spontaneously without the presence of a lawyer only witnesses we discovered that the boat was being searched at that
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stage we decided to go to the boat and not to declare our intentions in front of the police after a long and meticulous search we were let go but i want to stress that we were free to leave at any time and at this stage the investigation into aiding illegal migrants remains ongoing towards unknown persons leader the crew nor the ngo has been formally accused of anything. recent figures show a marked increase in the number of children in the u.k. calling for help out of fear of being forced into arranged marriages the data was collected by a leading british children's charity the n.-s. p.c.c. if the decisions be made to feel being told when you marry where you marry who you marry that's forced marriage and. supporting the vice is available to help you make a stop. the charity says there's been a twelve percent increase in counseling sessions relating to arranged marriage
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compared with the previous year of their web page dedicated to the issue has received over six thousand hits and there's also been an increase in the actual number of forced child marriages do you think a show weight seventeen percent increase in the u.k. and just here the majority of the children were from countries where such early marriages are a part of the culture is one girl's story my parents are talking about taking me back to my home country to get married but i don't want to they get violent when i don't do what they want i want to leave home by they'd never agree to it i just want to leave in the life but they will let me. another girl. was locked in a room when she was sixteen after she refused to marry a man picked by her parents she ran away with her boyfriend and stopped talking to a family later she found out that one of our sisters who got married at fifteen had later committed suicide and we talked to has been done. people believe because we
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are democracy because we have the rule of law that these things couldn't possibly be happening in england clearly they are and it's very important to know that forced marriage and honor abuse is fundamentally against every religion be islam seek a simple hindu is a fundamental he speaks out against it but other victims are not taught that so families would use these guys just if occasions but we need to send out very strong messages that in britain it is a criminal offense to force them to to marry and this is not acceptable in any religion tradition or culture but i've victims need to know that they haven't been taught that because it's not in the interest of their family to tell them that because it would empower them there's art international law lakeside more scandals for team trying to get back interest and i.
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would normally manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round be the one. thing or middle of the room.
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good have you with us today for the program with the u.s. justice department expected to declare war on leaks later on friday the trump administration has been hit by yet another scandal over an authorized disclosure the washington post published two transcripts of the american president's phone calls with foreign leaders which took place back in january according to the call records that his mexican counterpart and rick a penya nieto stopped publicly saying that his country will not pay for the proposed war on the u.s. mexican border their report also revealed comes disagreements with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull over a refugee resettlement deal my position has been and will continue to be very
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firm saying that mexico cannot pay for that wall but you cannot say that to the press the press is going to go with that and i cannot live with that you cannot say that to the press because i can not negotiate under those circumstances this is a big deal it is really really important to us that we maintain it it doesn't oblige you to take one person that you do not want this is going to kill me i am the world's greatest person that does not want to let people into the country we talked to a former u.s. diplomat who believes that leaks like these ones undermine u.s. national security. what could be more damaging if that the president united states cannot talk to a foreign leader frankly without fear of his public comments going public or those of the person he's talking to how do you conduct diplomatic business which should be the top priority of the president and i think the leaking of this information just simply shows this kind of roumania like we have here in washington that
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nothing is too bad to do this president he's such an illegitimate such a bad president that all the rules can be broken and this criminal activity this criminal leaking is sure why not it's actually patriotic to do that while i made all the current time all in the white house donald trump is delighting in one positive development the record gains on the american stock market the president's joy might be short lived as reports the u.s. stock market is riding high and there's no one more happy about it than the man in the oval office the stock market hit an all time record high today over twenty two thousand and we've picked up substantially now more than four trillion dollars in net worth in terms of our country our stocks our companies found that sounds great right well that depends on who you ask first let's quiz the movers and shakers here on wall street what do you think of the spike in the markets the donald trump's been talking about well it's obviously great news that the economy is doing well i think that's generally
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a good vibe for everyone you know on the other hand i think it's not unusual for a new administration to sometimes won't take credit for a trend that might have surfaced in the previous one this is are looking to see that there's going to be no more regulation and they're happy to see that. the market is following suit schooling outstanding it's setting records so it's doing very well yes but the average american doesn't really share their enthusiasm i think a lot of people are suffering i think it started to go union. you know i mean everybody everybody is inside of the opinion but from what i've seen like. we're all struggling a lot of people don't have jobs. you know how everything is. so now all of us some he comes in office the stock market is booming sky high. but then everything else is going low why a people minimum wage. maybe the working classes have a reason to be skeptical of stocks all around the world. because of the crisis on wall street over the past few weeks many americans have. their finances in their
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future good people for twenty years and they're losing their jobs and these are going to cause disease that's the thing i did not run for office to be helping a bunch of. bankers on wall street on and on and on regulator after regulator they either chose not to act or turned a blind eye to what was actually going it was a lack of regulation that many people blame for the chaos that took place back in two thousand and eight but fast forward to today president trump says that too much regulation is the problem we have had regulation that's been so bad. so out of line that it's really hurt our country and as you see on a daily basis we're getting rid of regulation now not everyone agrees with the president on that a recent report from the public advocacy group called public citizen had this to say to thank chris and banking industry lawyers now controlling policy and
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regulation trump has become dismantling the guardrails they're meant to protect the public from wall street the trump administration's changes would make americans more vulnerable to the sort of reckless bets that appended the economy in two thousand and eight and to scams man scrupulous bankers but trump says that this is just the beginning what we're going to be doing over the next six months will be incredible we've signed more bills and i'm talking about through the legislature than any president ever yes everybody agrees that to. thousand and eight was a big mess but the question on people's minds now is is the current spike in the market held by trump just a rise getting ready for a big fall. r.t. new york journalist brunton legal who was heavily involved in the occupy wall street movement so that says that giving too much power to the banks could easily result in another market crash it's the same attitude that led to two thousand and
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eight. the banking sector is notoriously bad at judging its own risk it's one of the reasons why you need strong regulations on banks and the trumpet ministration doesn't seem interested in you know really paying any attention to the financial sector beyond like just let them do what they want to do and we've seen what happens when they do what they want to do they crash the economy they put a bunch of people out of work suicide to go up and you know you get occupy wall street trump is crowing a lot about how the stock market is doing very well under him but the fact is he has nothing to do with it the only thing that trump has been able to do mostly is to scare the market. with various regulations. if you are a conservative living in california and tired of the liberal ways in your home state you might have a way out a company called conservative movement launched in may aims to help families from
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all over america relocate to texas state known for its traditional values it's already been flooded with inquiries most of them from california and found a poll the golden state just isn't what it used to be. today california is completely different it's a mess they have some of the worst schools in the country with their roadways are falling apart and property crime and violent crime is on the rise and good paying jobs are hard to find so we've only been around now for a little over a month and the business has just exploded over two thousand five hundred families have signed up over one thousand five hundred of those are from california alone the demand is very high the problem in america is that the liberal elite these these coastal democrats these limousine liberals if you will live along the coastal
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region of new york to san francisco to l.a. and they control now the democrat party in america and the democrat party is no longer made up of moderates they are made up of very radical extremists who are pushing a dangerous agenda in america and they harm our communities to increase crime and they make it more difficult for families to earn a living the democrats twenty years ago in america they don't exist in america anymore we also got a reaction from locals in both kind of fornia texas here's what they had to say about the idea of conservative migration. as a bringing their. skills of bringing their. hard work and dedication here i mean if they can make in california they can definitely make it here maybe the souls. of the pioneer more just want to leave. being a conservative republican or being
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a liberal republican to far as a person i think people are different regardless so i will accept that just california you know either accept it or don't accept it and move on with your life forever they're happy then that's where they're happy. and unique wolf involving vehicles has been performed at the opening of the international competition games twenty seventeen it seems demonstrated a variety of driving skills involving complex maneuvers in twenty different vehicles especially difficult as keeping the cars out close distance from one another when it comes to high speed today is the last day of the games. i will thanks for joining us here and also international on this friday more of your world news in about four.
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welcome to the twilight zone it would seem this is a place where debbie wasserman schultz resides works and even conspires she's at the center of a growing scandal that includes ethics violations fraud and gross mishandling of sensitive government documents and guess what none of this is being blamed on russia. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. that our c.e.o. might do. over a twenty. dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart associate. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right.
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just a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly do. the part of the government try to do. it might be making things work.
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for three. four five years twenty six sailors were held captive by somali pirates before they eventually walked free but there are other cases where people still are being held hostage. how can you keep pirates at bay while we ask the man who has negotiated the pirate groups to secure the release of hostages the coordinator of the hostage support partnership for oceans piracy organization.


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